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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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kathy: the home is one of about 4200 vacant properties in the city. last night, it was at 33rd and hadley. the other at 50th and wright. wisn 12 news' colleen henry is at 33rd and hadley right now. colleen, the fire department says vacant homes are always a target for trouble. >> fortunately, no one was injured. the city of milwaukee says this home o morning. fires in vacant homes are an ongoing problem so the city is , working to reduce the number of empty properties. >> we are just the cleanup crew. we come to clean it up. >> we just the cleanup crew we clean it up a few burn marks in the eaves are the only hints that this once-vacant home at locust and buffum made headlines when it was torched back in march. >> hopefully we'll have somebody in it by the first of the month.
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back to life. they've watched the burning in sherman park taylolives there. it's they neighborhood, so why you tearing your own neighborhood up i just try to figure out what makes em do it, the house never did nothing to nobody >> the department of neighborhood services says in 2014, the city tore down 400 distressed properties using a one-time settlement from mortgage lenders in the housing collapse. since then, the city budget only covers demolition of 100 of the city's 4200 vacant buildings a year. the sherman park neighborhis home to 535 of those vacant like the home that burned this morning and the one that burned properties morning and the one that burned tuesday at 50th and , clarke. the contractors say something needs to change. >> there's too many vacant homes in the city and they need to do something besides tear them down. there's too many homeless people and too many vacant places. >> ironically, when it comes to vacant properties sherman park , may suffer because of its
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, first. those are generally not problems in sherman park so its vacant , homes are not top priority. kathy: thanks. a number of milwaukee community agencies band together, calling for the immediate release of police video showing the shooting death of sylville smith. the 23-year-old was shot and killed by an officer saturday afternoon at 44th and auer. that's where we join 12 news nick bohr. nick, the group says waiting to release the video undermines public tru >> right. they say it should be released as soon as possible. you can see the large memorial that's grown here since he was killed when police say he sunday refused to drop a handgun following a foot chase. the officer was wearing one of the department's new body
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not the audio. , under state law, an independent agency must investigate, in this case the state department of justice. they've so far declined to release the video for investigative reasons. but, several community leaders joined together today to say the longer the video is kept from the public the more distrust slips in. >> feeling for them will the scene what has been said. >> i have no evidence that the tampering of evidence has occurred. we don't know if they follow policy, because they are not answering any questions about the investigation. >> we did look up the department's policy. this is a copy here. it has provisions for securing the video off-site where its , stored permanently. as for when it could be released to the public, we were not given a timeline, only told not to expect anything this week.
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, department of justice asking for tips related to the officer involved shooting. they want eye witness accounts of what happened before, during and after the shooting. tips can be anonymous. however you must fill out an online form. we have a link at and on our 12 news app. joyce: a massive clean-up effort is now underway in sherman park. crews are busy bringing down what's left of the fire damaged buildings. as wisn 12 news' tim elliott reports, atf agents are also combing what's left for evidence. >> work, moving debris, atf agents and hardhats sift through the rubble. >> it's just really sad that it had come to this. >> lakisha wade grew up in the home right across the street from o'reilly auto parts on 35th near fond du lac avenue. >> my little sister and my parents were in the house and all the sudden they heard a big commotion and my dad ran to the front door.
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unrest unfolded outside their front door. it's the same story at this bp gas station just a few short blocks from that o'reilly auto parts store. as you can see they brought in , the backhoe here. they are in the process of bringing down that convenience store. the b.p. gas station, a total loss, a dumpster filled with debris sits in the parking lot along with this twisted pile of metal and stone, this gas pump, melted from the intense heat. >> it's kind of crazy because i said like we have been here more sudden now it is time to go. >> wade says the decision has been made. her family wants out. >> we don't want this violence around us. and that's how we want to our family is safeand that's how we want to remain. ,joyce: the atf is offering a reward to anyone with $10,000 information about the fires that leads to an arrest.
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healing. in less than a half hour there will be a mass for peace. wisn 12 news adrienne pederson is live at 25th and capitol, where faith leaders are hoping to bring a community together. adrienne: good evening. that is the key here. that prayer mass starts in about 25 minutes. about 20 people already sitting inside. already happening earlier this evening, a piece walk. about 50 people showed up in the lindsey heights neighborhood --indsey heights neighborhood. year and the goal is always to showcase the good things happening in the area. this time though in light of the unrest about thirty more people than normal attended attended , including a young man who used to drive an ambulance in the neighborhood >> it shows people come together. adrienne: again, the mass starts in about 25 minutes. we'll bring you more on the
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kathy: here is a recap of our big story. saturday afternoon 23-year-old , sylville smith was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer. police say smith was holding a gun. the department of justice is investigating. saturday night protests turned violent and milwaukee businesses eight were set on fire. investigators are searching for suspects in those fires. tonight a mass calling for peace , is taking place on 25th and capitol. it will begin at 6:30. joyce: harley-davidson has agreed to pay $15 million to pollution. federal environmental officials says certain racing tuners, sold by harley, caused motorcycles to emit higher than allowed levels of pollution. according to documents, harley-davidson manufactured and sold about 340,000 screamin' eagle tuners. users were then able to modify a motorcycle's emissions control system to increase power and performance. prosecutors say that sent out harmful air pollutants as nitrogen oxide. the heat continues. chief meteorologist mark baden
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does continue. 18 days in a row of 80 degrees or higher, first time ever that the month of august has gone this many days in a row. the old record with 16 days. the record is 22 for consecutive days. we will get there tomorrow, but then it becomes questionable. i don't think we will get to the record. last year, we got 19 days in a row. it that will continue, lots of pollution along the lakeshore. 81 at 7:00, fairly benign conditions, temperatures staying warm as we had throughout the night, and again, close to 90 degrees tomorrow, but there is rain on the way. we will track those in weatherwatch 12. kathy: the plan to pay back all those football fans that went to the pro-football hall of fame game has been approved. the game was cancelled when the paint in the midfield congealed and was to dangerous for players. the hall of fame president
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first, there will be a full ticket refund including processing, shipping, and handling fees. pre-paid parking bought through the hall of fame and pre sale reservation fees will also be paid back. eligible fans will also get a one night hotel cost refund. finally, the hall of fame will give ticketholder four tickets to the museum. first priority to buy tickets to a future hall of fame game. along with a discount to the museum's online store. the packers will for sure 12 sports stephen watson is in green bay right now. stephen: good evening from lambeau field. we get set for the packers second preseason game, this one against the oakland raiders. the wide receiver unit currently on the field. there and actives were released
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let's look at the 13 players on that list. aaron rodgers, morgan burnett, clay matthews, and julius peppers, corey linsley, jeff janis, jordy nelson -- we wonder if we will see him at all this preseason. his fellow wide receivers are warming up right now as they get set. kickoff is inust unr an hour between the packers aai brett hundley is active and likely to make his first start since last preseason. we hear what aaron rodgers has to say about him. joyce: a statewide crackdown on drunk driving starts tomorrow. the drive sober or get pulled over campaign will run through labor day. the department of transportation says it's an effort to reduce alcohol related deaths. last year there was a 17% , increase in deaths on state roads compared to 2014. the i taskorce allows multiple agencies to coordinate
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a reminder that part of i-94 is shutting down this weekend. eastbound i-94 will close at highway 1oo. the closure starts friday night and could go until sunday morning. drivers are encouraged to get off at moorland and either go north to bluemound or south to greenfield. right now, a man is swimming across lake michigan. he left this morning and will be in the water for about 70 hours. what he wants others to take away from his attempt. also ahead, ho chunkin making some multi million dollar changes. the expansion at three of their locations. >> good evening everyone. i'm melinda davenport. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning we'll get you caught up , on any overnight breaking news. plus, the weekend is almost here. from irish fest to a chance for you to feast with the beast, we'll be showing you some of the big events happening this weekend. then catch the weather watch 12 , forecast before you head out
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 6:00, with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio,
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meteorologist mark baden and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. kathy: new tonight at 10:00, a warning for parents as high school football kicks off. the serious flaw in some football helmets that's triggering a recall. then, milwaukee's burning businesses seen across the country. could it scare the chance of new jobs away from southeastern wisconsin? 12 news is getting answers. tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. joyce: happening right now, and it doesn't involve the olympics. a man from chesterton, indiana is attempting to set a record and swim 120-miles across lake michigan and back. 51-year-old scott wolford expects the swim to take at least 70 hours, and he started it this morning. wolford says he wants to raise awareness of the importance of clean water and to raise money for nature conservancy programs. ho chunk is adding hotels and expanding casinos around wisconsin. next month, the tribe begins a
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ho and restaurant, and add about 270 slot machines to its casino in wittenberg. in black river falls, the tribe will build a new hotel, expand and redesign the casino, and add 200 slot machines. at the wisconsin dells casino, the ho chunk will remodel the hotel, redesign the casino area, add a poker room, and an off-track betting area. kathy: looking ahead to the for the new school year. students five to 14 are invited to the midtown center on 60th and capitol on saturday. while supplies last, kids will get a free backpack. there will also be a talent show with local students and a chance to win prizes. the annual event starts at 10:00 in the morning on saturday. joyce: so many people are hoping for the hot weather to break so those kids can be in school more easily. mark: it will give brutal if it was a day like today or tomorrow, but we will get a
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high levels of humidity. that will come in for the weekend. in the meantime, it is thursday night. you know what that means. it is jazz in the park. i will be down there this evening. 81 degrees right now. dew point 71. you know what the nice thing is? most of this is in the shade, and there is a breeze, southeasterly wind at 13, so a nice night to get out and enjoy yourself. expect temperatures to stay warm. 76 at 9:00. it is warm all night long tonight. it is a touch cooler along the lakeshore, not a big difference. that is what happens this time of year. the lake breeze does not cool you off much because the lake is warm. dew point's are way up there, sticky, nasty. we are almost all the charts
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of days. dew points will behind on friday, sticky. saturday, 65, still sticky. but then the refreshing air moves in, 57 on sunday, 50 nine on monday, but rising next week. enjoy that break if you are tired of what we have had for the entire month. there is the lake breeze. one thing that happens when you get a lake breeze like this, you can cotr pollution along the lakeshore, and that is exactly what is happening right now. you can see it in milwaukee. and air quality advisory in effect for shamokin -- for sheboygan and kenosha counties. a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued until midnight tonight because of this type cluster of thunderstorms that is moving to the east right now at 50-55 miles per hour, so this is something i will watch, but i have a feeling that this is
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move into southeastern wisconsin. it does not mean we will not get rain. there could be another line in the early morning hours in time for the rush hour. daylight hours tomorrow are dry, then saturday, dodged the thunderstorms, because it will be off and on throughout the day. it will not rain the entire time , but you have to deal with scattered showers and thunderstorms. better by sunday, especially the afternoon. cooler air moving in. north, much cooler, highs only in the 60's and rhinelander and 70's everywhere else. it won't be in the 60's tomorrow. 90 degrees. most of the day partly sunny, chance for storms early and late. 80 the high on saturday, storms likely throughout the day. the cooler air moves in, 70 on sunday. monday, 75, not much humidity.
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with a chance for storms on wednesday, another chance for storms on thursday, 77. i know the timing is not great, but we definitely need the rain around here, and i think most there is will pick up at least an inch of rain. kathy: thanks, mark. joyce: it is round two of the preseason for the packers. dan: it is. and it's an important night for brett hundley, who will get most of the action at quarterback. stephen watson rejoins us live from lambeau field. more than one run against the cubs today. why offense wasn't the problem. it's all next in big 12 sports. announcer: the wisn 12 news app,
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announcer: sports director dan needles, honored with best sports broadcast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. dan: packers linebackers clay matthews and julius peppers have
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ped investigation. no date has been announced. both players are not in uniform for the packers preseason game against the raiders tonight. 12 sports stephen watson joins us live from lambeau field with a preview. stephen? stephen: for t second straight week, aaron rodgers is on the inactives list. that meanshat brett hundley is poised to make his first start since last preseason. hundley was inactive last week with an ankle injury. last preseason, he led the nfl with 630 passing yards. hundley completed over 69% of his passes, threw seven touchdowns, and had a passer rating of 129.6 over four games. mike mccarthy said earlier this week that hundley will see significant time tonight, and aaron rodgers has been impressed with what he's seen from his backup. >> he is doing a great job. he really has a great attention to detail in cares about the game. he watches every rep i am doing and asks some good questions. the mental part for him has been the most important part of his growth.
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the offense, then you can worry about what is going on on the other side of the ball. stephen: he will make his first start since last preseason. the packers warming up behind me. randall cobb is active tonight. also, jordy nelson is an active, but currently warming up in full pads. don't get excited. he will not play tonight. it must be pretty good to be in jordyso we wonder if we will see him at all this preseason. we will have full coverage coming up free tonight later at 10:00. dan: thank you very much stephen. , ryan braun was back in the brewers lineup this afternoon at wrigley field just two days after straining his left knee. braun was not one of the participants in home run derby. kris bryant with a two-run homer off zach davies in the third for a 4-0 lead. davies allowed 10 hits and seven runs in just four innings. kirk nieuwenhuis loves cubs pitching, a three-run homer off jake arrieta in the fourth.
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against chicago. after scoring a total of just two runs in the first three games of this series, the brewers erupted for six today . hernan perez with another homer off arrieta in the sixth. but bryant hit another bomb in that same inning. he finished with five hits and five rbis. the cubs sweep the four-game series with a 9-6 win. joyce: let me share this video. it is kind of fun. a moment every golfer wants, but only a few will actually accomplish. today a wausau man picked up his , grand prize after a hitting a hole in one during a charity outing. the pine valley golf club presented dave tomczik with a $10,000 check. besides sharing with his wife
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mark: heads up from thunderstorms later tonight. i will feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good
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porting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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why this new surveillance video has the swim anywhere hot water tonight. was he really robbed at gun-point? why the olympic scandal could cost him millions. then, hello, what's wrong with adele? the singer heartbroken. why is she apologizing? >> i'm really sorry. plus christie brinkley's 18-year-old daughter bullied for her looks? why she's sick of being compared to her supermodel mom. and charlize theron's take your kids to work day. >> momma's working. >> on the set of "the huntsman," with chris hemsworth, charlize and emily blunt. hilarious outtakes.


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