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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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care here at children's hospital. she was on her way to a gas station last night, but never made it. >> you know you did wrong. turn yourself in. an 11-year-old girl fighting for her life. >> dominique ford provided this picture of her daughter katty . she's slowly recovering from severe head injuries after being hit by a car while riding her bike at 27th and burleigh. >> in a dark colored van and everything happen fast. neighbors say it's a dangerous intersection, especially for children. >> it is a shame the car did not stop. i feel sorry for her mom. >> ford is hoping the injuries heal. katty has been in and out of sleep. >> she started moving and talking. >> ford urging the public to
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behind the wheel. i just received some great news. she has been updated to fair condition. again, no one is in custody if . if you do have any information about the hit and run, you are asked to call police. joyce: right now, milwaukee police are searching for another hit and run driver investigators say a woman was struck near 40th and villard around 3:15 this afternoon. witnesses tell 12 news the woman was conscious. police say she's now being treated at a hospital. >> he got a first class to heaven, just like that. it was just a freak accident. kathy: a milwaukee father remembers his two-year-old son killed in a freak accident in his home. we first brought you this story as breaking news last night at 6:00. there is a tribute to the child about to get underway at this wisn 12 colleen henry joins us
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wright, where the families gathering. colleen, the child died trying to climb out a window. >> the family will release balloons into the sky in memory of michael mccoy the third he . he died trying to climb out this bedroom window. his dad says babch adventurous and was just learning to climb. the toddler was napping here at home with his uncle yesterday afternoon. his uncle woke to find the child trapped in the window. >> he got stuck between the the window and he just tried to struggle. i guess the window and the bottom part of the window stopped his breathing. >> his dad believes the child was trying to climb out the
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on the sidewalk below. shoes were his favorite playthings. police are calling this a tragic accident. in addition to the balloon lift-off, the family is now planning a funeral. joyce: thank you. the netflix series making a murderer brought the international spotlight to his case. now a new twist in steven avery's effort to get a new trial. patrick's here with the story new at 6:00. patrick: steven avery's attorney is expected to file a motion soon asking for new tests and access to dna evidence. an appeals court has set an august 29 deadline for kathleen zellner to file the paperwork in person. avery is currently serving life in prison with no chance at parole for the 2005 murder of teresa halbach in manitowoc count. a judge earlier this month threw out the murder conviction against avery's nephew brendan dassey. the state was given 90 days to decide whether to appeal or dassey will be released from prison. kathy: new at 6:00, stiffer, federal charges are filed in robberies at two milwaukee area pharmacies. police say tytianna jackson and marquise jones held up the swan
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month. anthony chappell and christopher morgan were charged with robbing the walgreens at 22nd and capitol in milwaukee last week. all four were charged under the hobbs act, and if convicted, could face life in prison. the 1946 law allows the feds to take over cases involving violent criminals who rob businesses involved in interstate commerce. joyce: new at 6:00, governor walker says the state can help milwaukee with its new safety plan. the city released the plan it calls for 280 more police officers, 150 sheriff's deputies, and a boost in state fees to pay for it all. the governor told 12 news he met with city, police, and county leaders last friday to talk about the plan. >> there are a number of parts of it that we can help with. overall, we want to be helpful not just with public safety, but i appreciate resident hamilton
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development. joyce: the governor also says the state will work with the city and county to train workers to help attract businesses to the city. kathy: commitment 2016 coverage, republican presidential nominee donald trump names some politicians to his new wisconsin women coalition. trump revealed the names today. former lieutenant governor margaret farrow, state senate president mary lazich, and state senator alberta darling, who co-chairs the legislature's budget committee, are all on the coalition. the latest marquette university democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton by 31 points among wisconsin women voters. joyce: wisn 12 is teaming up with the salvation army to help buy school supplies for students in need. patrick's in our phone bank with a look at how you can help, ~ . patrick: the phone lines are open the number to call is 414-799-9476. the volunteers are ready.
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$15 will buy a backpack full of supplies for a student in need in the milwaukee area as the school year approaches. i have a special guest now. i want to thank you for coming back. you are here every year helping out why is it so important to you? >> i am looking forward to it. it is football season, time to go back to school, so whatever i can do to help the students, because they are truly the future of our great city. patrick: supplies really is important for the kids. >> right. you don't want to go to school if you don't have the necessary supplies. to be able to do your homework and everything, we have to step up as a community to make sure that no kid in our city does not have a backpack, doesn't have pins and paper. patrick: i understand you have a challenge tonight? >> i do. patrick: what's going on? >> i have a time. patrick: can you show it to us here? >> i have one on.
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the next donor, the book bags and everything. patrick: $500 donor. >> they get a complimentary time. patrick: did i see a signature on that? >> it's autographed. the tie is autographed as well. patrick: wonderful. thank you very much. i can hear more phones ringing. there are ways you can donate tonight,-7 , 414-799-9476. that's one way you can donate to you can talk to the people here and they will take your information. you can go on our website, or text classact 41444 to or go to our stuff the buzz even in wauwatosa. terry sater is they are live. >> one of my favorite days in
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stuffing these backpacks full of basic school supplies for the kids. we are trying to stuff this huge bus full of school supplies. you can help in a variety of ways. one of the people who came here to help his from guarantee bank. she and her coworkers cooled their resources and donated yet again. i think some other folks had donated today. you have an opportunity to help your it we will be out here mayfair road and highway 100 at the walgreens parking lot with this huge bus up until 7:00 tonight. kathy: thanks. new tonight at 10:00, a woman robbed outside her home after hitting it big at a local casino. what potawatomi says customers need to know about staying safe. then, here's your chance to see the famous paisley park. how you can score tickets to tour prince's private estate. that's tonight at 10:00. joyce: coming up at 6:00, we
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away yet, right? lindsey: that's right. after a round of rain, we've dried up, but the cold front is still to the west. what time it arrives and who sees more rain, that's next in weatherwatch 12. joyce: then, new options for area shoppers. the two retail chains coming to milwaukee to take over the site of two former k-marts. plus the special brew being , cooked up for the badgers big game at lambeau field. and there's just under an hour left tonight to help buy school supplies for students in need. the number to call to donate is 414-799-9476.
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joyce: we are going to take another look. wisn 12 and the salvation army e supplies for students in need. the number to call is 414-799-9476. our class act phone bank lines will be open until 7:00 tonight. kathy: and you can also donate school supplies in person. this is a live picture from the walgreens at highway 100 and north near mayfair. that's where you can help stuff the bus. the bus will be there until 7:00. joyce: we are collecting money for school supplies. in a sure sign that fall is near, hundreds of students are moving in on the marquette university campus.
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news' mike anderson caught up with some of the kids making the leap from the comforts of home to college and a new world. >> anytime you're moving, it can be a pain in the back. but moving into a college dorm, that's different. brian moran and jeff altenburg were roomates at mccormick hall on the marquette campus 30 years ago. and here they come rolling into the parking lot with a van load of s a with their children. >> we are aiming for the entire family. >> i had a fantastic experience. i had a great time with my roommates another people here. >> justine moran is a senior, and her little brother gene is a freshman. they're from new jersey. >> we all stayed in this one dorm. >> what did your dad tell you about it? >> funny stories, but stay safe.
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carry on the tradition. >> this will be the second to last group of students to occupy the hall. it is being torn down in the summer of 2018. kathy: if the dorms could talk. classes at marquette start on monday. uwm students can begin moving into their dorms on tuesday. officers with marquette's police department were on hand to help with today's move-in. part of their mission is to educate new students on transitioning to living in a different environment. >> like any other city there's issues with crime and we want to , make sure that our students understand some basic precautions to take responsibility for their own safety and the security of their own property, locking their doors, utilizing the services that we provide. kathy: among the services offered to students are walking escorts or rides from campus security anytime of the day or night. joyce: new at 6:00, turning the page on the latest chapter in
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hotel in drexel town square this morning. the 112 room towneplace suites by marriott will be built on the eastern border of the development. on the left side of your screen, a look at what it'll look like when it's finished. oak creek's mayor says this is just another step in the positive momentum happening right now in the city. >> this is going to be a continual process, because as this site fills up, the area around it be part of this new downtown and i think we'll see some of those areas fill up as well. joyce: the towneplace suites are sl you'll soon have a new place to shop for home decor in greenfield. next month, a new at home store is opening near 27th and layton, in the former k-mart building. this is the texas-based chain's second wisconsin store. they opened a location in wauwatosa last summer. the new greenfield store opens on friday, september 9. and you're also getting a new option for groceries. festival foods is bringing its first store to the milwaukee area. it's going in at the former k-mart location near highway 100 and grange in hales corners. we're still working to find out when exactly that store will
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after some good soakers this morning it's already dried out , quite a bit. lindsey: it was so much at once. we will see a another round of showers rolling in. the rain chances will increase overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, so keep that in mind as you are making your plans. friday is day to mow the grass. it will be less humid, more sunshine, and nice and dry. by the weekend, showers and thunderstorms. a couple of waves going through on saturday. sunday looks ok. here is a picture of some of the rain we have this morning. this is from fort atkinson. look at that show of. it looks really cool. that is a great shot there.
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where you are. slinger, 8/10 of an inch. frank's milk, an eighth of an inch there. -- franksville, an eighth of an inch there. i want to direct your attention to indiana. they have been hit with multiple tornadoes across the state. video, and new information at 10:00. stay tuned to that. it is still all coming in right now, of various situation there. that's why those storms continue to thrive, all that warm your building in. we have yet to get our cold front to move through the state. that is the ruling -- fueling showers and thunderstorms in iowa.
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everyone will see it, most areas remain dry overnight tonight into tomorrow. about 4:00 in the morning, i sure do this model earlier today , it is taking it further south. i still believe that area south of 94 will continue to see some of those isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms. if you are in west bend, sheboygan, fond du lac, you will be just fine. tomorrow morning's commute, south of kenosha, lake geneva, have the umbrella handy until 10:00 in the morning. after that, the cold front moves through, then we get less humid. the humidity today was irritating. tomorrow, we scale it back to between company and sticky. speaking of trends, the trend will go down friday. better chances again on the weekend increased. keep that in mind.
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temperatures overnight tonight. a couple of thunderstorms possible, mainly south of milwaukee, so have that reindeer handy. everybody else should be dry. the weekend is a flip-flop. showers and storms saturday, should be ok on sunday. kathy: new at 6:00, a special beer for a special game. the titletown brewing company plans to create a special brew for the wisconsin-lsu game next month in green bay. the two teams will open their seasons at lambeau field one week from saturday. the brewery is also raising money to help the flood victims in louisiana. >> people are suffering a lot, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to raise some money. they need water, food, and help with all that stuff. kathy: absolutely. don't forget you can see the wisconsin lsu game only right here on wisn 12.
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, premiere of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers post game. joyce: a badgers-tiger brew? not every packer with the day off today. >> no it's been a busy day for , clay matthews and julius peppers. the nfl was in town to interview them over ped allegations. a little closer to home, the brewers, and this guy, giving miller park plenty to cheer for, how ryan braun launched his way into our company sports is next. you're watching wisn 12 news. >> hey everyone. i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. you probably know james cameron's blockbuster movie avator. >> well now it's inspiring a new cirque du soleil show heading to milwaukee. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, the cast stops by our studio to give you a behind-the-scenes sneak peak. plus, we'll be on weather watch as you head out the door. >> see you tomorrow morning from
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stephen: clay matthews and julius peppers met with the nfl today regarding an al jazeera report over performance enhancing drugs. in response, or lack thereof, ted thompson said today, "i'm not going to be one of the people adding my voice to this." matthews and peppers had until tomorrow to interview with the league to avoid a suspension. both players were not made available to the media today. the nfl cleared peyton manning of the same accusations last month after he cooperated with the league. aaron rodgers is hoping the same for the two defensive standouts on the packers. >> it will be nice for those guys to get it behind them and move forward. stephen: the packers as they get set to head west for friday's preseason game against the 49ers. the green bay roster is riddled with california connections. aaron rodgers, richard rodgers, and trevor davis went to cal. ty montgomery and blake martinez went to stanford. davante adams went to palo alto high school. >> going back to cali, the home fans, it'll be good.
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common, something we can talk about. it definitely sparks some conversations every now and then. stephen: entering this afternoon, the brewers had won 11 series this season. a win today would mark their fourth sweep in that span. it would also mean a season high four straight wins it miller park. spoiler alert, the brewers accomplish both. it didn't look promising early. zach davies serves up nolan arenado for his nl leading 34th of the season, that's the only run davies allows. he goes six innings, striking out eight. he becomes the pitcher to double-digit wins. what a month of august for ryan braun. he takes this pitch to the same spot as him in the first. ironically, they are one-two in rbis this month in the nl. nine rbis in the last six games for braun. jonathan villar with a broken defending now, bat, double to left field. orlando arcia trots home. brewers take a 2-1 lead. arcia 2-3 on the day. he works this suicide squeeze to
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in the seventh inning. braun, see ya, his fifth multi-homerun game of the season. 27th of his career since 2007, only three other players have more than 27. get your brooms out. the brewers sweep the rockies behind a 7-1 win. let's go back to kathy, joyce, and patrick in the class act phone bank. joyce: donations for our school supply drive. patrick: we have seen our volunteers holding up signs. fill a backpack for $15. this sign, thank you, judy, a $1000 donation. how about that? joyce: we are also stuffing the bus near mayfair mall in the
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that you have purchased to help fill that bus. kathy: you still have time. the number is 414-799-9476. patrick: you can also text classact to 41444 or go to
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jon versus kate gosselin. the new war over their kids. >> she doesn't like me at all. >> jon spilled the family secrets to "e.t." and now kate not holding back. why she sent one of her sons away and why their two oldest daughters want nothing to do with dad. right now. then -- secrets behind britney's carpool karaoke with james corden. and why "america's got talent" host nick cannon is now a college student. and how you can get gorgeous locks like j. lo, charlize and chrissy teigen. how this woman went from being a nanny to giving hollywood stars show-stopping hairstyles.


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