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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 18, 2016 7:00am-9:01am CDT

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>> facebook, twitter, instagram, all of our mobile apps. good morning, america. breaking overnight, two u.s. swimmers pulled off a plane in brazil by police, held for hours and now being forced to stay in rio. facing questions about that alleged robbery at gunpoint. the videotape now at the heart of the investigation. did ryan lochte and his teammates mislead authorities about that alleged robbery? also breaking this morning, the chaos in california. >> this is nuts. fire on both sides of me. >> 29 major fires raging in the west scorching thousands of acres. one just 60 miles outside los angeles. now more than 1,500 firefighters battling the blaze facing new red flag warnings this morning. terror at sea. more than 500 people told to abandon a passenger ship after a fire breaks out on board.
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the coast guard on the scene. what sparked the blaze? and overnight, the sweet sweep at the olympics. >> one, two, three for the americans. >> the u.s. women making history taking gold, silver and bronze in the 100-meter hurdles as usain bolt strikes again on the track and team usa dominating on the court. rolling over argentina with gold medal glory in sight. now, former olympic champ lebron james is here live talking the games, his nba title and the mvp is now on a mission telling all on "gma." >> good morning, america. >> announcer: live in times square and rio de janeiro, this is "good morning america." good morning, lebron, good morning, america. what a night again for team usa again. the women's track team making history with that sweep in the 100-meter hurdles.
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the real star stealing the show nia ali's son. the ultimate photo finish. can i just say i need to up my game around here. you look stunning. >> king james is coming around. >> so that's what it is. >> and you, as well, david. first, we want to get to that other big headline out of rio that we've been talking about. a stunning turn of events. two u.s. swimmers pulled from a plane and detained facing quon his teammates said they were robbed at gunpoint. abc's matt gutman is in rio and has the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. those swimmers looking stunned as they left the airport. police station overnight. we're told they'll be questioned again by police about what happened the night they were partying with ryan lochte and the stakes here only getting higher. brazilian police saying that they are keeping the door open to prosecuting all four men for providing false testimony. this morning, the two olympians who were with ryan lochte when
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gunpoint were supposed to be bound for the u.s. instead, the swimmers having to wade through a sea of reporters here at rio's airport. >> were you guys robbed? were you robbed? was there a robbery? >> reporter: that's the question brazilian police are investigating. suspicion growing that the 12-time olympic medalist ryan lochte and a fourth swimmer jimmy feigen lied to authorities about the night they were allegedly mugged by men dressed as police officers. >> and the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it, and put it to my forward and said get down and i was like, i put my hands up, whatever. >> reporter: the swimmers yanked you have the flight overnight. jack conger and gunnar bentz had already cleared customs and bentz even posting this snapchat video of conger as they made their way to the plane questioned by brazilian authorities before being released. their new brazilian attorney
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they were shaken. on wednesday, a warrant was issued to search their rooms at the olympic village ordering the passports of lochte and james feigen confiscated on suspicion of providing false sworn statements to police. but abc news has learned lochte is already back on u.s. soil, believed to have returned to his charlotte, north carolina, home while feigen remains here in brazil. abc news has learned he is cooperating with police. the u.s. state department addressing the issue. >> we encourage all parties to work with bria enforcement in their investigation of the incident. >> would you want ryan lochte to go back to rio? >> ultimately that's all for an american citizen we would never obviously require any american citizen to comply with those kinds of requests. >> reporter: according to the ruling, the judge also questioning the time line given by the supposed victims. and the demeanor of the men when they returned to the olympic
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survey vance video obtained by the men appearing unfazed after what was supposed to be a harrowing armed robbery. now, brazilian police telling us the men were so drunk when they gave their initial testimony they couldn't provide an accurate description of their assailants or even how many there were and ryan lochte overnight raising suspicion again by changing his story, at first telling olympic officials it didn't happen then coming up with a gun being cocked at his head then, now say it was being waved in their general direction. we'll bring in dan abrams to help weigh in on what matt was saying. first of all, what do you make of judge's orders about the athletes staying there and pulling two off the plane? >> let's be clear. this is a political investigation, right? if this were just some ordinary person who made a police report and they weren't sure if it is true they wouldn't be pulling potential witnesses off a plane so this is a very important case
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embarrassment to them. for them it's a really big deal whether this is true. so what the judge is doing is basically saying it's a crime in brazil to file a false police report, we want to investigate that. the question for me, though, is it seems as if it's lochte and feigen who spoke to the police but the other two who were just pulled off the plane, i think, they want to question them so, here in the united states, you couldn't literally pull someone off of a plane, take their passports to away to be a potential witness in a case if the crime you're talking about is the possibility o false police report. >> with lochte now back here in the u.s., from a legal standpoint, is he in the clear? >> yeah, i mean, look, the brazilian authorities could say we want him to come back. i don't think there's any way that the u.s. would extradite him over this sort of potential crime. i think according to his lawyer he's going to continue to help and assist in the investigation and he says he's going to be willing to continue to answer questions. >> do you think any of the other swimmers could face charges? >> well, look, feigen is the one i think is the
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authorities. he is still in brazil and they're really upset about this, but, look, we got to take a step back and make sure that this did or didn't happen. that's the first question. let's not presume that they're not telling the truth. and that i think is going to be the most important question and they're going to be a lot of diplomatic discussions about this in addition to legal ones. >> yeah, still needs a lot of answers to this. all right, dan, thank you. robin, we turn to that fast-moving wildfire raging out of control in california scorching more than 25,000 acres and destroying homes as more than a thousand firefighters now battle theze meteorologist rob marciano has the latest from the front lines in san bernardino county. rob, good morning. >> good morning, david. it's been an explosive fire. quadrupling in size in less than 24 hours and this morning, it dcontinues to burn aggressively. the hillside burning. specially equipped helicopters trying to beat back the flames so more homes aren't burned. overnight, raging infernos causing havoc across california. devouring everything in their path.
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>> a line out to here. shelter behind this building. >> reporter: look at this incredible time-lapsed video showing the san bernardino blue cut fire. only 4% contained, burning just 60 miles from downtown los angeles. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire i've never seen a fire behavior so extreme. >> reporter: numerous homes incinerated. and this morning, more than 34,000 still in jeopardy. in san diego, this chopper landing on a highway taking firefighters to places inaccessible by foot. that fire now almost 50% contained. hundreds of firefighters on the defensive as triple-digit temperatures and smoky winds take a toll on those battling the blaze. this fire just crawling up that hill throwing off incredible amounts of heat. over 82,000 people forced to evacuate. some main roads leading evacuees
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fire on both sides of me. >> we are standing on i-15. the northbound lanes have been re-opened after being shut down but if these flames get any closer they may rethink that situation. red flag warnings are up today for low levels of humidity and gusty winds. firefighters yesterday telling me that it was extremely difficult if you were out ahead of the fire there was almost nothing you could do. it's goingbe david. >> all right, rob, thanks so much. of course, all eyes now on the weather and those conditions, right over to ginger. you were saying the heat, the winds will fuel this another day. >> that low humidity that rob mentioned, as low as 2% in parts of the valley. incredible as far as how dry it is. why we have that fire danger up. the heat is on actually from northern california through parts of seattle. we're watching that. you can't turn more 180 than this. but look at louisiana still dealing with major issues. that's sorrento that we saw first that flooded already and
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parish that's still sandbagging because the flooding hasn't ended. just because the big wash of water is over we still have the flood warnings back to lake charles along some rivers and i know you know this, robin, the rivers keep rising even though the rain isn't falling as heavily. so we're still watching this. >> i know you are, ginger. we've been watching the folks there and especially in lafayette how they have been coming out. the ragin' cajun football team, came out and saw people in need and this is what you do down south, neighbor helping neighbor, but as you said, it's far from over and people just have to keep those people in mind. >> we salute everyone who is out there helping out. >> all the volunteers. i am from southeast. that was hard for me. that was our rival, the ragin' cajuns. a rare moment when robin cheers on the rival. back to reality tomorrow. now to that fire on the water. hundreds of passengers told to abandon a passenger ship rescued off the coast of puerto rico
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board. officials investigating this morning. abc's gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the incredible survival of more than 500 passengers and crew aboard the caribbean "fantasy." watch as rescuers order the passengers to abandon ship down emergency slides and into rescue rafts. the u.s. coast guard right there. the ship smoldering for a full day after the fire started right before reaching the san juan shore wednesday morning. between the dominican republic and puerto rico. the fire said to have started in the engine room, a hose carrying fuel burst open starting the blaze. here you can see crews battling the fire from boats, witnesses watching it all happen. >> the smoke has definitely gotten worse. we've seen more vessels responding. >> reporter: the ship's captain walking on the pier but refusing to answer questions from reporters. more than 100 passengers treated
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dehydration and shock. this woman collapsing and carried on to a stretcher moments before helping a scared child to shore. two dozen others hospitalized injured during that evacuation but even with the drama, no deaths. a passenger telling reporters, "thank you, god." and these image, a paramedic with a newborn. children holding hands as they get to a safe spot. and here live in puerto rico, just look, that ship smoldering, the fire not out just yet, and the ntsb is investigating but we can tell you only three people remain in the hospital. that incredible headline, david, everyone survived. >> yeah, getting 500 people off that boat is no small feat. gee gio, thanks so much. we turn to the race for the white house. donald trump facing new questions about his new campaign team this morning. and whether the shake-up has to do with plunging poll numbers. the campaign saying what polls? abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: this morning,
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campaign trail for the first time with his new leadership team in place. sources tell abc news the shake-up happening because trump didn't want to change his unconventional style to fit into a traditional campaign. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change -- >> reporter: but the campaign still needs infrastructure. trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway telling me she's working on improving the ground game and data operation. what advice would you give donald trump? >> well, i keep most of that private but the advice ild because that's what americans appreciate. >> reporter: new campaign ceo stephen bannon comes from the ultra conservative news site breitbart. an early trump supporter bannon encouraged him to stick with hard right policies when trump appeared on his radio show in may. >> because when they hear paul ryan talking unity, what they feel is going to be a collapse of what you ran on and a collapse of what they backed you on. >> i mean, i won in landslides
7:14 am
based on my ideas. >> reporter: the trump team fighting the idea the shake-up happened because trump is tanking in the polls. >> you say it's not a shake-up but you guys are down and it -- >> says who? >> polls. most of them. all of them? >> says who? >> polls. i just told you. i answered your question. >> okay. which polls? >> all of them. >> okay. >> reporter: and hillary clinton seeming to relish trump's struggling campaig he wants from his campaign. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> reporter: and just yesterday, trump received his first intelligence briefing here in new york before it, he said he didn't trust the people gathering intelligence too much because of what he says has happened over the last ten years calling it, quote, catastrophic.
7:15 am
let's get right to chief white house correspondent jon karl. when asked about those polls being down the response you heard, says who? give us a reality check, some of the key battleground, what does he face right now against hillary clinton. >> donald trump is down virtually everywhere. take a look at the three most recent battleground state polls from quinnipiac university. first, colorado, a state that helped elect barack obama, she's up ten points. iowa, the state of the battleground states that's been the strongest for donald trump, she's up within the margin of error three points, and then, virginia, this is the real troubling one for donald trump, down 12 points in a place that had been consistently republican until obama. as a matter of fact you cannot find a single battleground state poll, david, that shows that he's at a consistent lead. >> and jon, you heard the new campaign manager kellyanne conway saying the trump team they have to improve the ground game. in a few states this number, the
7:16 am
is their ground game ready? >> reporter: if donald trump finds a way to win it will not because of his ground game. just take the state of florida. big early votes state as an example, florida, he's now announcing new offices. right now he only has one hillary clinton has 14 statewide offices. >> one to 14 there in florida. jon, thanks so much. now to a thrilling night in rio for team usa. the women's track team taking the first ever sweep in the 100-meter hurdles. t.j. holmes, you know t at our olympic desk in rio with all the highlights for us. good morning, t.j. >> good morning to you, robin. it was ladies night in rio and, oh, what a night on the track for the u.s. women. also, then, there was usain bolt who apparently is so good he even has time to socialize while running his race. olympic history. the u.s. women led the charge running away with all three medals in the 100-meter hurdles. >> final hurdle, rollins wins it.
7:17 am
first country ever to win gold, silver and bronze in this event grabbing the gold brianna rollins who celebrates her 25th birthday today. >> one, two, three for the americans. >> reporter: taking silver and bronze, nia ali and kristi castlin in this photo finish but it was ali's picture-perfect 15-month-old son titus who stole the show from his silver medalist mom after the race. the usa leapt in the long jump. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: tianna bartoletta soared to her first goal with a personal best. her teammate, brit took silver, she was the defending olympic champion, and in the 200-meter, a bronze for american tori bowie, the team usa men didn't go home empty-handed. evan jager got silver in the steeplechase. meanwhile, the great usain bolt struck again in the 200-meter semifinals. jamaican punched his ticket to the final making it look like a walk in the park. >> look at these two.
7:18 am
his canadian rival exchanged pleasantries during the home stretch. bolt clearly is having a blast here in brazil. but in a huge upset american sprinter justin gatlin did not make the final. >> geoge all the way! >> reporter: after a couple of close games the u.s. men's basketball team rebounded knocking argentina out of the quarterfinals. after a slow start the americans took full control of the game winning 105-78. next up for the u.s. will be archrival spain in the semis. david, robin, i'd be remiss if i didn't tell you competition continues but the ryan lochte story is still the talk of rio right now. >> sure it is. we'll get back to you in a bit. let's get back right over to ginger tracking other severe weather. >> that's right, the tornado just south of pittsburgh, ef-0 tornado. surveillance video and then the me up. thankfully no one injured or killed. your local weather in 30 seconds. stormy cities brought to you by
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today. we could see an isolated shower in the afternoon but it's today top out close to 90 with muggyness hanging around. storms are the story for friday evening and into saturday that >> robin, you said you have your
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i can't wait till he sees those shoes. girl, they look good. >> bringing it strong too. coming up, new developments in that water slide accident. the women who went down the ride with him are spiking out. and the science behind being the fastest man in the world, how usain bolt gets that speed and, yeah, you heard it, lebron james is here too. come on back. ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup,
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aczone. prescription treatment. proven results. >> now a news update. >> we continue to follow breaking news near milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. >> aovernight fire damages two the fire was reported around 4:his moing, near 33rd and hadley. no one was hurt. it's unclear whether this fire is related to other recent problems in the neighborhood. now let's check in live with matt salemme in news chopper 12. matt: the fires are contained at this point. you can see the dew duplex badly damaged. firefighters are still monitoring, but we have not seen smoke and about half an hour, and this is just blocks away from where we had the unrest the
7:24 am
stay with wisn 12 news and
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>> welcome back. traffic watch 12, and a check of your morning commute. right now, there is an accident on i-94 to look out for. it's in the westbound lane at the on ramp from highway 100. a look from our dot cameras. traffic is able to get by but slowly as you can see. your current travel times are on the screen. 13 minutes 94 to downtown and 12 minutes northbound. now to weather watch 12. >> here's meteorologist lindsey slater with a check of your forecast. sally: we had some patchy fog earlier, and you can see remnants of it. right now, temperatures around 73 degrees. the sun is out so it will burn out the fog. it is along the lakefront, sewage will be getting out of here.
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hour-by-hour, temperatures topping out in the mid-to
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made to flatter only at chico's and welcome back to "good morning america." you're looking live at a police station in rio, where team usa swimmers could be brought back in for interrogation. two of them pulled off a plane bound for the u.s. and detained overnight facing questions after ryan lochte said he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint. >> interesting what the first half hour, dan abrams, what he had to say about that. also right now, you're looking live at that massive wildfire raging in california scorching more than 25,000 acres. firefighters are battling that blaze from the ground and air this morning as they face new red flag warnings. and team usa leading the medal count in rio overnight, with 93 medals, including 30 gold and rounding out the top five, china, great britain,
7:31 am
>> it's a close one, folks. 93-54. not bad, team usa. >> no, no. and this morning he's being called the fastest man alive. usaibolt sprinting past -- you got to love this when he smiles as he bolts right past them, no pun intended. what has he never done? he reveals all. >> nice tease. but we'll begin this half hour with new developments in that amusement park investigation. tallest slide when a young boy was killed. well, those women, we're now hearing from them, and abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, there were issues with this ride since it first opened two years ago, in fact, the opening was delayed twice for safety reasons and in the weeks leading up to caleb's death reports of safety harnesses not working and rafts going airborne. this morning, we're learning more details about the women in the raft with caleb as they and the little boy's family plead for answers. more questions this morning about just what caused the death
7:32 am
he rode down the verrukt, the world's tallest water slide at this kansas city water park. for the first time the two women in the raft with him are speaking out this morning. hanna and metrocka are sisters who suffered facial injuries and released a statement saying being mothers ourselves we can only hope that caleb's family can find some comfort in knowing we are doing everything we know how to do to stop something so tragic from occurring again to any other family. the verruckt, which translates to insane in german, features multiperson rafts which make the 168-foot drop at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. each raft is supposed to weigh -- carry between 400 and 550 pounds. police initially reported one weighed 140, another 170 and unclear weight for caleb who would have had to weigh 90 pounds to make the limit. but police also said weights taken at the hospital after the
7:33 am
275 pounds, another 197 pounds and a third 73 pounds, putting the combined weight at 545 pounds. caleb's father steve schwab, a state representative, release this statement, saying we find hope with the current investigation into the incident to provide answers and assurances such a tragedy would not strike again and, of course, answers are a small condolence. >> yes. the story it's heartbreaking. >> especially as a mother. >> having a little boy myself. >> thank you, linsey. we're going to turn to a murder trial making headlines this morning. a woman accused of killing her boyfriend, a miami police officer, she's facing charges, her attorneys say it was self-defense but prosecutors say this is really a case of lies and deceit. abc's steve osunsami is live with us this morning. steve? >> reporter: good morning to you, david.
7:34 am
tried to use that claim of self-defense to get this dismissed and it didn't work. after the shooting her boyfriend was still alive and she said she left him to die. in this courtroom lawyers fighting for her freedom say tiniko thompson is a victim claiming that her police officer boyfriend was physically abusive showing what she says were injuries from the beatings and saying that she shot him accidentally as they struggled over his gun. >> dna swabs come back positive for tiniko thompson's dna up under his fingernails. >> reporter: even before police charged her, she told wtvy her boyfriend put a gun in her face the night he died in may of 2014. >> he scared me. i feared for my life and i held on, and we struggled because i wasn't going to let go. >> reporter: it's the same account she tearfully told investigators with cameras rolling. >> i didn't do -- i didn't kill carl. i love carl with all my heart.
7:35 am
it's all a lie saying that for 13 months she pretended she was pregnant with his child even sending texts and photos to friends and the fight broke out, they say, when he learned the truth. the state says officer patrick could have survived the gunshot wound but says thompson never called for help and instead came and went from the home at least five times while his body was inside. at one point police say she is seen here on a security camera getting things from a storage space. >> the body was found in -- wrapped in a comforter between thwa >> reporter: police say she left a note saying it was an accident and she could get life in prison if convicted. prosecutors say she pretended she was pregnant so she could convince her boyfriend to live together. they also say that they had already named the baby, a girl, that was supposed to be named victoria. david. >> all right, steve osunsami with us this morning. steve, thanks as always. let's get right to abc news
7:36 am
evidence prosecutors will point to she never called for help, came and went five times. you were pointing out and also talk about where she targeted, where the gunshot was. >> two key points here for prosecutors will be what did she do after the fact and the medical evidence. prosecutors are going to say he was shot in the back and they're going to say if he's shot in the back, how is that possibly self-defense? and also what she did after the fact. meaning, let's assume that this was self-defense. let's assume she's trying to get away and shoots him. then why wouldn't she try and get help for him afterwards? now, what her claim is going to be she wasn't thinking rationally, that she freaked out in essence and left, et cetera, so, just what she did after the fact, i don't think is going to be enough for a conviction. they're going to need that medical evidence, i think, to be clear that he was shot in the back. if that's the case, this is going to be a stronger case for the prosecutors. >> dan, you told us before when you talk about self-defense, that the prosecutors really have to make a case beyond reasonable
7:37 am
>> that's right. it's still the prosecution's burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt which means prove it's not self-defense, and, look, she's got some real claims here about self-defense. she's going to argue there were injuries, they are going to say there weren't injuries. that's going to be one of the issues in the case and then prosecutors are going to effectively have to say that's not true. that can be very hard in certain self-defense case. >> you'll be here along the way. dan, thanks so much. right over to robin at the big board. >> coming up on the big board, an urgent warning by the irs about a new back-to-school scam and why mcdonald's is pulling the plug on one of its happy meal toys. could it harm yourids? and director kevin smith fighting for his daughter after she's attacked by a cyberbully. his powerful message when we come back in two minutes. messa come back in two minutes.
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try clarispray today. you guys are suppose to save it for the you guys are suppose to save it for the big board.
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now time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories. larry hackett with us. good morning, larry, great to have you. let's start with the urgent warning from the irs about a back-to-school scam. asking people to be on high alert for impersonators who are targeting college students and their parents across the country. abc news consumer reporter becky worley with us this morning. as if parents of college students don't have enough to worry about with tuition and everything, now what should they be warned of? >> yeah, david, imagine getting this call. you owe back taxes to the irs and we've commenced an audit because you didn't pay your federal student tax. what? federal student tax? no such thing. that's one of the ploys scammers are using to go after students and their parents extracting personal information and in some cases getting victims to wire money to them. the irs tells us since 2013, $45 million has been scammed through these types of calls.
7:41 am
it's all based on social engineering, right? so scammers scaring people, the adrenaline rushes in. it clouds our judgment. that's how people fall victim. it's understandable how this happens but don't let it happen to you. >> no, no, no. $45 million. how can we avoid this, becky? >> listen, i wrote a book on computer security and internet scams but even i get e-mails and calls that sometimes give me a jolt that mae really. here's the trick, say thank you, hang up, go get your tax returns or go to the website and get their phone number. go in through the front door with a known safe number where you initiate the call, robin. never give money or bank information to anybody who contacts you first. and i mean think about it, the irs only likes to scare the crud out of you through the u.s. postal service. their weapon of choice, the envelope, not a phone call or e-mail. >> you know when you receive a letter from them even though you didn't do anything wrong you start shaking when you get that.
7:42 am
who were listening. >> it's federal student tax. no such thing on your old ithaca degree there, david. >> thanks, becky. >> thank you, becky. but now to that happy meal toy backlash. mcdonald's in a move armed at rebranding the company as more health conscious, swapping its traditional toy for a fitness tracker, but now they are pulling the device from restaurants after some customers reportedly linked it to skin irritation. rebecca jarvis is going to weigh in on this. arkansas who said her 4-year-old broke out in a rash because of this. >> and she posted the picture. this is what's key. robin, she posted the picture on facebook. has now received over 120,000 shares. now mcdonald's is shutting it down. mcdonald's is voluntarily pulling these. they're the step-it. pulling these, you have them on set as well. pulling them after that picture made the rounds and the mom is saying she too has heard from other parents who have witnessed
7:43 am
mcdonald's wants to get out in front of this and they can't have a pr nightmare like this. >> she said -- i said rash. she said burn. it actually burned her child. >> yep. >> we have a statement from mcdonald's, saying nothing is more important than the safe of our customers and fully investigating this. you'd have to say they did act pretty quickly. >> this was quick, david. and here's the thing, i think in this new world where you have social media, where people can share these things and they go viral so quickly, companies have to make these decisions. it's going to be a cost. mcdonald had planned massive advertising around this. a lot of kids were excited to get one at mcdonald's. they had to shut it down in order to protect themselves. by the way, this isn't the first time we've seen kids' toys pulled from the menu from places like mcdonald's. it's happened at a lot of other fast food restaurants too. >> what were you calling them? >> i was saying it wasn't a bad idea, probably a lot of parents who with an ordinary toy would say, no happy meal but the idea they could wear this and get
7:44 am
i'll do it. good intentions. >> good for the kids. they say i want one of those handy wristbands. >> walk around the house more and clean up my room. >> learn a few things here. >> you can dream. thanks, larry. we'll keep you on this. "clerks" director kevin smith taking on a cyberbully who attacked his 17-year-old daughter on instagram calling her ugly and talentless. larry, kevin went after them but he used positive energy too to try to teach a lesson here. >> he did. first took off and said what are you doing taking off after a 17-year-old kid but make something positive. go create something and do something that might be worthwhile for other people. this is a tricky one. i mean, i'm the father of a 17-year-old girl. i can understand the idea of a dad saying, hey, get off her back. on the other hand, part of me says, maybe everyone should stop talking online and stop doing these kinds of things. it's very, very tricky. you cannot chide him for defending his daughter but she's a celebrity. she's in his movies. you know is going to happen again.
7:45 am
every day. somebody that is being cyberbullied. what do we do about it? >> well, the conventional wisdom is don't engage. don't do something. he chose a different opportunity and a different route to go do this. but i think the idea, you know, at a certain point this person, whoever this troll is probably home smiling that he got attention from what he did. >> see, that's just it. that's just it. >> it takes to smile and you got bigger questions. >> exactly. larry, great to have you. >> let's do it again. coming up here in two minutes on "gma," he's called the fastest man alive. how does usain bolt really reach that finish line? something he said he's never done before. we're scratching our heads on this one.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
man in rio, t.j. up there. >> a box on the roof. >> in the penthouse, hey, t.j. >> hey, good morning once again, guys. usain bolt would actually get a ticket if he ran through some neighborhoods in the u.s. for going over the speed limir, right? the guy is absolutely amazing. he's supposed to be too tall to be a sprinter but that works to his advantage. but it turns out he doesn't just have a physical but also a genetic advantage. jamaican superstar usain bolt dominated the 200-meter semifinals overnight. >> and bolt is in front. >> reporter: cruising to an effortless time of 19.78 seconds. >> bolt says, ah, no, i still got it. >> reporter: on sunday the world's fastest man crushed the 100-meter dash in 9.81 seconds making him the only person to win gold in the event three times. >> here he is still invincible. usain bolt. >> reporter: so just how fast is bolt going? about 23 miles per hour.
7:49 am
only take him about 2:40 to run one mile. that means he'd beat world-class milers by more than five football fields but we may never know because bolt says he's never actually run a whole mile. one reason he's so fast, his height. at 6'5" bolt is above average for a sprinter so with his long legs it takes him only 40 or 41 strides over 100 meters when other sprinters need 43 or 44. >> he takes very long strides. and the speed of each stride is equal to what his shorter competitors do and that just lets him chew up the track and make it look like they're standing still. >> reporter: one other key to his success. >> in jamaica people are active their whole lives and sporting culture does start young. sprinters are not only the superstars in jamaica they're the superduper stars and have been for a long while time. >> okay, robin, david, listen to this. they say, now, there's been some research about what's called an actn3 gene. it has to do with muscle explosiveness and they say
7:50 am
disproportionately amount of that in their country. more of them have this than anywhere in the world. that's part of the reason why we see so many of these good sprinters coming out of jamaica. interesting stuff, i don't know if it's true. >> the actn3 gene. >> who is they? >> they said, they. >> we just said it. >> the smart folks. t.j., guess who is here today? >> you got king james. >> i got king james. i'll send your love. i'll send your love. the champ is here, live, and the mvp is on a mission helps thousands of kids in his hometown of akron, ohio. and how one "brady bunch" star is making money off a property she bought when she was 11. >> jan is happy now. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. she bought when she was 11. >> jan is happy now.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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back here on "gma," tropical storm fiona has formed way out in the atlantic and it looks like it's going to stay that way. 45-mile-per-hour winds right now. the track takes it, looking like it's coming west but looks like it'll die out and then curve away from land so that is great news for all of us. very hot in the west. starting 100-degree stretch in portland for three days.
7:55 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new overnight, two american swimmers yanked off a plane in brazil by police. detained for hours. now forced to stay in rio and facing big questions about that alleged robbery at gunpoint alongside ryan lochte. ? is 50 the new 30 when it comes to having kids? more and more women are waiting to have their first child. dr. ashton is here with what it all means for your body, your mind and family. ? welcome to my house ? and hot property. >> marcia, marcia, marsha. >> reporter: from yelling at marcia to now pocketing millions we should have listened to jan. "the brady bunch" star who made it big on the house she bought when she was just 11.
8:01 am
lebron james, right here, in times square. he's a man on a mission right now. how he's changing lives of children and their parents, king james is here. as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! ? ? welcome to my house ? and there he is, king james, lebron just arriving here in times square. when i saw the red carpet rolled out this morning, i was like, oh, that's right, he is back here at "gma." very excited to talk to him coming up. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. wouldn't it be nice to buy a house when you're 11, by the way. when you're on "the brady bunch" you can do that. "deals & steals" day. everything 20 bucks or less joining us from pennsylvania for a watch party. excited for the big savings coming up. >> i love those socks. >> the socks. >> oh, she's had them on -- i love those socks.
8:02 am
segment. >> they will. but first to cecilia vega here with the morning rundown. good morning. >> i want those socks now. >> there you go. good morning, guys. the big story this morning, three u.s. olympians meet with brazilian police today after being forced to stay in rio. two of them pulled off their flight home last night and briefly detained at the airport. they along with 12-time medalist ryan lochte say they were robbed at gunpoint. that claim now being closely investigatedy statement to investigators today. lochte is already back home here in the states. and breaking news from turkey. this video just in, this jet made an emergency landing after flames shot from one of the engines right after takeoff. the qatari airways plane landed safely back in istanbul. and in southern california, a wildfire forcing tens of thousands to evacuate their
8:03 am
how many hopes have been destroyed. that fire is now only 4% contained. and take a look at this incredible underwater discovery. that is not the deep sea you're looking at. that's lake ontario. explorers found a ship that sank more than 200 years ago. the "washington" went down during a fierce storm back in 1803. it's the second oldest shipwreck in the great lakes. and attention, "harry potter" fans, there is a treasure in store for you. j.k. rowling is going back to school releasing a series of e-books about some of the characters from hogwarts. the books will be available starting september 6th. new this morning in rio, the u.s. made a clean sweep in the women's 100-meter hurdles. brianna rollins, nia ali and kristi castlin took gold, silver and bronze. it's the first time in history one nation swept the finals in that event. and it is bronze this time around for beach volleyball's kerri walsh jennings. she and april ross bounced back.
8:04 am
losing in the semifinals. first olympic loss in walsh jennings' career. and usain bolt is a very happy man heading into tonight's 200-meter finals. so happy that he and his canadian rival were all smiles and laughs as they crossed that finish line in a semifinal. to the medal count now, the u.s. has a total of 93 including 30 golds. and finally, here is a story of a lovely lady who also happens to be a pretty smart eve plumb, you remember her, she played jan brady on "the brady bunch" and bought this house with her earnings back in 1969. this is it, only 850 square feet. but here's the catch -- it's right on a malibu beach. some good real estate there. the little blue cottage cost her just $55,000 at the time. she sold it for $3.9 million and here's the phrase none of us will be able to get rid of today.
8:05 am
location, location. >> that, too. >> thank you, cecilia. now, t.j. is popping in with "pop news" at our olympics desk in rio. t.j. >> yeah, guys. we got a rio version of "pop news." we'll start with the final five. we can't get enough of these young ladies. they were answering some of twitter's burning questions on wednesday with the #askfinalfive so, the rock and zac efron teamed up to ask the gymnasts about post-olympic plans. well, simone biles says you know what she wants to sh the first lady joined the conversation and she asked about healthy meals that fuel their victories and aly raisman suggested that salmon and avocado was the way to go and then, finally, reese witherspoon asked who their favorite female athletes were. here's what the gals said. >> mine is probably lolo jones and serena williams. >> katie ledecky.
8:06 am
those are some of my favorite athletes, period. next up, guys, carmelo anthony, his unlikely rio games experience has gone out now. he's exploring the city. you see this guy. he's a four-time olympian. he looks pretty lonely. maybe he'd like to have lebron james with him, huh, robin. but he's sitting comfortable. there he is playing a little pickup ball out there, as well. but he's actually shooting a tv series, video series called "stay melo." he's doing that with vice sports. >> i like that name. "stay melo." >> finally, one more for you. michael phelps is a record-setting olympian, has all these gold medals from being in the pool. he finally has retired, so what do you do when you retire? you get back in the pool. but this one is a little different. there he is with his fiancee nicole and his 3-month-old son boomer. i don't think there's any
8:07 am
olympics in 2036 when boomer is probably going for records himself. three months old with his record-setting daddy. that's kind of pool. >> already back in the pool but family time, a little bit different. yeah, i know you tried so hard to pull him out of retirement. but he wasn't going to do it. >> it was a good effort, teej. >> great effort by you, t.j. >> i'm not done. that was just my first shot at it. i'm still working on michael phelps. >> boomer too. so t.j. is on this. >> that's it. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." waiting to have a baby, is 50 the new 30? dr. ashton here with the risk and rewards on holding off on having children. "deals & steals" here. tory is here. huge savings. got the socks. >> there's plenty for both of you. > everything 20 bucks and under, you guys. cecilia, stay away from my socks. lebron james is here. the olympic gold medalist sharing his winning ways to help children and, of course, i think we can talk basketball. >> a little bit. >> that and more coming up live
8:08 am
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welcome back to "gma." big "deals & steals" day with tory johnson. we have something for everyone, $20 or less. that is coming up. but first, we're looking at a parenting trend, more women are waiting for motherhood having children later in life. abc's mara schiavocampo is taking a closer look at what is behind the trend. >> reporter: this morning, a new article asking, is 50 the new 30 when it comes to getting pregnant. "harper's bazaar" looking at the
8:13 am
first-time moms pointing out a surprising 1 in 12 women are having their first child after 35. many hollywood moms enjoying late pregnancies too, halle berry at 47. kelly preston at 48 and 50-year-old janet jackson. ? who postponed her tour earlier this year to start a family. >> i have to rest up, doctor's orders. >> reporter: later announcing sh >> it's pretty rare for a woman to get pregnant on her own after age 45. >> reporter: singer sophie hawkins shot to fame in the '90s with this hit song. ? damn i wish i was your lover ? >> reporter: not ready to settle down performing live wednesday night she waited to have kids. eventually having son dashiell at 44 and daughter esther at 50. >> when i was younger i wouldn't
8:14 am
creative and i wouldn't have been that mother at 20 or 25 or 35 to be honest. >> reporter: she used her own eggs that she had frozen when younger. something that's also becoming more common. >> when you want to have a child the only important thing is you want to have a child whether from frozen embryos or adopt a child, or however you get your child, you want one that's your kid. >> reporter: but it's not cheap. per cycle, and older moms are also at higher risk of complications. >> sit down and meet with a maternal fetal medicine specialist. you really need to know what you're getting into. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to mara for that. and joining us now, dr. jennifer ashton. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the risks and benefits. >> let's start on the positives.
8:15 am
>> in general, when you talk about having a baby at or around age 50, you know, there are benefits, in general talking about a woman who can be more financially stable. she can be more socially secure. she can know her body better. flip side, yes, there could be the need for more in vitro fertilization, could be more social anxiety. we heard a lot about that in the piece and obviously there can be some financial costs that come along with that. >> how about physically. >> look, physically, this is the good news, data has shown that pregnancies for older women, they tto of hospitalization, the babies can have lower birth weight but in general women are tough. think of these medicine balls. okay, when you bounce them the heavier ball you'll have to bounce it harder than the lighter ball to get the same height, so it can take more effort but, remember, age is only a number. we can defy our age all the time. >> and we do defy our age all the time. >> yes, we do. >> how about emotionally and
8:16 am
it's not just about the physical. you can't talk about having a pregnancy without having those change, emotional and psychological. a lot of women and you can see this side. i don't want to be the older mom at kindergarten or the oldest at graduation but the flip side being with children, that keeps nghearouand young in spirit. think of this water. this could be our serene older kids out of the house just flat tap water, the seltzer is what a child brings into our life. that energy, and all of that fun. >> i was wondering how this fit into the equation. just a little analogy there. >> you're the best. she'll be taking your questions on twitter all morning long. coming up, lebron james is here live. how he's changing the game for thousands of kids, especially in his beloved hometown of akron, ohio. come on back. i'll have the seltzer. by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners,
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back now with lebron james this morning. got to love these sign, #lebronongma. of course a three-time nba champ, four-time mvp, on a mission to help thousands of children and their parents with the lebron james foundation.
8:21 am
espn's rachel nichols, you covered him for years and spent time recently back with him in akron and going to bring a little bit of that to us now. >> absolutely. one of the most powerful sports moments of the summer was when lebron james and a bunch of the other nba stars spoke at the espys about social responsibility but there's a lot that led up to that moment. i've been going to akron for years to watch lebron conduct events with the kids he's been helping there and we wanted to bring you guys along to see it up close. >> lebron james' family foundation, we are family reunion, let me hear you make some noise, come on. >> it's time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what are we doing to create change and, most importantly, go back to our communities and invest our time, our resources, help rebuild them, help strengthen them, help change them. we all have to do better.
8:22 am
>> reporter: the speech lebron james and his fellow nba players gave at the espys earlier this summer was very public. the reason behind it, that was very personal. >> i definitely could have been a statistic. you know, i had days where i felt it was like just me and my mom and no one cared and, you know, there's no way that we going to be able to make it out of this. i had a dream about, you know, that if i ever become successful, you know, it wasn't just going t when i became a professional i was like, i got to figure out a way with help, still, to make something happen in my community where these kids can, you know, also be successful. >> reporter: for years lebron and his foundation tried various outreach projects but in 2011, they hit on this. what if a group of third graders were closely supported in school. month after month, year after year, all the way up through high school graduation? >> the children start coming in in third grade and that is the
8:23 am
children fall through the cracks and we start to see the achievement gap broadening and we can grab and save these kids. >> reporter: last summer lebron raised that expectation even higher, announcing a partnership with the university of akron that will provide college scholarships for kids in his program who graduate high school. >> it's amazing. it gives you that sudden sense of life for your own kid because we didn't have it. so to know that she's going to have that is great. >> we have a lot of parents here that didn't graduate high school so not only are we tracking our kids here to make them become better but we're lending a helping hand to a lot of the parents did didn't graduate high school and put them in programs where they can get their high school diploma. >> and always kind of haunted me like go back to school, go back to school and stuff so when i
8:24 am
class i was jumping up and down like it's my time now. >> you know what is so striking about this is the generational change that is happening here. i mean, look, you're talking about a community and lebron has said this himself, it's below the national average when it comes to high school graduates, below the national average when it comes to college graduates so you help them earn those degrees you not only change their lives, you change the future of their kids and suddenly the future of an entire city, and i got to o because the teachers in the program told me that when the kids don't do their homework, they say, i'm telling mr. lebron on you. i'm going to tell him you're not working and the teachers said that homework, it's there the next day. >> i notice sometimes you give them a little call to let them know -- oh, by the way, lebron james, ladies and gentlemen. where are my manners? but what was so great and i'm glad you got to spend time, rachel, with him in akron, i told you this, my mother grew up
8:25 am
to see how it is coming back, but the way that you identified not just the children but the parents and how much it means to them to be a part of the educational process. >> very important and like you said, the kids are -- it starts with the kids. we understand that but, you know, if the parents don't have the knowledge and education as well it will be hard for them to help their kids so to be able to do both means a lot. >> thank you, rachel. we'll spend a lot more time with this man, king james, in our next half hour. but first, che >> we're celebrating 55 years of friendship. real quick, your names. >> bonnie. >> janet. >> i love their story, 55 years of being buddies. baltimore, maryland, up to 2 inches fell very quickly and severe weather threat today will look like this in parts of minnesota and, of course, back in nebraska. that's the big picturein the los today. we could see an isolated shower in the
8:26 am
today top out close to 90 with muggyness hanging around. storms are the story for friday evening and into saturday that will help to drop the temps and humidity. ? welcome to my house ? so much is going on with this man. we're going to talk to him live coming up. how do you celebrate 20 years of the most outspoken -- >> are you kidding me. >> most unpredictable. >> hi, i'm barbara walters. >> you can't tell us apart. >> view on the world with a primetime special. "the view" 20 years in the making on tuesday at 10:00 on abc. the making on tuesday at 10:00 on
8:27 am
busy. sometimes the news has to wait. we wisn 12 brings you nowcast. watch our most recent newscasts on your look for nowcast icon on wisn dot com and the wisn 12 news app. now a wisn 12 news update. wisn 12 news time is . we are on traffic and weather watch. first: growing delays on i-94 after a vehicle catches fire. it happened in the westbound lane at calhoun road. this is a live look from our d-o-t camera near there. the vehicle is in the left lane. traffic is being merged to the right lanes.
8:28 am
screen. now, meteorologist lindsey slater has a look at your forecast. temps starting in the low 70s today. we could see an isolated shower in the afternoon but it's unlikely. highs today top out close to 90 with muggyness hanging around. storms are the story for friday evenin into saturday that will help to drop the temps and
8:29 am
8:30 am
? welcome to my house ? that was the moment. lebron james and the cleveland cavali cavaliers ended the city's championship drought bringing home the nba tro is back with us in the middle of an amazing summer not just scoring on the court also making a difference with the lebron james family foundation. first of all, let me just say, being from akron, so many cousins who live in akron, my grandmother used to watch the cavaliers all the time. how did that feel for you to bring home that championship? >> i haven't had that feeling in a long time, if ever and to be able to end our drought, to be
8:31 am
that's followed cleveland sports that has been through all the pain and suffering over the years and to be able to come through and deliver on something that i set out to do, it was the ultimate. >> as is your foundation and working with these children. you've been doing this for years now. i remember going back with you to akron when it was first starting and seeing youds on with the kids. it's as important now in 2016 as when you began this. >> absolutely. and just a few days ago we had our family a new crop of third graders and this is year six for us and, you know, what my foundation has been able to do has been unbelievable to hit home in our inner city and make sure our kids understand how important they are to us long term because they are our future and it's unbelievable what we've been able to do so far. >> what will it mean to you to see them graduate and to go on to college? >> it's -- it will mean
8:32 am
and that's why we have so many people looking after them from mentors to -- i got high school kids looking after our kids. we have the university of akron looking after our kids and if they're able to graduate and reach all their criteria we also have a college degree -- i mean a college education waiting for them to go off to college so it's very exciting. >> you said this at the espys, you and the others there on the stage, that was a dramatic open to the espys like that but you talked about in your local communities that we all want to save the world but you've got to start at home. >> absolutely. i don't have all the answers. i know that but what i do know is going back into our communities, it starts there, so many of our kids look up to us where we grew up in because they relate to that. they're like, oh, wow, he grew up here and walked these same streets. how did he do it and for me to go back into my community and be hands on starting kid by kid,
8:33 am
for all of us. >> to know you came from the same neighborhood. congratulations on that $100 million contract. did you know that just recently, the highest paid, $100 million. and the way you did it was so unassuming. you were barefoot when you signed the deal. was it part of it? you just wanted to get down to business? we saw what you were doing here. >> it feels so good to be my hometown team and, you know, just commit for another three years on the team to build excellent on the court and off the floor. you know, it's a good time for my family, good time for cavalier fans and everybody that's a part of it. >> your kids were adorable in the parade and also at the finals seeing them like that. how much does it mean to you to be able to share where you are in your life with your kids. >> it means a lot. >> my three kid, two boys and a little girl and to be able to
8:34 am
but just give them the blueprint and watch them grow every single day as young men and as a young woman, it means everything. you know, just to have that leadership and to be able to give back to them and see how they respond to it has been great. >> you and savannah have done a beautiful job with your children. ? thank you. >> do they play any sports. >> they play a little bit of everything. >> they're at that age when they're into everything. you are into everything. congratulations on all that you do. you've got that podcast and this new one that's coming up. >> "cleveland hustle." >> what is that about. >> debut on the 24th of this month on cnbc. it's about young entrepreneurs just trying to figure out their life, figure out how they can make it big and we have some great investors and we have the great person helping us out and giving people an opportunity to live out their dream, anything from a big old start-up company
8:35 am
an own so on so "cleveland hustle" debuts next month on cnbc. >> you have a twinkle in your eye. >> i'm excited about it. i'm excited about continuing to build up my community and cleveland is definitely a part of my community. >> we'd be excited to see you on the big screen again. amy schumer was here. >> fantastic, love her. i love her. >> she was here in week speaking very highly of you. we have theen to go. she was on her best behavior. is that something you want to continue to do. >> absolutely. to be able to produce some things, my show "cleveland hustles" and doing podcasts "uninterrupted" and to be able to get on the screen, you know, had an opportunity like you said to be with amy schumer and bill hader in a movie "trainwreck" so if the role was right but i feel great. i feel great being on the camera
8:36 am
comfortable, you know, when you working with bill hader and amy schumer and also judd apatow who directed the movie it made it that much easier for me. >> you're a real team player like that. any predictions for the coming season? >> looking forward to it. you know, we have our -- mostly our whole team back and we have our fans and, you know, we know our fans is definitely, you know, the sixth man, you know, so we can't wait to get back to cleveland and get back to work and try to defend our title. >> and everybody will have their >> yeah, everybody will have their shirts on this year. >> so funny when you were out. to see the camaraderie with everybody. >> we have a great team and we have mostly everybody back, so we look forward to getting back to work. it'll be fun. >> hey, thank you so much, lebron james, for being here. >> my pleasure. >> nba player, mvp, helping out in his community. let's go now to ginger. >> robin, what a treat to have lebron james here. not at all a treat. we go to baton rouge, louisiana.
8:37 am
but horrific images still coming out as it goes on downstream from the main people that got affected first so flood warnings still in place in that boot of louisiana, back to parts of lake chores. still have, again a half inch, quarter inch it'll flood more and looks like that front will become more stationary and arkansas, you have quite a bit of rain. west texas, as the low s today. we could see an isolated shower in the afternoon but it's today top out close to 90 with muggyness hanging around. storms are the story for friday evening and into saturday that >> this weather report brought to you by panera bread. it's time for "deals & steals" and tory johnson is here. we can't wait. huge savings, all 20 bucks or less and, of course, we have people watching on "gma" party by debbie landis in chester springs, pennsylvania. look at that. that's a big party.
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i saw that in the shot. >> just orange juice. >> exactly. >> first up, keep it chilled if you want. >> fit and fresh. these are really fabulous. these are bags that are great for work, school, on the go, carry everything, it's an insulated bag. super durable and comes with a variety of different containers, the containers i love are the ones that have built-in ice pack right in there. so many options, fabulous for portion control. just super smart for saving money normally 30 to $40, everything slashed in half, 15 to 20 bucks and free shipping from fit and fresh. >> great place to start. >> let's keep going. this one i had made for you from la soula, solid sterling silver necklace that you can engrave up to 15 characters. teeny diamond, symbols you can add to it. adjustable, different lengths, 20-inch adjustable chain.
8:39 am
anybody every day, amazing deal. normally $58. these are slashed by 66%. 0 bucks. >> 20 bucks. >> good gift, sterling silver, gorgeous. >> i see juanita, a lot of our hair and makeup products. >> this is a fun new collection, riviera hats by foster grant. you look stunning as you would in any of these. >> what i love about these, there's floppy hats, viso can transition, they're fabulous. hats are really great for both style and sun protection. you can't go wrong. big, big assortment and phenomenal prices. normally all of these depending on what you choose range from $28 to $48 but everything today is slashed by 50% to 60% so all of them range from 14 to just $19. pretty fabulous. >> derby ready in less than $20. >> it cosmetics, one of the hottest talking about it. you learned about it.
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8:41 am
all of them are popular. >> they've got the socks. they're stocked with everything at our watch party. >> pick up your mimosas again. we have to say good-bye for now but thanks to also all the companies that provide these great deals. get these and three bone tus deals too on website. on yahoo! coming up, though, how you can eat like an olympian. oh, i want to know. recipes for success are coming
8:42 am
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8:44 am
back now with how you can eat like an olympian. shalane flanagan and elyse kopecky are here sharing recipes from success from their "run fast eat slow" cookbook. another olympian joining in, dominique, great to have you back. >> thank you. >> shalane, first of all, welcome home. >> thank you. >> congratulations, placed sixth in the marathon, incredible. and what was it like this time? >> i, it's always so special to slip on that usa jersey. there's nothing better than representing your country, so -- >> we're proud to have you back here. welcome home. elyse, tell me what was behind the idea of this cookbook for people. not everyone is an olympic athlete. >> in "run fast eat slow" we want to prove there's more to hitty eats than just kale juice, a juicy burger. food can be indulgent and nourishing at the same time. >> dominique, you'll jump in here. i want to do this first reveal.
8:45 am
status superhero muffins. i eat these before i go out training, for breakfast and also great for a snack on the go. >> you call them superhero muffins. >> they are, yes. no, they're amazing. >> you seat one and you end up in a marathon in rio. anyway, but it does help you chase after theed to manier or whatever it's going to be. dominique, this is what you try to do all the time. you're not training to be an olympicic athlete. >> i'm not as impressed with you. you're a with two toddlers an an infant, i need the energy these days. >> this is lunch. >> this is our wild west rice salad. edamame and it makes a great preteen pack punch. >> no meat in there. i took note of that but a lot of preteen. >> the edamame and the rice.
8:46 am
here's the big reveal, folks. >> this is our wild salmon sweet potato cakes. we love these. they give you complex carbs, nourishing fats and complete proteins. they're great for balanced energy, whether you're chasing after a toddler or running -- training to run in your first 5k. >> there are bread crumbs in there. >> no, our cookbook is refined flour or sugars. we have nourishing almond flour which gives a buttery richness and great nutrition. >> you like to use the term indulgent nourishment. the next reveal, dominique. will you help us with this one? this looks more my style. so what do you have in there. >> this is our penne with a roasted butternut squash and sage brown butter sauce. we love this dish because butternut squash is packed with
8:47 am
all the onset of germs will help your kids and family boost your immune system and butter sauce is not only there but for nutrition. >> i have a 2 nfl-year-old, the pickiest eater. does your toddler enjoy these. >> my toddler has been our tester and in the kitchen since she was born and all these she loves and still after recipe testing these are my go because she'll eat them and i know -- >> you can eat pasta, though. we're not all running it off in a marathon. that's encouraging for the rest of us. >> yeah, that's the whole premise of our book, we want to show people by allowing yourself to indulge and enjoy food, you're going to feel satisfied and satiated and not have cravings for snacks and sweets. >> just a few moments left. we cannot forget dessert. you say we can eat de sooert too. show us what you've got. what do we have.
8:48 am
i have a big sweet tooth and don't go a whole segment without sweets so this is a healthy treat, though. elyse can explain why. >> why is it healthy. >> made with olive oil and maple syrup. no refined flour or sugar. it's going to give you balanced energy and satisfy your sweet tooth. and we love this because it's such an easy cake to make. >> thank you all. three athletes here, a little intimidating. "run fast eat slow" available now. get the recipes coming up, bradley cooper opening up about the huge new role. bradley is back.
8:49 am
8:50 am
what up, dog. back now with "war dogs," the new movie getting rave reviews about two amateurs making millions as arms dealers. abc's nick watt sat down with one of the film's stars, bradley cooper, and director todd phillips. >> give me some of that.
8:51 am
stoners from miami embroiled in a $300 million arms deal selling ammo to the pentagon to arm afghanistan. >> we're gun runners. >> you're putting these guys that i can relate to into that very outlandish circumstance which is real and grounded and actually happened. >> if in that position i probably would have tried it. >> me too for sure. >> you wouldn't have got caught. >> no, i'd still be doing it. >> he may b doing it. >> i could still be doing it. >> that's why it's so good. >> don't worry, i have to go first, i'm american. >> reporter: all about jonah hill's swagger, miles teller's doe eyes and bradley cooper, just bradley cooper. >> i like this idea from a character's standpoint to ground it a little he's really been battered. like the choice of that lifestyle has worn its welcome on his body. my eyes get red normally so my eyes are bloodshot. >> good-look man and you're n afraid to look slightly weird in
8:52 am
>> brad's biggest problem is admitting he's even good looking so he doesn't even see him the way you and i see him so you have no problem dressing it down. >> reporter: cooper's "people's" sexiest man alive. >> i'm not a bad man but sometimes i think what a bad man would do. he believes that. >> reporter: he produces part earner with hat hangover" partner todd phillips. >> you're >> yeah. >> there hasn't been a ton of movies made about the obscene amount of money that a small group of people make off war. >> reporter: explains? >> this is the job. to do business with the people that the u.s. government can't do business with directly. >> reporter: and entertains. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to nick.
8:53 am
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she's one of the hottest young country as far o planet right now. tomorrow kelsea ballerini takes over times square live in a summer concert event you can't miss tomorrow on abc's -- >> "good morning america." >> presented by king's hawaiian. >> mwah. "good morning america" is brought to you by university of phoenix. >> ginger and i were saying did you see robin and king james in those two chairs. that was that thing of beauty. >> you guys are so kind. >> i was going to say it.
8:56 am
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wisn 12 news time is . developing this morning... officials are investigating after fire damages two homes near milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. news chopper 12 was over the scene at 33rd and hadley. the fire was reported around 5 o'clock this morning. officials say it started at a vacant house and then spread to the house next door. a family was inside that house... everybody got out safely. there's no word on the cause unclear if this incident is related to the recent series of fires and unrest around sherman park earlier this week. damage to eight businesses in the sherman park neighborhood during last weekend's unrest left many out of work. today, those people are getting some help. a job fair is being held from 11 until three this afternoon at the "lord's way international church". that's near the intersection of 60th and west fond du lac ave. we're told several local businesses will be
8:58 am
now let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist lindsey slater. temps starting in the low 70s today. we could see an isolated shower in the afternoon but it's unlikely. highs today top out close to 90 with muggyness hanging around. storms are the story for friday evening and will help to drop the temps and
8:59 am
feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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announcer: it's "live with kelly"! today, from "independence day: resurgence," liam hemsworth; and one of the stars of the hit series "veep" anna chlumsky; and the heat is on, so stay cool with these healthy super summer smoothies. plus, actor and playwright john leguizamo joins kelly at the "live"! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are kelly ripa and john leguizamo. [rob base & dj e-z rock's "it takes two" playing] >> ? it takes two to make a thing go right it takes two to make it out of sight >> hit it base: i wanna rock right now i'm rob base


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