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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:28pm CDT

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kenosha county. that is pretty much it. this evening, a nicer scenario, warm, but not for much longer. when that cold front arrives, coming up in weatherwatch 12. patrick: the rain came down fast and furious. a rate of three inches an hour. kathy: streets and intersections flooded. some people tried to get their cars through. the force of the water was strong enough to lift manhole covers near 20th and capitol. live. >> it is much better here now. for a while, it was coming down so hard there was no where for it to go. we were on the freeway on i-43 just north of downtown a little after noon when the skies opened up accompanied by winds of , around 30 miles an hour. it nearly stopped traffic at some points. then as we made it to surface streets we spotted manhole
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, the water rushing into the storm sewers strong enough to , lift the covers that weigh more than 100 pounds. the intersection here at 20th and capital quickly flooded cars , and trucks plowing their way through others choosing to go a , different direction. the flood waters made it inside myles slayden's watermelon stand, where he told me he's rarely seen anything like it. >> it looks like a low river. it was flooded up to my sign a little bit, so it was pretty hectic. i seen it all. >> the rain gauges operated by the mmsd show more than an inch and a half of rain nearby coming in at a rate of three to four inches per hour. it all came down in a hurry. dpw tells 12 news they replaced
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flooding and standing water. kathy: it wasn't just on capital. similar issues were popping up across the city this afternoon. you can see drivers dealing with ponding out on the roads and a manhole cover that came off near 27th and kilbourn. patrick: news chopper 12 and matt salemme are live looking at more of the flooding. what a you seeing? matt: this is the kk river, normally a trickle. it is raging right now. we are between 25th street and i-43, where it is ruin the heaviest. there are a cole of eas near st. luke's. it is as high as iave seen it in a long time. we willeep our eyes on it and let you know if we come across anything. back to you. kathh?y: there were also issues with street flooding near 10th and layton. that's where wisn 12 news' ben hutchison continues our coverage.
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who got stuck on his way to work >> it is another example, never dry through standing water. the overpass here behind me, the water has receded. earlier, it was a different story. coming back towards me, you can see on the ground that the rocks that were pushed out by water rushing into the street. dpw crews brought barricades out here in case there's more flooding. around , rushing from a nearby parking lot onto the roadway where the overpass is. but before tha heavy rains caused standing water. at least two cars tried to make their way through before getting stock. one man we spoke with was on his way to work. he admits he should have stopped , instead he spent the afternoon waiting for a tow truck. >> it just felt like it was floating. there was so much water building up a i did not want to get out of the car. i did not want to take the
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that. >> again, never dry through standing water. no injuries and traffic is back to normal. patrick: thank you. and at 5th and washington, a fire where lightning is believed to be the cause. the building is a home upstairs and a business downstairs cream city weddings. the owner tells us they were inside and heard a loud crack and then started smelling smoke. no one was hurt. parts of cudahy, storm drains were overwhelmed and one car sank. 12 news terry sate live nicholson and east dale. terry. >> the flooded car's been towed away but you can see the , highwater mark. debris that floated up the banks of this drainage ditch, and shows us the depth of the water. devin hensiak's car ended up in the ditch. he says it was raining so hard he couldn't see where the parking lot ended and the drainage ditch began. he ended up in several feet of water.
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and i saw that there was water up to my stomach. and i grabbed my little sister out of the back seat, threw her out. my mom was stuck and there was water like up to her neck in the front seat. i grabbed my mom through the back seat, pulled her out. >> we are back live. when devyn opened his passenger side door, water came pouring out into the ditch. so it's unclear right now if his car will survive today's flooding. live in cudahy, terry sater, wisn 12 news. you can keep forecast close-by with e wisn2 news mobile app. if you haven't already, download the free app now. just search wisn in your app store. there, you can access interactive radar and the latest weather watch 12 videocast. kathy: happening now police are , investigating a triple shooting in the middle of the day. it happened at 27th and vine in milwaukee. one man is dead. another man and a teenager were rushed to the hospital. the severity of their injuries is not known.
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erhe wee. a pulaski. whce ikre2 re still unanerueions whweoo disaut tostabng death. lwaue poli have identified the ct as old shnostrom. neighbors say it aut 1as0 the morning sy. it was jt outside thurmans 15 bar. police would just coirm th ostrom died after being stabbed. antwo suspects, a 45-year-old oacreek and a -year-old man om genfield habeen , arreed news sathree vin assoconle andvedi empledt the r te senus atheytateme
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the incidentnd the p ngfshn ostrom. ted llgues akor paka lad ts, fri o othe two nuns murderednside their hon here in wisconsin. sister margaret held grew up in slinger, wisconsin. she ter joed t auisterswhere services wil hd st margar. . frans apelrting at the funera l e man facing crges llg th wil be relead on bond. a judge made that desion yesterday. 46-year-old rodn sders is charged with capital murder. he iaccused of kilngisulrr
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ramp inhe?z#?(? ownteange is bacen tonight ringhe morning rush. a semi rolled over in the ramp to 8headinfr i-9 soutound a00round ?=f? noneas hur wauwatosa fireweeted out thi news a die?-sel leak also had ti d get towed away
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shows a 10-car pileup near binghamton, new york last week. dashcam video shows the aftermath when a semi crashed into a line of cars. then, you see good samaritans rush to save a woman from a burning vehicle. the woman escaped with only cuts and bruises. 10 people were hurt in the crash. the video was posted online by the city's mayor, who said he wanted to showcase the heroic actions of both the motorists and the first responders. kathy: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, a new twist in the case of one of the waukesha girls charged in the slender man stabbing case. why jurors in waukesha county may never hear the case. >> as far as i know, only one other person in the world has caught them all, so i was pretty honked. kathy: -- pretty pumped. kathy: this local man claims he is only the second person in the world to finish the pokemon go game. where he says he caught most of his characters. join us for all new stories tonight on 12 news at 6:00.
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research in the fight against zika. scientists have discovered that three existing drugs could be useful in counteracting the effects of the virus. the drugs are currently used to treat cancer, hepatitis c, and parasitic infections. the researchers will test the drugs in animal models first. if those tests are successful, they'll have to start the long process of human testing. a very big mistake. that's how ryan lochte is describing his actions during the rio olympics. in his first live interview since the games, the u.s. olympic swimmer tells abc's good morning america that the past two weeks have been the lowest of his life. it's after the gold medalist claimed he and his friends were held at gunpoint during a night out in rio a story he now admits , he lied about. >> i'm human. i made a mistake and that's something that i'm going to have to live with. patrick: lochte returned to the u.s. after the incident. his teammates were held in brazil for questioning. he says he has offered to reimburse fellow swimmer james feigen for a nearly $11,000 fine feigen paid to resolve legal issues and leave the country. kathy: now to a once in a
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wisconsin on their way to rome to see mother teresa made into a saint. wisn 12 news thema ponton was there as they took off on this historic journey. >> you can put both bags on here -- >> father bill stanfield and more than others from blessed 20 teresa of calcutta parish are going to rome for the canonization of mother teresa. >> it is not only a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is rare. most parishes are already after they have been declared saints. >> one of the youngest on the trip, seventeen-year-old angeline theama. >> i was excited. i get to miss a week of school. that is awesome. i get to share the experience with my grandma, and see all of italy, which is cool. >> tanja mccutcheon, who grew up in grafton, has a personal connection to mother teresa. >> i was born in her orphanage. >> mccutcheon says she's looking forward to crowding into saint peter's square.
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that was one of the reasons why i wanted to come on this trip to experience this moment, so i feel like this is a lifetime opportunity. >> work will continue on the parish for an expansion. when they come back, it is going to be saint teresa of calcutta. kathy: a remarkable experience. the parish in the town of merton is also hosting special mass this sunday to mark mother teresa's canonization. archbishop jerome listecki will for the first time in recorded history, americans are spending more at bars and restaurants than they are on groceries. patrick: here's a look at the numbers. in 2015, $54 billion were spent on eating out. the amount spent on groceries was about $52 billion. industry experts call it a culture of foodie-ism. the host of the pbs show wisconsin foodie kyle cherek spoke on the subject today at the rotary club of milwaukee, saying millenials are the driving force behind the shift. >> it isn't just the bright
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it is the far west wherever. it's the less traveled streets with the bahn mi or the barbeque is fantastic and that's what , real foodie exploration is. i think it speaks to the adventurous aspect that millennials have versus the rest of us when we get a little older. patrick: we want to know what you think about all this. join the conversation by going to the wisn 12 news facebook page. kathy: the rain came fast and patrick: mark, some places picked up almost three inches in an hour. mark: you get three inches of rain in an hour, you will have some problems. a lot of this rain fell in areas that have missed out for much of the summer. there was more rain today in milwaukee at mitchell than there has been the entire month of
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the big total in west milwaukee, 2.5 inches and cut a hey -- brother. huge totals. lesser amounts. that 2.08 inches is the daily record for rainfall for us. we had an incredibly dry summer, then all of a sudden we make it to august 30 and set a rainfall record. that's why you have t very little rain in fond du lac and dodge counties. much of milwaukee covered. northwestern side of milwaukee did not get much at all, but all these areas in here around the mitchell interchange to the airport picking up two inches or more of rain. we have the one area where that
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then that has moved on and those rain showers have moved to the south of us. we might get an isolated shower tonight, but most areas remain dry. racine, 72. 75 milwaukee. we still have the clouds, but we are seeing sun breaking through in sheboygan, 82 degrees. the dew point is still way up there. the cold front will come through later this evening. wel you can probably figure out where the sun is shining. 80's here, 70's elsewhere, so we will see some sunshine breaking through this evening. dew point temperatures are way up there, around 70 degrees, but i want to show you what is happening to the north, cooler air here, but the bigger changes the drier air, dew points in the 50's. this air will be here tomorrow,
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stickiness, you get 3-4 days in a row that will be refreshing. here is the week ahead. 75 wednesday. thursday, a big day for many kids, most public schools starting, 72 degrees, a gorgeous day, not much humidity, maybe a touch: the morning. nice again on friday, 75,. 82 saturday, 80 on sunday. the chance for storms on monday would be late in the day. most of labor day is looking good. a better chance monday night and tuesday. hopefully we don't get a repeat performance of three inches of rain in 45 minutes. kathy: all right. patrick: thanks, mark. on the dance floor, season 23 is
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the cast of dancing with the stars. it's all next on wisn 12 news at 5:00. kathy: then, your morning cup of coffee could soon be in jeopardy. the new report creating concern among some of the top coffee producers in the world.
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kathy: a new warning about a threat to your morning cup of coffee. the report from the climate institute says the amount of land suitable for coffee production will be cut in half because of climate change by the year 2050. the report says it will impact 120 million people world wide who depend on the industry. tonight's tuesday's child is about to start eighth grade. remember those days? kathy: you bet. he shared some thoughts on that with me. first, we hit the volleyball court. now introducing team tuesday's child. alex and i needed some reinforcements for this match, and adversity volleyball in germantown did not let us down, complete with just the right music blaring. ? kathy: 1970's rock is alex's favorite for as long as he can remember.
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it relieves my stress. it calms myself. it just makes me feel better. ? kathy: 13 can be a tough age. >> what grade are you going into? >> eighth. kathy: howdy feel about that? >> nervous. -- kathy: how do you feel about that? >> confidence, building a desire to get in the game, and developing a better homework ethic with the help of a volunteer big brother he could look up to and share great times a couple times a month. what do you want people to get out of your story today? >> that i can be kind of quiet, but on the inside i'm kind and friendly, and if people start talking to me, i can make great friends with them. >> you want to get back in that game? >> sure. kathy: thanks again to adversity volleyball in germantown. find out how to get involved with big brothers big sisters of
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2-334-7896. patrick: with led zeppelin blaring in the background. trending tonight, the new cast of dancing with the stars is now taking shape. the cast of season 23 is set. it was announced this morning on good morning america. olympic gold medalists ryan lochte and laurie hernandez will bring their competitive edge to the ballroom floor. talk show host amber rose, rapper vanilla ice, former republican presidential candidate and former texas governor rick perry, and retired nfl star calvin johnson. celebrity dancers, check out the wisn 12 news mobile app. the season premiere of dancing with the stars is monday, september 12, only right here on wisn 12.
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patrick: breaking news on the roads. this is 43 of silver spring. there are two crashes at this location. the first one happened at 436 p.m. this afternoon involving two cars, then a second crash around for 40 4 p.m. this
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in that when. two tow trucks have been called to that scene. there is one person with a head injuries. no cause on the crashes, but if you know anyone heading in that direction, they will be late. mark: that likely was not anything to do with rainfall. there are some light showers here and there, but that is about it. that is good news. the flooding rains have moved on, but it came so fast and furiousnd was in southern milwaukee county, fairly urban through those areas, where we had some street flooding. it doesn't do a good job of running that off. there is nowhere for it to go, so that's why we had all the programs because it came down to fast. the rest of this evening that looking bad, 70 degrees at 7:00. some sun peeking through across the area right now. for the most part, i can't roll
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rain is done and cooler air moves in tonight.
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breaking news. tonight, we start with a new hurricane watch, just issued. two systems. one growing in the atlantic. the other, in the gulf. plus, back-to-back major hurricanes now targeting hawaii. terror takedown. one of the most wanted terrorists killed tonight. the n a $5 million bounty on his head, as new details come in as an american woman held hostage. in the race for president, donald trump facing a pivotal moment. will he flip-flop on immigration? tonight, his son coming to his defense. fiery crash. the chain reaction pileup. all caught on video. and the heroic rescue by a group of other drivers. and, an out of this world sound.


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