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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." outrage in chicago. two brothers charged with gunning down the cousin of an nba superstar. one just released from jail, still wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. tonight, the emotional plea from the city's top cop. >> when will enough be enough? a pair of united airline pilots arrested just moments before takeoff. accused of being too drunk to fly. plus, investigators on the scene of that emergency landing for a southwest flight. a piece of the engine ripped right off. the desperate call to 911. and the frustrated dispatcher on the other end. >> what did he look like? what did -- ugh. >> tonight, why the dispatcher
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the charter bus crash that left a fire chief dead. the mangled wreckage. now, the shocking discovery about who was behind the wheel of that bus. and the growing outrage over a star quarterback's refusal to stand for the national anthem. why some fans are burning his jersey. good evening. thank you for joining us on this sunday. tom is off tonight. i'm cecilia vega. and we begin with the shooting that has outraged a city nation. police in chicago arresting two men in the murder of an nba superstar's cousin. she was caught in gang crossfire. the suspects, two repeat offenders. one released just two weeks ago, the other convicted of gun violence in the past. tonight, the city's top cop
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city. a gun epidemic. one gun every hour of 2016 recovered. eva pilgrim starts us off from chicago tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an emotional plea from chicago's top cop, after arresting two brothers accused of gunning down the cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. >> she was just another mother who wanted her children to get an education just like any good parent would. >> reporter: 32-year-old nykea aldridge, a mother of four, had f kids for school friday. she was pushing her newborn baby in a stroller on chicago's south side when she was killed, hit by a bullet meant for someone else. >> when will enough be enough? >> reporter: the police superintendent, visibly angry.
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with criminal backgrounds. both documented gang members and both out on parole. darren released just days ago, even wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet at the time of the shooting. what do you think has to be done to make this gun violence stop? >> the answer is clear to me, it's clear, crystal clear -- the gun offenders that choose to do this time and time again, we have to hold them accountable. we need to put them in jail and keep them there. >> reporter: her death shining a spotlight on a growing problem in chicago, where murders are up a staggering 48%. tonight, nykea's family asking why. >> i was angry. i was really, i was mad. i didn't understand why. >> why my baby? but now focusing on the children she left behind. nykea's mother now planning to raise her four children. as for the investigation, it's not over. police still searching for the gun used in this murder. cecilia? >> thank you. next tonight, a pair of air scares rattling passengers at
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two united air pilots arrested after being found too drunk to fly. this, as investigators searching for clues on that southwest flight that was forced to have an emergency landing. here's alex marquardt. >> reporter: tonight, a pair of air scares on u.s. airlines. two american custody saturday morning in scotland, suspected of trying to fly their boeing 757 under the influence of alcohol. the united airlines pilots, 45 and 35 years old, were allegedly over the legal limit as they prepared to take off from glasgow airport to newark on saturday. >> this 12 hours bottle to throttle may not be sufficient. >> reporter: the flight was
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141 passengers at 9:00 a.m., when the police made the arrest. a more senior pilot was reportedly not arrested. the plane finally taking off at 7:15 p.m., confused passengers left in the dark. >> i'm really, really happy that somebody had the strength to report that they were concerned about whether or not the pilot was drunk. >> reporter: the faa has protocols to ran pilots for drugs and alcohol. this comes after a southwest flight was forced to make an emergency landing this weekend after an engine exploded. >> disengaged. we're down to the line. >> reporter: passenger photos showed a big piece of one of the engines missing. the airline called it a "mechanical issue." and no one on board was hurt. >> there was a large gash down
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if it had punctured the plane, we'd be dead. >> reporter: as for the pilots arrested in scotland, they have been suspended by united airlines and are expect to appear in court tomorrow. if charged and convicted, they could face up to two years in prison or a fine, maybe both. cecilia? >> alex, thank you. next to a deadly charter bus crash on a louisiana interstate. this is the wreckage, sending first responders over guardrail. dozens of passengers injured. and tonight, troubling details about the driver of that bus. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, police in louisiana investigating why an unlicensed, undocumented driver was behind the wheel of a packed bus when it crashed. setting off a horrific chain reaction. >> we need some help out here quick. >> reporter: officials already responding to an accident on the rain-slicked road, just before 7:00 this morning, when the bus filled with people police
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workers heading to baton rouge to help with flood recovery slammed into the scene. hitting several cars and three firefighters. >> send us some more help. we have some firefighters struck. >> reporter: sending those first responders over the side of interstate 10's guard rail into the water below. >> get another ladder. we got another fireman who needs to be pulled up. >> reporter: one of them, district fire chief spencer chauvin, declared dead at the hospital. a passenger in this red camry, demolished by the bus, also killed. more than 40 other people injured, including five who had to be airlifted to trauma centers. louisiana state police say the driver of the bus, denis yasmir amaya rodriguez, did not have a driver's license, and was in this country illegally. tonight, charges pending against him and police questioning the owners of christina's transportation, the company that owns the bus. and we tried several times to reach that company for comment, but their phone was disconnected.
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>> m a, rci, thank you. and next, to the case of two nuns murdered. police are still investigating the motive. tonight, a wake is being held to remember the two sisters who also worked as nurses in their small mississippi town. and tonight, to the race for the white house. tonight, donald trump and his shifting language on illegal immig immigration. now, out to explain his stand. he still wants the wall, but everything else, a little bit murkier. david wright has the story. >> we are going to build a great wall in the border. >> reporter: this weekend, trump
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he's softening his hardline approach. >> all the media wants to talk about is the 11 million or more people here illegally. >> reporter: now he says he'll focus instead on deporting criminals. >> on day one, i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> he is not talking about a deportation force, but he is talking about being fair and humane. >> reporter: trump appears to be backing away from some of the harshest measures he proposed during the primaries. >> you're going to have a deportation force. and you're going to do humanely. >> you cannot deport 11 million people. >> reporter: heated questions over that part of the plan led rge ramos from a press s conference last year. >> no, no, no. i'm a reporter and i have a right to ask a question. don't touch me, sir. don't touch me, sir. >> reporter: today, governor chris christie insisted there's no flip-flop. >> this is a guy who's been very consistent on no amnesty, no legalization, for folks who have been coming to the country illegally. >> reporter: but trump supporters do see a difference. what do you make of the change in tone that we've heard this week on the immigration issue? >> i think it's very positive.
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supporter. mr. trump is now coming around to that position and i applaud him for that. >> reporter: do you think he's going to win votes with this new approach or lose them? >> probably win votes. >> i would agree. >> reporter: the tricky part for trump will be selling a policy change to hardliners. last week he cancelled what was billed to be a big speech on the immigration issue. no new date given. >> thank you. and video capturing one of two reported tornadoes. in the tropics, we're also tracking the first bands of a slow-moving storm. i want to bring in rob marciano. where is this headed ed next?
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cuba. we expect this to get into the gulf of mexico. and the forecast for t.d. 9 is for it to become a tropical storm, but very low confidence on the track and intensity of this, and we'll keep you posted. this tropical depression, maybe wednesday or tuesday. and next to growing outrage for a judge already under fire for the decision in the stanford swimmer sex assault case. lauren lyster has more. >> reporter: tonight, another sentence by judge aaron persky under the microscope. the year before he handed stanford's brock turner six months in jail, persky heard the
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player for another school charged with beating his ex-girlfriend. the judge agreed to delay ikaika gunderson's sentencing a year, and reduce his felony charge if he went to counseling so he could play. >> a felony conviction would have automatically disqualified him from going to university of hawaii and compromised his entire future. >> reporter: gunderson didn't have to check in with a probation officer. >> that was highly unusual and probably improper for this judge. >> reporter: court documents out of school and quit counseling. since then, at least one more arrests for misdemeanor assault. judge persky not commenting tonight. but he's decided to only handle civil cases now. critics say that's not enough. >> we're going to have to go forward with the recall in order to ensure that he is no longer a judge. >> reporter: as for gunderson, he did end up serving jail time for beating his ex-girlfriend. he's due in court this week on
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meanwhile, brock turner is expected to be released from jail friday, after serving half of his six-month sentence. cecilia? >> thank you. we want to turn to a call for help putting a dispatcher on leave after she had trouble understanding the call. here's devin dwyer. >> 911, what's the address? >> reporter: tonight, a 911 operator in waterbury, connecticut, is off the job, for what city officials call behavior. >> 7-0? >> number 70. >> 70 is 7-0. that's what 70 is. seven and a zero. >> reporter: a chinese food delivery driver calls in to report his companion, 59-year-old helena vargas, shot during a robbery. >> is she breathing? >> i don't know. >> reporter: over nearly four minutes, the 911 operator, nicole scarino, grows increasingly agitated. >> where are the people that did this? >> what are they looking like? >> where are they? >> reporter: so fraus frustrated, she's heard audibly
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she seems to struggle with the caller's accent. repeatedly asking for information. >> i don't care what you're driving. >> reporter: police quickly app vargas later died. the conduct here is under formal review. cecilia? >> thank you. when we come back, are you missing mail? a federal sweep finds tens of millions of packages, and you won't believe where. and the nfl player's controversial stand.
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scientists returning from an out of this world mission that
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next tonight, the debate over a star quarterback's refusal to stand during the national anthem. videos of fans burning colin kaepernick's vi viral, but others are coming to his defense. here's adrian bankert. >> reporter: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's act of protest setting off a firestorm tonight. that's kaepernick, sitting alone friday, as the national anthem played before a preseason game. he's saying he will continue to sit in protest of what he calls systemic racism.
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think can bring everybody closer. >> reporter: some outraged fans burning his number seven jersey. the star spangled banner playing in the background. accusing the kaepernick of disrespecting the armed forces. other nfl players speaking out, like giants star victor cruz. >> the flag is the flag. you gotta respect the flag and you gotta stand up with your 's bigger than just you, in my opinion. >> reporter: and the baltimore ravens' keenan reynolds, who deferred military service for the nfl. >> i'm so humbled for those t came before me, giving their lives so they can-- i can play the field. >> reporter: 49ers coach saying the 28-year-old will face no repercussions. >> it's not my right to tell him not to do something. that's his right as a citizen. >> reporter: the 49ers head coach is saying that while he won't discourage players from expressing their opinions, with all of the response, they will have a conversation with the team this week. cecilia?
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y cover cialis. contact your health plan for the latest information. to the "index" now. a massive federal sweep targeting postal workers. 33 people arrested across southern california, accused of stealing packages containing everything from cell phones to prescription drugs and video games. one of the postal carriers allegedly hoarding 48,000 pieces of mail at her home. and it's back to earth for some scientists who spent a year living on mars, sort of. a mock red planet, that is. they were really in hawaii the whole time. the six scientists finally stepping out of this dome today. this was the longest space travel simulation ever conducted on u.s. soil. and it's been a long time coming for a navy vet. art pollard's military medals were stolen years ago. he thought they were gone for good. but then he got a call from
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finally tonight, the son of a fallen officer has his first day of school. his dad not entire police family was. here's john donvan. >> reporter: the first day of preschool for a 4-year-old named jackson. with pictures, his mom's encouragement. but also something else. owing to the fact that his dad's not there. that's because justin scherlen, an amarillo cop, was in an auto
5:28 pm
and while for a while it looked liked he'd pull through, in the end he did not. he died two weeks ago. which led to this moment in the school parking lot. >> today has been a very emotional day. >> reporter: when his dad's other family, his police family, made sure to be there for the jackson's big sendoff. >> he was shocked when we first pulled up and he saw everybody and he was so excited. >> reporter: and jackson's face, when he realized all this was for him, and done out of love for his dad. >> he was always pitching in to lend a hand. offering to do something for you, even this last year when he was in such pain and not able even to walk on his own sometimes. >> reporter: yup, quite the first day of school. >> see ya. see ya, bud. >> reporter: to know he's got a line of blue in his dad's place by his side and at his back. >> gotta start learning first thing, day one. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news. >> thank you for watching.
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>> wisn 12 news starts right now. sheldon: was stolen car speeds through a red light, triggering a tree reaction crash that sent three people to the hospital. what we are learning about that coming up. but first we want to turn to our top story, a after an hours-long standoff with police. adrienne: his 6-year-old son in the home the entire time. it happened near 13th and orchard on milwaukee's south side that's where 12 news's ben hutchison joins us live. ben, what started this? ben: adrienne, the altercation started around 10:00 this morning here behind me in the alley, neighbors saying it was all over a mattress. adding that one man went to get a bat and the other a gun. police say shots were fired by a


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