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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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>> law and order must be restored. >> donald trump addressing unrest in milwaukee at last night's campaign stop in west bend. what he had to say about this weekend's violence. >> first weather watch. live look outside doppler 12 radar. rain and storms are possible as you head out the door. we're tracking conditions. >> good morning, everybody. good to have you with us. i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. let's begin with your forecast. morning sally. >> good morning, ben, melinda
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of wednesday wet. showers and thunderstorms a little stronger to the west of madison are weakening a fair amount. but lightning and a little bit of thunder are in place for us this morning. we do have rain and storms pivoting out of iowa. i think we're pretty much done with this by 8, 9:00 this morning. your forecast for today, early morning temperatures are showing up 60s and 70s. morning rain and storms will come to an end becoming partly sunny. hot and humid. mid 80s for i'm going upper 80s tomorrow. august heat and humidity settles in. chances for rain and a few storms late friday night but more than anything headed our way saturday. right now 75 at the airport. we still make to it the mid 80s by this afternoon. a second night of relative calm after a shooting in
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effect until 5 a.m. overnight authorities were on patrol to make sure there weren't any problems in the area. police said they did not respond to any significant events. they said the overnight hours were quieter than the night before. >> it was a much different story over the weekend. we have a look now at how this all started. >> this all started saturday afternoon with that police involved shooting. that's what sparked the violence here. milwaukee police say an officer shot and killed after a traffic stop. they say smith ran from the officer and also had a gun. violence began breaking out on saturday night. that's when several businesses were set on fire. a gas station burned to the ground. several officers and sheriff tkep teus were also injured in this. multiple squad cars damaged. yesterday morning crews battled a house fire near sherman park. homes destroyed here, another damaged.
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we have much more information about the damage left behind and the people affected on the wisn 12 news mobile app and on ben? two teens were shot during the first two nights of violence. we spoke exclusively to one of them about that ordeal. the bullet is still lodged in ben olson's neck. he said that he and a friend saw the crowd and decided to check it out sunday night. realize he had been shot. >> i don't really know if i heard something, but i definitely felt something before i could even think about it i was already running backwards away from the scene. and my whole right arm is numb. i heard no gunshots or anything before that so everyone caught me by surprise. >> olson said the bullet hit one
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numbness in that right hand. coming up unrest in milwaukee is becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail. donald trump held a rally in west bend last night. we've got reports the presidential nominee talked about the violence in wisconsin. >> reporter: donald trump came into the republican strong hold of washington county and spoke to a capacity crowd of more than 3,000 supporters in this very warm room here at the washington county fair grounds. hour and a half after the scheduled start time of the event. and was joined for the first time on stage by governor scott walker who introduced him. much of his address focused on the weekend. >> our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter or the robber or the looter or the violent disrupter of which there are many.
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african-american parent who wants their kids to be able to safely, safely walk the streets and walk to school. >> reporter: trump made repeated pleas to african-american voters to support him, saying that the democratic party has let them down and this was a speech intended in large part for a national audience. in west bend, wisn 12 news. >> ken, thank you. democratic campaign also stopped by wisconsin yesterday. tim caine was in madison. officials are investigating a fatal crash. this happened just before midnight near highway 50 and chappen road in geneva. wisn 12 news has a call into the sheriff's department. we will pass along updates when we get them. milwaukee police are looking for who ever hit and killed a pedestrian. police say that a 28-year-old woman died after being hit near
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and f du lac. 4:35. a wal-mart worker had a strange encounter in a parking lot. >> the confrontation with a pet monkll there he is right there. why authorities want to talk to the animal's owner. taking the fight against zika. first let's take a live look at doppler 12 radar. we've got some rain and lightning in some viewing areas. sally severson is monitoring all of this on weather watch 12. we'll give you details on what you can expect next. thanks for waking up with us. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard.
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great days.
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as we close in 20 minute befores 5:00 on this wednesday morning, generally dry here at the station. i just had a look outside. couple sprinkles there 19th and
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starting to see a little wet come to parts of eastern wisconsin and into milwaukee county. at least where we are. these showers and thunder showers have been weakening as they move east. we have rain from sheboygan. couple downpours along i 43 pushing up into wakeshaw county. couple showers and thunder showers lingering across iowa. we're going to continue to see weaken. we have a little bit of wednesday wet at least in the morning. right now 75 at the airport. dry in mitchell at this hour. our winds are light. they'll stay light. the morning showers will come to an end. becoming partly sunny. 85 for today. partly cloudy, could see patchy fog late tonight, low 70s. then upper 70s for tomorrow. might even touch 9d 0 thursday or friday. warm and humid.
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ben? a florida toddler is recovering after being attacked by a peacock. 2-year-old jackson brown was playing in a park where the birds live when a peacock grabbed him. his mother said the peacock's talons were digging into jackson's head. now she's asking park officials to keep the birds away from where the kids are playing. a monkey at tax an employee in a wal-mart parking lot. a shopper caught it all on came in ohio. the monkey apparently got away from its owner and came after the worker. take a look at this. there he goes. the woman said the monkey did not bite the employee. animal control officials are looking for the monkey and its owner. ouch. >> looks like an angry parent dragging her kid away. >> johnny, no. let's go. >> time to go. >> holding him by the hand, diaper as well.
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gonna do? 12 news time 4:41. let's get right to tim elliott in the news room. >> he's following some of today's head lines. starting with the olympic games in rio. little known part of the city's night life. coming up wisn 12 news, the extra security precautions police are now taking to keep club goers safe. we are monitoring the situation here in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. the developments overnight and what helped keep things
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wisn 12 news this morning. 4:45 on this wednesday morning, august 17th. lots of lightning i saw on my way in. >> right. >> so people are getting it, some people are not. >> all of this is weakening as it moves east, melinda. looks good east of madison. getting into the eastern part of the state, weakening showers and thunder showers rotating through. we'll gradually reach the mid 80s. right now mid 70s at the
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you can see the showers and thunder showers as they continue to weaken just to the south of i 43 in walworth county. thunder and lightning there. we have a few showers and storms across eastern and central iowa. those mostly pivoting into eastern illinois later. i'm going to keep the storm threat index. not too severe. maybe a brief downpour. and frequent lightning. we'll keep an eye on these showers and storms before we begin to dry out and become partly sunny. you're on top of it. a peaceful night in milwaukee after days of unrest. tim elliott's in the news room while crews have been monitoring that situation overnight. >> reporter: good morning, ben. second night of relative calm after violence over the weekend. it's all thanks in part to a city wide curfew for anyone 17 and younger. that curfew will be lifted at 5:00 a.m. sherman park closed from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. today.
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further notice. police tell wisn 12 news they did not have reports of any significant issues overnight. but i'll keep you posted throughout the morning. melinda, back to you? >> tim. thank you. a week after an explosion and massive fire at a maryland apartment complex, officials say they've recovered the bodies of seven people. this was the scene one week ago. two dozen people were hurt and the building was destroyed. families who lost their homes are staying in a shelter. been a traumatic experience for the children. fight against zika. this morning new york's mayor taking a stand. officials say that more than 49 pregnant women in new york have tested positive for zika since april. no one baby has been -- rather one baby has been morn with microcephaly. mayor is calling on congress to approve funding to fight the
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majority leader mcconnell to step up, get the congress back so it will act. this is a crisis that affects all their members, states all over the country, and this is not a red state crisis or a blue state crisis. this affects all of us. >> new york city has committed to spending $21 million to protect new yorkers from zika. 4:48. so what's your favorite '80s movie? the theater some of the greats from 30 years ago. that includes "back to the future", "top gun" and "beverly hills cop." even classics like "saving private ryan." the movies will be played sundays at noon and mondays and wednesdays 7:00 p.m. for the rest of the month and in september. a wonderful opportunity to bring classic movies from hollywood back to the big screen
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>> so the retro film series is available at the majestic cinema, ridge cinema in berlin and south shore cinema in oak creek. head to wisn 12 news mobile app. i tell ya, "beverly hills cop" that was my movie. >> i will stop just about whatever i am doing to watch "beverly hills cop", "back to the future" one two or three. >> i was just looking at the department of transportation cameras, getting pretty good rain at the stadium interchange. right now the rain just beginning to approach us at channel 12. we'll start to hear rain on the roof top. showers and thunder showers this morning, they have not been severe. they are stronger west of madison and they have been weakening as they move east. we can use this rain. this is good news for us.
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showers as well still coming out of iowa. earlier today walworth into racine where we're getting thunder and lightning as well. thaoe are just garden variety showers and storms. wave pivoting through. it won't last for long as these will diminish very quickly after 8, 9 o'clock and then we'll see a partly sunny sky. now, temperatures are back these temperatures are reading for fall a little bit with that rain cooled air and then rebound really quickly. you can see showers through about 9 o'clock. get into the afternoon, southwest breezes and temperatures easily into the mid 80s. so, we'll watch the shower activity. here we are at 9:00. our model with the daytime heating trying to grab a couple showers. isolated shower chances just a
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do think most of us stay dry. we get to tomorrow, warm and muggy for tomorrow. upper 80s for tomorrow. same thing happening. in the heat and humidity our model trying to get ahold of a few showers. i think for the most part we are dry all day thursday. a good chunk of friday before a sharp cold front comes through later friday night and for saturday. 85 today. 88 for tomorrow. these morning showers come to an end. then storms possible late friday night and then during the day on saturday as we look at showers lingering into sda at that air mass. low 70s by sunday. >> all right. 4:51. turning now to rio de janeiro. the olympic games. checking in on how the u.s. is doing. so yesterday u.s. was way up. >> one two three -- 84. >> 84 medals. >> 84 medals so far, ben. this is the scoreboard. as i say, 84 medals for the united states. 28 of each in the number two spot china with 51, 17 are gold.
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third with a total of 50. they have 19 gold and silver and 12 bronze. rounding out the top five here, russia in fourth place and france and japan tied for fifth. by the way, in the history of the olympic games, the u.s. has won more than twice as many medals as any other country. usa, melinda. >> of course. we wouldn't have it any other way. it's a city as colorful as any in the world. hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing the sights and sounds of rio de janeiro throughout the olympics. trevor spent the night exploring the night life scene. >> reporter: you probably heard of the samba, but rio has so many other original musical styles and performers are all truly unique. in rio's century neighborhood just off a cobblestone street and inside a historic building -- ??
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nightly show. >> i love good music. my family is musical family. my father is muse a musician. >> people in rio like this kind of party. >> reporter: and he hopes olympic tourists do as well. >> we are very receptive about the tourists people. artists say their music is influenced by an african, european and portuguese sound. >> you can find many, many different styles of musicians here. >> reporter: club managers say the sounds of brazilian music are a gigantic attraction. >> our music, our culture, that's why people come here. >> reporter: and the live music business in this part of rio is good. >> i think it's just very, very nice. very pleasing.
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music, but the culture. >> i was in europe. this music in rio melts my heart. ?? >> reporter: club owners tell us that despite an uptick in street crime, they have not seen a decrease in business. most have added security and say during the rio games, their clubs are packed. in rio i'm travers wisn 12 news. some of the biggest winners are on the cover of "sports illustrated." swimmers michael phelps along with simone biles all posed with the medals they won. this is the 11th time phelps has been on the cover of "sports illustrated." i think biles added another one with the floor routine, the gold.
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the landscape of las vegas a bit different this morning. >> the implosion that brought down a hotel in sin city and the legend that made it a safe spot. plus louisiana still dealing with disastrous flooding. the damage done by those floodwaters and the people who have been forced out of their
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some health insured may lose their health insurance next year. >> the company reports it lost $430 million in its individual health care policies since the exchange opened in 2014. it will only sell affordable care act products delaware, iowa, nebraska and virginia. this follows a similar move by united health group, the nation's largest insurer. a new study finds that many parents are putting their babies in dangerous sleeping
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pediatrics looked at video recordings of babies sleeping at their homes. shows a number of parents putting their babies at risk by placing them on their sides or stopple max. parents were also scene using sleep services that were too soft, bedding too loose or allowing their child to share a bed with them. the government said that sleep related deaths are the most common cause of death for babies under a year old. there's new information about college students and risky behavior. survey numbers college students report drinking alcohol and binge drinking at higher rates than peers who don't go to college. nearly 60% of full time college students say said drank alcohol in the past month compared to 51% of those not enrolled. 38% of college goers admitted to binge drinking compared to 33% of the noncollege crowd. more college students are also admitting to using cocaine. wisn 12 news time 5:00.
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good morning, everybody. welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 5:00 on this wednesday, august 17th. after days of unrest in sherman park, this morning things are calmer but many questions still unanswered. th sparked those violent protests. a shake-up on the campaign trail. the new leadership heading donald trump's campaign just hours after his stop in wisconsin. we want to get your day started with a check of the forecast. >> i'll check in with sally severson. >> good morning ben, melinda, everyone. early this morning, maybe mother nature got you up with thunder in the last hour or so. showers pivoting through southern wisconsin. you can see more than anything these showers and thunder


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