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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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jeremy: welcome to wisn this morning. melinda: it is 5:00 a.m. this morning. a shooting in downtown milwaukee. we have the details. ben: demanding answers to a shooting that has sparked unrest. the department of justice is now looking into it. here, let's could you set for the weekend. a couple of tiny showers making their way into southeast wisconsin. not much here, you go off to our west and there are some thunderstorms with torrential
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around the beaver dam area, around 607. day planner forecast, some clouds around here at the moment. humid and into the 70's. dry areas are in the forecast, but most pavement is dry and that is what we are looking at. college and i 94, the seeing any problems. right now, no sweat at all. just going from the hill interchange down the highway to the zoo. back to you. ben: we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning in milwaukee, a shooting in downtown near old world third street.
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latest. tim: the milwaukee police department is investigating a shooting that occurred in the 800 block of n. old world third street at 2:53am on august 19. the victim, a 34-year-old male was shot during an altercation on the street. after being shot the victim was able to drive to 4th and w. kilbourn av. where he flagged down a passing squad car. he was taken to a local hospital where he is being treated for what appear to be non-life threatening injuries. after the shooting the actor fled the scene on foot. our investigation into this incident is ongoing. melinda: now to the aftermath of the unrest in milwaukee, police are reporting no major incidents from the city's sherman park neighborhood.
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city-wide curfew was in effect for the 4th night since an officer-involved shooting sparked the unrest. now calls are growing this morning to release the officer's body camera video. police say it will be released in a timely matter -- manner, but officers say itl unlikely the video will be released by the weekend. the department tells us that the video definitely will not be released this week and raymond
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and they hope any eyewitness accounts will come into their tip line. later today crews will continue tearing down buildings set on fire during the unrest that erupted after the shooting. the b.p. gas station and o'reilly auto parts store were two of the 8 businesses set on fire. federal officials say the cost could exceed several million. they are offering a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. ben: police and the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms are investigating to see whether this fire at a vacant home yesterday morning might be related to other fires near sherman park. fires in vacant homes are an ongoing problem so the city is working to reduce the number of empty properties. the sherman park neighborhood is home to 535 of those vacant properties like the home that
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{ben/fs} melinda: this morning, milwaukee police continue to investigate a deadly shooting right outside a police station. police tell wisn 12 news a 42-year-old milwaukee man was shot after getting into an argument near 27th and oklahoma. that's right outside police district 6 headquarters. police say a 65-year-old man took out his gun and shot the victim. that person died at the hospital. the gunman then turned himself in to police. ben: this morning, police in fond du lac county are investigating new clues in the case of a missing college student. amber wilde, of fond du lac county, vanished in 1998. the uw-green bay student was pregnant when she went missing.
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case as a homicide. three months ago, they named their main person of interest as the father of wilde's unborn child. now, newly unsealed court documents have identified his friend as a person of interest as well. police hope this information will generate new tips in the case. melinda: the green and gold have done it again, the packers grabbed another victory in game two of the pre-season. eddie lacy's powerful running early on helped propel the team to a 20-12 win over the oakland raiders second-year backup brett hundley made the start in his preseason ankle injury. aaron rodgers, clay matthews, jeremy: showers and storms across the entire state.
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t a couple of upper 60's sneaking in. the forecast shaping up like this, there might be a shower or store with a high of 82. forecast coming up. >> the way. along 43 north and south as well no trouble at this point. everything is moving in the green. you have a five-minute ride to the zoo interchange.
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shutting down this weekend. eastbound i-94 will close at highway 1oo. the closure starts tonight and could go until sunday morning. drivers are encouraged to get off at moorland and either go north to bluemound or south to greenfield. ben: right now, more communities are bracing for high water in louisiana as flooding heads downstream. wisn 12 news tim elliott is in the newsroom monitoring the situation. tim: thousands of people are continuing to deal with devastation this morning torrential rains and flooding has destroyed thousands of homes deaths. the flooding started last week after more than two feet of rain dropped in some places. louisiana's governor says 40,000 homes have been damaged. president obama has declared a state of emergency, bit some are calling on him to cut his vacation short, to visit the flood zone. a spokesman says the president doesn't want to get in the way of the emergency workers. louisiana's governor says the federal government is quickly responding to all of his
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melinda: later today, donald trump is expected to visit flood-ravaged louisiana with running mate mike pence. yesterday on the campaign trail, he expressed regret on some of the comments he's made during the campaign. nikole killion is in washington with more on trump's apology. >> this appears to be the first time in his campaign that donald trump has acknowledged he regrets some of the things he's said. trump issued the mea culpa during a speech in north carolina. but the clinton campaign dismissed the apology as a well-written phrase. this as the gop nominee launches his first general election ads against clinton in key battleground states.
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with running mate mike pence. but a spokesperson for the governor claims he hasn't been informed. adding that trump is welcome to come to louisiana but not for a photo-op. in washington, i'm nikole killion. melinda: the controversy continues for olympic swimmers in rio ben: what the u.s. olympic committee is saying this morning about claims the athletes were robbed at gunpoint. melinda: and orange along milwaukee's lakefront this weekend we have the details on you can celebration of all things celtic at maier festival park. but first, later today, actor ray romano stops by ellen.
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[ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ bell rings ] buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you just...? got it. staples. make more happen. >> you're watching wisn 12 news. honored as news operation of the year by the wisconsin broadcasters association. jeremy: you are watching wisn 12 new's this morning. a couple of lighter showers to our north. stronger storms to the west
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i just got an update from sally, and i want to think all around the worst of tweeted in -- think all of our viewers who have tweeted in. let's check in with traffic. >> like volume and full freeway speeds. travel time looks great into downtown. back to you. ben: this morning, chicago's top cop is recommending seven police officers be fired, after the deadly shooting of a black teenager there two years ago. an inspector general's report concludes the officers filed false police reports, which
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laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times. the officer who shot him has been charged with murder. another developing story this morning, the white house now says a $400 million payment to iran was used as leverage to release of several american prisoners. the state department maintains that the payment does not amount to a ransom because that's against u.s. policy. instead, a spokesman says iran would have received the money separate from the hostage release bee melinda: twitter is amping up its war on terror. the social media company announced it has suspended 235,000 accounts in the past six months for promoting terrorism. the company didn't identify the terrorist groups or specific accounts. but it's likely many are associated with isis, which has been especially active on twitter. ben: this morning, two u.s. olympic swimmers, including 12-time medalist ryan lochte
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the newsroom and tim their story about being robbed at gunpoint, may not be adding up? tim: that is what it is looking like. we have new information for you. the lawyer says the swimmer will donate more than $10,000 today and then leave brazil. under presley law a donation can be made to avoid prosecution for minor offenses. brazilian police say lochte and swimmers, lied when they said they were robbed at gunpoint on sunday. surveillance video shows the swimmers at a gas station. rio officials say the olympians were drunk and vandalized the business then made up a cover story. police say lochte got into an angry confrontation with security guards. one guard pulled a gun, forcing the athletes out of the cab and on the ground. eventually, police say the athletes paid for the damage and left. sources close to the swimmers say they don't believe what the
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meanwhile, overnight the u.s. olympic committee issued this statement to brazil. it reads, " the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of team usa or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. we will further review the matter, and any potential consequences for the athletes, when we return to the united states to cope. -- united states swimmer's claims do not distract from the olympic games happening in rio right now. ben: the u.s. women got a second chance in the 4 by 100 relay after being bumped by a brazilian runner. they have now qualified for today's finals. american ryan crouser set a new shot put record in the qualifying rounds before capping off the day with a gold medal in the finals. and usain bolt proved again he's the world's fastest man. the jamaican ran to gold in the
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medal in the event. he wished he could have run faster. here's a look at the medal count this morning. the united states as an even 100 medals. china's in second with 58 medals. melinda: right now, an indiana man is trying to swim across lake michigan and back, a 120-mile round trip. scott wolford took off from chicago early thursday morning, heading for st joseph, michigan. at last check, he's more than halfway there. the entire trip is expected to take at least 70 hours. he looks so cold. wolford is raising awareness and money for clean water and nature programs. ben: milwaukee's iconic irish best of luck to him. fest is happening this weekend. the 4-day festival started yesterday and continues through sunday. it's being held at henry maier festival park along the
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this year, there will be 10 acts performing from six different celtic nations. also featured, the trinity irish dancers. >> i just love like putting a smile on everyone's face and just making people happy and just making their day it makes me feel good. >> we encourage people to go to the cultural pavilion, check out a play at the theater pavilion, go to the marketplace and see all the wonderful irish vendors we have as well as bringing your children to the children's area. ben: friday. adults will get in for $10. if you have not seen one of the shows before, it is incredible. melinda: i did get to see that one weekend. it was very fun. ben: very talented and that is an incredible skill.
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cool off with an irish beverage today. temperatures will be approaching 90 degrees this afternoon. around 4:00 p.m. tonight, rain chances are in the forecast. this goes until midnight. i would have the umbrella ready to go, but do not cancel your trip out to the irish festival. a little batch of showers around cedarburg, and then washington. no lightning is associated with those, but storms off tour west are producing torrential downpours. dodge and fond du lac counties will have some showers this morning. a little light on the horizon this morning, we are a warm 75
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a shower or storm early this morning, and then many dry hours today. looking at a humid afternoon and then showers or storms this evening. tonight, widely scattered showers or thunderstorms, statewide with future cast showing onug in that short term, many showers may have vivid lightning. . look at the drop in temperatures for sunday, we are in the lower 70's. fairly tolerable for temperatures until we get to
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making a murderer. ben: now steven avery's lawyers are back in wisconsin. the conversation they're having later this evening. but first wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix are here with their weekend picks. >> good morning we're getting ready to feast with the beasts. >> absolutely. >> zoo a la carte going on this weekend at the milwaukee county zoo. tomorrow night, big show. >> soul assylum. one way train? >> never coming back. one way on a one way track. >> go enjoy some food and some music at the zoo for our weekend there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers.
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for $89.99 per month you'll get tv, 30 meg internet and phone. switch today. melinda: it went by super slow. ben: here with their weekend picks are wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix. >> good morning. well there is a new futsal stadium. it's actually the first futsal field in wisconsin. it opened up this week at lincoln park on the northwest side. this is all props to coach tozer who organized setting this up with a lot of other people. >> never heard of him. >> he's actually really good friends with him.
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kids. 11:45 is when it starts. i had never heard of futsal before. it's hard to even say. but it's soccer, kind of. >> smaller ball, smaller court, higher scoring. which makes it really exciting to watch and a lot of fun. >> what's great about this new park you're seeing new video of it right now. it was old tennis courts coach tozer kept driving by. they were falling apart. no one's playing tennis. and that's when he had the idea let's bring futsal field to milwaukee so you can check it out tomorrow. that's our weekend pick. and props to coach tozer for doing something really cool for the community. that's our weekend pick. back to you guys. ben: the rain is not stopping the volunteers from helping out. ben: the crew from right here in wisconsin that's lending a hand to those without flood insurance. melinda: and more than 2 months
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>> right now on wisn 12 news. ben: this morning, hope and healing in sherman park after
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how the community is coming together to move past the unrest. melinda: and a fatal shooting right outside a milwaukee police station. the investigation going on this morning. what we're learning about this bazaar crime. ben: and showers moving through southeastern wisconsin this morning. you might want to grab an umbrella before heading out the door. we will tell you when you'll need it. good morning, everybody, and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i am ben wagner. melinda: and i am melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on thri let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center. jeremy: thank you so much for joining us on 12 news this morning. overnight, a couple of showers move through southeastern wisconsin. all that is left at the moment is in washington and was lucky counties -- and mazzocchi counties. these are torrential downpours


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