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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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neighborhood and the police's response to the intersection where the officers shot and kill add man two weeks ago. >> less than a month to go to the first presidential debate, the beg developments we could learn from the campaigns today. >> first, starting with the morning commute and the forecast. first, we are going to lindsay slater. >> we are up early and now i zoomed out and you are seeing parts of michigan and we are good to go. 66 in milwaukee. that wind right now gusting 10-20 miles per hour. so it is a breezy start to the morning. that is a live look at racine right now. the winds are calm there. dew point is low. so you are going to feel noticeably cooler. the high closer to 75 degrees. right now feeling like the mid
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or a jog or leave the windows open. hour by hour the temperatures going up to the low 70s. we see more sunshine in the afternoon. have a shades handy a lot of the sunshine is sticking with us and the humidity is not. >> give your ac is break in the car this morning. smoothly. the travel times are looking great. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> several people are in custody after a disturbance in the sherman park neighborhood. this is the same spot where a man was shot and killed by an officer earlier in the month.
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thema? >> well, ben, milwaukee police asked a crowd of 30 to 40 people to leave the area where the memorial for smith is located. the deadly shooting set off nights of unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. last night ten people were arrested for disorderly conduct. the police asked the people to peacefully leave. some refused. they saw the people breaking the law. there are other arrests of people charged with setting the fires and looting the businesses in and around the neighborhood. back here live, for the deadly shooting of smith that led to the nights of violent unrests, it is under investigation by the state officials. >> thema, thank you.
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damage caused by the wild weather in southeast wisconsin. the rain yesterday caused flooding and a fire. tim? >> yesterday's downpour caused a lot of damage. the flooding streets and blowing manhole covers off the streets there. the storm sewers couldn't handle the rain and leading to flash flooding as well. some drivers w this is a photography studioey at 5th and west national. the owner says therm inside and heard a crack and smelled the smoke. no one was hurt. ben, back to you. >> tim, thank you. this morning a popular chef is being remembered after being staffed on milwaukee's east side. sean was killed outside of a bar
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friend involved in an argument. the violence across milwaukee has to stop. >> we would never imagine this to happen at a place we love to someone we loved so much. >> police arrested two suspects. >> later this week, one of the two nuns murdered in mississippi will be laid to wisconsin. sister margaret held grew up in slinger. we have learned the services will be held at the school. the funeral will follow a visitation. >> the green bay packers and the hall of fame is hosting a ribbon
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time with the team. >> we are three days away from wisconsin and lsu at lambeau field. you can see the game on wisn 12. kickoff is 2:30. stay tuned for big 12 sports on saturday. live at lambeau field with t badgers coverage. >> thousands of students and teachers are going back to school. we are a day until the students at mps head back to class. week long events have been taking place. >> later today, yale university is welcoming 35 international students. a total of 57 international students are attending the
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countries. >> time now is 5:05. we are going to feel it this morning, a lot cooler this morning. >> absolutely. it is cooler for everybody here, speaking of the lake, sheboygan right there. the flag is blowing pretty good. the gusts are 15-20 miles per hour. right now the temperatures are in dew point is nice and low. nothing popping up here on the radar. we are looking good to go. no umbrellas are needed. you are good to go. 66 degrees. by noon 73. at we head to later commute the conditions less humid, which is super nice after the mid to upper 80s yesterday.
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the grass, you are good to go. maybe a little soggy though after the rain yesterday. >> right now the pavement is dry. no reason to rush. construction was picked up. this is moreland and i-94. system wide things are looking good. green across the freeways riepth now. there was a closier on the southbound side of 94, that is picked up. everything is running smoothly in the area. travel times are looking good. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. well, today could bring two highly anticipated developments in the race for the white house. for donald trump a speech on immigration and for hillary clinton the fbi report on the investigation into the email server may be going public. it could influence the debate prep.
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sends rapist and drug dealers to the u.s. donald trump accepted the invitation of the mexican president. the meeting is coming on the same day that trump is giving a speech on immigration. >> we are going to secure the border and stop the drugs from pouring it and destroying our country. >> security. >> the reason that he ran over the rest of the field in the primaries had to do with the stance on immigration, which was not a shade of gray. >> but that stance no longer seems black and white. trump is dialling back on the proposal the deport millions of undocumented immigrants.
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trump says he's going to build a wall and have mexico pay for it. the mexican president is saying no way that is going to happen. >> thank you. >> presidential candidate gary johnson is visiting milwaukee later in the week on thursday on the south side. the rally starts at 7:00. >> in the presidential year some of hoping to stay in congress. all eyes are on two big name republicans and looking to november. we are going to tim with the latest results. tim? >> a couple of wins this morning, john mccain and marco rubio is celebrating the wins this morning.
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wins in florida and he's seeking a second term in a last minute decision after a failed presidential bid. former dnc woman defeated her o poept that was a bernie sanders supporter. now eyes are turning to november. the election day is 68 days away. >> coming up quick. >> still ahead, landfall. the storms that are threating several parts of the country and the preparations in place this morning. >> plus a former quarterback is trying to new sport.
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>> it is looking really g
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there this morning. this is a live look outside right now. no storms. we are looking good to go. here is a live look at milwaukee, like i said, the flags are blowing pretty good. the winds are 12 miles per hour. feeling 66 in milwaukee. as you are waking up today, we are a little breezy out there. keep that in mind for the morning commute. >> and cooler too and feeling very nice. moving through tropical storms affecting two parts of the country. first, though we are checking with lindsay that is tracking the serious hurricanes moving through. >> on both ponds. hurricanes happening over the atlantic and in the pacific. two tropical depressions hitting florida and hurricane gaston
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you can see we do have hurricane madeline a category 3. we have hurricane lester a category 4. if i zoom in on hawaii look at the warnings in affect. they are get about aing one-two punch. no break in between. the hurricane warnings are continuing through friday for the big island they are under hurricane watches for quite some time. that needs to be keeping an eye on. >> thank you. hurricane warning in effect for hawaii's big island. the residents are bracing for the heavy rains and winds. residents there are stocking up on all the food and water. school is closed for kids through at least tomorrow and
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in preparation, hawaii's governor signed an emergency declaration. on the east coast now, a hurricane watch in effect for florida as well. this tropical depression created dangerous rip currents for the beach goers there. it is going up the coast just in time for the labor day holiday. >> "g.m.a." is tracking the path of the storms starting at 7:00. >> scary moments for a group of kayakers in new york city. at least ten people are hurt after a ferry plowed into them on the hudson river. two of them are in critical
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stop in time. no word on charges. >> now to a frightening situation in a south carolina neighborhood. police in greenville are investigating a cloud trying to lure kids into an apartment building. the kids reported a person in a clown costume and trying to entice them with money and candy. parents are keeping an eye >> we have to stand and watch them. >> it scares me and everybody. that's your child, that's your baby. >> what a creepy, creepy story. the police are stepping up patrols as a precaution. >> a former nfl quarterback trying a new sport.
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major league teams and milwaukee brewers as well. he caught the fly balls, and showed the strength and finished live batting practice. according to espn he swung at 60% of the pitches and he manage add home run. >> speaking of the brewers, the brew crew is looking to avoid a sweep at miller park. they lost the second game yesterday. the final home game of the season giving back to the community. every ticket sold for the september 25th against cincinnati reds is going to a local charity. the tickets are $10 and the fans can choose which charity. that announcement was yesterday. it is cool they are giving all the money to one of the four groups.
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it makes your heart feel good. >> i want to see a game. i saw one on sunday. first time i was out there. >> how was it? >> game wasn't do great. >> but the experience, it is about the experience. enjoy the food and fun with friends and family. >> yes and the weather was phenomenal. >> right now it is cooler out there. i went on a run yesterday and just about die humidity. i couldn't breathe. well, today, i should have waited until today, because the humidity is taking a break for a few days and you can enjoy it out and make the plans. back to school sunshine. i know the kids are hating me right now because of the back to school. it is not going to be raining on the first day and you are going to be looking your best.
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it is a little breezy out there. the winds are gusting 10-20 miles per hour. today hour by hour, 9:00 a.m. everyone along the lake front in the 60s. by the end o of the inland temperatures are warmer. the morning temperature tomorrow 58. afoo 72. for the weekend, plenty of sunshine for saturday and sunday. then we are talking increasing showers and thunderstorms here as we head to monday. so keep that in mind. if you are having a barbecue do it on the weekend. matt has a schek on the traffic. >> it is quiet out there. no reason to hurry.
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travel times are showing trouble free at the system at this point. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. still ahead, a couple in florida gaining fame this morning all thanks to their grandson a. few texts are now going viral. >> a trip to the terribly wrong, the surfer that is sharing his near death
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black.
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>> welcome back. some of the stories going viral, a 17-year-old tweeted pictures of his grandparents in matching outfits and of course it is shared hundreds of time. fran and ed married 52 years and
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since. every day they text a picture of the outfits to their grandson. >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte is admitting his mistake and ready to move on. he's looking forward to hitting the dance floor, season 23 of danceing with the stars. laurie hernandez and amber rose, texas governor rick perry will be part of the cast. the new season is on monday, september 12th, only here on wisn 12 news. >> abc revealed the new bachelor, nick vile. he appeared on two seasons and in the bachelor in paradise.
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school. still ahead, cutting down on gun violence, the plan a lawmaker is saying it takes five seconds. >> a possible police shake up in chicago, the move to fire five officers involved in a high pro file case. stick with us, you are watching
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>> right now, more unrest in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. the arrests made there last night in the same spot where police shot and killed a man, more than two weeks ago. >> and honoring mother teresa just days before she becomes a saint. here in milwaukee. >> but first, weather watch 12. after some serious downpours yesterday, we're looking at a dry day ahead. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, august 31st. # i'm here in the weather center with meteorologist lindsey slater who has a look at our forecast. we looked at the sunrise, fantastic start and cooler too. >> yes, it is.
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too. keep that many mind as you are driving along the lake front, more gusty out there. 66 degrees. look at the dew point, that is fantastic. 55. that means it is feeling amazing outside. it will continue that is the best part, it is continuing that way all day long. the winds are north 12 miles per hour. just something to keep in mind this morning. notice the radar network, there is nothing on he are good to go. no issues with fog. the wind gusts, well, they were showing up and now they have died down. they were gusting up to 25 miles per hour. make sure, you know, sunglasses are with you. going up to the mid 70s and plenty of sunshine. matt, how is the traffic this morning? >> pretty good. the volume is light and


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