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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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who met her. >> for someone who has been involved in the caring and healing ministry for this to , happen is extremely upsetting and so we pray for her and pray for all involved. , apparently local law enforcement made a welfare check to the house where the nuns lived after they failed to show up at work. initial reports indicate this could be a robbery. we understand that sister margaret still living in the milwaukee area. toya: thank you. we sent out a breaking news alert about this story as soon as it happened. to get important updates like this sent directly to your phone, just download the free wisn 12 news mobile app. kathy: we are monitoring more breaking news, a shooting near 29th in wisconsin. here are live pictures from the scene.
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investigating the shooting, but have no information on any possible victims. you can see marquette university police officers on the scene as well. they are helping with traffic control. when we learn more, we will pass it on. toya: the pokemon controversy in lake park is heating up. neighbors growing frustrated after heroin needles and garbage pile up. kathy: just this week, 12 news broke e demanding the game remove itself from the park until it got a permit. as colleen henry reports, neighbors are now calling that lip service. >> we feel like we are getting the runaround. >> sara slaughter lives near lake park. she says family has worked with county officials since the pokemon craze hit lake park to stop the noise, parking congestion, and garbage. yesterday she learned prisoners , were being brought in to clean and a neighbor photographed drug
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being found and the inmates cleaning up, it just feels like we're at a point where you just shake your head. it's ridiculous. >> the slaughters were hopeful when the parks sent pokemon's developer this letter demanding it get out or get a permit but , pokemon hasn't acknowledged it and the parks director says the , game will go on. >> that was a shock to all of us because the message that we've been getting is that we are moving towards finding a more that can support all the crowds that it attracts. >> the parks director tells 12 news he's not getting rid of pok?mon. he wants to find a way to share in its success and to accommodate neighbors. he's added garbage containers will add porta-potties and has law enforcement ticketing illegally parked cars. >> this is a fun game, but they've got to get it out of the park. >> slaughter's nine-year-old daughter is handing out flyers.
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person alone can't solve a problem this big. kathy: as you heard, colleen mention the county is bringing in prisoners to help clean up the park. the county executive tells 12 news the prisoners are minimum and medium level prisoners from the house of correction road crew. 12 news talked to inmates collecting pokemon trash and cigarette butts in lake park . they have been cleared for work release but are currently , unemployed so they're doing their sentences. >> it's a day for day program so we come out every day whether it's working at the park or cleaning up the festival all the , time we put in cleaning up or going after the community we earn time off our sentence. >> they learn some skills and worth affect -- work ethic and hopefully get introduced to some people parks zoo someone in the county that might give them a job. kathy: correction officers are
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by the way, the house of correction road crew isn't a new idea. prisoners work 12 months a year they cut firewood and shovel sidewalks in the winter and clean up at summerfest, state fair, even the zoo. toya: wisconsin is remembering one of our nation's best tonight who died in afghanistan killed by a roadside bomb. 28-year-old green beret staff sergeant matthew thompson was a graduate of brookfield central high school. wisn 12 news terry sater joins us from the school's football field tonight. terry, thompson served as a captain. >> staff sergeant thompson will be honored here tonight with a moment of silence. he was a football captain here and played trombone in band. he graduated 10 years ago. he'll be remembered as a great student leader. at one time, he talked about entering the ministry but ended , up joining the army five years ago with a goal of joining in special forces. he became a green beret medic. his foundation for greatness began here in brookfield, >> he went to marquette, then he went out to college in california where he met his wife , and then he wanted to get into the medical field. , and he was a medic in the green beret.
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truly -- the kid's a hero. >> we are back live. thompson was posthumously awarded the combat infantry badge, bronze star medal with valor, and a purple heart. the game and moment of silence are less than an hour from now. kathy: we will have coverage tonight at 10:00. thompson went to marquette for two years, from 2006 to 2008. the university shared their sympathy for the family today. they also shared a statement from a friend and fell resident assistant, matthew manning, who said he was one of the best humans i ever knew. he was deeply, deeply, deeply loved by his residents and all of us. support is pouring in for thompson's family tonight. he grew up in brookfield, but he now lives in washington state. a go-fund-me page was set up to help family pay for travel expenses and other costs. organizers set a 5,000 dollar goal, which was passed hours ago.
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than $14,000. toya: the man whose death sparked days of unrest in milwaukee will be laid to rest. funeral services for syville smith will be held tomorrow. a milwaukee police officer shot and killed smith near 44th and auer nearly two weeks ago. services will start at noon at christian faith fellowship church near 86th and good hope. reverend jesse jackson will deliver the eulogy. a spokesperson says the reverend was asked to do so by smith's family. also happening tomorrow, state leaders will meet to talk economics on the north side. governor scott walker, members officials are taking part. they're expected to discuss ways poverty and lack of opportunities contributes to the tensions between the community and police, as well as solutions to those issues. they're meeting at the help in reemployment or hire center near 27th and north tomorrow morning. kathy: u.w. milwaukee is trying to set the record straight after being accused of trying to censor students' speech. it all stems from a list of
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new at 6:00 wisn 12 news' kent , wainscott is at the uwm campus. >> words the library here at uwm , is filled with them but there , are certain words that one organization here on campus says students shouldn't be using. words that a group called the inclusive excellence center says maybe offensive and should be avoided. >> i think it's good to get people thinking about how their speech impacts otheo through student fees, is relaunching an initiative called just words to discourage the use of terms like lame, thug, crazy, even one that not all students considered offensive. >> politically correct? no, not necessarily. >> obviously there's more concerning terms. >> and some worried that the list of words to avoid may be limiting their freedom of speech.
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i think it's kind of restricting your freedom. >> we fully support free speech. >> but university's vice-chancellor says it's about awareness, not censorship. >> we're not telling them that they can't use the words. we're just saying be mindful that when they use these words they can be hurtful to someone. ,>> and the just words campaign will ramp up again when students return to classes here in a few weeks, spreading the word about the words they shouldn't use. kathy: campaign was modeled off of similar programs at other universities, including u.w. river falls. toya: now to an update on a story we broke about street racing in milwaukee. police are reportedly cracking down on the problem. we first reported the issue two weeks ago when a neighbor captured this cell phone video near 73rd and calumet. today the alderwoman in the , district says since the targeted enforcement last weekend police have issued three citations. in greenfield, police are investigating an overnight burglary at a pharmacy near 27th and carpenter. police tell wisn 12 news it
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greenfield police with a foot pursuit after the burglary. we're told two people are in custody. greenfield police haven't said what was taken from the pharmacy, if anything. officers swarm an elm grove neighborhood, searching for a suspect overnight near watertown plank and sunnyslope roads. police were looking for a wanted man in his early 20's who they believe was armed. officers were not able to find the suspect, but say they are no longer actively searching the area. the state patrol is now investigating. kathy: new at 6:00 a milwaukee , company is adding 800 jobs in a major expansion in exchange they'll receive , millions in state tax credits. direct supply runs senior living facilities. its main campus is on the city's northwest side, just north of 76th and mill. they are getting in state tax $22.5 million credits to build a five-story office building and medical complex. the tax credits are contingent on the company's pledge to add
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than $30 an hour. the company's president calls the expansion a great milestone. >> we never seem to stop building and growing and at the , heart of this of course is the seniors that are our mothers and 3 million grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers that we serve in senior living facilities around the u.s. kathy: the company currently employs 1200 people, most are at the headquarters. toya: we're now getting an idea of what the november ballots will look like. you'll see a total of seven candidates for president. that includes republican nominee donald trump and democratic nominee hillary clinton. the others are here on your screen gary johnson, jill stein, , darrell castle, monica moorehead, and rocky de la fuente. the most recent marquette university law school poll released two weeks ago showed hillary clinton leading donald
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you might soon get a postcard from election officials. the state elections commission is mailing out more than a million flyers to voters who have driver's licenses or state i.d. cars but are not yet registered. it'll let voters know what they can do so they can cast a ballot in the november election. this is part of a collaboration to improving resources for voters. the postcards will be sent out in about a month. kathy: new tonight at 10:00 our , national parks celebrate their 100th birthday. the special deal they're offering this weekend only. then, tracking your kids on their way to school. the wisconsin school district price they will pay tonight on , wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: still ahead at 6:00 say , cheese. how the usda is dealing with an 11 million pound surplus of cheese and the impact the move , could have on your grocery bill. then, he's accused of harassing his ex-girlfriend for months. the dangerous animal police say that got him arrested. he left on her doorstep that got him arrested. mark: plus, a break from the heat is moving in. how long this lasts before the steamy weather returns.
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kathy: we continue to monitor breaking news, a shooting near 29th in wisconsin. these are live pictures from the
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newsroom to report gunfire. milwaukee police say they are investigating a shooting, but no information on possible victims at this time. there were some marquette university police officers on the scene as well. they tell us they are helping with traffic control. if we do have more news, we will pass it along. toya: new at 6:00, some help is on the way for dairy farmers dealing with falling milk prices. the federal government is buying $20 million worth of surplus cheese in an effort to bring ic that's good for wisconsin dairy farmers, many of whom are losing money at this prices have point. dropped 35% in the past couple of years. countries around the world are also stepping up production which is cutting into the u.s. export market. , prices are expected to remain low for at least another year. >> it is not a long-term fix for us, but it is something that will help us get through a situation and help with the costs. toya: the cheese being bought by the government will be donated
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county man is behind bars after dropping off a package with a ball python at his ex-girlfriend's apartment complex. that's according to court documents. the complaint also states that police were made aware of the suspicious package, and when officers arrived, heard something moving inside. after getting the box x-rayed they found the python inside. , 37-year-old eric burrows is facing several charges, including felony stalking. toya: new at 6:00 tonight making to school healthy. the milwaukee health department is preparing for the second of two health fairs. you're looking at video of last weeks' event. services at each fair include vaccinations, lead testing, vision, as well as dental screenings. >> we're here to make sure that the kids are healthy. the reason that's so important is if a child is healthy, they are going to miss less school. if they miss less school they're , going to do better in school, so we want to make sure they're
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happening at south division high school tomorrow. parents can bring their children in between 10:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. free backpacks and school supplies will also handed out. kathy: we are now just one week away from the first day of school for many students. and thanks to your generous donations, many mps students will be prepared for the classroom. our class act phone bank raised more than $67,000. that fills 4400 backpacks with supplies for local kids. a big thank you to everyone who donated. toya: it feels more beginning of school. you can turn the air conditioner off tonight. i don't want to say chill. mark: it is not quite a chill. the dew point was thick this morning. now it is not as thick. we've gone from 70 degrees to 60 degrees for the dew point. we are seven days away for the start of school for most. i know some of you have already
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fall is 28 days away. the first day of christmas is 122 days away. all right. welcome back. here we go. let's talk about what is happening around the area. it is much more comfortable, the dew point down to 60 in mequon, beautiful in racine, cloud cover here and there, but no issues. we take you gorgeous, 66 degrees. we have cool things down almost everywhere. 82 milwaukee, and yet another day in the 80's for august. water temperature has cooled off to 67. we needed to stay calm so the water will warm up again. we were 63 in milwaukee. now we are 57. we are at the comfortable level. that trend will continue for
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there, we'd pollen is high as well. if you are suffering, that is likely the reason. temperature wise, going back up, back in the 80's, tomorrow in the 70's, only the second time the entire month that has happened, and it looks like we will continue that warm trend into september as well. high clouds from storms in iowa, but that is about it. the trend is nice for the next 24 hours. it is spectacular. if you can get out tomorrow, do so. it will not be sticky, but sunny and wonderful. enjoy that, because on saturday it is not nearly as pretty, clouds, scattered showers, thunderstorms. timing this out is not easy, but here is what you need to know for saturday. it will rain sometime during the day. if you have plans, be ready for
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coming down. the best day is tomorrow, 78. showers and storms on saturday, 80. if you like it hot, your best day will be next week. next week is looking warm, 80's. 82 sunday and monday. 84 on tuesday and wednesday. again, most of you starting school on thursday, high temperatures there of 85 degrees, so it will be a warm start. as f by month later, you're wearing a heavy coat. kathy: you better mark your calendars. wisconsin takes on lsu right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 2:30pm. then stay tuned for the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers' post game. toya: our operation footbal game of the week is tonight.
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it is coming up. we'll have a live interview with
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operation football game of the week. it's taking place tonight thursday night in brookfield. the lancers playing host to the hartford orioles, the first ever meeting between the two schools. joining us now is brookfield central head coach jed kennedy. thanks for joining us. how do you prepare for a team you've never played before? >> not only have we never played them before, they have their game called last week at halftime, so we don' physical, play smart. our preparation is in our stuff rather than their stuff. stephanie: both teams are ranked in the top 10 in the state. would you say this is a pretty big nonconference game for both? >> it is. our philosophy at brookfield central is to play the best people they can. they have 17 returning starters.
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seeding. it is a tough early-season matchup today. stephanie: before tonight's game, brookfield central is honoring former football player matthew thompson, who died in afghanistan this week. so your team is playing with a heavy heart tonight? >> yeah, they will. i did not know matt, but i had his sister in class last two years, just a great girl and a great family. she that said, coach, i know you don't know my son, but he was a great kid and love playing football and was a great teammate on and off the field and you would have been happy to have him in your program. coming from her and a kid i think the world of, we talk with our players about how lucky we are to be of play this great game for the sacrifice that others make force. this one hit close to home. stephanie: thank you, coach.
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hartford. the badgers announced their starting quarterback today. paul chryst has named bart houston as the starting q.b. for next saturday's game against lsu, a game you can see right here on wisn 12. and finally, up at elkhart lake this weekend, nascar's x-finity series will be racing at road america. today i caught up with driver alex tagliani, who finished second in this race two years ago. in fact he's never won at road , america. >> i came very close. i have lots of second place. i ent i want to win, so i would try everything i can to bring this win to the team, the sponsor, myself finally. stephanie: the packers left today for san francisco and play the 49ers tomorrow night. kathy: football season, baseball ? mark: one more week of jazz the park. that is it. that is all we got. it is wonderful out right now.
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70's. the nicer thing is that we have taken some humidity out of the air, at least for now. tomorrow will be a beautiful day. the humidity returns for the weekend, and so does rain on
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?? ?? >> the britney spears movie she doesn't want you to see. >> oh, god. >> why the pop star wants nothing to do with her new biopic. then we're blowing the lid off of ,ybeyonce's next big surprise. and who's the celeb that >> whoa! plus, "cheers" is back. ?? ?? ? where everybody knows your name ?? >> only we're behind the scenes with the newcomers bringing back the tv classic. >> it's a show for everybody. "e.t." is first on the set of "sully" with tom hanks, recreating the dramatic crash landing. >> "miracle on the hudson" man -- sully! now for august 25th, 2016,


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