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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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restored. ben: donald trump addressing a crowd in milwaukee during last night's campaign stop. melinda: tonight we're on weather watch. some rain and storms possible if you're heading out the door. tracking conditions across southeastern wisconsin. ben: welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. melinda: it is 5:30 we will look at your forecast. sal? sally: our genuine summer weather continues. we have a few thundershowers out there this way. that heat and humidity and place for today, thursday and friday. storms come in late friday night and saturday. a big cooldown and store by sunday. 72 at the airport. light rain.
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for much of the day. showers and thunderstorms looking beefier west of madison. another round will likely scrape across southern wisconsin over the next couple hours. will this limit the wet for the morning hours. we get a wrap and warm once the sun comes out. by. 10:00, most of the showers ending few clouds and we start to clear out and we will easily reach into the mid-80's for this afternoon. ben: than >> tim: monitoring situation out of kenosha county this morning. emergency crews at the scene of a barn fire. this fire was reported along 30 eight st west of green bay road. you're looking at video of this fire that was sent to us by a viewer.
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crew just arrived at the scene. here is a live look. the fire is now out but smoke still rising into the morning air. emergency crews still on the scene in this era. the sheriff's office says no one was hurt during all this. the official cause is now under investigation, but we are told this fire does not appear to be suspicious. you will want to be careful if you're heading to summers as crews wrapup that scene. ben: 5:32. to the an officer did not respond to any major incidents overnight. live in the sherman park neighborhood this morning. that area remains a focus for law enforcement. >> that is exactly right. we are here at the intersection at the edge of sherman park.
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that area, the location of saturday nights fire. sherman park closes every 96:00 p.m. and the entrances do not open until 6:00 a.m. the sheriff's office says the fencing will be up in the overnight hours until further notice. authorities were here on patrol overnight in the area. again, police telling wisn 12 news they did not respond to any significant incidents. back here live outside of sherman park, we do expect to see sheriff's deputies out here ai part of this fencing, to give people access to the park. this fencing, some of it is down in some places. up in other places. i do not know and if it is from people walking on it or the fencing is not that strong. we have seen a couple of people walking through the park. one person got on a bus. we are going to keep an eye on things, but the sheriff's department should open up the park officially at 6:00 a.m.
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over the weekend. ben: police shooting actually happened on saturday afternoon. the milwaukee police say an officer shot and killed syville smith after a traffic stop. smith ran from the officer and had a gun. violence began breaking out saturday will when several business were set on fire. a gas station burned to the ground. several officers and sheri multiple squad cars damaged. early yesterday morning, crew battled a house fire near sherman parks. one vacant home was destroyed. it is not clear if that fire is related to the unrest. we will have much more information on the people affected by this on the wisn 12 news mobile app and our website
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during the first two nights of violence this weekend. wisn 12 news spok exclusively to one of them about the entire dornane -- the entire or deal. the bullet is still lodged in ben olson's neck. at first, he did not realize he had been shot. >> i don't really know if i heard something but i definitely felt something before i could even think about it i was running backwards away from the scene. and my whole right arm i heard no gunshots or anything before that. everything caught me by surprise. ben: olson says the bullet hit one of his vertebrae. doctors will remove the bullet was it has shifted to a safer spot. melinda: a hot topic on the campaign trail. donald trump held a rally in west bend leslie.
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nominee talks about the violence in southeast wisconsin. reporter: donald trump came into the republican stronghold of washington county and spoke to a capacity crowd of more than 3000 supporters in this very warm room at the washington county fairgrounds. he took the stage an hour and a half after the scheduled start time and was joined on stage by governor scott walker. but although he was in west bend, much is hit -- of his address focused on the city of milwaukee. mr. trump: our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter or the looter or the violent disruptor, of which there are many. our job is to make life more comfortable for the african-american. who wants their kids to be able to safely, safely walk the streets and walk to school. reporter: trump made repeated pleas to african-american voters
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democratic party has let them down and this was a speech intended in large part for a national audience. melinda: the democratic campaign also stopped by wisconsin yesterday. tim kaine was in madison. ben: officials in walworth county are investigating a fatal crash. it happened just before midnight your highway 50 in geneva. wisn 12 news has calls sheriffs department and will pass along any updates as soon as we get them. wisn 12 news time 5:37. a walmart worker has a strange encounter in a parking lot. melinda: the conversation with a pet monkey. why authorities want to talk to the animals owner. ben: taking a stand in the fight against zika. new york's mayor calling out a
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>> there we are live on the weather watch 12 camera network. a couple of rumbles of thunder earlier. we will start the day with
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weakening. the cloud deck will thin as the sun peeks through. by midafternoon, temperatures back into the mid-80's. milwaukee institute of art and design. 69 degrees there. wet pavement across southern wisconsin. around of showers already through. yet another moving into the south-central part of the state. we will look at this wet in place before he began to dry out. grab th need them later. ben: new this morning, a florida toddler is recovering after being attacked by a peacoc k. he was playing when a peacock grabbed him. now she's asking park officials to keep birds away from the areas where kids play.
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lot. a shopper caught on camera at ohio. the monkey got away from its owner. a walmart spokesperson says the monkey didn't grab -- bit the employee. animal control f officials want to find the monkey and its owner. ben: tim? tim: let's start with the a little-known part of the city's nightlife. coming up this morning, the extra security for cautions that police are taking to keep clubgoers safe. we are monitoring the situation in milwaukee, sherman park. the developments overnight and what helped keep things calm
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>> leading the way, with important local coverage, your watching wisn 12 news this morning. melinda: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. 5:45. a gorgeous sky and this wednesday, august 17, but some rain on the radar the story.
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through -- at our local camera. i'm looking at racine, showers and a few thundershowers. these are garden-variety august showers and storms. there has been no severe weather. and the first round has already pretty much made its way through. i'm going to pause at this point. we have a couple of showers just to the west of madison, moving into green. we have light showers lingering over eastern parts of racine and kenosha counties as well. no worries about big rains with these. i expect we will look at a cloudy and showery start before we start to look at the sunshine. 72 at the airport. later today becoming partly sunny, mid-80's.
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news. a fire has broken out in kenosha county. let's send it over to tim elliott in the newsroom. tim: we are getting a live look of what is going on down there in kenosha county in the town of summers. white smoke still billowing from this barn. looks like a lot of damage has been done by this fire. you can also see in the distance as our photographer zooms in, some flames still going strong. nobody was hurt in this fire. the cause of this fire is under investigation. although they do say it does not appear to be suspicious. of course, we will follow those breaking news all morning long and bring you any updates. melinda: thank you. 12 news time is 5:47. a week after an explosion, and massive fire and a maryland apartment complex, they are recovered the bodies of seven people.
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two dozen people were hurt. officials say seven people died. families who lost their homes are staying in a shelter this morning. they say it has been a traumatic experience for their children. ben: new york's mayor taking a stand. officials say that more that 49 pregnant women in new york have tested positive for zika since april. and one baby has been born with microcephaly. mayor bill de blasio is calling on congress toro >> it is time for speaker rayn, -- ryan and majority leader mitch mcconnell to step up, get the congress back so it will act. this is a crisis that affects all their members, states all over the country. this is not a red state or blue state crisis, this affects all of us. ben: new york city has committed to spending $21 million to protect new yorkers from the zika virus. melinda: 5:48.
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marcus theaters is going retro featuring some of the greats from 30 years ago, like back to the future, top gun, beverly hills cop and saving private ryan, even though that was in the 1990's. the movies will be played on sundays at noon and mondays and wednesday at 7:00 p.m. >> a wonderful opportunity to bring classic movies in hollywood backth great price of five dollars. melinda: it's available at the majestic cinema of brooksville, ridge cinnamon in new -- ridge cinema in new berlin. classics. all of those are pretty good. ben: i watch " saving private ryan" on tv a week ago.
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movie channels and hit that dvr. ben: forward through the commercial. sally: we will for through a little light rain today. great changes on the seven day. now, it does not happen for a while yet but we do have a cold out in store. showers and thundershowers, they've been weakening through southern wisconsin. a wave that is rotating through for us. i do expect the second round of rain is going to continue to diminish overall. mostth for now over eastern part of the state but that second round coming through mostly going to scrape our southern counties. we haven't had any severe weather with this. early morning temperatures 60's and 70's. a bit of rain cool there. temperatures have fallen back into the 60's. where we have seen more rain this morning but no worries. this guys are going to clear and the sun comes.
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week it to the sun is coming through. our model getting a little bit of cloudiness going. i think we stay dry the remainder of the day today. for tonight and a good chunk of tomorrow. tomorrow morning, hazy sunshine, warm and muggy. our model does grab with a little daytime heating and moisture in the atmosphere a few showers. i think we are drive for tomorrow with better chances for rain. as we move night and saturday. a fairly sharp cold front that will also bring in much cooler air. we go from above normal to below normal. 85 for today. morning showers begin to end. taking a look at the roadways. it is been a while since we had a wet morning commute. upper 80's to maybe 90, especially for thursday. friday, chances for rain increase later friday night and saturday. there is still some variability about the arrival time of that cool front but i do anticipate a
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into saturday. some of them showers may linger a on sunday as we look at highs that fall back into the 70's. ben: 5:51. this is a live look outside. 119 pavement is wet. 94 westbound, there is a disabled vehicle at the moreland road north offramp. if you're heading towards bluemound, keep an eye out. drive times, 894 northbound will take you seven minutes. turning now and the 2016 olympic games. tim has been keeping up with the medal count for two weeks. tim: the u.s. always finishes at the top, near the top, but i feel like this year we are pulling ahead, dominating. 84 medals. ben: more than 30 more -- tim: second place, 51 for china. this is crazy. we have 28 of each medal. gold, silver, bronze.
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rounding out the top five, russia and france and japan. the history of the 11 games, the u.s. has one more than twice as many medals as any . melinda: it's a city as colorful as any in the world. hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing the sights and sounds of rio de janeiro. and we spent the night exploring the music scene. reporter: you've probably heard of the samba but rio has so many other original musical styles and the performers are all truly unique. in rio's centro neighborhood off a cobblestone street and inside an historic building. ? they are tuning up for their nightly show. >> i love, because my family is
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my father is a musician. reporter: they are regulars at the hotspot. >> the people from rio like this kind of party. reporter: he hopes tourists do as well. >> we are very receptive about the tourist people. ? reporter: with 500 years of history, artists say their music is heavily influenced by an african, sound. >> you can find many, many different styles of musicians here. reporter: managers say the sounds of brazilian music are gigantic attraction. >> our is it, our culture. that's why people, they come here. reporter: the live music business in this part of rio is good. >> it is a very nice place, not only because of the music but we -- have the culture.
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here. this music from rio touches my heart. reporter: club owners tell us that despite an uptick in street crime they have not seen a decrease in business. most have added security and say during the games their clubs are packed. ben: 5:55 now. the landscape of las vegas a different this morning. melinda: th implosion that brought down a hotele, and the legend that made it a famous spot. ben: breaking news in kenosha county. a fire at a barn in the town of sommers. along 30 eight st. you can see white smoke rising. looks like firefighters have this under control.
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ben: univision is the new owner of gawker media. melinda: purchase the website at auction gawker became available after losing a judgment in the whole called in -- in the hulk hogan lawsuit. ben: a lot more people will be flying over the labor day
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passengers, a 4% increase from last year. airlines are adding extra seats for the uptick in fliers. melinda: ford motor company says it will have self driving cars on the road in five year. that means no steering will, no gas pedal, no brake pedal, no driver. none of that. the seri used for ridesharing. ben: i like driving my car. melinda: 6:00. the news continues right now. >> you're watching wisn 12 news, honored by the wisconsin broadcasters association as station of the year. [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] wisn 12 news starts right now. melinda: right now we are falling breaking news. ben: a barn is on fire in kenosha county.
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at the scene since 4:00 this morning. let's take a live look from the area. this is a long 38 st street. you can see firefighters attacking some hotspots over the hsoulder. -- over the shoulder. the bar looks to be a total loss. the debris is smoldering. a lot of white smoke billowing in the area. let's pull up some video tha was sent in from of your. it shows what the fire was looking like before. no one was hurt or the official cause still under investigation there we are told the fire does not appear to be suspicious. you will want to be careful if you're heading to somers as crews wrap up that scene. ben: 6:00 this morning and let's turn to weather watch 12. melinda: a rainy morning and some areas. sally: it has been a while since we had a wet commute.


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