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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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at the scene since 4:00 this morning. let's take a live look from the area. this is a long 38 st street. you can see firefighters attacking some hotspots over the hsoulder. -- over the shoulder. the bar looks to be a total loss. the debris is smoldering. a lot of white smoke billowing in the area. let's pull up some video tha was sent in from of your. it shows what the fire was looking like before. no one was hurt or the official cause still under investigation there we are told the fire does not appear to be suspicious. you will want to be careful if you're heading to somers as crews wrap up that scene. ben: 6:00 this morning and let's turn to weather watch 12. melinda: a rainy morning and some areas. sally: it has been a while since we had a wet commute.
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morning and another round to our west. our headlines, summer weather continues. we will heat into the 80's and near 90 for thursday and friday. storms on her way for friday and saturday before a big cooldown sunday. that first round of showers making its way over lake michigan. round number two around the south and west of madison. wet lingering across kenosha county and about to we all of this rain will diminish as the wave pivots through. partly sunny as we reach into the mid-80's this afternoon. thursday, a return to that heat and humidity. upper 80's to about 90 degrees possible for both thursday and friday. i think the best chance for rain and storms will head our way friday night and saturday. ben: let's take a live look outside at 41-45 a capitol drive.
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there is an accident 894, northbound at national avenue. this was reported about five minutes ago. right now northbound on the bypass will take you eight minutes. 43 southbound into downtown will take 10 minutes. melinda: now to the unrest in milwaukee. a curfew has expired for the night and sherman park should be opening any minute. thema is live birdlie. thema: police did not respond to any significant incidents overnight but here the corner, this bp station still a crime scene. you see the police tape. the station one of 8 pages is destroyed by fire. -- one of 8 businesses destroyed by fire.
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6:00 a.m. as for that bp station, the owner's nephew tells wisn 12 news they do hope to rebuild. here at sherman park, we have seen a couple of people here this morning coming through the park. you see this fencing that was put up around the park a few days ago still remains up. some of these entrances, people are still moving freely through. we have not seen any of the sheriff stephanie's we saw yesterday coming and taking back that fencing. as you can see, some of the fencing is hanging down here this morning. we will continue to keep an eye on things this morning. ben: this morning, as you can see, they are in that live picture, businesses still cleaning up after this weekend's unrest. 8 businesses were either damaged or destroyed by the fire. i'm here with tim elliott in the newsroom.
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tim: the atf offering 10,000 dollars for information. investigators with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms still combing the neighborhood looking for clues to find links between the fires at the bp gas station, o'reilly auto parts and jet beauty supply. anyone with information about these fires are urged to come forward are the number to call -- tips be anonymous. this morning, there is a search for whoever set this fire. i was at the senior 50th and clark yesterday. this is blocks from the sherman park area. the cause of this fire still unknown. but neighbors say they are convinced it was set on purpose. melinda: a high school graduate
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to gunfire. he decided to check out the growing crowds when he was shot in the neck. he is now sharing his experience exclusively with wisn 12 news. >> i don't really know if i heard something that i definitely felt something before i could even think about it, i was already running backwards away from the scene. and my whole right arm is numb. melinda: doctors say he is lucky to be alive. they will soon remove the bullet. no the shooting. ben: all of this unrest started sunday -- saturday afternoon when an officer shot and killed a man. police say syville smith got out of his car and try to run during a traffic stop. video show smith holding a gun during that encounter. an officer who the chief says his african-american shot smith in the chest and the arm. we have been digging deeper into
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the atf and sheriff's deputies believe it may be connected to a home invasion in march. the family of smith insists he had a concealed carry permit. as for the officer involved shooting, he has been receiving death threats on social media. the chief tells us he is out of town with relatives. th wisconsine department of justice is leading this investigation. the investigation and the unrest in sherman park on our website, and the free 12 news app. melinda: cutting out violence. the idea happening later today at sherman park. free haircuts are being offered to kids and teens 17 years old and younger. the event is at the sure and park boys at 10:00 this morning.
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milwaukee police department, it is holding its national night out from 5:30 to 9:00. there will be food, games and music and a raffle and fireworks. ben: stepping up to the plate. a blood drive happening later today at miller park. donors will get a voucher for two tickets to an upcoming hurricanes. the blood center is hoping for more than 1000 donors to help build up supply before the busy labor day weekend. the drive runs from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. melinda: 6:07. areas. get that umbrella, maybe even get the raincoat out. sally: you will need it for the early part of the day, but a little literally you will want the sunglasses as well. showers and a couple of thunder showers rolling through seven wisconsin. no severe weather -- through southern wisconsin. a few garden-variety showers. we will look at this first round over the lake. the second round is diminishing.
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next couple hours. light rain lingering across kenosha county, otherwise dry with mostly cloudy skies. this is a little waves coming through. it will exit fairly quickly. and already you can see the sun trying to stream through a few holes in the clouds. between now and 9:00, the showers and thundershowers will end. now, between 9:00 noon we will start to see clearing. temperatures will climb fast. we will easily get into the mid-80's. afternoon. mid-80's for today. upper 80's to 90 degrees for thursday and friday. melinda: sounds good. on the traffic watch 12 that peyton is wet. -- that pavement is wet. cones at -- moving a little bit slow. the disabled vehicle on the side. there is one delay in the red, 11 minutes, 894 northbound.
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up ground after lagging in the polls. a big shakeup in the leadership on trump's campaign. nikole killion live in washington with the latest. nikole: good morning. donald trump is naming a new campaign ceo and manager. overnight, donald trump confirmed reports of a campaign overhaul, announcing he is bringing on steven bannon and kelly aco it follows a speech in wisconsin where trump renewed his focus on law and order in the wake of a police involved shooting that sparked riots in milwaukee. mr. trump: the war on our police must end now. nikole: trump reached out to african-american voters accusing clinton of taking them for
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down to communities of color. nikole: "trump's strategy is to say about hillary clinton what is true of himself." the democratic nominee set to make the case against trump on the issue of taxes. mrs. clinton: he would give trillions of dollars and more tax breaks to the wealthy. nikole: as the fbi documents to congress upfront their investigation er the campaign is calling for those documents to be released publicly so people can see them for themselves. melinda: hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine also attended a private fundraiser in madison. 6:10. it has only been a day but it has now grown to one of the most instructive fires in the state of california. ben: a closer look at the wildfire causing more than 80,000 people to leave their homes this morning.
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floor to the track, team usa continues its winning streak. we will have an update from rio. later today, kirsten dunst stops by ellen at 4:00.
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>> your watching wisn 12 news, honored as news operation of the year by the wisconsin broadcasters association. ben: we are back on wisn 12 news this morning. a second night of relative calm after days of unrest in milwaukee. overnight, authorities were on patrol to make sure there were not any problems in the sherman park neighborhood. poce did not respond to any significant events there.appears i the overnightt hours were even quieter than they were the night before, a nightly citywide curfew for anyone 17 and younger expired at 5:00 this morning. and sherman park was scheduled to re-open about 15 minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. violence broke out in that area saturday and sunday nights after
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the morning. let's go and get a check of your forecast for today. good morning, sal. sally: early today, you can see that clouds beginning to part. as we get a look at our camera. 68 degrees at racine. skies partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. we had a little round of rain this morning. a rumble of thunder and a little bit of lightning. the forecast, the early morning rain and storms will end. a a little bit of rain will next hour or so. becoming partly sunny. we jump back into the mid-80's. it will be warm and muggy. at the airport, 69 degrees. when i came in, 75 but a little bit of rain cold air will drop our temperatures. expect another round of rain coming through by the time, around 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. the sun is up this afternoon. ben: this morning, thousands of people are continue to deal with
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parts of the south. torrential rain and flooding has destroyed homes and taken lives in louisiana. i'm here with jeremy nelson. right now these folks, this is mostly in baton rouge. they are no stranger to this type of flying. jeremy: 11 years ago when hurricane katrina came through. they saw some flooding then. and now we fast forward to our current time, the record rainfall started last week and dropped over two feet of rain. 11 people have lost their lives. louisiana's governor s homes have been damaged, leaving thousands of people displaced. and president obama declared a state of emergency deploying the national guard in the most desperate areas. many people do not have flood insurance. flood waters are receding in most areas this morning to the red cross says 33 volunteers from wisconsin are in louisiana helping some of the flood victims. we hope they stay safe. melinda: right now a wildfire in southern california is burning
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homeowners are being forced to evacuate. tim elliott is live in the newsroom. this is one of the biggest fires california has seen this summer. tim: it is a scary situation out there in southern california. san bernardino firefighters have been posting pictures on the calfire twitter account updating people on the situation. this is the blue cut wildfire. there is a state of emergency declared for the entire area. it in a short amount of time, it has only engulfed around 18,000 acres, 700 firefighters on the scene trying to fight this fire. so far this fire is 0% contain. california has been an in trout also the lawn and that been fueling these wildfires. later today, a 40-year-old man is expected in court on suspicion of starting several
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past year. including one that is burning right now that has already scores to more than 4000 acres. ben: it is the end of an era in las vegas. the last tower of the riviera hotel and casino came tumbling down yesterday. this is video of the demolition. that implosion leveled the property to rubble. the casino closed last year after years of hosting big headlines like dean martin. melind this morning the stars of u.s. just nasty -- gymnastics and track and field are making headlines. simone riles won gold in this floor exercise for love how high she gets up into the air. makes her the first american gymnast to win four gold medals in a single olympics. ben: on track, the american women add to the medal count in
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ever medal in this event. three americans moving on to the semi finals from the 200 meter usain bolt from jamaica won his heat in that category. here is where the u.s. stance. an updated medal count, the u.s. leading that way with 84 medals. china and second-place with 51 medals. and reading this morning, that could be one of the lowest turnouts for china since 1996. medals. sally: i'm going to have to figure out what else to watch on tv. it is something so special to see these athletes. ben: there is always something you can be interested in. i was watching women's soccer, the semi finals, and the shootout yesterday afternoon. sally: i'll watch anything. keeping an eye on light rain rolling through southern wisconsin. this is our camera.
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airport. this morning, it looks like an aircraft taxiing onto the runway. 69 degrees at the airport. winds are southwest. with the first round of showers move through all over -- been weakening overnight. and a second round, we'll see more wet between now and probably 8:00. this is a little wave just kind of rotating through the state. i do expect will start the d with a partly sunny scott. your hour by hour forecast shaping up like this -- we will quickly get into the 70's by 9:00 this money. any showers will move off -- t his morning. then we will start to break a little sun. it is an easy climb on southwest winds to 85 this afternoon. with the rain this morning, it will be quite steamy as well. most of the moisture is done by
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into the mid-80's. our model gets a mix of sun shining clouds into the afternoon. we are quiet overnight. we could see patchy fog late tonight and early thursday morning. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. partly to mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. with this fair amount of heat in place tomorrow, there is some chance of a stray storm. i do think most of thursday is dry. will be looking at temperatures upper 80's and maybe even 90 degrees for tomorrow and potentially friday as well. for today, mid-80's. becoming partly sunny and humid. 72 for tonight. now, friday we are going to eye a sharp cold front that will bring in showers and storms likely late friday night and into saturday morning. at this time, there is some variability in the arrival time of the cold front. but it will be in that window of later friday into saturday. i do think a few showers linger on sunday. unlike of those highs -- -- look
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melinda: that was fast. sally: you will be almost reaching for a sweater, sweatshirt in the morning. melinda: there is an accident to warn you about on 894 going westbound at national avenue. be careful if you are in that area. pavement is wet. and accidents are happening. 19 minutes 894 northbound. the only delay. 6:22. dazzling but pretty confusing. ben: mark wahlberg explains the mix up he gets from a lot of his fans. melinda: some movie theaters are going back in time. we will tell you where you can catch some of the most unforgettable comedies and
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>> it is a case of mistaken identity in hollywood. melinda: mark wahlberg and matt damon are easily recognized but apparently, well, take a look. mark wahlberg claims fans constantly confuse them for damon. they are both new englanders. mark wahlberg says that people
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identity in a response with thank you. ben: they are both action stars. that is one of matt damon's only action movies. melinda: so, i guess. i don't know. scaling -- staying cool in the summer heat can be tough. ] this bear. ben: check it out to some ice cold frozen fruit to help them cope with high summer temperatures. that bear saying thank you. the even families got to eat the frozen food. one more to the elephant. melinda: that's fun. 6:26. a fun day at the park -- ben: the attack on the playground that sent one boy to the emergency room. melinda: the latest on the search for answers in the investigation into an explosion and a house in maryland.
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>> right now on wisn 12 news --
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restored. ben: donald trump addressing unrest in milwaukee at last night's campaign stop in west bend. what the presidential nominee had to say about this weekend's violence. melinda: but first, we are on weather watch. here's a live look at doppler 12 radar. some rain and storms are possible as you head out the door. we are tracking conditions across southeast wisconsin. good morning to you. welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm melinda davenport. ben: and i'm ben wagner. it is 6:30 on this wednesday, august 17. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson i sally? sally: showers becoming more scattered by the minute and lighter over all. that first round over the lake, the second round continuing to weaken overall. now it dane county south, getting into rock county. this weak disturbance events
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partly sunny sky. temperatures earlier in the 70's. we are down to 63 in watertown, also waukesha. your forecast for the next few days, we are going to keep temperatures around 85 degrees. the morning showers come to an end and become partly sunny. for tomorrow, 88, the same forecast time for friday, chance of showers and wants increase later friday night into saturday when we could see isolated, stronger storms. until then, it hot. tim? tim: thanks, sally. i'm in the newsroom this morning, following breaking news in kenosha county. check out this video behind me. this is video that was sent to us by a viewer earlier this morning. that's a barn fully engulfed in flames. we also have a crew at the scene there this morning. let's pull up some video from about half an hour ago. you can see flames and smoke
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investigators are trying to figure out how this fire started your it we are told the fire does not appear to be suspicious here. ben, back to you in the studio. ben: wisn 12 news time is 6:32. now to the unrest in milwaukee. police telling wisn 12 news that they did not respond to any major incidents overnight. thema ponton is live for us. that area remains a focus for law-enforcement. thema : that is exactly right. just in the last couple of seconds in milwaukee, police officers willing up here, he is in the lives of the bp, one of the locations that burned on saturday night, one of 8 locations where authorities are investigating exactly what happened. as for sherman park here, it does close every night at its :00 p.m. the entrance is -- at 6:00 p.m. the entrance is not expected to
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orange fencing around the park will be up in the overnight hours until further notice. authorities were on patrol in this area overnight. again, police telling wisn 12 news they did not respond to any significant incidents. melinda: we seem to be having trouble with thema's live shot. if we can get it back, we will bring it to you. it is quiet now. tim is here started. tim: a police shooting on saturday afternoon sparked the violence. milwaukee police say an officer shot and killed sylville smith after a traffic stop. police say smith ran from the officer, and that smith also had a gun. violence began breaking out on saturday night. that's when several businesses were set on fire, a gas station burned to the ground. several officers and sheriff's deputies were injured. multiple squad cars were damaged. and early yesterday morning, crews battled a house fire near
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one home was destroyed and another occupied home was damaged. it's not clear yet if this fire is related to the unrest. we will have much more information about the damage left behind, and the people affected, all you have to do is check out the wisn 12 news mobile app and our website , ben, over to you. ben: two teenagers were shot during the first two nights of violence. wisn 12 news spoke exclusively to one of them about the ordeal. the bullet is still lodged in 18-year-old ben olson's neck. he says he and a friend saw the crowd and decided to check it out on sunday night. at first, he didn't realize he'd been shot. ben o: i do not know if i heard something, but i definitely felt something. before i could even think about it, i was already running backwards, away from the scene, and my whole right arm is numb.
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before that, so everything really caught me by surprise. ben: olson says the bullet hit one of his vertebrae, causing some numbness in his hand. doctors say they will remove the bullet once it has shifted to a safer spot. melinda: the unrest in milwaukee is becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail. donald trump held a rally in west bend last night. as wisn 12 news' kent wainscott reports, the republican presidential nominee talked about the violence here in southeast wisconsin. kent: donald trump came into the republican stronghold of washington county and spoke to a capacity crowd of more than 3000 supporters in this very warm room at the washington county fairgrounds. he took the stage more than an hour and a half after the scheduled time. he was joined for the first time on stage by governor walker, who introduced him. although he was in west bend, much of his address focused on milwaukee, 25 miles away and the
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make life more comfortable for the rioter or the robber or the looter or the violent disrupter, of which there are many. our job is to make life more comfortable for the african-american parent who wants their kids to be able to safely walk the street to school. kent: trump made repeated pleas to african-american voters to get them to support him. saying the democratic party let them down. this was speech intended for a national audience. in west bend, kent wainscott, wisn 12 news. melinda: thanks, kent. the democratic campaign also stopped in wisconsin yesterday. vp nominee tim kaine was in madison for a fundraiser. ben: new from overnight, officials in walworth county are investigating a fatal crash. it happened just before midnight near highway 50 and chapin road in the town of geneva. wisn 12 news has calls in to the sheriff's department. we will pass along updates as we get them.
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a walmart worker has a strange encounter and a parking lot. melinda: the confrontation with a pet monkey all caught on camera. and why authorities want to talk to the animal's owner. ben: plus, taking a stand in the fight against zika. new york's mayor is speaking out, calling out a wisconsin politician. melinda: but first, weather watch 12. let's take a live look at doppler 12 radar. you can see a lot of the storms moving out of our area, but meteorologist sally severson watchingea
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sally: and there we are the weatherwatch 12 family network as we see the sun peeking through the clouds are it we will see a fair amount of cloudiness this morning, and you can see the cloud deck kind of broken across the area at 68 degrees. your first cup forecast for today, we start with a few showers, and then the cloud deck will really begin to thin for us. it becomes partly sunny and a
6:41 am
thundershowers over the lake, the second round continues to diminish as well. it holds together and we get a little wet along 94 between madison and milwaukee. this is not last for long. most of it is done by 8:00 this morning, melinda. melinda: all right, thank you so much. there are still some slowdowns on 894 at national avenue. is. that part of the freeway is in red, so give yourself some extra time if you are heading out the door. let's take a look at travel times. the beltway is about 16 minutes, so give yourself again some extra time, ben? ben: all right, melinda. new this morning, a florida toddler is recovering after being attacked by a peacock. two-year-old jackson brown was playing at a park, where the birds live, when a peacock grabbed him. his mother says the peacock's talons were digging into
6:42 am
to keep the birds away from areas where kids play. melinda: also new this morning, a monkey attacks an employee in a walmart parking lot. a shopper caught it on camera in ohio. the monkey apparently got away from its owner and came after the worker. a walmart spokesperson says the monkey did not bite the employee, and the worker grabbed the leash and returned it to the owner. now animal control officials are looking for the monkey and its owner to have a little chat. ben: inside of walmart? can you do that? melinda: no shoes, no monkey that ben: no service. melinda: let's get right to tim elliott in the newsroom. ben: he's following some of today's big headlines. tim: starting with the olympic games in rio, and a little-known part of the city's nightlife. coming up on wisn 12 news this morning, the extra security precautions police are taking, to keep clubgoers safe. and we are monitoring the situation in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood.
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after days of unrest.
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>> leading the way with
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news this morning. it's 6:45. finally, the sun is coming out and shining. it is wednesday, august 17. the rain is moving out. sally: it is moving out quickly, but i would say there are a few showers between now and i :00 or so. then we will dry out figuratively because it is and we really steamy this afternoon. we are you can see the sun already streaming through. showers and thundershowers coming to an end. you can see one little area of rain pushing through dane county now, really diminishing overall. skies become partly sunny for this afternoon. ben? ben: all right, sal. it was a peaceful night in milwaukee after days of unrest.
6:47 am
monitoring the situation overnight. tim? tim: it's the second night of relative calm after violence we saw over the weekend. it was thanks in part to a city-wide curfew for anyone 17 and under. that curfew will be lifted at 5:00 this morning. and sherman park was closed from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. those policies are both in effect until further notice. police tell wisn 12 news they did not have reports of any significant issues overnight. -- is 6:47. a week after an explosion and massive fire at a maryland apartment complex, officials say they have recovered the bodies of seven people. this was the scene one week ago . around two dozen people were hurt and the building was destroyed. families who lost their homes are staying in a shelter this morning. they say it has been a traumatic experience for their children.
6:48 am
the good virus. -- zika virus. this morning, new york's mayor is taking a stand. officials say more than 49 pregnant women in new york city have tested positive for zika since april. one baby has been born with microcephaly. mayor bill de blasio is calling on congress to approve funding to fight the zika virus. mayor de blasio: it's time for speaker ryan and majority leader mcconnell to step up, get the congress back, so it will act. this is a crisis that affects al over the country, and this is not a red state crisis or a blue state crisis -- this affects all of us. ben: new york city has committed to spending $21 million to protect new yorkers from zika. melinda: 12 news time is 6:48. what is your favorite 1980's movie? marcus theatres is going retro with a film series featuring some of the greats from 30 years ago.
6:49 am
"beverly hills cop." and also some of steven spielberg's classics like "saving private ryan." the movies will be played on sundays at noon and on mondays and wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. for the rest of the month and in september. >> it is a wonderful opportunity to bring classic movies back to the big screen for the customers to see and at a great price of only $5. melinda: the retro film series is available at the majestic cinema of brookfield, menomonee falls cinema, ridge cinema in new berlin, and south shore cinema in oak creek. for a full list of showings, head to the 12 news mobile app. ben: hawaii's latest tourist attraction is an active volcano. lava started flowing at kilauea volcano back in may and now, it has reached the ocean. tourists are flocking to the volcano to see the waves hit the steaming lava. some 5000 people visit the volcano on busy days. the last time kilauea's lava ended up in the ocean was back in 2013. melinda: what a sight to see.
6:50 am
bigger. [laughter] ben: that is right. sally: earlier today, a couple of showers rolling through for the most part. all of this has been weakening. you look at the last couple of hours on the radar. a little bit of rain may across the area with this disturbance that has been rotating across the state. earlier this morning, still a chance for a few showers around, and another round starting to clear. we will see a couple of more sky into the afternoon. temperatures, upper 60's along the lake, little cooler, beaver dam, 61 degrees, 63 waukesha, west bend. elkhorn, you are at 66 degrees. we move into the afternoon with steamy highs in the mid 80's. overnight tonight is nice and dry on a long, and i will keep
6:51 am
clouds once again, but temperatures will make it quick climb into the upper 80's. we may even touch 90 degrees for tomorrow. this is a look at lunchtime. our forecast models get a hold of some of that moisture in the atmosphere for writing not think we get wet tomorrow. i think we are dry, but we will be hot and humid as temperatures approached 90 degrees thursday and friday. we will continue with that 80 degrees ar first of august, and we will continue that stream i say pretty much through about saturday as we look at showers and thundershowers once again reckoned to the forecast friday with the cold front. there is a little question about the timing of that cool front your we will keep a close eye on things, but certainly much cooler air mass by this sunday,ben. ben: 6:51 right now. 4194 at wisconsin, one 65, dot says there is an accident on the
6:52 am
basically from lincoln all the way down to beloit road, it will be backed up this morning. turning now to rio de janeiro and the 2016 olympic games. tim is watching how the u.s. doing in the medal count. tim? tim: team usa doing work down in rio. we expected that. ben: what we have not been expecting is how low china is. tim: medals. 61 in china. we have 28 of each. gold, silver, and bronze. in the number two spot china, with 51 medals. 17 of those are gold. and great britain comes in third with a total of 50, 19 gold and silver and 12 bronze. rounding out the top five, russia in fourth and france and japan are tied for fifth. by the way, in the history of the olympic games, the u.s. has won more than twice as many
6:53 am
melinda. melinda: usa, usa. thank you, tim. it's a city as colorful as any in the world. hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing the sights and sounds of rio de janeiro during the olympics. travers mackel spent a night exploring the music scene. he joins us live from olympic park. travers, i envy you and your assignment. travers: i know you and ben a big music fans, and you've probably heard of the samba, but there's also so many other music and the performers truly unique. in rio's centro neighborhood, just off a cobblestone street and inside an historic building, edu kreiger and his band are tuning up for their nightly show. edu: i love playing music because my family is a musical family.
6:54 am
are regulars here at the hot spot scenarium. edu: the people from this area like this time -- this type of music. travers: and he hopes olympic tourists do as well. with 500 years of history, artists in rio say their music is heavily influenced by an african, european, and portuguese sound. edu: you can find many, many different styles of musicians here. sounds of brazilian music are a gigantic attraction. >> our music, our culture. that is why people come here. travers: and the live music business in this part of rio is good. >> i think it is a very nice place, not only because of the music, but also the culture. edu: i was born in rio, and i live here, and this music
6:55 am
melinda, despite the recent uptick in street crime here in rio, they have not seen a difference. they tell us most nights during the games, they have been packed. ben: we can start playing some of that music in the newsroom. melinda: i love that. ben: some of the biggest winners "sports illustrated." swimmers katie ledecky and michael phelps and gymnast simone biles all posed with the medals they had one so far. this is the 11th time phelps has has been on the cover of "sports illustrated." it's the second appearance for ledecky and biles. melinda: what will have a final check of your forecast and commute after the break.
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melinda: a look at traffic watch here, the sun is finally shining, and it looks like the rain is finally gone from this area of town. you see a slowdown here on 894. give yourself extra time because there is an accident or did and it is moving slowly through that area.
6:59 am
this morning, we saw showers, a few thundershowers rolled through earlier. we will get another bit of cloudiness, an additional stray shower or two through about 9:00. many will stay dry. all of this ends. we're partly sunny, warm, mid-80's by the afternoon, 72 tonight. i think we stand a shot at 90 thursday and friday. with a good amount of sunshine thursday, we could very well to a good chance of showers and storms friday night into saturday. the timing a little uncertain with our models doing a little flip lopping, but that could bring in stronger storms and certainly a cooler air mass. highs by sunday fall back into the low 70's. overnight lows in the 50's, around 60. kind of an invigorating air mass. ben: i will take it. sally: 72 will feel a lot different.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, six children injured at an amusement park. >> we got a report of a small child that was electrocuted on one of the rides. >> rushed to the hospital, shocked and burned by a ride. emergency aid rushing to the scene, now part of the park is shut down. also new overnight, a major shake-up at the top of the trump campaign. the republican nominee announcing a new manager, a new krae ceo and what donald trump is now saying about reports he's getting debate advice from oused fox news chief roger ailes. big game backlash. the 12-year-old hunter under fire for killing and posing with zebras, giraffes and more. >> i'm a hunter and no matter what the people say to me, i'm never going to stop. >> she's now receiving death


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