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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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p.m. to 6:00 a.m. tonight getting answers into the , fatal police shooting that led to unrest in milwaukee. joyce: we begin in the newsroom where our team of investigative where our team of investigative reporters is looking into the , officer and the suspect. now because the officer has been the target of threats on social media, and because police are not naming him we are not naming , him either. police say he shot and killed 23-year-old sylville smith, who was armed with a stolen gun during the deadly confrontation in the sherman park neighborhood saturday. 12 news nick bohr is live what what have you learned tonight? >> sherman park is closing for the night. the atf is continuing their investigation at the bp station that burned down, and all the fires that started here after the police shooting even as the , state department of justice investigates the shooting itself. the shooting, of course, sparked two days of unrest in milwaukee but four days later the , wisconsin department of justice appears no closer to
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camera video which the police , chief has said shows 24-year-old sylville smith with a gun in his hand as he's shot. the doj told us today they don't have anything new to release. social media is running wild with information and misinformation about the confrontation between smith and the 24-year-old police officer who shot him. some of it includes threats against the officer, which has led to uniformed milwaukee police now guarding his home. mpd tells us they're taking the investigating. numerous neighbors and people who know the two say the officer and smith knew each other from the neighborhood, but we've verified they did not go to high school together. the milwaukee police department hasn't responded to our request for the officer's work history including any complaints or , commendations. however, the milwaukee fire and police commission confirmed for 12 news the officer has never had any citizen complaints filed
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there was another man with smith when he was stopped by police. he remains in jail on a violation of probation. joyce: 12 news has learned the officer was scheduled to be interviewed by the department of justice today. he started at mpd six years ago as an aide, and started patrolling the streets two years ag now we're learning he was once an aspiring rapper. colleen henry is live one of his rap videos have gone viral. ? >> family friends say he started rapping as a child but eventually chose a career as a cop. in this 2015 video, the officer raps about rights. 12 news has learned the officer's rapping was once an
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it conducted an internal investigation back when he was just a police eight. at the time he said he was just , trying to build street cred in the rap scene the department admitted him to the police academy. >> her mom still has the trophy. >> they won this years ago it's so old. >> her son took different paths. her son is now in prison. he kept the rapper life and bleep chose the different path. they say the officer still checked up on them from time to time the last time they talked about police shootings. >> it's crazy because i was just talking to him about this situation, this type of thing and he'll go around and do the same thing how he's so against people being shot by the police who don't deserve it. >> milwaukee police haven't commented on the recent rap video he is on administrative duty while the department of justice investigates routine in police shootings -- shootings. joyce: eight businesses were
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federal officials say the cost of the damage could exceed several million dollars. the atf is offering a reward for $10,000 information leading to an arrest and conviction. you can follow the latest on the unrest in milwaukee on and our free app. through our app, we'll send out breaking news alerts to your cell phone. there you can also check out the stories we've done over the past four days. kathy: some milwaukee voters say that if donald trump wants their support he should visit their , neighborhood. during a speech last night in west bend, trump tried to win-over african-american voters in kent wainscott reports, that may be a tough challenge. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african-american citizen. >> republican candidate donald trump reached out to inner-city milwaukee voters. >> to every voter in milwaukee, to every voter living in the inner-city i'm running to offer , you a much better future. >> i don't think it's going to
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just needs us to win. >> we went to into the heart of milwaukee's poorest areas, the 53206 zip code and found that , the voters trump is targeting are reluctant to change. >> for some reason or another, i just don't trust him yet. >> perhaps the best indication of the challenge for the trump campaign in trying to win over african-american voters here in wisconsin comes in the latest marquette law school poll. >> leading donald trump among african-americans, 94% to 6%. >> if he had thought that much about milwaukee, he would have stopped here in milwaukee. >> doris jackson was upset that trump didn't come here to the inner-city to ask for support. >> how far is west bend? 30 miles, 31 miles from here? 31 miles away. stop in here and tell us what you're going to do. >> in the end, winning over voters here may prove to be a
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hillary. >> no matter what trump said? >> no matter what trump said. kathy: the clinton campaign had no comment on trump's remarks today. but a spokesman for congresswoman gwen moore, who represents milwaukee, said, mr. trump doesn't know our community nor the good people who call it home. he doesn't understand the unique obstacles our constituents experience on a daily basis nor does he have any interest to learn about them. joyce: these are still images of a cudahy dispatcher caught on camera stealing money, paid to the city for parking tickets. melissa mueller made her first court appearance this afternoon. wisn 12 news ben hutchison joins us live from the cudahy police department and asked her the big question, why take the cash? >> joyce, we're still trying to get that answer. the criminal complaint here outlines three different times mueller pocketed money. >> walking into a milwaukee
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mueller, who used to be a cudahy dispatcher and spokesperson for the police department. she is now facing a felony. she is also charged with embezzlement. >> not guilty. >> lee will be entered. -- plea will be entered. >> mueller appears on these photos provided by the cudahy police department, handling cash at the reception window last complaint. surveillance shows mueller remove $25 cash from the register, fold the cash in half, and slip the cash into her rear left pants pocket. it happened on at least two other occasions, all times three citizens that paid their parking tickets received overdue notices. mueller resigned from the police department last week she's due .
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joyce: the rules have changed for the former menomonee falls high school teacher charged with having sex with a 16-year-old student. april novak was in court today. she is now allowed to have unsupervised contact with her children. however she cannot have , unsupervised contact with any other minors. she is also not allowed to contact menomonee falls students nor the victim. novak is accused of having sex with the teen multiple times in a classroom. kathy: two people taking a walk on the state capitol lawn are in the wrong place at the wrong time. a large tree snapped in half it hit the two men as they walked by. they are expected to recover. madison police taped off the area until a company could clear the tree today. it is not known what caused the tree to suddenly snap. new at 6:00, a wisconsin farmer dies from fumes released by manure. it happened near amherst in portage county. the 29-year-old old was found when another farm worker showed up to haul away manure. the farmer along with 16 cows
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warmer air prevented those deadly gases from escaping into the atmosphere. joyce: looking ahead, you may come across some traffic headaches this weekend. a portion of i-94 heading east toward downtown is closing. if you are in waukesha headed to milwaukee, the interstate will be shut down around highway 100. the closure starts friday night and will go until sunday morning. the dot says there is a chance work could finish early and reopened saturday. the closure is part of the zoo inteng at moreland and either go south to take greenfield avenue, or north to take bluemound. that's highlighted by the dotted line on this map from the dot. for perspective, here is why the construction at the zoo interchange is taking years. to the left is what the interchange looked like before construction. to the right is what it will be like when it's done. a completely different look and new way of getting around. kathy: today was a big day for wisconsin athletes at the olympics.
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alumni, won a silver in the 3000 meter steeplechase. another u.w. grad is competing in the decathlon with a few events happening today. there is also an east troy woman in the sailing competition today. in total there are 25 wisconsin , athletes in rio. when olympians win a medal, they have to pay a tax on their winnings when they come home. republican lawmakers in wisconsin want to put an end to that. assembly speaker robin vos, representative joe sanfileppo will introduce a bill at the , start of the next legislative the u.s. olympic committee awards $25,000 for gold medalists, $15,000 for silver medalists, and for bronze $10,000 medalists. joyce: new tonight at 10:00 inciting violence and , threatening on officer. some are using social media to fuel unrest in milwaukee. 12 news is looking into what it takes for police to go after them. plus, you may soon see contractors working in target stores. the feature now being built into
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kathy: the hot august weather continues. mark, the temperatures will keep going up. mark: when we warmed to 90 degrees, next and weatherwatch 12. kathy: then, a new playing field for an up and coming sport. see the new futsal court open in milwaukee. >> they are tearing down my old home. kathy: but it's not a bad thing.
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joyce: marquette university is in the middle of a demolition project. the former jesuit residence on wisconsin avenue is being torn down. the building opened in 1916. marquette chancellor and former university president father robert wild said the demolition is not a bad >> they are tearing down my old home. that is what is going on, but i have to say it is not a moment of sadness because while i lived there for almost 20 years, the building was falling apart around us and got a little scary towards the end. joyce: once the building is down, it will be a green space until further notice.
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residence this past october located nearby on wells street. it's been more than a year in the making. officials unveiled wisconsin's first outdoor futsal court this morning. kathy: futsal is a game similar to soccer. the court is in lincoln park off of green bay and hampton. as wisn 12 news' tim elliott shows us, today's kick-off is one local man's dream come true. >> keith tozer has been waiting for this moment for a long time. >> just to see these children out here and playing and having a great time like i said, dreams , can become a reality. >> tozer is the coach of the us men's national futsal team, it's a sport similar to soccer and growing in popularity. driving past lincoln park on the city's northside almost everyday, tozer took notice of these neglected and dirty tennis courts. >> and i would also glance over to the left or the right and see no one playing tennis. >> that's when kicked around the idea, turn these courts into a futsal sanctuary.
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courts, parking lots i see , futsal courts everywhere in my mind. >> after getting the green light from milwaukee county parks, volunteers started renovations last summer. >> now the game of futsal is a little bit different than soccer. first of all, the ball is a little bit heavier. also the game is played on a , hard surface like these courts, instead of a field. >> i'm having a good day. >> bobby baker is a big fan of the new stadium. >> >> it's cold. i like it. not too sticky, not too smooth so it's pretty good. ,>> tozer says this new stadium will also provide a fun and safe place for kids like bobby to play. >> i think a feel good story is what our community needs. this is a feel good story. i mean look at the children behind me. in milwaukee, tim ellliott, wisn 12 news. kathy: love that game. the lincoln park futsal stadium will host a tournament this weekend featuring youth and adult teams. the stadium schedule isn't posted yet but will eventually , be up on the milwaukee parks
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, more stores are announced for the corners of brookfield. free people, paper source and francesca's have signed leases for retail space. the corners is expected to open in the spring. it's on barker road off of the interstate. many retailers will be new to the milwaukee area. free people offers its own line of american bohemian apparel, intimates and swimwear. , most of their clothing is hand-dyed or handknit. kathy: don't want to think about -- it made me think about christmas when you said -- mark: oh, god. mark: the streak goes on. people are making fun of me have now on social media. 17 days of 80 degrees a warmer, and that will be tying the record. the all-time record for days of 80 degrees a warmer is only 22
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it has been an amazingly warm stretch. we have only had four days of temperatures below average. 28 days, 70 degrees a warmer. the coldest day is 64 degrees. it has been mainly hot, hazy, and humid. a cool shot here taken from our stage in, a live picture looking to the south. and northern illinois. you can see that as a long ways away, but it is a pretty shot at 87 degrees was the high today. 61 dew point, so a little less sticky right now. it will get stickier again as we head into this forecast. a live look outside. this is maier festival park, one day away from the start of irish fest, which will kickoff
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close at 10:00 p.m. it should be a great night to get out there and enjoy beverages because it will be very warm. 87 milwaukee. water temperature a nice, comfortable 96 degrees. 83 madison. it is warm and sticky. eventually there is cooler air sitting here, and we will finally bring some of that into our forecast as we head into sunday. allergies. mold pollens are tough, ragweed aside. as we look where we have scattered showers, it is to the south, not impressive. one of these my try to sneak into walworth or kenosha county, but for the most part, the majority of southeastern wisconsin will stay dry.
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88 the high tomorrow. even warmer than today. we will not stop there. we go from 88 on thursday to 90 degrees on friday, and then we start to cool things down with a good chance for storms on saturday. i don't think it is an all-day rain on saturday, but when you have to pay attention to because it will likely be one of those where you have to change plans. maybe you can hold off until sunday, cooler, drier things out. monday 70 four. a refreshing air mass, then back to 80 degrees on tuesday and wednesday, so most of august looks like temperatures will be around 80 degrees. kathy: sounds like a good august. joyce: breaking news that a brown deer, a large police presence. let's get right to matt salemme news chopper 12. what is happening? >> 6200 block of west silver
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police presence at this point. they have the street blocked off and the brown deer police asked for residents to avoid the area. as you can see, there are fire trucks, paramedics on the scene and they have the street blocked off in both directions. joyce: we will continue to stay on top of that. to injuries and one game for the birds. dan: -- for the brewers. dan:
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i win either guy my. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations johnson: i win either way.
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announcer: sports director dan needles, honored with best sports broadcast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. dan: packer fans have been waiting for nearly a year to see jordy nelson back on the playing field. the wait might not be much longer. nelson has passed his physical and has been taken off the physically unable to perform list, which means he should be able to play in at least one preseason game. nelson missed all of last season with a torn acl. clay matthews and julius peppers
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unwillingness to be interviewed by nfl officials in their inestigation into an al jazeera story last year that linked the two players to ped's. the nfl has warned the players that they could be suspended if they don't cooperate by august 25. aaron rodgers gave his take this afternoon on the jim rome radio show. >> it is such a bad president. in the wild accusation accredited, legitimate, or illegitimate, they are going to try testifying. first of all, we stand behind our guys 100%. i am confident those guys have nothing to hide and they will work something out, but as far as the league goes, there have been some negative things that have come their way and the way they responded may not have been the best way to handle it. dan: packers rookie outside linebacker kyler fackrell registerd a sack in his
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fackrell admits he relied too heavily on a speed rush in college, and he understands that he has to vary his approach to see consistent success at this level. >> that is obviously what you do it for. to be able to get something to work in the game and actually get a sack, that was huge. that was exciting for us. it was a really cool experience, first nfl game, but now it is just about improving so i have another opportunity on thursday, and i look for to it. dan: at the summer olympics, former wisconsin badger evan jager won the silver medal in the 3,000 meter steeplechase, the first medal for the u.s. in that event since 1984. incycar announced they will return to race at road america next year on june 25. and, ryan braun is not in the brewers lineup tonight in chicago after spraining his knee sliding into the brick wall trying to make a catch last night. however, braun told reporters this afternoon that he thinks he can play as early as thursday.
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chase anderson is day to day with a quad ruse. they dodged a bullet. joyce: we have enough they'd on that breaking news and brown deer. matt salemme is overhead and news chopper 12. what do you know? >> they brought in unarmored vehicle and three police vans into this neighborhood. it is silver brook lane, the 6200 block of west silver brook lane. the only thing police have said so far is in a twitter post. they have an incident they are dealing with our and are asking residents to steer clear of the area. joyce: we did ask just because someone at the brown deer police department, and they said no one was available, but said the scene was secured and hope the situation would be fully resolved within an hour.
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the 6200 block of west silverberg lane in brown deer. kathy: they were obviously have an update tonight at 10:00. joyce: thank you for your
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