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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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learning today. >> first, to the morning commute and the forecast. first we are going to meteorologist lindsey slater. >> it is breezy out there. the winds are north 12 miles per hour. it is 66 degrees. feeling like the low look at that, in the dells it is 59. it is 59 in sheboygan. same thing in west bend. 61 watertown. 63 kenosha. as you are waking up and headed out know that the temperatures are in the 60s. by 8:00 the conditions are cooler than we had yesterday and less humid as well. the highs closer to 75 with
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traffic this morning. >> we are over 41/45. both directions things are looking good. the travel times are looking great. a tap on the brakes at national. otherwise everything is running smoothly this morning. ben, back to you. >> thank you, matt. several people in custody after a disturbance park neighborhood. this happened last night near 44 and auer. thema ponton is live with the latest. >> the police asked the crowd to leave the area around the memorial for smith. the deadly shooting set off vie leapt unrest in the sherman park
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arrested for disorderly conduct. the police asked the people to leave but some refused and the police say that the officers made the arrests after seeing the people breaking the law. there have been over arrests of people charged with setting the fires add looting of businesses in the neighborhood. back here live in this neighborhood, police tell us that they have not heard of any we were just in the park and the sheriffs were in there. the park opens at 6:00 a.m. this morning. for the deadly shooting of smith, it is under investigation by the state officials. >> thank you, thema. >> it is going to take weeks to fix the damage left by the wild weather. yesterday's rain caused flooding and a fire.
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us. >> it didn't rain for long but the downpours causing a lot of damage. the streets were needing. there was flash flooding and drivers plowed their way through, some getting stranded. a lightning strike spark add fire there. this is a photography studio at 5th and west national. the the crack and smelled the smoke. >> thank you, tim. >> a popular chef is being repped at being stabbed on the east side. 32-year-old was killed outside of a bar on monday. he was trying to rescue a feel friend involved in an argument they say that the violence has
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the to happen here at a place that we love and let alone to someone we love so much. >> police arrested two suspects. one is an a 45-year-old oak creek man and one is a 23-year-old man. >> this week one of the nuns murdered in wisconsin will be laid to a prayer vigil is scheduled friday at st. fren francis. the funeral will follow. >> new exhibit honoring brett favre is happening today. it is honoring the time with the team and recognizing the performances. anyone that buys tickets to the
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>> three days away from the wisconsin lsu game. it is at lambeau field. you can see the game only here on wisn 12. kickoff is 2:30. stay tuned for the season premier of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. we are live at lambeau with the badgers coverage. >> tomorrow students at mps head back to all week long events to kick off the school year has been taking place. >> carroll university is welcoming 35 international students. a total of 57 international students is attending this year. students are coming from 25 different countries. >> we are looking outside this morning, cooler, and starting to
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>> yes, last day of august. 64 degrees. dew .57. the winds right now 13 miles per hour. it is a little breezy out there in racine this this morning. we have beautiful streaks of pink in the skies. snap a picture and tweet it to me. it is a pretty good start to the day. the rain pushed to the east. we are looking good to go. no fog this we had a high of 85 to 87 degrees yesterday across the board and today at least ten degrees cooler. we see the temperatures going up to the low 70s. plenty of sunshine. take the shades. matt has a check on the traffic. >> we have trouble near msoe.
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flight for life is on the scene. the police and firefighters are on the scene. someone was injured at the intersection of jefferson and knapp. it looks like a vehicle struck a tree. they have had to be xra kated. the area is shut down. the freeways are quiet at this the travel times are all in the green except for the bypass northbound. >> thank you, matt. >> today could bring two highly anticipated developments in the race for the white house. for donald trump a speech on immigration. for hillary clinton her email server report could be going public.
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news for donald trump he's headed to mexico today. last year he said that mexico sends criminals to the u.s., drugs, rapists, well today he's sitting down with the mexican president. donald trump accepted the invitation of the mexican president. the meet something coming on the day that trump is speaking on immigration. we are going to secure the border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> well, trump didn't mention the trip to mexico last night but talked about border security. >> the reason he ran over the rest of the field in the pry mires had to do with the stance of immigration. >> that stance no longer seems black and white and trump is dialling back on the proposal to deport millions. hillary clinton's campaign is
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the plans and what matters is what trump says to voters in arizona and not mexico. trump says he's planning to build a wall, and mexico will pay it. the mexican president is saying there is no way that is going to happen. >> thank you. >> libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is hall. >> some members of congress are hoping to stay in congress, this morning all eyes on two republicans that are looking to november after yesterday's primary. we are going to tim with the results. >> john mccain and marco rubio
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a former state senator. he won with 55% of the vote. in other contests this morning, marco rubio won the primary down in florida. he's seeking a second term. now former dnc chairperson debby wasserman defeated her all eyes on november. >> thank you, tim. 6:10. still ahead, bracing for land fall, the power storms and the preparations in place this morning. >> plus, the former nfl quarterback is trying a new sport. how tim tebow did during the workout.
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>> we are foming breaking news from downtown milwaukee.
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a car slams into a tree. flight for life is on the scene. we have not seen them transporting at this point. knapp and jefferson are shutdown. use the alternatives while this is closed. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. live from news chopper 12. >> wow, incredie there. time now is 6:14. we have keeping an eye on the tropical storms and the hurricanes. lindsey is tracking the storms. >> there are two in the atlantic and one in the pacific. this is tropical depression 9, that is moving its way to florida here in the next day and
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there could be tornadoed there. winds and damage. tropical depression 8 along the coast. we have hurricane madeline, that is hitting hawaii first and there is a category 4, lester, you are seeing the well defined eye. you can see all of the warnings in effect. hurricane warnings for the island. storm watches for the other islands. there are high surf advisories for quite some time. >> right now hawaii's big island is bracing for the rain and winds. residents now stocking up on food and water there. school is closed for the kids there. tourists are being asked to stay
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attractions n. preparation, hawaii's governor signed an emergency declaration. president obama is expected to be in hawaii today for the world conservation conference. on the east coast, a hurricane watch for florida. the tropical depression created rip currents for the beach goinger there. the storm is going up the atlantic coast just in t "g.m.a." is tracking the pact of the storms this morning. >> some scary moments for a group of kayakers in new york. ten people were hurt after a ferry plows into them on the hudson river. two are in critical condition. the pilot of the ferry was taking usual route and couldn't stop in time. the police are still investigating the exact cause of the crash.
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be filed. >> now to a situation for people in one south carolina neighborhood. police in greenville is investigating reports of a clown trying to lure children into the woods. authorities say that several kids reported seeing a person in a clown costume and enticing kids with money and candy. parents are watching the >> nobody should have to stand and watch them because of a clown. it scares me. it scares everybody because that is your child, your baby. >> police are stepping up patrols. >> nfl quarterback trying a hand as a new sport.
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major teams. he thought the fly balls and finished with live batting practice. he swung at 60% of the pitches and even hit a home run. we have to wait and see if that is good enough to get him a contract. >> later today the brewers are looking to avoid a sweep with the cardinals. yesterday they lost the second game of the series 2-1. now to is giving back to community, every ticket for the september 25th matchup will go to one of four local charities. every ticket the ten bucks. you can choose make a wish, boys and girls club, the max fund or the wisconsin humane society. the last game of the season and hoping to get the whole ballpark soldout. >> that is nice.
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going. >> yes, only tun bucks too. >> it is a beautiful sunrise. look at that. that is gorgeous. you can see right now that is the sheboygan camera and things are looking fantastic. as far to expect for the day, well, we are starting off, the big difference here temperature wise, check this out. 70 in chicago. milwaukee you can really see where the cold front, you know, passed through the state yesterday. right now the front is about there. now we are talking about the cooler air. international falls 44 degrees right now. 59 minneapolis. we are nice in the 60s right now. 59 west bend. 60 burlyington.
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the winds are 10-20 miles per hour. today it is going to be much cooler. yesterday topped out in the upper 80s. today 74. plenty of sunshine and the humidity is going to stay down, that is fantastic. we had head to tonight, it is a beautiful night for us. 58 degrees. for thursday, we are talking temperatures are looking pleasant for the first day of school. as the kids are headed out the door, just a little cooler out the full 7-day forecast for the holiday weekend not too bad. i am expecting a nice dry stretch through sunday, then storms back in the forecast for monday and matt has more on the traffic for this morning. matt? >> we have a crash near msoe near jefferson and knapp a. car slammed into a tree. i don't see any skid marks.
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cleared the scene and milwaukee police are on the scene. flight for life is here. knapp and jefferson are closed. you can clues alternates. this is here for a while. reporting live in news chopper 12. >> matt, thank you. 6:21. still ahead a couple in florida is gaining fame all thanks to their grandma and grandpa are going viral. >> a trip to the beach going terribly wrong, the surfer shares the encounter with a
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they have been married 52 years and started to wear the matching outfits while going square dancing. every day they text the outfits to their grandson. >> one of the biggest stars at summerfest is taking a break, selena gomez focus on her health. she said last year she had under gone chemo to treat it. >> abc revealed the new bachelor, nick vile, he as a long history with the show appearing twice on the bachelorette and bachelor in par diocese.
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we want to know about the stories you are talking about. continue to share them with us. still ahead, cutting down on gun violence, a plan that a lawmaker says takes five seconds. >> a possible police shake up in chicago, a move to fire five officers. >> we have breaking news, a crash at jefferson and knan milwaukee. >> the police are investigating a car slams head on into a tree. we have more on the morning
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>> right now, more unrest in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. the arrests made there last night in the same spot where police shot and killed a man, more than two weeks ago. >> and honoring mother teresa just days before she becomes a saint. the celebration happening today here in milwaukee. >> but first, weather watch 12. after some serious downpours
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first, to breaking news, a crash in downtown milwaukee. matt is over the scene for us in news chopper 12. matt, what are you seeing? >> flight for life is transporting a person from the crash a. vehicle head on into a tree at the intersection of jefferson and knapp. jefferson and knapp shutdown. use alternates to get around. we'll continue to watch this. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. we are going to look at what is happening now. the beautiful red streaks in the sky right now. it is a beautiful start to the day. we are looking live outside right now.
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the temperature is 59. the dew point is nice and low. the wind is an issue though. the winds are gusting 10-20 miles per hour. don't forget the sunglasses. right now the radar, the rain is done. the cold front did its job and cooled us down. we are staying in the morning and seeing the temperatures in the mid 70s in the afternoon. i anticipate the first day of school tomorrow a cooler start with the temperatures near 58. ben? >> thank you. >> it's been more than two weeks since unrest began in sherman park. crowds clashed with police and more than a half dozen business were set on fire, others were looted. in the last two weeks, the focus
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but tim, there was more unrest last night? >> police made ten arrests at 44th and auer, the same intersection where an officer shot and killed sylville smith. that shooting set off the unrest in milwaukee. and last night, police say a crowd of at least 30 people gathered there. police asked them to leave. they eventually arrested ten people for disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. state officials are still investigating the original stay with wisn 12 news for the latest on the unrest in sherman park and the recovery. ben, back to you. >> new from overnight, police are investigating a shooting near the sherman park neighborhood. it happened early this morning in the area near 27th and center. police say a man was shot. he is expected to survive. right now police are investigating and searching for the suspect who fired that shot. >> an international group that
6:33 am
to sherman park today. thema is live for us this morning. this is one of the many groups bringing positive activities to sherman park. >> that is right, ben, this group that is coming to sherman park, the park just reopening and they are focussed on hope and healing in the neighborhood and putting the kids first. the kids first iat and help kids plan for their futures. there will also be food and drinks and a tablet giveaway. kids first has worked with nearly 17,000 in the last decade. back here live at sherman park, the sherman park event starts at 4:00 p.m. you are seeing some of the officers here just in the corner there on the edge of the park. the park is now open this
6:34 am
morning." >> thema, thank you. 6:33. >> did you get caught in yesterday's storms? heavy downpours started in the afternoon and all that rain streets flooded and the pressure in storm drains popped manhole covers out of place. thousands of people on milwaukee's south side lost power. a building near 5th and national was struck by lightning. a driver in cudahy got stuck in a drainage ditch. he told wisn 12 news he couldn't tell where the street ended and the ditch began. other drivers stalled out in the water. >> it literally felt like i was floating in the water with the car. i had semis driving past and throwing more water at me. a little nerve wracking at first. >> a reminder, do not drive through a flooded street. the water may be deeper than you think and you could be in danger. >> happening now, people in a greenfield neighborhood are working to scrub spray paint off of their cars.
6:35 am
more on how it got there. tim? >> people in the neighborhood woke up on monday and found the vandalism. police say two teenagers painted racial slurs and other offensive words on 27 pieces of property, including several cars. it all adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in damage. people in the neighborhood say they're annoyed but know it could have been even worse. >> i was expecting to come out to smashed windows or slashed tires. i'm really thankful it was just spray paint and none of that stuff, but still annoying to wake up to that. >> police say they don't know why the teenagers went on the vandalism spree. officers went door to door in the neighborhood helping people clean up the mess. ben, over to you. >> thank you, tim. >> president obama changes the lives of two wisconsin men yesterday by commuting their sentences. in all, 111 people's sentences were commuted all for drug-related charges. >> a new berlin man serving time
6:36 am
off of his sentence. he'll serve 15 years instead of 40. and an evansville man will be released next year more than a year early. >> later today, marquette university will hold a mass ahead of mother teresa's canonization. it starts at noon today on marquette's campus. mother teresa visited the school back in 1981. she was given the university's top honor. more than 10,000 thousand people came to see her. wisn 12 news time now is 6:36. >> a dangerous crash on a highway leads to a dramatic rescue. the men who stepped in to save a life and how that crash happened in the first place. >> plus, some massive storms moving toward hawaii this morning. we're getting a view of the hurricanes from space. >> we are following baracking news downtown milwaukee at jefferson and knapp. we have a live report on the
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>> good morning to you. check out this beautiful camera.
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everything is looking fantastic. there are hardly any clouds and where there is, little pink streaks and now it is clearing up for us. the temperatures, look at this, 64 degrees. the dew point is low as well. but what is high are the winds. the winds are 10-15 miles per hour. the gusts all morning up to 25 miles per hour. so just keep that in mind as you are headed out this morning. the temperatures feeling 66 ma milwaukee. as you are waking up today, keep the sunglasses handy. we are going to see the sunshine. the temperatures much cooler than they were yesterday. the high today 74 degrees. the humidity is going to be on a break. matt has a check on the traffic right now. >> the milwaukee police investigators are going through
6:41 am
checking for an id. the vehicle slammed head on into a tree and crushed the driver's side of the car. no signs of braking at this point. this is jefferson and knapp and they are shutdown as the investigation is continuing. use the alternates. that is a look at the commute. back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> after a nasty crash on a new york highway, three men jumped into action. the pileup started when a semi's brakes failed. it smashed into several cars, more than one broke out in flames. quick thinking helped save the woman in this car. a bystander grabbed the fire extinguisher from a semi and got the fire under control. finally, they were able to break the window and pull the woman
6:42 am
>> three hurricanes are swirling right now, two over the pacific and one in the atlantic. all of them can be seen from the international space station. here's hurricane madeline as seen from space. madeline and lester are approaching hawaii right now, and in the atlantic, there's hurricane gaston. that storm is not expected to hit the u.s. wisn 12 news time now is 6:42. let's get right to tim in the newsroom. he's following some big stories from across the country. >> a grammy-winning singer in a stff what led up to the tense encounter with singer chris brown and the trouble he's in this morning. >> plus, storms moving in to florida. that has officials worried about zika virus. why the storms could lead to more cases.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in jefferson and knapp near the wmsoe campus. a car slammed head on into a tree and the milwaukee police are on the scene and investigating. we also saw them take a person out of the ambulance and load
6:46 am
the investigators were going through a purse as well. i believe there was a female in the car. at this point they are not releasing the details on how many people were in the vehicle. right now jefferson and knapp are shutdown. that is a look at the breaking news. >> matt, thank you. flight for life was 6:46. it is wednesday, august 31st. it is a gorgeous sunrise. >> it is beautiful. it is better than being muggy and sticky or the heavy air. right now in sheboygan it is windy out there. the temperatures just hovering close to 60 degrees. the humidity is down because the cold front did its job and
6:47 am
we could see the patchy fog in the low lying areas. the cool air is plunging in. 40s in minnesota. we are starting in the 60s this morning and anticipating the highs today to easily be reaching the mid 70s and the dew point remains pleasant, comfortable to be outside. the highs going up to the low 70s. to need them. >> i have them, thank you. >> a grammy-winning musician in a standoff with police. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom. tim, what can you tell us? >> we're talking about r&b singer chris brown. police in los angeles say he's now out on bail and he'll face charges. this all began early tuesday morning when a woman called police for help. the woman told the la times that brown pointed a gun at her. police say brown was inside his home in an l.a. suburb and he
6:48 am
and arrested brown. he's now facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon. this morning he's out on a quarter-million dollar bond. this isn't brown's first run-in with the law. you might remember he was put on probation in 2009 after attacking pop star and then-girlfriend rihanna. ben, back do you. thank you, tim. >> developing this morning, chicago's police chief says he wants to fire all six officers involved in the deadly shooting of an african-american teen in 2014. dashcam video showed 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking away from police before he was shot. some officers said he lunged at them with a knife. the chief says those officers lied. the officer who fired the fatal shots is also charged with murder. >> new this morning, an illinois lawmaker has an idea to cut down on gun violence. sonya harper from chicago wants to require serial numbers on bullets.
6:49 am
on shootings because it would be easier to track who made and bought the bullets. supporters of the plan say it would take only five seconds to find out where a bullet was sold. >> this is another tool in the toolbox to curtail the havoc that's going on in our community. >> about 20 other states have bills proposing the same thing. the nra opposes the push for serial numbers on bullets. >> turning now to commitment 2016. hillary clinton's campaign is still dealing with the email scandal and this week we'll learn more about it. the fbi says it will release the report on its investigation into clinton's email server. the bureau sent the report to the justice department recommending that no charges be filed. the report could be released as early as today. >> new this morning, a weather phenomenon caught on camera. take a look at this. this is a timelapse of a
6:50 am
a microburst is caused by a downdraft within a thunderstorm. winds can get up to 100 miles an hour or even higher. some microbursts have the strength of a small tornado. we have been talking the video all morning long. >> take a look at it. >> it is looking like the clouds open and the rain falls to the earth. >> structure of a thunderstorm, yo to come down. you have the moisture going into the updraft and collecting in the storm. then it loses the energy and letting it go all at once. >> i like this.
6:51 am
and lower humidity. that is fantastic. we are talking about the weekend, it is wednesday, i think it is okay. the rain chances over the next few days will be slim until we get to sunday night, then we'll start to see showers and thundershowers picking up. we are on a nice dry stretch right now. right now the radar is looking good, no we don't even have any fog. we usually see the fog after the thunderstorms, but in this case t cold air coming down from canada and dried everything up. that is why it is feeling so nice out there this morning. 66 degrees. plenty of sunshine. it is a little breezy out there. don't forget the shades today. honestly, you should be good to go. the highs closer to the mid 70s.
6:52 am
we are done with that. as far as wa is happening today, the temperatures mid 70s. areas inland i'm anticipating today you probably should get to the mid to upper 70s. overnight tonight the temperatures are dropping down to the 50s, if you can believe that, in some locations. today the high of 74. humidity is on a ea featuring the weekend we are talking great conditions, no problems. get the barbecues ready. by monday we are talking showers and thunderstorms. matt is up in the chopper with the latest on that breaking traffic. >> we have a bad crash at jefferson and knapp a. vehicle slammed head on into a tree. milwaukee police are here on the scene and investigating the crash site. we have seen them going through
6:53 am
jefferson and knapp are shutdown conducting the investigation. i look for the skid marks and seeing which way the vehicle was headed and there are known. the other thing i notice there are speed bumps on jefferson and knapp and encouraging the folks to slow down. just a half block of distance to get high rate of distance. ve milwaukee police have not released information. we saw a person taken from the scene in the flight for life. >> matt, thank you. >> happening now, officials in florida are bracing for a storm. one of their storm preps is related to zika virus. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following this story from the
6:54 am
>> with heavy rain heading for florida and officials want to make sure that extra water doesn't become a breeding ground for zika. officials in tampa are talking to residents about standing water where mosquitos breed. they're also treating the water in ponds and pools to make sure mosquitos won't want to reproduce there. forecasters expect heavy rain later this week in central florida. that's because of a tropical depression that's moving northeast from the gulf of mexico. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> new this morning, a surfer in florida survived a shark attack. the 25-year-old man is in the hospital. the shark bit his right foot. right in a few months. the man says he was surfing as usual in about five feet of water when the shark grabbed his foot. the animal bit down then let him go. >> it kind of felt like kicking a wall really hard is a good way to describe it or a wall kicked me. i knew what was going on, it was a big gray bull shark biting my foot. >> this isn't the first shark
6:55 am
was bit a few years ago. cumiskey says he can't wait to get back out in the water and start surfing again. >> happening now, it started as a brush fire in california and quickly grew to hundreds of acres. this is being called the bogart fire. it's forced evacuations of homes and a senior center. fire crews are working to contain it with air tankers and bulldozers. there's no word yet on what started this fire. >> new this morning, a canadian woman got a nasty wake up call when a scorpion climbed h bed and stung her. rachel fox says at first she thought she had rolled over onto a shard of glass but then she saw the scorpion. it was about three inches long and it's not native to vancouver. fox says she was in serious pain. luckily, this scorpion was not lethal. she and her roommate managed to kill the scorpion with a frying pan. >> this big black ugly thing that made no sense to me. with its little lobster claws
6:56 am
the floor and with some serious force. >> the roommates still have no idea how the scorpion got into their home. "g.m.a." has the top headlines. first, we are looking outside here from news chopper 12 on traffic watch. this is a live look, it is a in milwaukee. the driver was taken by flight
6:57 am
russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want be a doctor! russ feingold: you think girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. you should be paid the same boys? yogirl 1:d definitely.d
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two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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>> we are live on breaking news. this is a live picture from 41 and locust. they are investigating a death of a one month old. this >> we have breaking news at jefferson and knapp. a car has slammed into a tree, one person was taken from the scene by flight for life. the intersection is shutdown. use the alternates. back to you. >> it is looking nice outside. take the shades.
7:00 am
take wisn 12 news with you everywhere. see you tomorrow. good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's surprise, heading to mexico to meet with their president who compared him to hitler and mussolini hours before a major speech on immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> the clinton campaign fires back this morning. >> thank you. >> breaking right now, emergency landing. a united airlines flight taking off from texas hitting severe turbulence. ambulances on the tarmac. at least 16 people rushed to the hospital. hurricane watch. florida's gulf coast bracing for a developing tropical storm with winds up to 70 miles an hour and a pair of hurricanes barreling towards hawaii. schools closing, windows boarded up preparing for massive waves


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