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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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caption content and accuracy. visit] sheldon: an armed standoff in milwaukee, with a child in the house. we'll tell you how a fight over a mattress led to these scary scenes. adrienne: and the new effort tonight to bring peace to a milwaukee neighborhood two weeks after unrest made national headlines. the sherman park neighborhood stepping up to help protect their streets. sheldon: tonight, a meeting of residents to help launch a sherman park citizens patrol. wisn 12 news ben hutchison joins us from milwaukee police headquarters, and ben, volunteers will be working with officers? ben: milwaukee police attended the meeting tonight. it is an effort to add more eyes and ears to what is happening in sherman park. in a packed auditorium at st. joseph's hospital, sherman park residents discuss helping police monitor the streets. >> the patrol driver does not block. the patrol driver does not text. ben: it includes volunteers riding around the neighborhood, and logging what they witness and if needed, contacting officers for help. >> we're going to have two
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in the neighborhood. ben: jim hiller is hoping citizen patrol visibility deters crime. >> if we can improve safety, give a better perception of safety, we think the neighborhood will be better for everybody. >> i'm available to you all, however i can be helpful. ben: alderman khalif rainey says he's willing to listen to concerned residents. >> what i was expecting from the alderman was a plan of action. ben: ed bullock, a former mpd officer wants to know how positive change will make its way to sherman park. we asked the alderman for an interview. >> we just want to know how community? >> i'm not answering that right now, but i appreciate it. ben: he declined. right now, the residents say they'll come together and volunteer for patrols. >> our ultimate goal is to increase the quality of life for sherman park residents through safety. ben: they're hoping to start citizen patrols as soon as possible. volunteers must pass a police background check, live in sherman park, and be at least 21 years of age. in milwaukee, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news.
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down this weekend, connected to the unrest in sherman park. 28-year-old darius saxton faces three counts of burglary. he's accused of entering several businesses that were looted two weekends ago. adrienne: a church in mississippi hosted services this evening for two murdered nuns. one of them with ties to our area. an overflow crowd beverage sister margaret held and sister polymeric. outside the village -- outside the building. they worked for years astitian or's come and were well known in the community. >> i would like them to remembered as two sisters who not only heard the gospel, but lived the gospel, and i think that's the impact they'll make in this community. adrienne: sister margaret held
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affiliated with a local chapter. she will be buried in wisconsin. a mississippi man is in jail tonight, charged with capital murder in the deaths of the two nuns. investigators say rodney earl sanders confessed to the crime, but did not say why he did it. sanders has a long criminal record. sheldon: turning to weather now meteorologist lindsey slater joining us. lindsey, there's a chance of fog during tomorrow morning's commute. lindsey: that is right. i am already watching some of let's take a look at the visibility map. right now, it is crystal clear in milwaukee. we are down to five mile visibility in kenosha. once a gets below three, -- three miles, that is where it is a problem. it is about a half-mile of visibility right now in sheboygan.
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watching this. it is muggy out there. the dew point is at 66. even though the temperatures look cool on the screen, that dew point is so close. we are kind of in between sticky and irritating. maybe set that alarm five minutes early, because the fog will be lingering all the way through to the early morning commute. sheldon: tune in to wisn 12 news first thing tomorrow morning to see how the weather might affect your commute. 12 news this morning starts at 4:30 a.m. a man is in custody after an hours-long standoff with police all over a misplaced mattress. it happened this afternoon near 13th and orchard on milwaukee's south side. witnesses told 12 news the neighbors had been feuding over a mattress left in the alleyway between their houses. one neighbor brought a gun to the argument. shots were fired, but no one was hit.
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house with his child inside. milwaukee police say it was never a hostage situation, but sensitive knowing a child was inside. >> shots fired and you have someone in the house, with a child, not wanting to come out, so we take our time. that's why we take this long. we take our time, we don't want to force the incident. sheldon: police eventually forced their way into the house, and arrested the man. adrienne: three people are in the hospital after this crash on milwaukee's northwest side. two of them are heading to jail once the m them. milwaukee police tell us an 18-year-old man was driving a stolen ford focus when he crashed into two other vehicles near 76th and mill. a 19-year-old passenger was already wanted for questioning in another case. one person in a chevy suburban was hurt, but the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. a 36-year-old man is dead after police say he drove his car the wrong way on interstate 41. he hit two other cars early this
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the driver first side swiped one vehicle then hit another head on. both of the drivers hit are injured but they are expected to survive. and a deadly crash making national headlines out of louisiana. an out of control charter bus slamming into a fire truck and 3 other vehicles. one firefighter and a passenger in a car died. police say an illegal immigrant, with no commercial drivers license, was driving the bus. in our next half hour, you'll hear the frantic calls, as people tried to gehe sheldon: just a few minutes ago, we told you about the efforts to keep sherman park safe. well, now one local church is stepping up to bring the community together after violent unrest rocked it two weeks ago. >> the world has changed so very much from what it used to be. >> the love of men and women can deal with issues we have in the community. sheldon: pastor lester barnes hopes generosity will also help those in need. his church, pleasant hill
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church near 45th and fond du lac, hosted a community day giving out necessities. >> these are nice coats and stuff. got plenty of stuff. food. we got food here. we got items like cranberries. sheldon: in addition to food and clothes, they also had $5 haircuts. the church has been in the community for decades and has hosted events like this in the past, but pastor barnes says this year's gathering was especially meaningful. >> it's a special day because of so negative in our community and stuff like that. it's a special day to see children run around and see all the camaraderie. >> you just have to be part of the city to see the changes. and change is incremental and it's coming. it's coming. all we have to do is doing this, -- keep doing this, showing love and we'll be ok. >> the world won't get no better. we gotta change, just you and me. sheldon: pastor barnes says it brought joy to his heart seeing everyone working together to do
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adrienne: such a great voice. the police department getting a special gift from a seven-year-old boy. sheldon: you will see why he thought the officers needed his help. plus, arrests in the murder of dwyane wade's cousin. adrienne: and an extremely close call, where one man was saved from where our abstracts just seconds before he would have an hit. lindsey: there. find out how long that will stick around, as when that cold front moves in. shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports.
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adrienne: take a look at this video. a transit officer in new jersey is being called a hero for pulling a man off of train tracks just seconds before a train ar surveillance video shows officer victor ortiz struggling with the man who was lying on the tracks. just as ortiz managed to get the man to safety, the train pulled into the station. tonight, two men are charged with first degree murder for killing basketball superstar dwyane wade's cousin. sheldon: she was caught in the crossfire while walking with one of her children in chicago on friday. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest developments in the investigation.
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and keep them there. eva: the chicago police superintendent expressing frustration even as he announces success -- the arrests of two men in the murder of nykea aldridge, the cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. -- dwyane wade. >> she wasn't aware that her short life would stand as an example of what is a clear failure of the criminal justice system here in chicago. eva: the 32-year-old mother of four was pushing her newborn baby in a stroller just returning from rte out. aldridge an innocent caught in the crossfire. her death shining a spotlight on a growing problem in chicago, where murders are up a staggering 48%, nearly all caused by handguns. >> chicago has recovered an illegal handgun every hour of the year 2016. we recover more guns than l.a. and new york combined.
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aldridge's murder -- brothers 26-year-old darwin and 22-year-old derren sorrells. police say the brothers targeted a man working as a driver in the area, when they opened fire on him the bullets hit aldridge. >> these two offenders are the prime example of the challenges we face here in chicago. eva: the wade families holding a prayer vigil on the city's south side, gathering with friends and community members. >> you can't have vengence on you can't hate anyone, it's not going to bring them back. eva: hoping aldridge's death and these new arrests will turn a tragedy into a rallying cry and action. eva pilgrim, abc news, chicago. sheldon: clean up crews are keeping an eye on whitewater lake after construction debris was swept into the water. earlier this week, a construction crew was re-paving a road near the boat access in walworth county. the crews had improperly mixed the cement, causing the debris to roll into the lake after a
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oil were put into the lake. so far, there aren't any signs anything toxic got into the lake. adrienne: for many local students these are the last few days of summer vacation. the school year starts thursday, for most milwaukee public school students. classes begin tomorrow at marquette university and cardinal stritch university. the fall semester at uw and uwm doesn't begin until september 6. even with the later start date, some u.w. students have already moved in. today is the first scheduled move-in date. more than 7500 students will be moving in throughout the week. if you're traveling to madison this week, watch out for road closures around campus. sheldon: the green bay police department is getting some help from a 7-year-old boy. when ethan engum heard that a police k-9 named cops had just died, he decided to raise money for a new dog. ethan started a gofundme page, bringing in $520. he brought the check to the
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>> when he decided to do this, it was a pleasant surprise given the difficult time our unit's facing right now with the death of cops. it kind of rejuvenates you a little bit and makes you want to come to work again, and see the good in people, not just the bad. >> i feel good. feel like i'm helping them. sheldon: ethan spent time playing with another green bay k-9, named george. he says he'd like to be a k-9 handler wh h ?chase the bad guys.? adrienne: raising awareness, one step at a time. a local army combat veteran was on a mission in south milwaukee today. wisn 12 news' thema ponton shows us the important message behind his 22-mile trek. >> according to studies, 22 veterans commit suicide on a daily basis. that's 22 too many. so every mile i march is to represent them. thema: south milwaukee native and army combat veteran daniel newberry starts his sunday by
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rucksack and marching twenty-two miles. the fifty pounds represents the burdens of war veterans carry on their shoulders. and as for the august sunshine beaming down on him -- >> i've done over two and a half years in baghdad, iraq. i think 81 degree weather in wisconsin will be ok. thema: he's teaming up with the combat veterans motorcycle association to raise awareness of suicide and the people affected by it, including his family. >> my own brother committed suicidck not a veteran but, you know, that changed me and my family forever. thema: if newberry looks familiar to you, our wisn 12 news cameras were there in 2005 when the former paratrooper was home on leave to see his daughter born. that family support behind him again as he walks. also marching along with him, fellow veteran mario rodriguez, who admits to being skeptical about the idea. >> a little crazy. i mean, i could ride a bike 22 miles or even, you know, 122 miles.
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but to walk here, but the bottom line is what we're doing it for. thema: their mission, letting every veteran know they have their back and will never leave them behind. in south milwaukee, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. adrienne: september is suicide prevention month. if you or someone you know needs help, we have a link for information on or you can call the veterans crisis number at 1-800-273-8255 and talk to someone right now. sheldon: we have come full circle. we're preparing to get back to fog. lindsay is tracking all of those developments in the weather center. what can we expect for tomorrow morning? lindsey: we are at increasing rain chances. that is the main rather story. it will be pretty foggy out there for most of us.
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increase once we head into tuesday night leading into early wednesday. here's the cool part -- it will be much more mild there it -- mild. we will see the humidity drop as well. there actually are for different systems -- four different systems in the tropics. hurricane gaston -- if you havyo -- along the coast, i'm sure there are you watch it. there is a lot of activity down toward the south right now. mainly near the border of illinois and into wisconsin. this will not affect us. a layer of clouds really helps to get the fog going overnight
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minnesota. we are sandwiched in between two different systems right now. the one that will august next is right here. this cold front in the dakotas will roll its way here. they by day, it will get into northern wisconsin later on as we get into monday. it will be here as we head into tuesday afternoon. if you're heading out the door this early, watch out for this fog for this fog. the cold front sticks to areas in northern wisconsin. once we get to tuesday, the morning commute could be another foggy scenario. you're going to become pretty good at driving in the fog the next few days. always make sure your taillights are working before you leave the
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we are sings of that activity off toward east. -- we are seeing some of that activity off to our east. it starts to blow up more so around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. it eases that inergy -- energy, and we could get storms. after we get the front moving through, then humidity will drop. good to go. as far as what could be happened after that, we will see lower humidity. heading into next weekend, things are looking nice. the storms are coming back on tuesday. not really talking about severe weather. that is because we have the energy, but we are lacking other ingredients.
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i noticed the fog last night. lindsey: it was just soupy outside. sheldon: likely cleared out. -- luckily it cleared out. coming up, the quarterback who refused to stand for the national anthem. and what his fellow players say. we take a look back at one of the biggest moments in tiger wood's career and how milwaukee played a role in that sports history. >> hey everyone, i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. changes to the way kids get ready for school. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, why some families are waiting until after class starts to pick up supplies. >> plus, sally will be on
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stephanie: today marks the 20th
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in milwaukee sports history. as 12 sports director dan needles reports, four words launched the career of one of the most dominant athletes of all time. >> i guess hello world. dan: and with that, tiger woods turned pro at the greater milwaukee open 20 years ago today. tiger: probably my worst attribute is i don't have experience out here. i don't know where to stay, what restaurants to eat, so i'm going to have to stick with mcdonald's or something like that. dan: coming off his third straight u.s. amateur title, woods was pretty well known, but nowhere near the worldwide phenomenon he would become. he was a much different tiger woods back then, more naive. although he had just signed a $40 million endorsement deal with nike, he didn't have a checking account yet, his father had to pay tiger's tournament fee. and tiger was amazed by the perks he received. >> i even got a courtesy car, you know? i'm not old enough to exactly
10:26 pm
dan: tiger's first shot as a professional golfer was right here on the tenth hole at brown deer park, and today there is a plaque commemorating that first shot. but it was here on the 14th hole during the final round of that tournament that the legend of tiger woods flourished. [applause] dan: the first of three aces for tiger woods on the pga tour. he finished in a tie for 60th at -7 under par. he never returned to milwaukee to play in the gmo, which became the us bank championship in 2004. >> years from now, fathers will tell sons, you know, i was out there at brown deer the day tiger made that hole in one. dan: the tournament's long run ended in 2009. in milwaukee, dan needles, wisn 12 sports.
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tiger woods earned a little more than $2500 of that we can in milwaukee. he would go on to earn more than $110 million on the pga tour, and hundreds of millions more in endorsements. coming up in our second half hour, jordy nelson will miss the packers final preseason game but is he happy that he's missing all of the preseason? plus, how the brewers were swept by the pirates at miller park for the first time since 2004. adrienne: i was at that -- in brown deer. sheldon: a deadly bus crash sends dozens of people to the hospital. two reasons why the driver should not have been behind the wheel to begin with. adrienne: a wildlife close
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adrienne: a horrific accident, making national headlines tonight. a charter bus slamming into cars and firefighters on a louisiana highway. sheldon: as abc's marci gonzales reports, not only was the driver not supposed to be behind the wheel, he wasn't even supposed


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