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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  August 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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>> it's 5:00 on this thursday, august 18th. and this morning, sherman park is still recovering after days of unrest. businesses set on fire, left picking up the pieces. and there's help on the way today for those employees who are now without a job. >> plus, the packers are back on the field for preseason game 2. what you need to know if you're heading to lambeau field tonight. and a check of our morning commute and thursday forecast. >> let's check in with lindsay slater. good morning. >> good morning, we are looking at some patchy fog that's developing. let's go ahead and take a look at our camera right now. you can see, this is a thin layer right where the horizon is starting to build up. you can see, again, a lot of moisture out there. it is very muggy out there right now. and let's check out that visibility. you can see right now milwaukee down to a 4-mile visibility. that's not going to impact your travel at all. but by the time we get down to 3, that becomes an issue. down to a third of a mile
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you take your time as you're heading out to work. no worries as far as showers and thunderstorms at least as of yet. as you're heading out the door, right now, feels like 71 degrees. and as you're waking up this morning, that fog will be clearing by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. >> it is muggy out there. i'm sure, more than one air conditioner running as you make your way in this morning. looks like an incident here at silver spring. it was reported as a disabled vehicle. nice and quiet across the freeway system on the traffic watch 12 computer. everything is green, which means full freeway speed. no trouble through the construction zones, bypass, 94 east or westbound. travel times look great. all in the green right now. 10-minute trip. 94 eastbound, 5 minutes on the northbound. that's a look at the morning commute. melinda, back to you. >> thank you. 5:01. now to the aftermath of the unrest in milwaukee.
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neighborhood. for the third day in a row, we're told they did not respond to any major problems in the area overnight. eight businesses in the sherman park neighborhood were damaged or destroyed in last weekend's unrest. and today, people who are out of a job will get some help. wisn12 news live in the neighborhood with a look ahead. good morning, mike. >> good morning, melinda. we've all seen the pictures, in some cases, in person the video burned down. the owner there hopes to rebuild. but until then, his employees are out of a job. and so folks are trying to help that business and others where employees are not working. it's a similar situation at the other businesses that were damaged or destroyed this week. fires were set at the gas station, an auto parts store, beauty supply store and other buildings. a job fair is planned to help
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the job fair runs from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the old lord's way international church that's near the intersection of 60th. we're told several other local businesses will be on hand, as well. the cleanup effort continues at businesses like the bp gas station that are left in ruin and everybody's pitching in. and that's one of the things we've noticed. people coming from all over the place trying t reporting live this morning, mike anderson, 12 news. >> thank you. there's also a prayer vigil tonight organized by the milwaukee archdiocese. representatives from the 198 parishes have been invited to stand together in solidarity with the sherman park community all starting at 6:30 at all saints parish. this morning, we're learning more about the officer involved in that fatal shooting that
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tim, there have been threats made online against that officer? >> yeah, that's right. thousands of posts made on social media on places like facebook and on twitter. they're naming the officer here. they're even releasing his picture on these websites. but police have not released his name just yet. we are not naming the officer either since police haven't officially named him. but here's what 12 news have learned so far. the officer was once an rapper. police conducted an internal investigation into his music when he worked as a police aide. he did pass a background check and got into the police academy. and two years ago, he hit the streets as a sworn officer. and despite some reports that the officer and the man he shot that they knew each other from high school. we verified, they did not go to high school together but they did know each other from the neighborhood. now, police say that officer has been receiving threats from
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so that officer right now is staying out of town with relatives while the state investigates this shooting. reporting live from the newsroom, back to you in the studio. well, the wisconsin department of justice is leading that investigation. right now, they're still reviewing body camera footage from the shooting. it happened saturday afternoon during a traffic stop at 44th. police say smith got out of his car and ran. chief police say the video shows encounter. investigators say the gun was stolen from. you'll find the latest on the investigation and the unrest in sherman park on our website and the 12 news mobile app. police are looking for the driver responsible for hitting and killing a woman. 22-year-old bunch died while crossing the street on tuesday night. her mother tells wisn-12 news
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left a 1999 cadillac deville behind and ran off leaving her to die in the street. now, her family is looking for answers. >> all i'm saying, they need to turn themselves in. if anybody knows them or if they're watching the news, just turn yourself in. me and my family, we have not had any sleep. >> her mother says the family found out she'd been killed when people posted videos of the devastating scene on social find out. well, more renovations are on the way for the basilica of st. joseph on the city's south side. according to our partners at biz times, a crane will hoist 9,000 pounds of sand stone. the installation was supposed to take place today but pushed back until next week. it's all part of a $2.5 million restoration project that started back in may. and the blood center in
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of blood donors to help build up the supply before the labor day weekend. a blood drive continues today at miller park. donors will get a voucher for two free tickets for an upcoming game. and later today, the packers take on the raiders for the second preseason game at lambeau field. aaron rodgers is expected to sit out this game just like he did last week during the team's win over the cleveland browns. kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. if you're headed up to the game, here are a few to know. the state department of transportation says there could be some big delays on the road. officials suggest just bringing your keys, you wallet and your cell phone so you can get through those detectors quickly. they could. probably a bit of an understatement. probably definitely big delays heading up to lambeau. >> what about delays in our area right now, matt? >> construction's been wrapped
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north and southbound. no trouble in either direction. traffic watch 12. system wide, light volume and enjoying full freeway speeds. and the travel times looking pretty good right now. just a five-minute trip on 894 northbound up to the interchange. and looks like speed is 57 miles an hour. and five minutes, also 57 miles an hour. no crash now. prepare for a detour if you take i-94 into milwaukee county. a full freeway closure starting friday night. i-94as well as some surrounding ramps will be closed. they're putting massive ramps and not safe for cars to drive underneath. drivers being told to take greenfield avenue to get around the closure expected to last until sunday. now let's turn to lindsay slater for the check of the forecast. >> and something else might be delaying you this morning is some fog. as you can see right now in sheboygan, not looking too bad.
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map. highlighting the areas seeing the worst. milwaukee's not too bad. if you're right here, this little area. you could see issues heading off to work. you may need to leave earlier this morning. temperatures near 68 degrees. by noon, 82. 84 degrees as you are heading home for the commute today. could see a pop-up thunderstorm. i really believe that's going to hold off until tomorrow. so today, just know, is going to be hot and sticky with a high of 87 degrees. again, just find ways to keep yourself cool. throwing it over to tim right now in the newsroom. m? >> thank you so much. right now, following breaking news out of the sherman park neighborhood. that's where reports of a house fire are coming out of this morning. let's take a live look at the pictures right now we're getting into our newsroom. this is a report of two homes on fire. this is near 33rd and hadley. and as you can see, there's a large presence right there on the scene. as our photographer zooms in there, through the trees, the leaves. you can see flames shooting up into the air.
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see. but those are flames are right there in the distance. our own mike anderson is on his way to the scene. he'll hopefully update us with more information in the coming moments. >> we will certainly check back in a moment. 5:10 now. and this morning, a massive wildfire continues to rage out of control in southern california. the blue cut fire just east of l.a. has doubled now burning mo jeremy, this isn't the only wildfire burning in california right now. >> no, the west has really been plagued with a drought. the map you see here, that's a live map showing there's actually ten active wildfires burning across california this morning. it's been a very active year because of the extremely dry conditions and the ongoing drought. and also, temperatures in the triple digits right now. but one of the most destructive wildfires is that blue cut fire
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san bernardino county have been forced out of their homes. now, hundreds of firefighters are trying to stop it from spreading. but so far, it's only about 4% contained. so basically, still out of control, melinda. >> thank you. wisn-12 news, time 5:11. and there's more trouble for u.s. olympic swimmers. >> the new development this morning following ryan lochte's claim he was robbed in rio. catch the full interview at
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? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. good thursday morning, everyone. if you're tuning in, we are following some breaking news out of the sherman park neighborhood here in milwaukee. let's go to some live pictures right now. you can take a look at the scene. you can see a large presence there from authorities, firefighters and police. reports of two homes on fire.
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the sherman park neighborhood. obviously, that neighborhood the scene of some unrest in recent days. we are following this breaking news situation. wisn-12 news, mike anderson is heading to the scene right now. he will bring us more in a live report in just a few minutes. but as i said right now, reports of two homes on fire in sherman park. ben, back to you. >> certainly developing story. check back in if you hear in a moment. 5:15 now. today donald trump returns to the trail after a major shake-up in his cam his team is down playing the changes. rival hillary clinton says she is not buying it. washington now with the latest. >> donald trump holds a rally tonight in north carolina. his appearance since his campaign. >> his new campaign manager is speaking out. >> this campaign will be won on the issues. and the issues that very much
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>> they are now leading the trump team. >> it really is a sign of desperation. presidential campaigns are rarely changing top leadership this late in an election. >> not so, say trump's associates. >> shake-up, overhaul, dramatic, desperate measures. there are no desperate measures. >> in fact, for trump, it was business as usual, holding a national security round table at his headquarters and attending his first intelligence briefing on the stump, in cleveland, ohio, hillary clinton cautioned voters not to be fooled. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> clinton and running mate tim kaine are off the trail today while mike pence campaigns in new hampshire. and developing news overnight from the olympics.
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now under investigation after being pulled from their flight home. that's after teammate ryan lochte claims the group was robbed in rio. i'm here with tim now in the 12 newsroom. and you've been following this all this morning. >> this started when lochte and his teammates returned from going out one night. they returned back to the olympic village. shows them coming back early sunday morning. he says they were robbed at gunpoint in a taxi heading back from that party. now, yesterday, a judge ordered passport, but he's already back here in the u.s. late last night, federal officials stopped lochte's teammates at the airport. they were detained because a judge says there are inconsistencies in all four of the swimmers' statements. both swimmers were questioned overnight. now, they've been released but their passports have been confiscated. the investigation is expected to continue later today. we're also continuing to
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rio this morning, including the winning streak for the u.s. women's track team. for the first time in olympic history, the americans swept the medals in the 100-meter hurdles. taking the silver, and christy just leading her way to the bronze. a major upset in the 200-meter semifinal. justin in his heat. let's take a look at the medal count this morning. u.s. with a big lead, 93 medals in total. that's 39 more than china. which is very exciting. because usa has so much of a lead that i don't think china's going to be able to catch up with so few days left. >> a lot of on analysts are saying that china's really biggest chance to win the medals
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in the second. >> usa, usa. >> i think it's a memo. i've got pink on today. >> it's in between? >> looks pink outside. you match the weather. kind of looks pink. >> sure. >> nice tie color. live look out there. guys, it is pretty foggy. that's the temperature right now near 71 degrees. now the closer that temperature gets to the dew point. that's when the fog form. and that's exactly what we're seeing right now. this is downtown milwaukee. in fact, the visibility has dropped significantly since past hour and a half or so. you can see right now in milwaukee, 4-mile visibility. when it becomes hard to drive, it gets below that 3 mark. so keep that in mind as you're heading out the door. couple of storms to the south right now. but waiting for a cold front. that cold front's going to bring a return of showers and
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saturday morning. we could see a little bit of activity before that. as you can see, this is about 12:30 today. i'm not going to rule out isolated showers, but i don't expect a ton here, folks. it's kicking up here as we head into friday. you can see, we could see a shot of storms in the morning. a very small chance we could see that happen. and then, another round here as we head into the afternoon. so keep that in mind. and you can always stay tuned to weather watch 12. we will continue to keep you updated here throughout the rest of your week so you know what to expect as we head into the ahead. we'll hit the 90 degree mark as we head to friday. 78 saturday with the showers and thunderstorms. and finally, we'll start to see the humidity fall. so i am expecting us to continue to see that activity. back to you. >> thank you so much. and right now, emergency crews a the the scene of a fire. we want to go live to wisn-12 news. mike anderson live at the scene.
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>> reporter: we're at 34th and hadley in the backyard here. there are two buildings on fire. one to my right was the one fire and then it spread to the building next door. a multiple fire fighting crews as well as police officers are here on the scene. we're told that the buildings were unoccupied. we don't know that for sure yet. that's what we're hearing. we just arrived on the scene 10 minutes ago. this started. we saw the fire trucks from where we were speeding just before 5:00 this morning. looks like they've got it under control. but two buildings on fire as far as we know at the moment unoccupied. but we'll keep checking on that and let you know more as we find out more. reporting live this morning,
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there's gold in them thar shells.
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new this morning, a high school principal's new set of rules for the school year going viral. >> this picture posted reads, if you're dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, homework, equipment, et cetera, please turn around and exit the your son will learn to problem solve. >> some parents are sounding off saying give kids a break while others write you learn by taking responsibility, not escaping it. >> your lunch? >> bring your own cup day to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
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11:00, bring in whatever container you want. jar, bucket, fish bowl. if you've got an aquarium, fill it up. any of your favorite slurpee flavor you want. you can try the newest flavor, which is sour patch red berry. we all love the photos on twitter, instagram by using the #byocup day. >> we've got some buckets around here, don't we? >> that's right. it's an up close encounter one ot forget. >> so many of these stories in the last month. >> well, it almost turned dangerous for one canadian kayaker. >> and another report of an amusement ride malfunctioning. what caused several kids to be hit by electric shock. >> two houses on fire near 33rd and hadley. that's near milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. the second fire in this area this week. a live report from the scene
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breaking news this morning, another fire near milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. we'll have more information in a live report from the scene in a moment. >> a live look outside. hot and sticky day ahead of us. we're keeping an eye on the conditions as you make your outdoor plans today. good morning, everybody, welcome to wisn-12. we'll get you that breaking news in a morning. >> it's 5:30 on this thursday, august 18. lindsay slater in the weather center. >> and you can see, this is a live look this morning. and right now, looks okay. looks better. it was a lot worse earlier this morning. and temperatures now near 72. the winds are calm, kind of a perfect situation for us to see some fog developing. not so much in sheboygan, you're good to go. 64 degrees right now and calm winds, but some of the areas, milwaukee, seeing visibility issues, burlington, as well.


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