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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: wisn news starts right now. adrienne: police track down a man they believe was involved in the unrest that rocked a milwaukee neighborhood two weeks ago. minutes. sheldon: and, authorities make an arrest in a brutal crime that made national headlines. police saying they know who killed two nuns in their own home. one of those murdered nuns has ties to our area. adrienne: that's right. tonight, rodney earl sanders is in jail for the murders of sister margaret held and sister paula merrill. police arrested him in mississippi last night. investigators are trying to find out if there is any connection between sanders and the two women. he was not a patient at the clinic where they worked, and was not a member of their
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their home near jackson mississippi. sister margaret grew up in slinger and still has family in the area. >> her biggest joy of coming home to wisconsin would be go to get cheese and eat ice cream and custard, and thank god she came home so that we had that time together. adrienne: sister margaret was a member of the school sisters of st francis. today that says in part, "we wish to offer our deepest appreciation to the mississippi state and local law enforcement teams and to the many other public servants who have worked tirelessly the past two days. we also wish to thank the hundreds of people and organizations who offered their prayers and words of support in the wake of the sisters' deaths. your kindness is deeply appreciated by the school sisters of st. francis at this tremendously difficult time." sheldon: we are learning about a
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rocked neighborhoods two weeks ago. he says he went to the sherman park neighborhood in the wake of the shooting and admits to going into three businesses taking a , few items from jet beauty. saxton denies breaking into the businesses or having any part in setting them on fire. family and friends gathered to remember the man whose death sparked that unrest. sylville smith's funeral was held yesterday at faith christian fellowship church. the reverend jesse jackson delivered the eulogy. he also spoke with our mike anderson about changes the community needs to make. police say smith had a gun when an officer shot him in the chest and arm. the state department of justice is investigating the shooting.
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information about the car crash that left two teenagers dead. we first brought you this story as breaking news last night at 10:00. wisn 12 news' ben hutchison joins us live from 35th and keefe in milwaukee, where friends and family have been gathering this afternoon. ben. >> everyone started showing up around 3:00 this afternoon. you can see the trees back there where the car actually hit, the one with balloons on it. the two young men killed were cousins, both 15-years-old, trey hale and demetrius batchelor junior. i'd estimate around 75 people showed up near 35th and keefe , many of them still in shock saying it was hard to comprehend , the news. i am told that all four passengers were cousins. the person driving had just gotten his license and he wanted to take the other three boys for a ride investigators say he lost control, the car hit a tree and split in half. both hale and batchelor were ejected from the backseat. people have been showing up over
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coming up at 6:00, we'll have family reaction how they're , hoping the two boys are remembered. near 35th and keefe, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. adrienne: turning now to the weather. a lot of us saw rain today. chief meteorologist mark baden joins us now. will we see anymore? mark: there could be a shower or two, but most areas are dry. there are some pockets where we are seeing other areas where there is a light shower or two. also watching the fog, think along the lakeshore, not so bad right now. we take you through the rest of this evening, sticky with the dew point at 70 degrees. it is rather humid. that trend will continue. for the most part, we stayed dry this evening. i will let you know what to expect for sunday coming up in
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the family of nba star and former marquette basketball player dwyane wade is grieving this weekend after someone shot and killed his cousin. she was pushing her baby in a stroller when the gunman fired. here's abc's alex perex with the latest in the investigation. >> enough is enough. dwyane wade taking his message to twitter one day after a stray bullet hit and killed his cousin in chicago. the nba superstar tweeting, "another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. the city of chicago on deck." >> we got a female shot in the head. >> 32-year-old nykea aldridge was caught in the crossfire as she pushed her baby in a stroller on the city's southside friday afternoon an innocent , victim killed in a violent crime epidemic. >> we got a crime scene at 6350. we got shell casings. >> the murder rate in chicago is up a staggering 48% this year.
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just one day before aldridge's death, wade a three-time nba champion recently traded to the chicago bulls joined fellow players at an espn town hall to talk about the growing violence. >> it's about a whole coming together and understanding that it's deep rooted. and this is something that didn't start today. this something that's not gonna end tomorrow. >> just hours later, wade's mother tearfully talking about her niece, holding nykea's crying mom. >> i believe it's senseless. just going to register her kids in school and bullets that fly around that have no name decided to find its way to her head. >> police say detectives are working aggressively and questioning possible suspects while the community hopes for , change and swift action. alex perez, abc news, chicago. sheldon: donald trump posted this tweet in reaction to the death, ?dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed while walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african americans will vote trump.? an hour later, he posted his
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this story, and the ongoing violence in chicago. look for an updated report coming up at on world news 5:30 p.m. tonight. adrienne: commitment 2016 coverage now in the race for president. with 72 days until the november election the candidates today , focused on campaigning and security. democratic nominee hillary clinton received her first national security briefing of the campaign today. she spent about two hours at an fbi office in new york. republican donald trump received a similar briefing several trump campaigned in iowa today keeping up his theme of battling , illegal immigration. >> every time an african american citizen or hispanic citizen or any citizen loses their job to an illegal immigrant, the rights of that american citizen have been totally violated. they are losing their jobs. adrienne: as part of our commitment to bring you
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wisn 12 in partnership with the marquette university law school is hosting a live debate between senator ron johnson and former senator russ feingold. moderating is up front host mike gousha. you can watch it live tuesday, october 18 from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. right here on wisn 12. sheldon: students getting ready to start another school year will benefit from all the people who laced up their running and walking shoes for today's mps run back to school event. wisn 12 news' thema ponton shows how the annual event helps students. >> there is a lot of excitement about here, but this about more than having a good time. it's also about getting everyone to focus on having a successful school year. >> this has to be our year and times of getting those results we need that are so important. a lot of people are rallying around the school system and making sure the students have
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lot of hard work to do. >> work that starts here at the annual run back to school a 5k run and walk through washington park. >> how far did you walk? >> a mile. >> a mile. >> are you tired? >> no. >> the money raised benefits mps' youth recreation programs. supporting those programs is not the only reason people are here. >> we need to come as a who le, violence is going on and things like that, so i believe that if we come together now, we can make a change in milwaukee. >> it does show that there are a lot of good things going on in the city at the same time we get national exposure for the challenges we have. >> the people here say they're ready to take on the school year with energy, enthusiasm, and support from the community. in milwaukee, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. sheldon: it looks like everyone
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back to school run-walk event. and here's one more thing to think about as the kids head back to school. a new study says students learn more if their teachers are good looking. researchers at the university of nevada studied groups of college students and found they remembered more of the lectures given by professors they found attractive. i don't know if you could have the same result on the grade school level, especially for kids heading back for elementary school. adrienne: that's why everyone listens to you on the news, sheldon, obviously. people in one milwaukee neighborhood are being warned to watch their surroundings this weekend. sheldon: learn which area is being hit by a string of hold-ups and hear a longtime resident talk about how things have changed. adrienne: and a real-life castaway. we'll tell you where this sos sign brought help to a pair of stranded marines. mark: plus, the weekend is not a bust. how much nicer we'll get tomorrow next in weather watch
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way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 5:00. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. >> it just seems like a waste of energy. adrienne: a local woman whose story touched people all over the world has died. brianne schwantes of south milwaukee was born with a condition commonly referred to as brittle bone disease. she used her experience as a platform to help others, even testifying before congress on behalf of healthcare funding. schwantes died this week. she was only 36 years old. before you head to milwaukee's east side tonight, you'll want to hear about this. police are seeing a recent spike in armed robberies.
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bags. as wisn 12 news christina palladino shows us, people who live in the area are on edge. >> for 15 years, michael has been living on the east side of milwaukee. he only wanted us to use his first name for safety concerns because he's seen a big uptick in crime in his neighborhood. >> the crowd has changed. it's more rough. it used to be kids and hippies. >> the last few nights when he's out late walking his dog, michael has noticed cars driving in pairs looking for people to rob. he says more women are also walking together. whoever is behind these armed robberies, it seems like they're jumping from one block to the next, geg like an easy target. police say in just the last 48 there have been at least six hours, reported armed robberies across the east side. men and women have been targeted with guns and knives. the suspects then take off with their belongings. bridget greenlee has lived on the east side for close to five years. she says lately this crime has been top of mind. >> maybe i shouldn't walk home tonight or maybe i shouldn't walk by myself or take an uber
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sheldon: that was christina palladino reporting. police are trying to figure out if the same crew is behind all of these armed robberies. so far, police haven't arrested anyone. adrienne: italy is observing a national day of mourning for the 291 people who died in this week's earthquake. mourners, including some injured survivors, gathered today for a state funeral to remember 35 of the victims. they wept and consoled each other in a community gym. before the funeral, italy's president visited the devastated region about 90 miles north of rome to thank rescue workers. take a look at this. a pedestrian bridge falls onto one of the busiest roadways in the u.k. talk about scary. a truck hauling construction equipment clipped the bottom of the bridge, causing it to collapse. only one person, a bicyclist, is hurt. luckily he was not riding on the section that collapsed. thank goodness. sheldon: parts of kansas city are cleaning up and drying out after a heavy rain saturated the
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under water after all of that rain fell yesterday. rescuers had to help people to safety because of flash flooding. the national weather service says the kansas city area got more than 4.5 inches of rain yesterday making it their 11th , wettest in history. two marines are back home and safe after spending eight days stranded on an island after their boat sank. they were trapped on a beach in micronesia in the western pacific ocean. and like a scene out of a movie rescuers spotted a gia air and boat patrols searched more than 16,000 square miles before the castaways were finally spotted. adrienne: rain, sun, and now fog. i thought it was a good morning to stay inside. mark: it was a good morning to do that. we have the majority of the day being a ok, a few scattered showers here and there. it is tough to take the humidity though.
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an hour ago, you could not see anything because the fog was there. now the fog has lifted, but i would not be surprised to see the fog come back. were looking back at the summerfest grounds, now hosting mexican fiesta. temperatures not too bad. yes, it is sticky, in the 70's. most areas are going to stay dry. we will show you that in a second. the brewers are in town against the pirates, 77 degrees for tailgate, 6:10 p.m. the first pitch. we have warmed up and areas that have seen more sunshine. 82 janesville. we may make it to 78 or 79 in
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there right now, but we are still watching for the possibility of a pop-up shower or maybe even a thunderstorm. this is not very nice. some of you like it really, really sticky. we have had a really sticky summer, and we are there again. the next three days, it will be rather sticky. tomorrow, mid-60's, still sticky. then, comfortable air moving in on wednesday and thursday. some of you had a lot of rain this morning night, some areas picking up almost two inches. it did not rain in southern milwaukee county and milwaukee itself. look at the differences here. 1.5 inches in cedarburg. 1.5 inches in port washington and mequon. this has happened almost all summer long. other areas pickup all the rain, but not where we take the measurements.
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for the month, and eight inches behind average for the year. most of the area around us is in good shape. we are not done yet with scattered showers and thunderstorms. there is some cloud cover here, and we have some clearing. watch what happens as we go into future cast. just in case, bring an umbrella this evening. we overnight, patchy fog early, but that will not last. the clouds will part and it will turn into a beautiful afternoon, i'll be it on the sticky side. sunday, 82. 84 degrees on monday and tuesday. 75 on wednesday. yes, we are almost there, september, students heading back
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back up on friday. labor day weekend is looking nice and toasty, which usually makes a lot of people happy because it is the unofficial end to summer. adrienne: head out to the lake and in enjoy it. thank you. sheldon: stephanie sutton is next in sports. adrienne: see how aaron rodgers and the packers first team offense faired in their preseason showdown against the 49ers. announ
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sheldon: the packers played their third preseason game last night in santa clara. adrienne: that's right. 12 sports stephanie sutton is here to show us how they did against the 49ers. stephanie: good in their third preseason game. they beat the 49ers 21-10 and are now 3-0 in exhibition play. quarterback aaron rodgers making his one and only appearance in the preseason. rodgers leading two drives for the packers before he went to the bench. the second drive covering 87 yards capped off by a six-yard touchdown pass to randall cobb. by the way, as expected, jordy nelson did not play last night. the big story of the game for green bay, back up quarterback joe callahan. he had the play of the night on third and 19 in the fourth quarter.
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free agent jeronimo allison, and that set up a touchdown run by brandon burks. callahan threw for 167 yards and one touchdown. overall, a good preseason game for the green and gold. aaron rodgers was pleased. >> we ran a bunch of place in those two drives and it was up-tempo, and that is important. >> it was good just to get a drive altogether and get a for things and get the tempo back to where we wanted it and enjoy being out there. stephanie: the packers looking good late last night. in kansas city this thursday, doubtful any starters will play in the game. sheldon: thank you so much. still ahead, a wisconsin effort to help a threatened species. adrienne: where the hundreds of
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sheldon: a butterfly breeder in
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wisconsin is helping more than 200 butterflies make their way to mexico friday. paula larson released the butterflies along with help from kids in her rhinelander community. monarchs are considered threatened species by the world wildlife foundation. adrienne: president obama is creating the world's largest protected area off the coast of his native hawaii, expanding a national monument created by george w. bush a day cad ago. it will protect marine life habitat and thousands of animals , including whales and sea turtles. pretty cool. speaking of climate change, inter-meteorologist. mark: there is a tropical storm headed towards hawaii as we speak. all four of us will not be able
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south and southern illinois. we will watch the closely this evening. . welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. the midair scare at 30,000 feet. a southwest flight bound for orlando making an emergency landing. the cabin losing pressure. one of the plane's two engines torn away. the hunt for the suspects who killed a young mother walking with hergh of chicago. the victim, the cousin of an nba star. dwyane wade's message tonight. donald trump under fire for his response to that tragedy from the very voters he's desperately trying to win over. >> it can't get any worse. what do you have to lose? >> now hillary clinton under fire too. tonight an abc news exclusive, the new e-mails. did her top aides give to


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