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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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fighting through that devastation, she sat down to share her emotions. >> it is killing all of us. >> the women grew up in a close-knit family. i'm thinking of all the good times and the things we did together. >> that losses magnified. >> it's like we lost to family members. >> they were all family to her. she was very blessed.
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about the home break-in and attack and are left to wonder. >> the saddest part is they would have given him anything, and they had nothing. >> now she says she is something another sister witness. >> she looked out the window and this white feather came falling from t was margaret. so we are going to believe in that. >> she told me that sister margaret had just visited a month ago and they had a great visit and went out for custard, which he said is one of her favorite things to do when she is in town. >> any word on arrangements?
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me the barrel -- burial would be at the convent in milwaukee. >> thank you. investigators say one of their vehicles w and abandoned. >> the man at the center of one of wisconsin's most notorious murders is at the center of the end testing -- dna testing. colleen henry is live, and the request is huge. >> she wants to test or retest
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motion this afternoon, saying new forensic science has advanced greatly since the conviction nine years ago. he is currently serving a life sentence in the 2005 murderer. >> we will get to the bottom of who killed her. we firmly believe that we will establish that it was not steven avery. >> i can't get the smile off my face. i am so excited about what just happened to actually hear the , words come out of zellner's mouth personally that he's innocent, and all these testings that are going to get done, it's unbelievable. >> avery's attorney says she has scientists from around the world on standby and the defense will even pick up the tab. the state gets to weigh in on her request. no comment from the department of justice yet.
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white, from all different walks of life come together and know that we can only do this together. toya: the community comes together to say goodbye to 23-year-old sylville smith. he was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer during a traffic stop. kathy: police say smith was armed at the time. his death led to days of unrest. it's big story coverage tonight. wisn 12 news terry sater live at the church. >> the family did not want reporters or cameras inside for the service, but we did talk to people afterwards. the reverend jesse jackson was here to speak and said that milwaukee must end the cycle of despair. tearful mourners gathered at milwaukee's christian faith fellowship church. some, including caldonia candler, wore yellow buttons saying change for sylville smith. >> peace. let the family have peace. that's what today is all about.
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shot 23-year-old sylville smith earlier this month. police say body camera video shows smith holding a gun. >> we could not stop this funeral but we must stop the , next one. >> i asked civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson what he told smith's family. >> we must bring honor to the memory of sylville. we're only building a monument to his passing because he means so much to so many young people it seems. the real monument is putting young milwaukee back to work. >> the funeral program said in part, "sylville smith accepted christ as his savior at a very young age, in his leisure he enjoyed dancing, playing the game with his son, doing gymnastics, and enjoying spending time with family and friends." >> in the streets of milwaukee we need more love, and peace and unity. that's what we need. >> reverend jackson said real peace involves justice and justice means equal opportunity
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oaks cemetery. the investigation into the officer-involved shooting is ongoing. kathy: the state announced $4.5 million will go towards jobs and rebuilding the area. here's the breakdown. $1.5 million for employment programs. to help tear down empty $2 million properties. and another $1 million for job training, which includes mobile response unitsgo neighborhoods like sherman park. the govenor explained how those units would work. >> to help individuals identify the skills they need to fill those positions, but help them remove the barriers that alter often stand in the way of finding employment, whether it be transportation, childcare, dealing with other parts of the system. kathy: also in attendance at the announcement, milwaukee mayor tom barrett and county executive chris abele. both say they look forward to partnering with the governor in this effort. milwaukee's common council president says that's the leadership and investment the
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unrest. >> you saw at that event something you typically don't see when you are trying to address issue of poverty in the city of milwaukee. you saw the executive director of the state, you saw the governor, you saw the county executive, you saw the mayor, all standing together. >> the common council president. >> and the common council id identifying a specific problem said needed to be addressed and a quick agreement on what a solution should look like and what it could be. kathy: sunday on upfront, council president ashanti hamilton on where milwaukee goes next. upfront airs sunday morning at 9:00. toya: new information on the massive house explosion in fitchburg, a madison suburb. the power company says investigators have not found any evidence of a gas leak. a 57-year-old man was critically hurt in yesterday's explosion. debris from the explosion landed about a half mile from the
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fire officials say three nearby houses have major structural damage and 23 others have , moderate to minor damage. the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives is helping fitchburg police with the investigation. more robberies reported on the east side of milwaukee. overnight, there was one on oakland and locust outside popular restaurants and bars. there was another on kane and cambridge. four other robberies around the east side. milwaukee police told 12 news earlier this week that robbers are targeting people walking on the sidewalks on the east side. police arrested several suspects but say the robberies keep , happening. kathy: two big construction projects are completed days ahead of schedule. the new center street bridge over interstate 41 is now open.
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the district bridge serves as a serves as a link between whitman , middle school on the east side of the interstate and wauwatosa west high school and eisenhower grade school on the west side. the projects started in the spring. you shouldn't have too much trouble getting around the zoo interchange this weekend. right now the only interstate closure is scheduled for tonight. eastbound 94 is closing at moorland road for a traffic switch. toya: it's friday night and that means operation football. dozens of high school teams facing off tonight. this is live from menonomee falls at greendale. don't forget you can tweet us your high school football pictures or scores. just use the hashtag wisn 12. then don't missll our hour-long 10:00 p.m. news. market it looks like people will , be comfortable in the stands tonight. mark: a lot better when last friday when we had games canceled, delayed, and some games that did not finish. we will not have that this evening. let's get a live look outside. look how spectacular that is. 71 degrees, comfortable, the dew point is not bad, not humid out
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we will stage or i, for now. temperatures around 70 degrees, light southeasterly wind, a perfect night for football, but is will be changing this weekend. when to expect rain, coming up in weatherwatch 12. toya: lambeau field is making some adjustments for a big football game next weekend. kathy: the badgers will play lsu at the frozen tundra. coming up the makeshift locker , room they created for louisiana. kathy: also ahead, milwaukee bucks announce two new projects. one involves state of the-art medical ca coming up, the partnership changing the face of downtown. >> hey everybody. i am ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. changes to the way kids get ready for school. >> monday on wisn 12 news this morning why some families are , waiting until after class starts to pick up supplies.
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kathy: new tonight at 10:00, a merger between two iconic beer brands. what it could mean trouble for local workers. the company looking to slash 6600 jobs. then, three major airlines accused of misleading
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government says the airlines may have been keeping you in the dark. that's tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: an american woman held in captivity by isis. tonight on 20/20 new information about kayla mueller's fight for freedom told by her fellow hostages. >> this is the first time they've spoken about what happened inside that isis prison and they tell the story of a remarkable young woman, kayla who actually stood up to jihadi , john, remember that brutal isis guard who executed so many hostages. she had challenged him when he said she had converted to islam. she said, no i hav toya: 20/20's investigation into the girl left behind, it all starts at 9:00 tonight, followed by wisn 12 news at 10:00. kathy: the downtown arena district is taking shape. the bucks announced two new facilities are now under construction. wisn 12 news tim elliott shows us what's going in next to the arena. [applause] >> the milwaukee bucks unveiled two new additions coming the downtown arena district next year. first, the froedtert and medical college of wisconsin sports
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located at 6th and juneau, it will serve as the new training and practice facility for the bucks. >> this new training center will be a major hub for advancing sports science research. >> also in the works, a state of the art health center, also run by froedtert, it will go at sixth and mckinley. the new health center will be located right behind me here, it will be 37,000 square feet and it will serve the downtown area and the surrounding neighborhoods. >> so when you come on mckinley off of 43, which 30,000 cars do a day it will no longer be , barren brown fields, it will be a modern great looking aesthetically pleasing entrance to the city. >> this is a demonstration i believe of the depth of commitment that the bucks have to this community. >> and head coach jason kidd believes the new facilities will
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quest to bring an nba title back to milwaukee. >> our goal is to a win a championship. but we have to go through the journey the ups and downs, we are a very young team but we've had a very good summer. >> bango is a big fan of the plans in fact -- the plans. in fact he's head over heels. ,kathy: both facilities are expected to open in the fall of 2017. the bucks are paying for the $30 million project. the downtown clinic will offer primary care, orthopedic, sports medicine and some specialty care as well as physical therapy, rehabilitation, imaging and laboratory services. the training facility will also host community basedel camps. the bucks arena is currently under construction as well, it is expected to open by fall of 2018. lambeau field is getting ready to host the wisconsin-lsu college football game next week saturday night. toya: and players are getting the all star treatment. a gym inside the stadium is being transformed into the tigers' locker room. a local cabinet shop designed and created 80 lockers. they collapse so they can be stored easily, but sturdy enough so they can used in the future.
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lsu had one request for the makeshift locker room the team , asked that the banners of retired packers players not be covered up, so the players can enjoy the history at lambeau field. the wisconsin badgers will use the packers' visiting team locker room. you can see the wisconsin take on lsu only right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 2:30 p.m. then stay tuned for the season ie saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers' post game. toya: outdoor activities tonight, ok. tomorrow, questionable? mark: it is beautiful, comfortable, not stifling, not a lot of humidity, so many will be happy with that. tomorrow is not the perfect saturday.
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at the summerfest grounds, 71 degrees. the dew point is comfortable, 56. no worries this evening if you are heading to football games. you will be a ok. temperatures fall back into the 60's, may be a jacket since you have been used to this warm weather. this is one of the cooler evenings that we have had. it will get cooler coming up. not a washout for the weekend. sunday is the best day for sure. it looks good with a decent amount of sunshine. we will warm it up this weekend, 80 on saturday, 82 on sunday. showers and storms, and you look at that and you're like, no. it will not rain the entire time. both days, the stickiness is back. it will be fairly humid all week next week as well.
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79 madison. cloud cover throughout the day, scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area. partly sunny's guys on sunday, temperatures warming up, so if you are heading up north, it will be warm there as well. superior, 77. current temperatures right now, 76 rockford. rain coming down in waterloo, 66. 70 degrees in green bay. 70 wisconsin. of us that will be moving in. we are still comfortable right now. this is heading back up here as we head into this weekend, so be prepared for that. on the doppler 12 radar network, it looks like a sprinkle trying to fall in fond du lac county. i cannot imagine it making it to the ground. we have dry air near the surface, and that should take care of that. later tonight, rain moving in.
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overnight hours, scattered showers and thunderstorms, some pockets of heavy rain. here is seven :00 a.m. some areas getting rain, some areas not. pretty much it in miss all day saturday. sunday, we start with clouds, but it should clear out quickly. the rest of the day turns out nicely. sunday, again, is the day you would be rather outside. 80-82 on monday. 84 on tuesday. most of the day will be dry. temporarily on wednesday, 77. 77 thursday. then a bigger warm up moving in, and labor day weekend, for those of you hoping for hot weather, at this point, it does look like it will be a hot labor day weekend. temperatures in the mid-80's, which for this time of year going into labor day weekend is fairly warm. kathy: it could be 40 degrees. mark: it has been close to that.
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mark: it's going to be great. it is a badgers victory, that is all that matters. the weather does not make any difference. toya: there we go. it is friday night. that means operation football. stephanie: we'll have a live
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stephanie: later tonight the packers kick off their third preseason game against the 49ers aaron rodgers will take some snaps tonight, but if he plays, it won't be for very long even , though brett hundley isn't available due to an ankle injury. with the first roster cuts coming at camp on the packers tuesday, are still evaluating. >> you are playing different combinations of players. whether aaron rodgers is in
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improving. i think they are growing. brett had the opportunity to play against oakland. i feel good about where we are from an offensive standpoint, quarter back development standpoint, but most importantly, we have to take a step against the 49ers. stephanie: week two of operation football continues tonight. one of our featured games of the week is a co showdown between menomonee falls and greendale. joining us now is the panthers head coach. how important are these non-conference games especially this early in the season? >> any coach will tell you that you use these nonconference games as a measuring stick against an unknown opponent for the most part, and you get a gauge for areas you need to improve on going forward as you open up your conference league.
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running back are coming off an press of performances. how can they tout that in week two against the indians. >> i know it sounds clich?, but we are taking it one we get a time, one game at a time, been alternately we have areas that we need to build and improve on while continuing to accentuate the things we do do well. stephanie: thank you coach. taking on menomonee falls tonight, week two of operation football. lots of games tonight. mark: it must be sunny out there. it's sunny right now in racine. it is absolutely beautiful this evening. temperatures are comfortable around 72 degrees at 7:00. not much win. -- wind. last friday, when we had operation football, we only had a few games that actually completed.
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time. we are looking good. 60's tonight, the rain moves in overnight while you are sleeping. that will continue off and on during the day on saturday. sunday, less rain, but not a washout. kathy: our next news is at
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?? ryan lochte and the mad scramble to save his image. >> i'm not perfect. i do mess up. >> will the new threat of jail time sink his comeback? and the real deal behind rumors he'll join "dancing with the stars." then -- britney's from her epic carpool karaoke. and inside her big vma comeback as we flash back to her past show-stopping moments. >> i cannot believe this is just like freaking happened. plus behind the scenes of lance bass' new dating show, taking on "bachelorette" with new twist. >> this is a show that i would die to watch. and reese witherspoon breaks news about sequels to two of her most popular movies. and the one role she would rather forget.


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