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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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august 30th. let's start with the forecast. >> meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. >> early this morning the temperatures upper 60s and 70. 74 at the airport. skies are mostly cloudy and the dew down to 67. the clouds helped to keep the temperatures on the upside. we see the readings between 80 and 84. out ahead of a cool front sailin we could see a couple of downpours in the afternoon. here is a look at the dopplar network a. couple of showers by madison. the cool front is approaching in the afternoon. now to matt on the way to news chopper 12. >> right now it is quiet across
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new lane configurations this morning. the rest of the system is quiet. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> later today, honoring mother teresa ahead of her canonization in rome. thema is live near marquette university where a group is headed to the capital of italy? be there on sunday when mother teresa becomes a saint. there is a special mass being held here. she came here for a visit more than 30 years ago. later this morning, they are headed to rome. they are from the blessed teresa church in north lake. wednesday, marquette is hosting the mass near the mother teresa
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awarded the highest honor and ten thousand people came out at that time to see her. back here on the campus, mother teresa will be cannonized into the church on sunday by pope frances. the mass here is on wednesday. >> later today,inaugurating milwaukee's new mexican consulate. governor scott walker will be at the consulate along with mexico'sei the consulate will make it easier for people here in milwaukee to do business with mexico like applying for visas for work and retirement. the inauguration starts at 12:0 at the consulate near prospect and ogden. >> looking ahead to commitment 2016. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is making his first trip to wisconsin this week. he'll be in milwaukee on thursday for a campaign rally. it starts at 7:00 at serb hall. it's free to attend but you do need to get tickets ahead of time.
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of new mexico. >> new information this morning on the murder of a nine-year-old girl. tim, what's the latest in this investigation? >> we're learning more about what led up to za'layia jenkins death. jenkins was inside a home that was targeted by gunmen back in may. she was hit by a bullet and later died. police still have not made any arrests but the investigation has made progress. this morning we know jenkins' aunt had an interaction with the gunmen before the shooting. searchra aunt yelled at men who were reportedly doing a drug deal nearby. according to the warrants, one of those men came back a few minutes later and shot at the home. again, no arrests in this case. there's a $65,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. ben, over to you. >> thank you, tim. >> the man facing charges for killing two nuns will not be released on bond. a judge made that decision yesterday. 46-year-old rodney sanders is charged with capital murder
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margaret held and paula merril. held grew up here in wisconsin. the two nuns were working as nurse practitioners in rural mississippi. >> happening, now, police are searching for a shooter who targeted a funeral procession. 23-year-old lamar ragland had just left his grandfather's funeral when he was shot and killed. two others were hit. they're expected to survive. this happened yesterday near 23rd and keefe. police say they have not made any arrests. >> developing this morning, police are searching for the suspect who shot and killed a kenosha man. the shooting happened last week. police say bernard reavers was letting his neighbor borrow a vacuum. when he took it to the upstairs apartment, he was shot. police say he may have interrupted an armed robbery. neighbors say reavers was always helping out. >> i'm still trying to come to grips with it really. to me, it seemed, why did it have to happen to him. >> police have not released any information about the suspect,
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and dangerous. they're asking people in the area to come forward with surveillance footage that may have captured or any information about the shooting. >> remembering a milwaukee native who became a comedy legend. gene wilder has died of complications from alzheimer's. wilder is best known for movies like "willy wonka and the chocolate factory," "the producers" and "blazing saddles." he was born jerome silberman and went to washington high school. that's where he first began to act decades before he was wisn 12 news time now is 5:35. >> still ahead, an ominous cloud sets off panic. ben: this cloud led to emergency calls, but is it dangerous? we'll explain next. >> plus, two men working on a bridge end up in a dangerous position. the rescue mission that brought them back to solid ground. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. up over the third ward and
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bring the umbrella, you may not need it for the full day. "12 news this morning" is back
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>> clouds filling in overnight and we get a live look at the station. as we get a look, the bright building in the center of the screen as the mnl building climbing up into the sky. there are plenty of holes in the clouds this morning. we are still looking at least a few peeks of sunshine for this morning. for today, grab the umbrella. you can sunglasses. the commuters may get a little sun glare early today. extra travel times as we look at the rain this afternoon. this morning, a couple of stray showers west of madison. maybe a stray shower this morning but most staying dry. there is a cool front to the north and west and pushing through this afternoon and with
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showers and thunderstorms triggering this afternoon. a slight chance of isolated shower this morning. between noon and 7:00, spotty rain and a few storms. we could get a couple of downpours. 84 ahead of the front. the winds shift coming out of the north and you will feel it. clearing but not until much later tonight. ben? >> 5:40. >> t some russians out over the weekend. take a look. what would you think if you saw this? russian emergency services were flooded with calls from people who thought it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. but as sally can tell you, it's called an anvil cumulo-nimbus cloud and it's harmless. >> new this morning, two workers ended up dangling underneath a bridge yesterday in rhode
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under the bridge when the bucket truck tipped over putting them in an unstable position. another crane was brought in to bring the workers to safety. they climbed into the bucket and headed back to the pavement. 5:41. >> let's get right to tim elliott in the newsroom. >> he's keeping an eye on big stories from across the country. tim? >> families forced out of their homes in california thanks to a wildfire. the damage it's done so far and the people who are affected by the flames. >> plus, a politician finds himself dealing with a texting controversy again. the consequences for anthony
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>> thanks for starting you day with us. it is august 30th. it is tuesday, and 5:44. bring the umbrella this morning. >> the small umbrella will do
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showers in the afternoon. this is the camera at the milwaukee institute of art and design. the temperatures are in the 70s. 74 at the airport. the skies are mostly cloudy a. peek or two of the sun. ahead of a cool front, going to up 80 in sheboygan. 85 at johnson creek andak geneva. the showers and storms associated with a cool front mostly in the afternoon a. downpour or two. i don't anticipate severe weather. now to matt for the traffic. >> things are running smoothly out there. right now the volume is light
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i will jump in the helicopter and checking back in just a bit. back to you. >> new this morning, a california wildfire is sparking evacuations. let's get to wisn 12 news tim elliot. he's in the newsroom where information has been coming in overnight. tim? >> the gap fire is burning on about 5,000 acres in california near the oregon state line. around 50 families have been forced to evacuate. this fire started saturday night an you are seeing the smoke in the video as well. it's already destroyed five homes and many other buildings. the american red cross is on the scene to help people who lost their homes. firefighters say they still have a long way to go before the fire is under control. right now they're focusing on keeping flames away from homes. ben, back to you. thank you, tim. >> new this morning, it's been nearly four years since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school.
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the school has been renovated and the classrooms where the shootings happened have been demolished. 26 people died when a gunman attacked the school in 2012. there isn't a memorial inside the new school yet but administrators promise one will be added soon. >> lawmakers in california are taking a tough stance against sex crimes after some high-profile cases ended with lenient sentences. lawmakers unanimously passed the bill making jail time mandatory for people convicted of sexual assault. the brock turner case got nationwide attention. the stanford swimmer was only sentenced to probation after assaulting a woman. >> more controversy this morning for former congressman anthony weiner. for the third time, he's involved in a scandal accused of sending inappropriate text messages to women. this time, his wife huma abedin has announced the two are separating. abedin is a top aide for hillary clinton. trump is taking the opportunity
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a wisconsin representative is weighing in on that strategy. >> i think this is a sad story. anthony weiner is a bit of a weirdo and hillary clinton didn't marry him and she didn't hire him. she hired huma abedin. >> duffy says it's a mistake to tie weiner's mistakes into the clinton campaign. >> trump is claiming that weiner is a security threat because of his connection to abedin. according to trump, it's because information as part of her job with hillary clinton. in a statement, trump said this is another example of clinton's bad judgment. >> brazil's president is on trial. she's being impeached accused of doctoring the country's budget. people across the country are protesting in support of the president. dilma rousseff says she is innocent and she's the victim of political rivals who want to seize power. senators will make a final vote later today on whether to remove
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right now, she's suspended. >> new this morning, a flock of peacocks make themselves at home in a nebraska neighborhood. neighbors say they've been watching the peacocks grow up for years. just five years ago, there were only two birds. now, there are seven, including a chick. the neighbors say they don't know where the birds came from. >> later today, we'll know who's headed to the ballroom for the next season of "dancing with the stars." a few names are already popping up in reports. they say olympic gymnast laurie hernandez is on the list. so perry. >> can he dance. sally: i bet she can. ben: this guy can. pro dancer derek hough has confirmed he's back. cheryl burke is rumored to return as well. all questions will be answered on good morning america right after "wisn 12 news this morning." melinda: i have questions about former governor rick perry.
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sally: i here marcia. we don't have the inside information. we are waiting like the rest of you. well, early today keeping an eye on the showers and the radar. a cool front is coming through this afternoon and just enough to trigger showers and a couple of storms in the afternoon. it is not looking severe to me. there is lightning that is staying away from us. i am watching the radar. a couple of showers west of madison. the cool front is situated to the north and to the west. this one is coming through with a little daytime heating. temperatures this morning, it is cooler, 45 at international falls. we want get into the 40s, but we
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upper 50s for the lows beginning wednesday night and thursday night. this morning, the temperatures upper 60s inland. low to mid 70s along the lake. this morning we stand a chance of a few peeks of sunshine. this morning at 7:30, could we see a stray shower, we could. if that happens, it is isolated and mostly west. here we are at lunchtime. spotty showers are firing up with the daytime hea cool front. this is 6:00 this evening, plenty in the way of dry areas. most of the moisture turns off. winds shift up from the north and the northeast and that will keep a few clouds around for a time overnight. we begin to clear out and cooler and dryer air mass in place. today 84 ahead of the cool
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scattered areas of rain this afternoon and tonight. tomorrow the temperatures in the 70s. most of the holiday weekend is looking good a. chance of showers and storms headed our way on monday. that is how things are shaping up. matt? >> melinda: we are going to matt in a minute. two hurricanes heading for hawaii, right now. i'm in the newsroom where tim elliott is tracking the path of these storms. tim? >> the first hurricane madelin hawaii could start seeing the effects of hurricane madeline later this morning. right now, madeline is rated a category three hurricane. it's weakening right now but forecasters say it will stay strong enough to remain a hurricane. maui could see waves 20 feet tall by the end of the day. madeline has another hurricane following close behind, this one named lester. it's currently a category four storm but it's not expected to
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>> tim, thank you. >> right now, an update to a story we brought you yesterday. a chicago rapper who was robbed has a special message for the person who targeted him. they took his wallet with only three dollars inside. now che rhymefest smith is offering more to the thief. >> to the person who robbed me, if you look in my wallet and you see the id that says che smith, reach out to me. contact me. you got three dollars from me. i could have easily have helped you to get a job, more so than giving you three dollars. >> smith made headlines when he recorded police officer reacting to his robbery. he says they treated him like a suspect instead of a victim. >> most of chicago's guns are coming from other states. last weekend there were 72 shootings. police are tracking where those guns come from. now we're learning 40 percent of the guns used in chicago come
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cheaper there and easier to buy. mississippi is another common source of guns. >> new this morning, a 15-year-old girl in texas says she's been kicked off the cheerleading squad because of her hairstyle. the high schooler says the coach has nagged her about hairstyles for weeks. the teenager wears her hair in braids and she's the only african-american on the cheer squad. the girl is able to put it in a ponytail which is the only rule for hairstyles. her mother says this is discrimination. >> she's been harassed. she's been bullied by this particular teacher and i'm tired of it. i feel like she singles me out. >> the student was able to perform cheers at a football game over the weekend with her braids. the school district says that other students have been asked to change their hairstyles too. >> new this morning, a family in iowa is welcoming a new surprise addition. stephanie hughes went to the doctor for cramps. she soon found out that she wasn't having stomach cramps,
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hughes didn't even know she was pregnant. three hours later she gave birth to a healthy girl. hughes says she didn't have any symptoms. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:55. another basketball team in wisconsin's future? >> the proposal bringing another pro team to the state and the city that the team would call home. >> italy is dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake and
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>> welcome back everyone. apple is expected to unveil a new iphone next week on september 7th. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> not many details are released yet. typically apple announces one or two new iphones at the annual event and were purchased in the past 12 months. >> pilots for southwest airlines could be getting a pay raise they have been demanding, the union reached a tentative deal. the deal comes after pilots picketed last week. the union needs to review the offer mid september and society
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>> 210,000 volkswagon owners with vehicling that cheated on emissions tests have agreed to settle with the automaker. another 110 objections to the settlement are filed. the judge gave the $15 billion settlement primary approval. >> fitbit is for swimmers. you can leave it on for laps in the pool or taking a shower. the display is four times larger. they are going to phase out the existing charge hr and flex trackers for a newer model. the prices are staying the same though. 5:59.
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>> good morning: well cock to "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is tuesday, august 30th. right now t family of the marine that died from afteroverdose at the va clinic is suing the federal government. >> plus... ?? >> he's an actor with a limitless imagination. gene wilder passes away at the age of 83. >> we want to start out with the morning commute and the tuesday forecast. matt is on deck. >> first, we are going to sally.


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