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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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but rain is on the horizon. we're tracking when you might need an umbrella. >> good morning anwelcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this friday, august 26th. let's start withhe forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in for sally today. good morning, jeremy. >> good morning, melinda. are you ready for the suntastic day? >> yes. >> have the sunglasses ready to go. we are in milwaukee. 67 degrees. how about the dew point, down to the 50s. now more clear skies up in sheboygan, seeing a brilliant sunrise this morning. a few boats are headed out of the harbor for a morning of fishing on lake michigan. the waters are quiet. the forecast is looking like for today, staying in the 60s early on and most of our sunshine is
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but staying dry today. we have rain in the weekend forecast. thoughatt salemme is heed to news chopper 12. >> things are in good shape on the roadways. the volumes light, the pavement is dry. no cplaints right now. tral times are looking good... that's a look at theorning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> family and friends a gathering to say good-bye to smith. mike anderson is live with a look ahead. d mo>> goorning,omorrow marks two weeks since death of smith and loved ones are
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milwaukee. funeral is happening today. the service is at noon. back on august 13th, smith was shot and killed by a police officer at 44th. police say that the 23-year-old was armed at the time. the department of justice says that the video will not be released until the investigation is completed. the shooting sparked unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. the smith family does not condone the violence. reporting live this morning mike anderson "12 news this morning." >> mike, thank you. >> also later today, a hit and run victim will be laid to rest. 22-year-old tyann bunch was hit by a car tuesday night on fond
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witnesses say two men left the scene in a cadillac deville. bunch's mother is asking them to come forward to explain what happened. the funeral will be at 11:00 a.m. athel ternacle rship. >> developing overnight, a two-year-old boy is found dead in milwaukee. the medical examiner's office was called to a home nea14th and finn on milwaukee's north side. police tell wisn 12 news that a child died there last night. police say the toddler was found unresponsive after his mother put him down for a nap. >> now to a home explosion near madison. tim, you're learning new information this morning. >> there was a street festival going on, it was a nice night and a lot of people outside. a man is in the hospital right now fighting for his life. a home in fitchburg just south of madison exploded last night. three houses in the neighborhood have major structural damage. 23 others have minor or moderate damage. police in fitchburg are trying to find out what caused the explosion. they say it does not appear suspicious.
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the scene. the explosion happened just one oc fr a major rin t area officials are hoping to open the road this morning. >> new information this morning on a shooting that happened yesterday near 29th and wisconsin. police tell wisn 12 news a 20-year-old man is in critical condition after the shooting. and a 23-year-old man is under arrest. police say those two men were in a car together. they reportedly shot at people in another vehicle. police are still looking for the people in the other car. >> milwaukee's catholic community is remembering a local nun who was killed in mississippi. two nuns were found dead in their home in durant, mississippi, a poor, rural area. they had been working there for more than 30 years. police in mississippi say someone broke into the nuns' home overnight yesterday and stabbed them both. one of their cars was stolen but was later foun sister margaret held grew up in
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both nuns worked as nurse practitioners often treating people for free in rural mississippi. >> looking ahead, there's a deadline fast approaching for steven avery who's serving life in prison for the murder of theresa halbach. avery became a household name after the netflix series making a murderer focused on the manitowoc murder. avery was convicted of killing halbach more than a decade ago. now,very's attorneys have until monday to file an appeal on that decision. avery has been fighting his conviction for years. our newsroom is in contact with the manitowoc county courthouse to bring you the latest developments. wisn 12 news time now is 5:35. >> a hold-up at a gas station backfires. how the would-be victim turned the tables on a gunman and how that dangerous confrontation ended. >> and celebrating man's best friend. today is national dog day. the two things you can do for your pet that could end up helping your whole family. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to
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>> good morning. thanks for joining us. we are scanning the skies right now. you want to see a good looking sunrise, we have it for you. we are minutes away from the sunrise. lake mgan 64 degrees right now in mequon. low dew points this morning. fairly refreshing 50s. 67 in downtown milwaukee. upper 50s at the state's capitol. open the wen windows and enjoy. today we stay dry. seasonal temperatures. we have rain in the weekend forecast. we go over the timing of showers and thunderstorms coming up. >> thank you, jeremy. >> new this morning, a dangerous hold-up backfires in atlanta. surveillance cameras caught the
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one man pulled out a gun but his intended victim had a surprise, an even bigger gun. he pulled it out and the bullets started flying. the car's windshield ended up riddled with bullets. one woman was hurt, she's expected to be okay. >> also new this morning, a city bus falls victim to a sinkhole. officials say a water main break caused the sinkhole in phoenix. the city bus was driving through and got stuck in the giant hole. thankfully no passengerser board and the driver was not hurt. 5:40. >> let's get right to tim elliott. >> he's in the newsroom following big stories from around the world. tim. >> central italy is in shambles after a massive earthquake. days later, the shaking has not stopped. the new aftershocks that are making it even harder for first responders to search for survivors. plus, a crime splee overnight, a
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stolen truck into an airliner.
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning". 5:44 on this friday, all 26. i am sad when the summer is over. the sunrises are spectacular. >> yes, getting later and later. it is a great one today. enjoy it. it is safe to suntastic start to the day. currently 67 degrees. we have a dew point in the upper 50s. a northwest breeze 5-10 miles per hour. to assist comfortable out there. down to south in racine, a couple of mid and high clouds are streaming through 64 degrees. lower dew points. let's enjoy this. we have big changes in store for tonight and into the weekend. more downpours are possible. we go over the timing of that
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first, matt is headed to news chopper 12. >> pulled into the airport. things are in good shape on the roadways. the construction around the zoo is long gone. the travel times are looking good. no reason to rush... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> right now, a massive clup after tornadoes swept through. wisn 12 news' tim elliott in the newsroom with the latest damage reports. tim? >> eight tornadoes hit indiana yesterday. the icons show where the tornados hit and the paths they took. kokomo was hit the hardest by those storms. right now, people whose homes were damaged or destroyed are cleaning up and they have help from neighbors, volunteers, and even strangers.
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clear broken tree branches off of roads and homes. the tornado that hit kokomo was an ef-3, the largest of the tornados that hit indiana yesterday. back to you. tim, thank you. >> overnight, another earthquake hit central italy this time a four-point-seven. it's just the latest aftershock to rock the area after a massive 6.2 earthquake hit on wednesday. right now the death toll stands at 267 people. more than 350 others are hurt and in hospitals. rescue crews are still searching for people who may be buried under the rubble. several villages in central italy were nearly destroyed by the quake. >> one of those aftershocks was caught on camera by a canadian news crew. they were recording when the tremor hit. no one in the crew was hurt. these are the conditions that first responders are dealing with as they try to dig through the rubble.
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florida are getting ready for a heavy storm. they're preparing for possible flooding and stocking up on food and other supplies. that storm is in the caribbean right now and could turn into a dangerous tropical storm. even if the storm does not develop into a tropical storm. it could dump enough rain to cause flooding. >> a dog has been reunited with its adopted owner after they met during a marathon. you might remember this story, gobi the marathon dog tagged along with dion leonard while he ran an ultra-marathon in china. the dost way and leonard made plans to adopt the dog. the story spread on social media. but before the adoption was official, gobi disappeared. leonard searched for her and finally, someone found the dog. >> gobi sprinted across from the other side of the room straight up into my arms. she literally ran up my legs. she's squealing and yelping and she was just delighted to see me.
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his side since. he's planning to get a tracking chip so they won't be separated again. tim is saying that she got a medal. >> yes, for running the marathon. >> i love that. it is a cute story. cute dog, too. >> a lot of us do this every day. but today is the day to celebrate your four-legged friend. it's national dog day, created to celebrate the role dogs play as members of our families. >> dogs do so much for us every day of the year, it's the least we can do to honor them with one day of the year. and you know, it is interesting, what's the most important thing you can do to celebrate your dog day? it's taking them to the vet. >> experts say in addition to regular check ups, your vet can help protect your dog from fleas and ticks, which can spread disease and also infect your home.
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we are sharing photos of our pets. here's my little snowman. >> and here are walter and alice. they are back home in minnesota. >> and we can't forget about deputy dempsey. we are going camping this weekend. he's so photo againic. and we also have a picture of sally's lab-mix bailey. >> now here's a picture of nash. >> and last but not least, here's matt salemme's dog remus. look at how wrinkly he is. look at the video. the little tiny eyes. he's gorgeous. a beautiful coat too, a big dog. have you met him? >> just once. >> he's got a good temperment. >> he doesn't know how big he
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>> we have a nice forecast to take the dogs out and treat them. walk them this morning with the comfortable temperatures. 50s and 60s. a beautiful sunrise. the sunrise time 6:10. you may want to open the windows. 60s early on and midday mid to upper 70s and topping out about 78 degrees. a little lake breeze kicking in but the water temperatures for the most part near shore are in the 60s. here is our weatherwatch 12 camera, sunrise is about to take shape. the spiders found the camera lens. 58 degrees. the dew point is dry at 57. no concerns for rain today. instead we are seeing a few mid and high clouds streaming through. down tow south and west, there is a storm system pushing the
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saturday. for today, party sunny skies, 78 degrees downtown milwaukee. same in west bend. 76 in sheboygan. 78 racine. a little closer to 80 well inland. let's talk about the weekend forecast. we have changes in store and showing up later today in the form of clouds. we start sunny to partly cloudy and ending mostly cloudy you are camping across southeast wisconsin there is lightning and thunder and downpours. showers on and off throughout saturday. have a plan b for outdoor plans and ready to go. showers for saturday. sunday is the pick day at 83. it is staying warm for late
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begins for many local schools next thursday and 80 degrees for the first day. pretty warm start to the school year, above average. >> jeremy, thank you. >> new from overnight, panic at a mall in orlando. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom with a look at what set this off. tim. >> chaos at that orlando mall late last night all because people were popping baoo shoppers tried to escape from the mall, four had to be taken to the hospital. people in the mall reportedly thought the sound of balloons popping was gunfire. the balloons were part of an inspection ahead of a restaurant opening. officials did make an announcement, warning shoppers about the drill. this comes just two months after the orlando nightclub attack -- dozens of people died at pulse nightclub when a gunman opened fire. >> tim, thank you.
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airport. a man crashed a stolen truck into an airplane. the man jumped the fence and stole a truck and slammed into a plane. the man stripped down to boxers and he was eventually arrested. >> new this morning, a plane crashes into an indiana home. two people in the plane were hurt when it crashed last night. they were airlifted to a hospital nearby. the home is nearly destroyed. no one was home at the time. emergency crews were on the scene overnight protecting the wreckage until the faa arrives to investigate. >> in michigan, an airline co-pilot is under arrest after the plane's captain called police and said the co-pilot was drunk. police say the pilot blew a .3 on a breathalyzer test. that's seven times the legal limit for pilots. no passengers were on board the plane but the co-pilot seemed to
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captain called 911. >> new this morning, a teacher in washington state seems to be the victim of a vicious attack. but now, police are saying there was never an attack. police say the shop teacher confessed to making the story up after he failed a lie-detector test. cal pygott told police that someone came into his classroom, hit him on the head then choked him with a zip tie. another teacher found him with the zip tie still around his neck. >> this is not anything that is normal in the life so from the beginning it was odd, strange, it was difficult. >> police say he made up the story and cost the police valuable time that could have been spent solving other crimes. >> police officer pulls off a daring rescue. take a look. two officers on bike patrol and seeing a skunk with a cup stuck to the face. one of the men reached down,
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run for it. >> he didn't run fast enough. that officer avoided the smell. >> look at the bike guy, look, look, he's going slow. wait for it. the bike guy is not moving fast enough. >> one of the officers got hit. >> the guy on the bike. oh, man. you have to move. you have to move. >> i would be so far away from all of >> explosion overnight in belgium. >> this was not terrorism. what is being blamed for the deadly blast. >> brew crew is showing
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>> welcome back. 5:58. volkswagon is agreeing rigg. >> thatdeal is worth tens of millions of dollars. millions of the cars had beento test. >> uber wants the drivers to save for retirement. they are partnering up to allow some of the drivers to sign up
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all fees are waived for the first year and it is a pilot year for now, but uber plans to roll it out across the country if the drivers want it. >> sales at tiffany are plungi. they tumbled 8%. they are blaming the drop inhe tourist's lack of spin >> starbucks is adding almond there is a catch. it is costs 60 cents. 5:59. the news continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "12 news this
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>> i'm melinenport0, friday, august 26. right now, a massive explosion a wisconsin home. the aftermath of the blast and what the neighbors are waking up to this morning. >> a deadline that could change the fate of convicted murder steven avery. >> we have a look at the morning commute and the forecast. >> matt is on deck, first here is jeremy nelson. morning. sunrise is underway. it is comfortable too at 66 degrees in the city. the dewoints settled down in the 50s. the winds are 5-10 miles per hour. a water colored sky on the north shore in meqn and curntly in the low 60s. your hour by hour forecast party sunnskies around this morning.


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