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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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>> right now, remembering the lives of two nuns who were killed in mississippi. the outpouring of support and how fellow nuns are remembering the sisters. >> plus, milwaukee students will be heading back to school this week. how teachers are getting ready for the year before students show up in the classroom. >> but first, weather watch 12. we're tracking a foggy morning with a cool down in the forecast. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this monday, august 29th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal? >> early this morning the fog is floating in and out. the visibility quite variable across the area. good visibility at fond du lac and juneau. sheboygan coming into the fog as well. foggy most of the night. dense fog advisories until 9:00.
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sky and we mix up the atmosphere, foggy conditions improve. there is rain across wisconsin and minnesota. the temperatures this morning into the 60s. right now 61 waukesha. 67 at the airport. today patchy fog this morning and becoming sunny and reaching the low 80s. matt? >> quiet on the roadways. you can see here bypass at mitchell interchange and things are looking good. no troubles reported on the system. in fact, on the computer, everything is green. full freeway speeds out there. take it slower in the fog. things are in great shape. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you.
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>> later today, remembering two nuns who were murdered in mississippi. tim. one of them has a strong connection to the milwaukee area. >> sister margaret held grew up in slinger and joined the local school sisters of saint francis order. later today, there will be a funeral mass held in jackson, mississippi near where the two nuns worked for three decades. yesterday, more than 300 people, an overflow crowd, came to a service in lexington, mississippi to pay their respects to held and sister paula merril. their fellow nuns say they will miss the sisters and their work will live on. >> losing a special friend is always difficult, but i also know that in losing a friend, i did not really lose her. her life, her energy continues, especially in the people she has met and touched. >> the two nuns were killed in their home. police have charged a man they say he confessed to killing the nuns but did not say why he did it. >> sister margaret held will be buried here in wisconsin later
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melinda, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> right now, a milwaukee man is behind bars after a standoff with police. it started with a mattress. it happened yesterday near 13th and orchard on milwaukee's south side. police say two neighbors started arguing over a mattress that was left in an alley. one person fired shots and back inside his house. police knew there was also a six-year-old inside the home so they approached the situation carefully. >> shots fired and you have someone in the houit we take our time, that's why we take this long. we take our time, we don't want to force the incident. >> eventually police forced their way into the house and arrested the man. >> right now, thousands of students and teachers are getting ready for their first day of school. thema is live outside of the bradley center where the staff is ready to head back and excited about returning to work
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are having a party of sorts inside of the bradley center here this morning and to generate the energy and the enthusiasm about returning to school. the administrators along with mayor barrett welcome the teachers and the staff back. high school cheerleaders and student musicians will be here. another highlight a student t immigrated here to u.s. four years ago will share his story in hopes of inspiring staff to get excited about the school year. things are underway here at 10:00 a.m. and if you are travelling in this area, be aware, give yours extra time to get around and find a parking spot. >> helping kids in sherman park go back to school with everything they need. that's the mission of a church near the neighborhood.
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church handed out necessities like clothing and food yesterday. the church's pastor says the goal is to help the people of sherman park as they work for a better future. >> you just have to be part of the city to see the changes and change is incremental and it's coming. it's coming. all we have to do is doing this, showing love and we'll be okay. >> church officials say it brought them joy to see so many people working together yesterday. >> it's back to school for college students too. uw-milwaukee students will start moving in to campus dorms marquette university had its move-in last week and this thursday is the first day of school for many public school students. that means the back-to-school shopping rush is on. for retailers, this is the second busiest time of the year behind the holidays. a lot of people have already finished picking up supplies. but others will head to the store this week and beyond. >> we'll see people here right towards the -- once school started. it's the things they forgot or
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classrooms. school uniforms as well. we see a lot of that. didn't realize the little ones grew a lot over the summer. >> total back to school spending, including college, is expected to reach $75.8 this year. that's up from last year's 68 billion. most of that will be spent on clothes and electronics. wisn 12 news time now is 5:36. >> still ahead, a daring train track rescue. the officer who saved a man just seconds before a train rolled down the tracks. ben: and flash flooding causes some serious issues in ohio. how much rain fell there and the cleanup efforts going on right now. >> first to a live look outside. nothing to see here folks. the fog the thick this morning. sally is breaking down the forecast. you are watching "12 news this
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>> the time is
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5:00 or 6:00 on this monday morning as we get a live look. i love this blue cast to the fog early this morning. city is frosted in the fog. the vizn't is better at milwaukee institute of art and design. we are looking at quite variable visibility this morning. there are dense fog advisories up for three of the sheboygan and washington and osaukee counties. a touch cooler in sheboygan with a lighter southeast wind. you can see that the patchy nature of the fog. visibility less of a mile in racine and milwaukee county and western parts of kenosha and north into sheboygan county. take it easy this morning. >> thank you, sal.
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train tracks in new jersey. this video shows the rescue. the man was lying on the tracks when a transit officer saw him and tried to pull him to safety. the man did not want to be saved. he tried to pull away from the officer. just seconds after he was pulled to safety, the train came barrelling into the station. >> some serious flooding hit the cincinnati area this weekend. right now, people there are recovering. meteorologists in the area say ou yesterday. the storms knocked out power and traffic lights. the storm sewers were so overwhelmed that water started shooting out of manhole covers. this morning, some schools in the area are closed as people start recovering from the flood. wisn 12 news time now is 5:41. >> let's get right to tim in the newsroom. >> he's following big stories from around the world. tim? >> a scare overnight at one of the country's busiest airports. why panic broke out at lax and
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plus, an explosion overnight in brussels. why officials say this was not terrorism. these stories and much more when
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." colors in the distance here on this monday, august 29th. >> plenty of boats at the marina the fog is snaking in and out of the building downtown and the fog patchy in nature. we have a dense fog advisory up until 9:00. rain chances increase, a stray shower today. 67 at the airport. we climb up to the low 80s for today and tomorrow.
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66 racine and kenosha 65. there is a quick look at the visibility. three-tenths of a mile at the airport. pea soup this morning and then becoming sunny and going up to 81. matt? >> the chopper is parked this morning because of the fog. keep the low beams on. we are a little brake tapping along the bypass. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> panic at los angeles international airport. happening now, flights are trying to get back on schedule after that security scare. tim is following the story in the newsroom.
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are working through the night to get things back on schedule. a false alarm about an active shooter sent panic through the airport. travelers tweeted they heard gunshots inside. people rushed out onto the tarmac. police found nothing wrong, but after clearing the terminals, everyone had to go back through security. check out the lines. remember this is late at night, not the usual peak time of day. still no word on what the sound was. ben, back to you. >> another bizarre situation at lax overnight. police surrounded this man dressed as zorro and carrying a plastic sword. he was taken into custody and later released. the man called it a misunderstanding. it's not clear if his costume is related to the panic at the airport. >> chicago police say they have made two arrests in the death of nykea aldridge, cousin of nba
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aldridge was caught in crossfire on friday on her way to register her children for school. police in chicago filed charges yesterday. chicago's police superintendent says this killing is a prime example of chicago's gun problem. >> new this morning, a chicago rapper ends up being robbed and he says police weren't interested in hearing his story. che rhymefest smith says someone got into his car and held a gun to his head. he handed over his wallet and drove to the nearest police station. but when he got there, smith says police treated him like a suspect not a victim. he's gotten an apology from a police spokesperson but smith says it's not enough. >> i feel as though the superintendent needs to sit down with me and not only with me, but the people who are in this community and to explain that culture. >> the police officers reportedly told smith the robbery couldn't be that bad because the thief didn't take
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>> new this morning, police in an oklahoma town are facing criticism after using pepper spray on an 84-year-old woman. it was all caught on body camera. police say they were searching for the woman's son after a traffic violation. he ran inside the home. police eventually forced their way in, tased the suspect and when the 84-year-old woman didn't turn around, an officer used pepper spray. officials say the video doesn't tell the whole story. >> videos can't give you the full sense of what happened, but at the same time, they do either validate or expose any warts that you might have. >> the woman says she was taken to jail after the incident. she is planning to take legal action against the police department. wisn 12 news time now is 5:49. the sun is coming up and becoming later and later and later. >> the days are shrinking, but
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whether is in september and october. we are not ready for the leaves to turn just yet, but summer is getting shorter overall. this is a live look. this is at the airport. mitchell international working with the fog this morning. vsibility is a half mile there. half mile up in compare to fond du lac and west bend at ten miles. three counties are covered by a dense fog advisory. so allow extra time. 43 into sheboygan and south. showers are firing up to the north and out and well ahead of a cool front passing through for us by tomorrow.
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for this morning through 8:00 we are dealing with the patchy fog and getting to the 9:00 hour and the sun is high enough in the sky and mixing up the atmosphere and that helps to mix out the fog as well. the winds are southeast overall. the temperatures still in the very low 80s overall. maybe a few upper 70s along the lake. now, for today, a couple of showers going this afternoon with the heating, i really don't think that happens here in the east. we keep some patchy fog early tomorrow morning at 7:00. it is later in the day with the daytime heating that we stand a chance of a few scattered showers and storms. the best chances in the afternoon and evening. 80 or bet r for and tomorrow. spotty showers and tomorrows especially for tomorrow afternoon. cooler air is tumbling in on
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70s. thank you, sal. >> developing overnight, an explosion rings out in belgium. tim, what caused this? >> at first it seemed like a car bomb, but now officials say this was arson. belgian prosecutors say the blast was likely caused by a crime lab being set on fire. no one was hurt, but the building, a criminology institute, is significantly damaged. the institute helps belgium's justice authorities in their investigations. officials say this was not terrorism but it was a criminal act. this story is still developing at this hour. we'll continue to update you throughout the morning. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> this morning, we're learning more about a deadly bus crash in louisiana. police and firefighters were on the scene of a crash yesterday morning when an out-of-control bus slammed into the crash scene. one firefighter was killed, so was the passenger in another vehicle. police say the bus driver did not have a license and was an undocumented immigrant. police say he will face several
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now, investigators are questioning the owner of the bus trying to find out why the driver was behind the wheel. >> police are searching for a stabbing suspect after an attack at an elite university. officials say they were called to break up a fight near cornell university's campus and found two students who had been stabbed. one of the victims died. now police are searching for people involved in that fight >> a controversy brewing on the football field before the nfl season even starts. san francisco quarterback colin er after refusing to stand for the national anthem. he says it's a protest against systemic racism. social media lit up with videos showing fans burning kaepernick gear. others are supporting kaepernick. he says he's going to continue sitting out during the national anthem. >> i'll continue to sit. i'm going to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change and when there's
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like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent in this country-is representing the way that it's supposed to, i'll stand. his 49ers teammates say they aren't going to let the controversy come between them. >> police in green bay getting help from a 7-year-old boy when ethan heard that a k-9 officer died he wanted to help and raised money to help the department get a new dog and he wants to be a k-9 handler when he grows up. he got a chance to meet the handers and the k-9s in green bay. >> this is a pleasant surprise, it is nice when we see things like this, and kind of makes you want to come to work again. >> the goal is to raise $12,000
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that is such, how old is here? >> he's a little kid. very nice. >> hope and happying in the sherman park neighborhood. >> the mrarn they are coming up with. >> the getting ready for dangerous weather and how florida is preparing for tropical storms that could turn
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>> breaking news, from the makers of the ep issues pen this morning. >> tim? >> the company that makes the pen a genric version is now available to the customers and costing $200 the company came under fire after the cost going up 400% since 2008. they are continuing to offer a $300 savings card for the branded ben, that program was announced just last week, of course, we'll continue to follow this story.
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>> good morning, welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. 6:00, monday, august 29th. right now, a suspect pulls out a knife and kills a man in milwaukee. details on the manhunt underway right now to catch the killer. >> plus, back to school tests, papers and homework. why some parents are getting into trouble for helping on the kids' assignments. >> first to the commute and the forecast. >> good morning, sal. >> keeping our eye on the visibility. we have dense fog advisories. now, in spite of the foggy
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sunshine. so everyone becoming sunny. here is a look at the visibilities. actually pretty good across fond du lac and dodge. half mile at sheboygan. and lower visibilities in western parts of racine and kenosha counties as well. plan on the sunshine later in the morning and throughout the day with the highs in the low 80s.matt? >> the choper is parked because of the fog. right now, you are folks have low beams on still. no problems out there developing yet. on the computer, travel times are where they should be. no reason to rush throughout the fog. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> happening now, a man is stabbed to death on the lower east side of milwaukee. >> tim is gathering the details from the news room. tim? >> a manhunt is underway. this happened a block north of


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