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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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following the police shooting of 23-year-old sylville smith. kathy: more breaking news we just learned smith's funeral is on friday at the christian faith fellowship church and the reverend jesse jackson will give the eulogy. joyce: we also learned today video of the police shooting will not be released until the investigation is over. smith was shot and killed at 44th and auer on august 13. kathy: the attorney general briefed reporters today at the wisconsin center. wisn 12 news colleen henry was there colleen, he revealed there are two body camera videos. colleen: yes, two of the responding officers were wearing cameras, but the attorney general says he won't release them until the investigation is complete. >> release of the videos would compromise the integrity of the investigation. as we are searching for the truth it is sometimes necessary to confront wits with information they didn't know or didn't know we knew.
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agents investigating smith's shooting by a milwaukee police officer once worked for mpd as well. that's prompting state representative david bowen to ask the federal department of justice to conduct its own investigation. >> individuals in our community are looking for transparency and accountability and they did not feel they got those things in those other individuals especially when they're drawn out as long as possible, when there is not a true, independent third-party check and that's what the us doj can provide in this situation. colleen: the attorney general says once the video can be released the family of sylville smith will be first to see it at the wisconsin center. colleen henry, wisn 12 news. kathy: meanwhile, governor walker says he wants to make sure the state thoroughly investigates the shooting before the body camera video is released.
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you are -- it doesn't impede their investigation. it takes time to talk to everyone there and make sure that if there is any issue you need to talk to multiple consistent for the conflict. patrick: governor walker says he has not seen the video and doesn't plan to, instead, leaving it up to the attorney general and his team to do their job. the governor also says the national guard is still on standby if needed to help in the sherman park neighborhood. so here's what's next. the department of justice continues to investigate the fatal shooting of sylville smith by a milwaukee police officer. the attorney general says his investigators have interviewed all critical witnesses at least once. once that investigation is complete, the case will be turned over to milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm.
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against the officer who shot smith. collects all those extra hours worrying about him. kathy: a car stolen and a woman's dog was inside. it happened on milwaukee's east side on sunday near cass and wells that's where 12 news ben hutchison joins us live. ben: this is a very busy part of downtown milwaukee, but that didn't suspects from taking the car that was left running with the windows cracked. valerie tergerson arrives at madacc, hoping to positively identify d australian cattle dog/collie mix. he was sitting in a car owned by a friend of tergerson sunday afternoon. when the man stepped away his bmw was stolen. >> i saw it running and hopped in and they were able to dry off. ben: hours later the bmw was involved in a crash near 38th and center it's believed arrow wasn't inside because a good samaritan found him near 6th and vine, two miles from where car
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monday morning arrow was dropped off at madacc, the reunion worth every moment >> just glad to get the dog back. glad he wasn't in the car. ben: tergerson had already reached out to madacc, and reported her pup missing they knew exactly who he was when he arrived. >> if your pet is lost, contact us immediately. fill out a report, so we are working for you. >> thank you to whoever found him and turned him i have had him for 15 years and he is a big part of my life. ben: police say no suspects are in custody tied to the theft or crash. on milwaukee's east side, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. kathy: new at 6:00, we could soon learn what's next in the high-profile murder case against brendan dassey. a federal judge $10 days ago threw out the murder conviction against the manitowoc county man and ordered him released from prison. dassey was serving a life sentence for the murder of
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the state has 90 days to decide whether to appeal the judge's decision, file new charges against dassey, or do nothing and let dassey walk out of prison. >> before we make a determination as to which option we will pursue, we are going to want to give teresa hall back an opportunity to have some input. we have been in communication with them and we wil to outline for them all the different options with the likelihood of success. kathy: the halbach family has not publicly said anything about the ruling on dassey's release. the case against dassey and his uncle steven avery was the subject of the netflix documentary, making a murderer. joyce: new at 6:00, milwaukee county is on track to see nearly a 200% increase in fentanyl deaths from last year. that's according to the medical examiner. the me's office is investigating four probable drug overdoses this weekend. all 4 were adults, all 4 died at
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toxicology tests are pending to determine the exact cause of death. safety concerns will close the planned parenthood clinic in appleton permanently. the clinic suspended operations last year following an attack on a clinic in colorado springs. planned parenthood of wisconsin says after reviewing its security standards, it will not reopen the appleton clinic. its clinics in milwaukee and madison will stay open. kathy: new at 6:00, it's a scene packers fans have been waiting a year to see, jordy nelson hit the practice field for the first injury. wisn 12 sports stephen watson was there as aaron rodgers favorite target returned. stephen: for the first time in a year, a healthy jordy nelson made his return to the practice field in full pads. he was react limit it with aaron rodgers is passes, but it's just individual workouts as he continues to try and progress to be ready for week one.
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hear exactly his timetable of his return and the warm welcome he received from packers fans. stephen watson, wisn 12 news. kathy: we're following a developing story, early voting in wisconsin will be allowed to expand for the november election. a federal appeals court today cleared the way for the hours wisconsin residents to cast a ballot before the election on tuesday, november 8. kathy: commitment 2016 coverage, 77 days until election day and both candidates in wisconsin's race for u.s. senate hit the campaign trail. republican incumbent senator ron johnson is trying to hold off a challenge from democrat russ feingold, who johnson beat for that seat 6:00 years ago. feingold campaigned in milwaukee today. he stopped by flyda travel, a latina owned travel agency on 19th and mitchell on the city's south side. that's where he talked about the impact of the presidential race on the senate race in wisconsin. >> the biggest question in this country is who is going to be president, and that is the fundamental question, because we
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we need to deal with a very unstable world. we are running our own campaign and i am feeling good about the fact. kathy: johnson kicked off his own statewide tour today, focused on manufacturing. he visited team industries in kaukauna, meeting with members of the manufacturers coalition to talk about challenges facing the industry. the coalition has more than one hundred members statewide and 12 members on the leadership team who will advise johnson on manufacturing issues. >> i got a manufacturing background. i understand how manufacturing respects, to the wisconsin economy, providing great paying jobs. joyce: hillary clinton makes her first appearance on late night tv since becoming the official democratic presidential nominee. she will be a guest tonight on abc's jimmy kimmel live. you can watch it beginning at 11:00 immediately following 12 news at 10:00. kathy: new at 6:00, thousands of kids are getting ready to head back to school next week. patrick's here, some of those students could be missing some key tools when they enter the classroom.
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phone. for students, it's the same thing. hundreds of students, including some at dr. martin luther king, jr. elementary school on 3rd and ring, will head to class without the proper school supplies. the biggest need, according to the principal, is backpacks for kids to safely carry important papers to and from school. but they need other supplies as well. collects no child wants to be the only one in class without a folder or note book, without the right utensils to do the work they nee patrick: wisn 12 is once again teaming up with the salvation army and mps for the 'class ac'' phone bank beginning tomorrow. you can call in to make donations to buy backpacks and other supplies. you can also donate now by texting class act, that's one word, to 41444. kathy: new tonight at 10:00, milwaukee's strict curfew ends. -- 12 news talks with mayor barrett about the curfew, the body cam controversy, and the
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drug addicts. how this new device is being used to help fight the opioid epidemic. that's tonight at 10:00. kathy: still ahead new at 6:00, a gorgeous day out there, minus the wind. meteorologist lindsey slater joins us the weather center. lindsey: the good news is that the winds will die down tonight, the bad? our good ol' friends humidity and storms return soon. i'll tell you when coming up next in weatherwatch 12. kathy: and an important step in restoring a milwaukee landmark, the unique new pieces added to the historic joyce: then, dozens of pet owners coming forward, how they're hoping to discover whether their missing cats were one of dozens rescued from an
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you are watching wisn 12 news at 6:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weatherwatch 12 chief
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big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. kathy: new at 6:00, take a look at this video of a fire at a hardware store in kiel. it took 128 firefighters to battle the thick black smoke pouring out of the 100-year-old family-owned business. the paint and other accelerants in the building made fighting the fire an even bigger challenge. everyone did get out safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. joyce: nearly one dozen cat owners are waiting tonight to find out whether their missing pets were among those discovered home. police found more than forty dead cats inside the woman's freezer. another 50 cats were living with the woman, who police say was a hoarder. pet owners have been sending pictures of their pets to the green county humane society to see if any of the animals are theirs. new at 6:00, a lack of homes on the market is being blamed for a drop in home sales in wisconsin. kathy: according to the wisconsin realtors association, sales in july slipped more than 7.5%. that's compared to july of last year.
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right now, homes stay on the market for an average of 83 days. joyce: a local landmark needs your help tonight. the basilica of st. josaphat has been literally falling apart for years and repairs cannot wait. as wisn 12 news mike anderson reports new at 6:00, a lot of it is already carved in stone. mike: this is something you have likely never seen before and may never see again. large stones, weighing about 9000 pounds each, lifted into the air by crane to repair the damage sandstones. the largest is being placed over the visitor center on the west side. the replacement stones are part of a $7.5 million fundraising campaign to restore the entire basilica of saint josaphat. >> over $5 million of that $7.5
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we couldn't do it until he raised all the money, so today we are placing one of the stones, the new stones, in a arean of the church where the deteriorated stone had been removed a couple months ago. we are hoping the community steps up. this is a civic asset to our community. mike: the basilica of st. josaphat was built in 1901, and after decades of wear and tear, it is due for some serious preservation work. it is the most visited site in approximately 50,000 people each year. mike: mike anderson, wisn 12 news. joyce: you can get involved with the project to restore the basilica of st. josaphat, we have information at and the 12 news app. and usually mondays are the days everyone hates, but lindsey, this was just great weather wise. lindsey: some birds are really
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we are going to be seeing the increase of showers and thunderstorms, and our rain chances as we head into -- it looks like it will be tuesday overnight leading into much of wednesday, then early thursday. that is what i am dissipating if you want to circle those days on your calendar. that is when we will see the rain. for now we are clear and dry with no issues out there right now. to the tropics and there are two different systems that they are monitoring. tropical storm fiona is dissipating and this world is starting to take shape, but right now it is still a tropical depression although it is rolling its way, moving toward the united states, but it will be turning into hurricane as we head into the weekend. the tropics are really starting
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system want to be here, it will be well to the north of us, spinning right here. this is an area of low pressure, the same system. all these showers and thunderstorms associated near calgary, that will be the next weather system, bringing this cold front and working its way to wisconsin as you get it overnight tuesday, then into wednesday. let's check this for you will keep the map zoomed out because there isn't much happening right here, locally, but at least you are good to go. tomorrow was a good day to move along. testimony along -- to mow the lawn. then the clouds started thinking up and there is a lot of storm. timing here is everything.
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sunshine earlier toward the end of the week. if the cold front takes its time we could see a better chance of severe storms. this will be wednesday, 5:00 a.m., and i anticipate that it is going to be a little dicey -- some of these storms may be strong. the energy just want to be there but if that cold front holds back it will allow for the energy to build up and then you get a better recipe for severe weather. 7:30 in the morning, we are looking at more of those isolated it scattered showers. we could see a second round in the afternoon -- this model doesn't pick up on it well but we could see it. then the severe weather threat, overall pretty low. that energy is really plummeting but for now you are good to go, 78 degrees, the wind still kicking.
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are still pretty high and that will be a continuing trend heading into tuesday through the overnight, with temperatures dropping to 63 tomorrow. we are getting closer to sticky, and that usually happens when we get the better chance of storms. then we get back to the 70's. kathy: packers back on the practice field today. starting center. who tell you who. plus, he's back. jordy nelson returns to the practice field. stephen watson reports from
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stephanie: the packers next preseason game is this friday night in san francisco against
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packers star receiver did return to the practice field today. 12 sports stephen watson reports from training camp in green bay. stephen: it has been a long time coming for jordy nelson, walking on the written ski field in full pads. >> i am excited. stephen: the star receiver feels good after recovering from a torn acl and self-described take-up in his other. it is a little awkward, because we don't do anything in the off-season. stephen: after a few drills -- >> hardly even a practice. [laughter] stephen: they got him some important one-on-one time with aaron rodgers. >> it is something you have to get used to. he is harder and faster than a lot of guys, so you have to get used to that.
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him playing at all this preseason is completely out of his hands. , in his mind he just wants to make sure he is back for week one. 's biggest concern is conditioning, especially as they open down south in the warm comforts of jacksonville. stephen watson, wisn 12 sports. stephanie: thanks, stephen. the other big story out of camp today j.c. tretter has been named the starting center for the beginning of the season. tretter replaces corey linsley who is currently on the pup list with a hamstring injury. tretter has only made three career starts at center. the votes are in for our week. and the winner for week two is hartford at brookfield they won with 48% of the vote more than 7000 votes were cast. and just a note this game will be played thursday night instead of friday. it was originally listed as a friday game. you can vote for next week's featured game for friday, september 2. the choices are shorewood/messmer at cudahy, hartford at oconomowoc, and kenosha bradford at oak creek.
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football page, and cast your vote. the winner will be announced next monday. and the bucks sign veteran guard jason terry today. he spent the last two seasons with the houston rockets. patrick: so we are already looking ahead. she was one of the final five who won the gold at the rio olympics, now american gymnast gabby douglas is trying her hand at a new competition. douglas will be one of the celebrity judges for next month's miss america contest. mark cuban. actress sara foster, and singer cole swindell. you can see the miss america competition live sunday, september 11 right here on wisn 12. lindsey: we are going to be seeing nice, fall like
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humidity at 52, and then storms returning for wednesday.
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leonardo decaprio's car crash caught on tape. the moment of impact, alarming eyewitness accounts. how leo's romantic hamptons get away ended with an ambulance and mangled >> blake shelton and gwen stefani's onstage pda. is adele's recent illness worse than she is letting on? what happened backstage. a "brinlt jones'baby" exclusive. only we are on set with renee zellweger 15 years after the original. >> return of a reality tv guilty


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