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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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i was watching them. got it. >> is that it? >> ye in the neighborhood this morning, picking up the pieces after days of unrest. coming together today to start healing. and growing concerns about lead in milwaue' supply. the push for water safety happening today and how you can get involved. >> weather watch 12 as we take a live look downtown this morning. a hot and sticky day. we're keeping eyes on conditions as you get ready to make your outdoor plans today. i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm linda davenport, let's begin with your forecast. morning. >> morning, guys. and it's a beautiful start to your morning.
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a touch hazy. that's because i'm expecting patchy fog to develop here over the next, i want to say hour and a half to two hours. you may need to leave a little early. temperatures now 72. not a whole lot of showers and thunderstorms, but down toward the south, some of these areas have been seeing this. i do not anticipate us to have any issues at all. right now, feels like 72 in milwaukee, right here is where fog. as you're waking up this morning, sticky start. it's very heavy. but by the time we get to 9:00 a.m., the fog's going to warm up. today's high near 87. >> thank you so much. take the forecast with you, download the wisn12 news app free for your smartphone or tablet. a third night of calm after days of unrest in milwaukee.
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effect until 5:00 this morning. sherman mark is also closed until 9:00. overnight, authorities were on patrol to make sure there weren't any problems in the area. police did say they did not respond to any significant events last night or so far this morning. >> later today, praying for peace in milwaukee. the archdiocese has organized a prayer vigil to support the sherman park neighborhood. it starts this morning on north 25th street. the church is inviting people to come together after the unrest over the weekend. a job fair for those affected by the unrest. runs from 11:00 until 3:00 today. the job fair's organized by local businesses pry trying to help people affected by the fires that broke out over the unrest over the weekend. law enforcement officers met with the members of the sherman park neighborhood. this was a tense meeting at the boys and girls club last night. people who live in sherman park
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back to normal. sherman park currently closes at 6:00 p.m. instead of 10:00 p.m. normally. >> it's really been a time instead of us having a space we can keep an eye on our kids that we can kind of control, now they're being pushed back out into the community where they can go whichever way. >> police say it was a productive meeting. sheriff david clark has a final say on whether the park hours. authorities are investigating the police shooting that started the unrest. and tim, you've been learning more about this police officer. >> wisn12 news learned he was an aspiring rapper. you can see him here in this music video behind me. police have not identified the officer who shot and killed ceville smith. we learned when the officer was workinging as a police aide, the department had an internal investigation into the officer's
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rioting. he did pass a background check and was sworn in back in 2014. wisn has also learned that the officer and smith did know each other, although, they did not attend the same high school. >> as you mentioned, that officer has been the target of online threats. people have posted his name, photos and an address where he may live. again, 12 news decided not to name that officer haven't officially said who it is. an associate professor at marquette said the posts may not be smarts but they are legal unless they're calling for immediate violence. the post simply identifying the officer is considered free speech. we'll continue to follow this investigation and any developments in sherman park. more coverage on our app and website, making sure your drinking water is safe.
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focusing on lead levels in the water supply. the fresh water for life is hosting the meeting to educate people about lead pipes. they've been researching lead levels and meeting. the meeting from 6:00 until 8:00 tonight at the african-american women's center. and the race for the u.s. senate. wisconsin senator ron johnson is holding a question and answer session later today. the republican is running for a senator. he's being challenged by the man who held that seat for more than a decade. russ feingold. he'll answer questions at a lunch event. thousands of families being forced from their homes this morning. >> that's the second fire we've gone through, now this one. it's not getting any easier. >> a state of emergency being
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angeles. what's making a new wildfire hard to contain. plus, devastating floods hit louisiana. the people being forced out of their homes and how much water is sitting in the streets. but first, a live look outside as we head to break. it's going to be a little muggy out there. and lindsay slater is on weather watch 12. thanks for waking up with us. you're watching wisn-12 news
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and a happy thursday to you. that's a live look outside. and looks like we're trapped in the dome of haze. look at that this morning. and that's going to be the issue as of hours, folks. i'm monitoring the potential for some patchy fog. this is our milwaukee camera. not a whole lot here at the moment. feels like 72 degrees as you're heading out the door this morning. nothing to worry about storm wise. i've been tracking a few of them down toward the south. but i really believe that's where they're going to stay. this activity is going to slide its way to the east. so all you need to worry about as you're heading out the door is the fact it's going to be muggy and you've got to make sure that air-conditioning's
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68 degrees and we warm up really fast. 82 by noon, for the lake community. crank up that ac, because temperatures in the mid-80s, rain chances increasing, as well. but some areas of are going to be seeing lot of rain, jeremy, are down toward the gulf coast. massive flooding. >> yeah, some of the most rain they've seen on record or at least since hurricane katrina down there in the southeast part of louisiana. in the span of five days, they picked up maybe 20 inches of rain or that's about 6.9 trillion gallons of rain that hit louisiana, leading to massive flooding. you can see the photos there. one area saw a record smashing 2 1/2 feet of rain in a single day. 13 people died, that total's up two from yesterday. 40,000 homes are damaged. first responders have rescued more than 20,000 people along with 1,000 pets. you have to think of people and pets during weather emergencies.
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their own boats and rescuing people and animals, the president has approved an emergency declaration for a dozen parishes in louisiana. the governor expects more disaster declarations. hopefully, the rain will turn off down there. >> certainly hope so. thank you. right now, more than 80,000 people being forced from their homes because of an out of control wildfire in california. the blue cut fire is burning in san bernardino county 60 miles east of officials say it has burned more than 40 square miles. it is only 4% contained at this point. dry conditions are fueling the flames. abc news will be live from san bernardino today on "good morning america" at 7:00 right after wisn-12 news this morning. some u.s. olympians in trouble with the law this morning. >> why police are ordering some athletes not to leave the
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loses her house to a fire. the role her son played in the
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welcome back, everyone, to wisn-12 news this morning. it is 4:45 on this thursday. a clear view in milwaukee downtown right now. but it's all about the change. >> it's all about the change, yes. we are going to see some patchy fog developing. i'm kind of waiting, monitoring. here's a live look at our sheboygan camera. and you can see a thin layer of haze on the horizon. it is sticky out there. right now, 64. that's our blue harbor camera. looks beautiful. noticing our doppler 12 radar network, it's high and dry here, tracking storms down to the south. but those are going to continue to move their way toward the east. but if you're near the border of, you know, illinois and wisconsin, you may see some of that lightning. but right now, near 72 degrees. and if you're heading to jazz on the park tonight, it's going to
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now on to rio de janeiro, and right now an olympic controversy. two american swimmers have been questioned and released from police custody. four u.s. swimmers reported they were robbed in rio. authorities say their story doesn't add up. police took them off their plane last night and they have been ordered to stay in brazil until they can testify about the robbery. ryan lochte also part of that group is already back in the u.s. now, checking in here on the tim, unless the u.s. dropped off significantly, we probably know where the u.s. stands. >> yeah, we talk about this every day. but doesn't get old. because we're number one. american athletes still dominating the competition down there. 93 medals for the u.s. so far, 30 gold, 32 silver, and 31 bronze. china in second with 54 medals, 19 of them gold, 15 silver and 20 bronze for them.
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third place with 19 gold and silver and 12 bronze. and rounding out the top five, we have russia and japan. >> thanks so much. new this morning, companies from around the world are setting up shop in brazil this month with hospitality homes for athletes' families. more on how these places are rolling out the red carpet. >> reporter: there are numerous hospitality homes here in rio during the even proctor & gamble has one here right now. and they want to make sure when athletes' families get to the city, they're taken care of. inside this upscale hotel, men's team usa water polo player is taking care of his grooming needs. >> i'm about to get a shave. >> and so are his relatives. >> my sister's going to the nail ceylon.
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option to chill out. >> this is a global home where our brands take care of athletes and their families. >> it's not about just scoring free services and items. this is about family bonding says ben's mom. >> it's been a great place to come to every day to decompress and be able to talk to other olympians' families. >> it's been a great place for my parents to come and relax. >> and they have really started to make themselves >> we brought our laundry. >> because they also do that here. that is, if you're an athlete's family. and while gold medals aren't on the line in pick-up games like this -- the mother of team usa long distance runner says the house serves a purpose. >> one of the greatest things is to connect with other moms. we're all in the same thing. so it's having this kind of, if you will, a special club. >> or in this case, a special
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has had a hospitality home in the olympic games. in rio, wisn 12 news. >> thanks so much. the house is mostly for team usa and the families but athletes all around the world are welcome during the games. well, the swimming competitions are not over and american swimmers are starting to head back home. michael phelps arrived in phoenix yestery five gold medals and one silver. record breaker katie ledecky flew in yesterday, as well. fans and former classmates welcomed her with hugs and cheers. ledecky is heading to swim at stanford this fall. >> and back in my hometown of houston today. manuel said two of her medals made the trip wrapped inside her socks in her suitcase.
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medals in rio. check this out. that's me on the right. that's my little family. want to be olympian. and that's the actual gold on the left. we were on the same swim team. we grew up in the same area of texas. so my swim suits were all of simone's hand me downs because she wasn't sure if she wanted to dance or swim. glad she decided to do swimming. her brother's a standout at smu. they're a great family. super nice. >> so when you guys raced, how did -- >> luckily, i'm about 12 years older than her, so we never had to race. >> you were in the pool, yeah. >> i'm an olympian. just kidding. well, we are looking at another warm stretch. 17 days of 80-degree temperatures plus. today's going to make it 18, which almost breaks the record
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august we've seen the temperatures. it's crazy. >> and it's hot and sticky, too. >> you feel it right now. it's muggy out there. i needed the air-conditioning on the way here this morning. if that gives you the indication of how the rest of today's going to be. here's a look at what to expect. your weather story. we've already had 17 days of 80 plus over the past obviously 17 days. but do expect that number to turn to 18. tomorrow's going to be 19, getting close to breaking that record. today, we will 90-degree mark. and then as we head into friday night and then, again, into saturday morning, i am talking about showers and thunderstorms. but here's the good part, that's going to help to cool us down. we're not too cool right now. we're sitting there 72. doesn't feel like it, though. muggy out there, and i'm monitoring the potential of patchy fog. here's a look at what's happening at the moment. the cluster of thunderstorms happening close to chicago. you don't need to worry about those ones. they're moving due east.
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high pressure to the south. and the high pressure's actually allowing for some of that moisture to build up a little bit. when are we expecting our storms? i'm not going to rule out an isolated shower today. you can see some of that popping up along the lake shore. into the evening. a lot of that moves out. then, into friday, i am expecting, again, we could see around in the morning, more likely happening in the evening hours. something i want you guys to keep an eye on because i am expecting that to be a continuing trend leading into saturd temperatures have been pretty toasty overall across the area. i'll have another update coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. and right now, a carnival ride is back open just one day after electricity shocked six children. tim here with more. >> yeah. six children were shocked when they grabbed on to those metal railings of that ride. it happened in new london, connecticut. firefighters and paramedics
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all six people were released from the hospital overnight. officials say electricians have checked out the scrambler ride and it is now safe. investigators did find a faulty wire in a nearby ride. that electricity sent through the platform of a nearby scrambler. that ride is now back open to visitors. ben, over to you. >> tim, 4:53. and the baltimore mother who made headlines last year when she pulled her son away from riots is now homeless. this video spread quickly d you can see here, showing her smacking her son and dragging him so he can't participate in those riots. now, her home has burned down. police say that same son stepped away from a stove and a grease fire started. >> am i upset with my son? yes. but he's alive.
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i want him to know i'm glad it wasn't worse. >> she was trying to raise $5,000, right now, she's raised more than $53,000.
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welcome back new this morning. doctors are investigating the first travel associated zika case within the u.s. >> that case involves a man from el paso, texas, who traveled to south florida, the same area where mosquitos have infected about 30 people with zika. a blood test been infected. texas has more than 100 reported cases of zika associated with travel areas outside of the u.s. this is the first case within the united states. >> the state of florida dealing with another case of a brain ameba infection. this is the fourth swimmer to contract the virus this year. it's commonly found in warm, fresh water and can cause aer rare, but extremely deadly infection of the brain. mcdonald's is removing the
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kids. they were just rolled out to promote healthy choices. one mom in arkansas says that the tracker burned her 4-year-old's wrist. thousands shared her facebook posts, too. mcdonald's says the bands passed the test, but they'll shelf them for now. and a new study from the american heart association, experts say it's tough to figure out just how much exercise to counteract the effects of sitting. researchers recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. 4:59, the news continues right now. good morning, everybody. great to have you with us this morning.
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>> it's 5:00 on this thursday, august 18th. and this morning, sherman park is still recovering after days of unrest. businesses set on fire, left picking up the pieces. and there's help on the way today for those employees who are now without a job. >> plus, the packers are back on the field for preseason game 2. what you need to know if you're heading to lambeau field tonight. and a check of our morning commute and thursday forecast. >> let's check in with lindsay slater. good morning. >> good morning, we are looking at some patchy fog that's developing. let's go ahead and take a look at our camera right now. you can see, this is a thin layer right where the horizon is starting to build up. you can see, again, a lot of moisture out there. it is very muggy out there right now. and let's check out that visibility. you can see right now milwaukee down to a 4-mile visibility. that's not going to impact your travel at all. but by the time we get down to 3, that becomes an issue. down to a third of a mile


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