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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: wisn 12 news starts right now. sheldon: tonight at 5:00, one week later, the sherman park community still cleaning up after violent unrest rocks their neighborhood. as the dust settlehe adrienne: criminal charges tonight against the teen police say tried to incite more mayhem last weekend. colleen henry joins us from 18th and national -- and national. colleen, the teen said he wanted to take the violence to the south side. >> right. as fires burned in sherman park,
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pick n save parking lot, a van was burning. police say a caller reported a group of 20-year-old young men leaving the pick n save parking lot. after setting a vechile on fire, officers arrested one of them. 19-year-old dale folly told investigators, "we wanted to do the same thing here that we did on sherman boulevard." the van's owner says his van was filled with back to school supplies for poor kids why he forgives the teens who set it on fire tonight , on 12 news at 6:00. >> if i pump into any of them and they need help, i'm not sure we will help them. >> the van's owner says his van was filled with back to school supplies for poor children. why he forgives the teens who set it on fire tonight on 12 news at 6:00.
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ransacking a liquor store near 49th and burleigh during saturday night's unrest. you can see people carrying out cases of liquor. three men were charged on friday in connection with the looting. police say durrell jones, joseph lindsey and devon love, were in the store when police arrived. more charges are expected from last weekend's fires and violence. since last weekend's unrest, sherman park has closed early, from 6:00 at night until 6:00 in the morning. the closure will take effect once again tonight in ou hour. there's also a mandatory curfew in effect for kids 17 and under across the city and the , wisconsin national guard remains on standby. adrienne: this was the scene one week ago in the sherman park neighborhood. tonight, several burned businesses are either boarded up or getting demolished right now. sheldon: wisn 12 news' thema ponton has the latest from the b.p. station at sherman and burleigh. >> we are outside the station that burned last week.
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scene one week later, working to take away some of this debris out here. as they sift that debris and pile it up, you can smell some of the smoke still hanging around. the owner of this station telling us that he would like to rebuild. he is a long time member of this community. the atf is investigating all incidents. there were eight fires. they are any information at least to the arrest of whomever set this on fire. adrienne: thank you. people set eight businesses on fire last weekend. federal officials tell us the cost of destruction could exceed several a reminder, the atf is million dollars. offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information about the fires that leads to an arrest and conviction. the doj has a pline.
5:04 pm you can also find in-depth coverage of the unrest in milwaukee there as well. plus, download the free app to get the latest sent directly to your smartphone or tablet. sheldon: as the city reflects back on the events of last weekend, so is milwaukee mayor tom barrett. the mayor says it's the actions of the community in the days following the unrest that show what the city is really made of. >> i've been most impressed in the resilience that i've seen really from sunday morning forward. you've seen an outpouring of support and love and really an understanding that we want the city to prosper and that really , is something that i think that everybody should take away from all of this. sheldon: you'll find one of those symbols of support on billboards across milwaukee this weekend. the message, heart mke. lamar advertising is behind the electronic billboards. the company plans to keep the message in their rotation for the next several days.
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, saturday. taking a look at doppler 12 radar. meteorologist lindsey slater is in the weather center. and lindsey, will the rain impact any evening plans? lindsey: there is that chance for an isolated shower, but i do believe the main bulk of everything is getting out of here. that is it. we are just tracking the cold front getting out of here, but it is windy. look at sheboygan. 70 degrees right now. in a long time. in fact, today broke our 19 day streak of 80 degree temperatures across much of southeastern wisconsin. it feels like 60's in sheboygan, 64 waukesha. it is 73 milwaukee, mostly cloudy skies, and an isolated shower, so don't rule that out. have that on burlap on standby.
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next. -- have that umbrella on standby. i would let you know what tomorrow will bring, coming up next. sheldon: thanks. keep the forecast close-by this weekend, with the wisn 12 news mobile app. if you haven't already, download the free mobile app to access interactive radar and the latest videocast from our weather watch 12 team. adrienne: cleanup is underway at a milwaukee daycare after several small fires are set inside the building. it happened just after midnight at the little people's academy on 27tre $500 worth of damage. crews are still working to pinpoint a cause. the red cross is helping a family after a fire damages their home. crews arrived to the scene near teutonia and clarke just after 8:00 this morning. everyone inside was able to get out safely. damage to the home is estimated at about $65,000. sheldon: if you're heading through the zoo interchange, a heads up that you'll deal with some major closures tonight. right now, i-94 near the zoo is closed. it will not reopen until tomorrow morning. the ramps from 894 and 41 are
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greenfield avenue. the closure will allow crews to install tub girders the next major step in the ongoing project. >> they are going to be lifted up and then they're going to be air-spliced up in the air. this system ramp is the highest in the interchange, so we're going up and over everything now. sheldon: you can find more information about the closure and the zoo interchange project on our website,, and the wisn 12 news mobile app. perspective, take a look at this before and after look at the project. to the left is what the interchange looked like before construction started. what you see on the right is what it will be like when it's done. adrienne: a big step for milwaukee's downtown streetcar project. developers chose a construction manager, according to our partners at biztimes milwaukee. the contractor out of omaha, nebraska worked on similar urban rail projects in the chicago
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the $124 million project got the go ahead from the common council in 2015. the first stage of the streetcar is set to be complete in 2018. the extension to fourth and wisconsin shoulbe be finished by 2020. sheldon: new at 5:00 cracking , down on drunk drivers. the statewide drive sober or get pulled over campaign is underway right now in wisconsin. law enforcement agencies from across wisconsin will be out in greater numbers, looking for impaired drivers. >> it is 57% of crashes our numbers, we have cut those numbers in fact, but it is still not enough. sheldon: the special enforcement runs from now through the labor day weekend. officers' overtime is covered by federal funding through the bureau of transportation safety. adrienne: to commitment 2016 and the race for president. donald trump and the republican national committee sat down with hispanic supporters today at trump tower.
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council for trump is giving input to the campaign and sharing his message with voters. trump has a rally tonight in virginia. democratic nominee hillary clinton is taking the day off. she arrived in massachussetts this afternoon for a fundraiser tomorrow night with singer, cher. sheldon: there are new warnings tonight from the cdc as the zika virus spreads to one of the biggest tourist areas in the united states miami beach. , today, florida's governor announced five more people got the virus l it's the second part of miami dade county where officials found local transmission of the virus. zika can have devastating consequences for an unborn baby. that's why the cdc is warning pregnant women not to travel to parts of miami beach, and to consider not traveling to the county at all. >> we are going to do everything in our power to make this city safe for our residents and our tourists. that's the most important. that's job number one for the city of miami beach right now. sheldon: city workers are trying to get rid of standing water that might attract the mosquitos.
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bugs. adrienne: this is exciting. 5:00 a wisconsin olympian makes , history in rio. gwen jorgensen clinched the gold in the triathlon. you might recognize her. she was a star athlete at the university of wisconsin. jorgensen finished the race a whopping 40 seconds in front of the runner-up. this is a big deal because it's the first gold ever for team usa in the event. print the happy people. pretty happy people. gwen's aunt and dozens of other suporters cheered for her a little closer to home. they gathered at leff's luckytown in wauwautosa to watch her historic finish. >> awesome. i'm overwhelmed and i'm so happy i'm so proud. i love my country. i love gwen. i love my family. adrienne: that is so sweet. gwen was a member of tri-wisconsin.
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teammates were also there to cheer her on this morning. a summer outing on the water ends with quite a scare for a family in florida. sheldon: hear one mother's frantic 911 call after her toddler ends up trapped under a capsized boat. adrienne: then, back-to-school is upon us. as you get your child's backpack ready for the first bell, the
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announcer: leading the way with are watching wisn 12 news at 5:00 was sheldon dutes has, adrienne pettersen, lindsey slater, and 70 something with big 12 sports. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. sheldon: right now in california, firefighters are making progress with a massive wildfire burning in the mountains east of los angeles. fire officials say the fire is now 68% under control. it's already burned 58 square miles. officials have evacuated thousands of people.
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louisiana, cleanup continues after devastating floods. at least 13 people are dead and thousands are in shelters. search parties are going house to house looking for anyone trapped. 40 local red cross disaster responders from wisconsin are in louisiana right now helping in relief efforts. president obama plans to visit baton rouge on tuesday. now to a huge scare for one florida family. routine boat ride home turned into terror. sheldon: their boat capsized, trapping their 23-month-old daughter underneath. here's abc's mark remillard. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> please i'm in the river my , boat crashed and i have a baby still in the water. >> at 10:30 friday evening cocoa beach police received a frightening call from a mother
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>> you said the boat is completely capsized? it's upside down? >> yes we're totally upside down , and i think my toddler is under the boat. please send somebody. >> the family was returning from dinner with relatives when their vessel struck powerlines. everyone was thrown overboard. >> i had charlotte in my hands and my boat had flipped and i climbed on top of the boat and bryan and sharon pulled me up and we heard kennedy crying and we couldn't find her. with help from a person in a separate boat, four officers quickly entered the water and pulled nearly everyone to safety, except kennedy. >> the rescue came very fast, but the mom and dad did everything they could, they were looking unth was sitting on the bottom of the boat holding the baby. >> but luck was on their side. the 23 month-old was in an air pocket and had a life jacket on. after nearly an hour of searching responders found her and pulled her from the water. >> god was with us. god was with us. >> the group was checked by paramedics and is doing fine, a hugh sigh of relief. sheldon: the entire family went to the hospital as a precaution. police say they're all in good condition tonight. in massachusetts a wanted
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police again. he tried to use a disguise to throw them off. shaun miller is 31-years-old. but he disguised himself as an elderly man when authorities surrounded his home. officers removed his disguise and arrested him. he was wanted for drug charges. adrienne: i'm sorry. that was a pretty good disguise there. wow. my goodness. ok. back-to-school is just around the corner. parents, you need to check your kid's back pack. at least 14,000 children get treated for backpack related injuries every year. that's according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission. they say that back strains and sprains are two common injuries. so here are a couple things to keep in mind. as a general rule, your child's backpack should weigh no more than 10% to 20% of his or her body weight. also, be sure it isn't positioned too high on their back. those backpacks can get pretty heavy. they have a lot of books. there is plenty to do and see this weekend if you want to
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of indian culture. india fest continues at humboldt park. there's food, music and dancing until 9:00 tonight. this is the year for the event. fourthadrienne: at the lakefront, it is day three of irish fest. the annual event runs through tomorrow at henry maier festival park. there's food, music, dancing, and a bunch of activities. admission for adults is kids 12 $20. and under get in free. sheldon: and you're invited to feast with the beasts at the milwaukee county zoo. zoo a la carte continues tonight and tomorow. more than 25 local restaurants are taking part. you can find much more information about all the festivals going on in our area by dowloading the wisn city of festivals app. lindsey: we still have that deficit despite the rain. some people got between a
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inches. we are not exactly done. the cold front has moved to michigan. there is always a little bit of leftover stuff the hind the cold front. we could see a couple of isolated showers. it is going to be in the beginning of the day, so keep that in mind. have the umbrella on the standby. you will need it later on this evening with isolated showers. isolated showers. monday looks fantastic. tuesday, wednesday, we start to see the rain pick up again as another area of low pressure works its way here. this is the cold front we had earlier today. it costs a confirmed tornado in grand rapids, michigan, so we are lucky. the good news is that we have five pressure that will
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he keeps all the weather makers out of here. that low is going to hightail it out of here, and we are good to go. as it continues to spend, it wraps moisture around, which is why we have chances of isolated showers. this will not impact your plans. it will be quick moving. raining. just a little bit, not a whole lot, not like this morning. overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, pretty cloudy out there. more of those isolated showers. here is a couple more for your sunday early afternoon, then that low finally moves on out to the east, and we are talking clear skies, beautiful conditions for the rest of your sunday afternoon. monday morning, no problems. much of monday is one of the
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temperatures are nice and cool. it feels great. the day broke that 80-degree streak we had. we went 19 days with over 80 degrees, and by now, temperatures dropping into the upper 50's. that is some good sleeping weather. here is 930 a.m., 65 on the lakefront, cooler inland, and by the rest of tomorrow, highs in the mid 70's, fantastic as we look at august. 83. another weather system on the way will bring cooler temperatures again. if you're planning your evening, the wind is something that -- maybe put your hair up in a ponytail. temperatures falling to the 60's. if you need to mow the lawn, give it a day to dry out, but monday and tuesday look pretty good. humidity goes back up in the
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that next storm system. i got 70's for the next two days, 80 on tuesday, storms, then back down to the low 50's. sheldon: with the mow forecast and i did not notice the green light or red light. lindsey: today is a yellow light day. sheldon: coming up and sports how the brewers came up shor
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sheldon: the brewers have a series in seattle this weekend. adrienne: that's right. here to show us what happened last night in game one. stephanie: forgive the brewers for being sleepless in seattle. you would lose a little sleep to after coming so close to pulling off a victory last night at safeco field. brewers didn't find the scoreboard until the top of the fifth inning. chris carter busts out a solo shot to deep center field. his 28th home run of the season ties the game at one a piece. then in the bottom half of the fifth, the mariners return the favor. robinson cano with a two-run shot. it's also his 28th home run of
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blowing his bubble gum there. seattle retakes the lead. fast forward to the top of the ninth. brewers trailing with two outs and the bases loaded. ryan braun singles one to left field. two runs come home, and milwaukee is trailing by one with runners on the corners. however, the very next batter, edwin diaz, strikes out hernan perez to end the game. in heartbreaking fashion. the brewers lose the series opener 7-6. the two teams play again tonight 8:00 central time. kind of funny when they are out there on the west coast. coming up at 6:00, the good news for jordy nelson. adrienne: hopefully tonight the brewers have a little more luck. sheldon: we'll have a final check of your forecast after the break. announcer: chat, tweet, and join the conversation. follow the wisn 12 news for local coverage and get the latest news and weather updates. announcer: got some extra time
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support to keep you comfortable. new dr. scholl's custom fit knee and ankle supports. find the nearest kiosk at sheldon: how is the weather looking? lindsey: mostly cloudy skies, but the cold front is out. you will notice a significant difference and how the air feels.
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tomorrow, sunshine, highs in the 70's. sheldon: world news is next. welcome to "world news tonight." the swimmer at the center of an olympic scandal. ryan lochte facing questions tonight. >> did you admit that you lied finally? >> seen back home for the first time. what really happened at the gas station in rio and why his teammates are now pointing the finger at him. the new donald trump? his appeal to african-americans, saying they should vote for him because they've got nothing to lose. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. pregnant women told to stay away from one of the country's most popular vacation spots because of zika. families going to extremes to stay safe. and the warning, there will be more cases. the overturned boat, the family tossed into the river. the frantic race to save a little girl. >> i have a baby stranded in the


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