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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. joyce: a milwaukee family heartbroken, a young child dead. neighbors wishing they could've done more. >> i'm just upset that there wasn't nothing i could do. kathy: what witnesses say happened to the two-year-old boy. >> neighbors and mount pleasant are on edge. we talked to them after several break-ins. joyce: but first, family mrs body of their two-year-old relative. kathy: when they found him in a home near 40th and meinecke this afternoon, police say the child was already dead. wisn 12 news' sheldon dutes is live at the medical examiner's office downtown with more. sheldon: how this could've happened is something investigators will determine when they perform an autopsy here tomorrow. the boy's aunt tells me he was staying with his grandmother. she allegedly wasn't home and , apparently no other adults
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toddler's grieving mother while she wiped away tears. just a few feet from where she's standing here on north 40th street police say relatives , found her son's body. it kinda messed me up, like i'm just upset. that there wasn't nothing i could do. >> ceree hall lives nearby and rushed over to give the boy cpr, but it was too late. >> i think he was trying to come out feet first, and the window fell down on his neck and he was probably just hanging there and raised it up and he fell out. >> i just jumped out and started praying really loud like immediately for god bring air back into the baby's body. sheldon: now these neighbors are holding on to memories of the two-year-old they saw playing on the block. >> he was like any normal ki running up and down the street playing. he was a happy little kid. they always had him dressed real nice and everything.
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happened. some neighbors told me that family members had been looking for the boy. police are looking into the circumstances surrounding his death and before hand. so far, they haven't told us yet how old those family members are, but so far no one's been , arrested. joyce: thank you. also breaking tonight a female , bicyclist hit by a car on 27th and rl newsroom. we were there as police closed down the road with caution tape. police are not releasing any more information. kathy: and we're following breaking news in italy, where an earthquake has struck near rome. patrick's following the latest developments from the newsroom. patrick: the earthquake is estimated to be a magnitude 6.1. we'll show you a map of exactly where it struck. the epicenter is in central italy, but it was felt in rome and vatican city. this happened about 90 minutes ago. there are reports of aftershocks being felt.
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that is damaged. there are reports of damage buildings and blackouts. residents were fleeing their homes and running into the streets after this her earthquake -- this earthquake struck 90 minutes ago. we have been looking for pictures on social media, but have not been successful. story and bring you any information as it comes into the newsroom. kathy: thanks, patrick. we may wake up to some rumbles of thunder overnight. storms are heading this way right now. meteorologist lindsey slater is tracking them. lindsey, some of them could be severe. lindsey: that could be possible. i think damaging wind is our biggest threat.
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they looked a lot more fierce about an hour ago, but now they are losing their intensity. it should be knocking on our door around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. tonight the severe weather threat is to the west. tomorrow morning is when you need to be more cautious. after midnight in the west, and continue for your morning commute. coming up next, i will timeout the storms and talk more about those threats. joyce: thank you. who's next? that's what people in a mount pleasant neighborhood are wondering tonight. police know of at least five break-ins in the area near chicory road and lathrop avenue. wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen reports from the racine county neighborhood. >> it is scary more scary than
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wife who did not want to show their faces on camera tell us they came home with their two granddaughters to find the place ransacked. the burglars pried through a garage window, grabbed a few things, plus -- >> prescription drug bottles. my wife and i had both had surgery and pain pills, and we didn't use all of them and just hadn't thrown them away. the couple changed the locks and is getting an alarm system but can't shake the feeling. >> you start to feel you have to look over your shoulder. you're afraid to leave the house without locking the door even for a short while. at night i wake up thinking i hear sounds that probably aren't there. >> there have then at least five break-ins in this area in the last month and a half. >> all of us in this neighborhood on this side of lathrop have to be careful because somebody is out observing, watching and looking for opportunities. >> and the neighbors are watching now too. in mount pleasant i'm adrienne , pedersen, wisn 12 news.
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are related. they do not have anyone in custody. kathy: after weeks of gathering testimony, aldermen in milwaukee release their plan for reducing crime. patrick's here with the specifics. patrick: aldermen consider it a good first step for getting a handle on crime in the city. the public safety committee started gathering testimony earlier this summer, long before the recent unrest in milwaukee. among other things, the plan calls for beefing up the city's police force by 280 members, adding 150 sheriff's deputies, and building a new juvenile detention facility. there's a range of suggestions to pay for it, including increased property taxes or state fees, and a statewide sales tax earmarked for law enforcement. >> there are some things in here that the only thing we have to do is align our resources and talk to each other in order to make them happen. and there are some things that we're gonna need outside resources in order to make happen. patrick: public hearings are planned to gather community
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jackson is coming to milwaukee to attend the funeral of a man shot and killed by police. a spokesman for reverend jackson says he was asked by smith's family to delivery the eulogy. and jackson accepted the invitation because as a pastor he's helping a grieving family through a difficult time. police say smith had a gun in his hand when he was shot in the chest and arm. that shooting sparked nights of violent unrest in and around sherman park. the state department of justice is handling the investigation. new at 10:00, a resource fair in sherman park. today community organizations and schools joinedo play music and make art. , children created cards with positive messages. the park closed early for the ninth straight night, as ordered by the county sheriff. kathy: new information on a fatal farm accident in the town of trenton in washington county. the sheriff's office says a man was riding a feed spreader attached to a skid loader at the roden echo valley dairy farm. he lost his balance and fell between the equipment, then was run over by the skid loader.
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released at this time. president obama got a first hand look today at the flood damage in baton rouge. joyce: the president pledged to help rebuild saying his visit , wasn't for publicity. >> what i want the people of the ryazan it to know is that you are not alone on this, even after the tv cameras leave. joyce: more than 60,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the floods. the president's visit comes days after donald trump was in louisiana calling out the , president for vacationing on marth' floods raged. we are on weather watch. lindsey slater is tracking storms heading our way. lindsey: they are to the west right now, but i will tell you what time they will be right here. that is up next. announcer: coming up -- joyce: saved by strangers, a boy unconscious in a hotel pool. >> i just knew the boy needed attention now and you couldn't
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town was in the right place at the right time. kathy: and milwaukee county takes on pok?mon. the demands the county executive has for the makers of the popular game. >> it's a beautiful day out and i'm thinking fall i gotta be nuts. joyce: halloween is getting closer, the giant pumpkins are popping up. the new costumes expected to be a big hit this year. kathy: the rock cookin a visit to lambeau field.
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. kathy: an eight-year-old boy found unconscious in a hotel swimming pool. joyce: a new york man in wisconsin on business helps save his life. it was around 6:00 last night when randy ameigh and a co-worker staying at the comfort suites in grand chute noticed a commotion in the pool area of the hotel. they ran to find the eight-year-old hadn out of the water, and that's when they sprang into action. >> i just knew the boy needed attention now and could not wait , so i grabbed a towel off the table and went right to the boy, excuse me, and started cpr. joyce: the child eventually got his pulse back and was flown to children's hospital. the boy's condition is unknown tonight. new developments in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in north carolina who was deaf.
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during a traffic stop last thursday. state police say the trooper tried pulling harris over for speeding, but he didn't stop for several miles until he made it home. witnesses suggest he may have been using his hands for sign language with police. his brother, who's also deaf, says harris likely didn't understand the officer's commands. >> if the officer had known that he was deaf, it would have ended differently. kathy: police are searching through video as they investigate. there are steps people who are hard of hearing can take to stay safe during a police encounter. joyce: and patrick, one is as simple as a card people can carry with them. patrick: i have it right here in my hand. cards like this help someone let a police officer know they are hard of hearing or deaf. >> it specifically states on the card this is intended for the police officer or law enforcement, so the officer knows immediately as they approach the car, the individual can show them this card and they can establish communication at
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patrick: another tip comes from the greenfield police department, whose officers undergo training on how to communicate with those who are deaf or hearing impaired. >> the other important thing s would be to keep your hands in plain view so the officer can see them and not to touch the officer. patrick: police say touching the officer could be perceived as a threat. if you'd like to print your own copy of this card, we have a link on the as seen on section of kathy: milwaukee county is taking on pok?mon, demanding the game stop placing pok?mon in its parks. historic lake park is one of the state's hottest stops for pok?mon go players, which has created parking, litter and congestion issues. the county sent a letter to the ceo of pokemon's developer, demanding it comply with county ordinance to get a permit. >> they haven't replied yet?
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>> my hopes are high, but who knows. >> from what i have seen, everyone plays respectfully, extremely polite, and i don't know why people would not want the park to be filled with people, that's what parks are for, right? kathy: the parks director says it will approve a permit if pokemon applies for one. kathy: at home. now mcdonald's is recalling millions of fitness tracker wristbands it included in its happy meals. the u.s. consumer product safety commission issued the recall because of the risk of skin irritations or burns. there are now 70 reports of injuries. mcdonald's voluntarily removed them from happy meals last week. if you have one at home, return it to mcdonald's for a free replacement toy and a yogurt tube or a bag of apple slices. a new warning for parents, your kids might be eating too much sugar.
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issued new guidelines recommending children and teens two to 18-years-old should not consume more than 25 grams of added sugar a day. that only amounts to about six teaspoons. children younger than two should consume no foods or drinks with added sugars. the organization links added sugars with the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. kathy: a big day for harley davidson. the company unveiled a new line of engines. there is the sound. called the milwaukee-eight harley says the engine improves performance while maintaining th of its twin engines. the engine is the heart of harley's 2017 touring motorcycle lineup. >> it should be a huge impact, not only for our company, but for the motorcycling industry as well. it is an outstanding new powertrain. kathy: the engines are being made at the harley plant in menomonee falls. changes are coming for several
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segments of the following four routes are changing . changing. four other routes will undergo minimal changes. the county transit system says the changes were made because of the sale and demolition of the downtown transit center. signs have been posted at bus stops. joyce: a great day for local kids heading back to school. wisn's class act school supply drive raised more than $35,000 on our first day. we will get to the correct video in just a minute. we haven't reached our goal yet. texting classact one word to 4-1-4-4-4 or donate online, just visit you can also watch wisn 12 news tomorrow morning or afternoon, and call-in your donation to our volunteer phone bank. i night start. -- a nice start. a big sign of fall crops up on milwaukee's south side. you can't miss it. kathy: the giant pumpkin tent is now up at 27th and howard even though halloween is 69 days away. the halloween express store sells costumes and other seasonal merchandise.
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>> there is products like we've never seen before. pok?mon is popular, so we've got pokemon stuff in. there's a whole lot of great superheroes out this year. suicide squad was a great movie, so a lot of stuff to be exited about this year. kathy: it's not open for business just yet. the owner says he's pushing for labor day weekend. joyce: that doesn' lindsey: we will be fine. the storms are starting to roll in. they are starting to get into areas in western wisconsin. they have lost a lot of their drive. all the energy gets up from the atmosphere. there is nothing for them to hang onto. i want to mention something else. something in the tropics right
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ball of showers and thunderstorms, i am keeping my eye on that. it looks like this system may turn into something more serious as we head into the weekend. i wanted to give you guys a ads up if you have friends or family on the golf coast. -- gulf coast. here is our stormy scenario. the timing of the system is a.m., when the biggest batch will be working its way through parts of southeastern wisconsin. after 10:00, we are not done. it gets more spotty after that. i believe the biggest threat is going to be 50-60 mile-per-hour windusts, and we could see some locally heavy downpours. we could see one-two inches of rain during the next three days,
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for now, the storms are off to our west. they have lost a lot of their and tested need -- their intensity. energy is not here. it will stay to the west this evening. it's about 120 miles away and slowly rolling its way to the east and northeast about 30 miles per hour. you can see that earlier it was a big line of storm they have lost their energy. that is a good indication that they are not as serious as they could be. i believe some storms could easily be getting to your house in southeastern wisconsin as early as 3:00 in the morning. the main batch will happen during your morning commute between 5:00 and 6:00. here is a snapshot between 7:30 p.m., rolling into 9:00, spotty showers, and that will continue
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wednesday and even into thursday. make sure you have the wisn 12 whether mobile app, that will help you stay in the know. those storms will continue into early thursday, should taper off by 10:00 a.m.. after that, humidity drops and more sunshine as we head into friday. those storms are going to be here within a few hours. kathy: thanks. new at 10:00, apparently packers quarterback aaron rodgers can sm joyce: actor dwayne the rock johnson posted this picture on instagram of a signed jersey from rodgers sent him which said, dwayne, come to lambeau sometime. the rock gave rodgers a shout out for the jersey along with the message, a lambeau leap is definitely in my future. we will hold you to that. a college student trying to impress a woman needs to be rescued by firefighters. kathy: the tough situation he put himself in that ended with
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards.
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stephen: the wait is over to see aaron rodgers in game action. the packers quarterback will play on friday night. for the second day in a row, it was jordy nelson catching passes from number 12. reunited, and it feels so good. nelson only did individual work with rodgers and the rest of the quarterbacks. he continues to be held out of team workouts as the packers prepare to face the san francisco 49ers on friday. after missing a full year together, there was concern about the on-field chemistry between rodgers and nelson. let's just say rodgers put an end to that this afternoon. >> today. i said i could throw the ball with my eyes closed. >> he is a great leader for us. good to see him in past warming up the other night. just taking it one day at a time. stephen: the brewers continuing their three game set with the
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plate on monday, top prospect orlando arcia was benched tonight. he has just two hits in his last 34 plate appearances. more on him in a minute. getting the party started in the second. an r.b.i. double, anywhere else in the park and that is a three run homer. deep to left field, 33rd of the season. his third hit in 35 at-bat. good for a double. a gap or of his own, the brewers cutting the deficit, then batting in cleanup. he punches it down the first-base line, his second triple of the season. that's where this one stands,
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and coming up in our next half hour, one of the biggest keys to the badgers offense is stepping away from the game. offensive lineman dan voltz is retiring. i'll have the details on why later in sports. kathy: it's no secret that most college students drink and go to parties. joyce: one university is trying to control it. coming up, the school putting a ban on hard alcohol. kathy: then, hope and healing in sherman park. groceries handed out to families. what it means for people who
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call now. joyce: we continue to follow breaking news. , but felt in rome and vatican city. reports say people are buried under debris. the quake registered at 6.1. it is 5:30 a.m. in the morning in italy right now. we will continue to follow developments throughout the night and have additional information starting at 4:30 a.m. kathy: rain and storms are headed our way and will make an appearance overnight.


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