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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  September 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> h >> right now, students are getting ready to head back to school. it's the first day for thousands of kids in the milwaukee area. the school that's giving them a red carpet welcome. >> some kids may be forced to skip the first day of school. the bus problems that are putting parents in a tough even starts. >> but first, weather watch 12. our stretch of beautiful weather continues. how long this cool down will last and when rain returns to the forecast. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >>and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this thursday, september first. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal. >> we are talking september sunshine in place for us.
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gorgeous stretch of weather is settling in. staying dry through monday, through the holiday weekend. back to school, sunny and 70 degrees. early this morning as far as the temperatures, 64 mequon and glendale. cooler at brown deer. waukesha at 61 degrees. it is warmer at the airport 66. not much of a warm up today. we touch up to a couple of clouds out there. mostly thanks to the north breeze overall. we continue to feel the affects of the high pressure over the next few days. >> thank you, sal. >> when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> happening now, kids across southeast wisconsin are getting ready to head back to school, but parents in the west allis-west milwaukee school district may have to keep their kids at home today.
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buses won't be able to reach certain families. it's not clear yet how many students this affects. parents told wisn 12 news that the school promises to excuse absences for kids who can't make it to school without the bus. >> you might notice some changes with milwaukee's school buses this year. instead of just using flashing yellow lights when dropping kids off, drivers are now required to use yellow and red lights and to extend the stop arm. it's a change that's meant to keep kids getting off the bus. >> students in glendale are getting a warm welcome as they head back to class. once again, teachers at nicolet high school are rolling out the red carpet for their students, literally. administrators and teachers will line up along the red carpet to greet students as they walk to class. it's been a tradition since 2008. >> we're getting in the back to school spirit here at wisn 12 news. here's one of my back to school
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this is from around 1991. as you get the kids ready, we want to see your back to school pictures. what is the princess pose going on there. nothing has changed they say? email them to u-local at or tweet them using the hash tag wisn 12. >> working for justice after a family member was killed by police. that's the mission of sylville smith's brother more thatw weeks after the shooting. tim, what is sedan smith asking for? >> he wants to see the body camera footage from the shooting, and he's not the only one. a group of peaceful protesters gathered last night at sherman park where there's a memorial set up for sylville smith. smith's brother says they'll continue to gather until the video is released. the state department of justice has not let the family or the public see it.
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of this to come and i'm not saying it in a violent way i'm saying i will schedule more peaceful protests. i will. i will be everywhere with a peaceful protests. >> neighbors told wisn 12 news that they understand why people are protesting, but they want their neighborhood to return to normal. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> tuesday night police made 11 arrests at 44th and auer where that police shooting took place. one of the people taken into custody is a state representative. jonathan brostoff says he wasn't police van. brostoff says police threw him to the ground but let him go when they found out who he was. >> a battle going on between county officials on when to close sherman park. county workers tried to take down the fence yesterday but sheriff's deputies stopped them. since the unrest, the milwaukee county sheriff's office has kept the park closed from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. people in the neighborhood say it's time to go back to normal.
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officials want the sheriff to take down the fence and let the park stay open until 10:00 p.m. >> i think the residents and the people of milwaukee county need that park back open to bring closure to everything that happened two weeks ago in sherman park. it would be a benefit for the community because it would say the healing is really beginning. >> a spokeswoman from the sheriff's office sent a statement to wisn 12 news saying the sheriff gets to choose his own way and means of carrying t >> we'll continue to follow the unrest in milwaukee and the healing going on in sherman park. stay with wisn 12 news on the air online at and on our mobile app. >> now to commitment 2016, the race for the white house comes back to milwaukee. libertarian party nominee gary johnson will be speaking at serb hall tonight. it's the former new mexico governor's first campaign stop in wisconsin. all tickets for the event are sold out.
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ten percent of likely wisconsin voters in the most recent marquette university poll. >> when high tide comes in, two men in new york get stuck. >> the rough water that put them in danger. and the rescue mission that brought them back to dry land. >> and a police officer notices something unusual while driving his daughter to school. the rescue he made along the way. but first a live look outside as we head the break. clear skies downtown sally is going to talk about the forecast for the rest of the week and the holiday coming up soon too. you are watching "12 news this
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>> we are eyeing temperatures this morning near 60 degrees. at the airport 66. looking live at the third ward, big blue h for the most part influencing the weather for the nest few days and plenty of back to school sunshine today.
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tonight the lows in the 60s. for tomorrow sunshine once again. it is warmer highs at 74. we keep the dry look going throughout the holiday weekend. ben, melinda. >> thank you, sal. now out the door, not a lot of cars on this stretch. this is smooth sailing. >> new on wisn 12, two men stranded in rough seas. >> the nypd organized a rescue operation. take a look. high tide rushed in while they were on the jetty in new york city. the jetty kept getting smaller as the tide came in and the water was so rough that the nypd couldn't get a boat to them. so a chopper flew in with an officer dangling underneath it. he got the men into harnesses and got them to safety. >> new on wisn 12, a police officer in oklahoma steps in
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>> the officer was driving his daughter to school at the time. look at this. there it goes. he spotted the cat with a can stuck on its head. so her dad stopped the car, walked over and pulled the can off. he gave the cat a quick head-scratch then it ran off. >> that can was really stuck on there. >> talk about being in the right place at the right time. 4:41. >> let's get right to tim in the newsroom. >> he's following some of today's top stories. tim? >> storms are fast approaching hawaii and the affects that the islands are seeing as madeline and lester are closing in. >> plus donald trump meets the president of mexico and walk away from the meeting with very different messages and what they are disagreeing on this morning.
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friend of mine, this is timmy elliott back to school photo. we want to see your back to
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>> welcome back. wisn 12 news time now is 4:45 on thursday, september 1st. happy first day of school for the public school students out there, starting the school year this year and a perfect day to i opened the windows last night and hit the snooz button four or five times. >> the temperatures are close to 60. it is warmer at the airport. the september sunshine for today. we talk about the highs near 70 degrees. 74 tomorrow. sunny and quiet. the holiday weekend outlook overall just a few passing clouds and highs that reach
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weekend and that is so not true in other parts of the world. >> it is busy in the tropics. >> people in hawaii are being told to shelter in place as madeline now downgraded to a tropical storm is passing just south of the big island. the storm has brought heavy rain and huge waves. there's the potential for flooding and wind damage. people in hawaii are boarding up windows to protect from the storms. following close behind madeline is hurrine hawaii. lester's eye is expected bring more dangerous weather as it passes just north. >> tim, thank you. >> new on wisn 12, a military chopper pilot is forced to make an emergency landing. now there's another problem. the helicopter is stuck in mud. the apache helicopter had mechanical problems, so the pilot set it down in a muddy field. right now, the national guard is trying to figure out how to get the chopper out. >> turning now to commitment 2016 and the race for the white
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donald trump has been outspoken about building a wall along the mexican border. yesterday, he met with mexico's talked about it. but now, there's some disagreement over what was said. trump said that he and president enrique pena nieto did not talk about who would pay for the wall. >> we did discuss the wall, we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that is for a later date. >> pena nieto tweeted that they did discuss it and that mexico pena nieto said it was a constructive meeting. >> hillary clinton is responding to trump's meeting in mexico and tweeted saying that trump failed the first test on diplomacy. >> president obama visited lake tahoe and talked about preventing the environmental issues before they happen.
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change and conservation. >> that's why we are here to protect this special pristine place, keep the waters crystal clear and keep the air clean and keep faith with this truth, that the challenges of conservation and combatting climate change are connected, they are linked. >> since spent $1.8 billion on projects to protect lake tahoe. >> you are invited to the bike night of the year the cameras were there as the workers got the stage ready. the 80s band is head lining tonight. on sunday it is a bike show with more than a hundred bikes you
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world. >> it is about having that fun with your fellow riders, with non-riders. milwaukee rolls out the orange carpet for the people coming from near and far. >> tonight you will get a chance to see the first new harley engines off the line. bike night starts at 5:00 and runs through labor day. >> they are people out for that. >> labor day is huge for the harley owners group and they are going to be around and it is going to be gorgeous. just beautiful weather perfectly in time for the holiday weekend. ben was hitting the snooze this weekend. the temperatures around the metro are a touch warmer, 65 at
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63 west allis. now the temperatures are showing up low to mid 60s this morning. topping up to 70. maybe a light jacket or a sweatshirt this morning, 60s overall. we are skipping to the sunshine this afternoon. i anticipate a few clouds occasionally. northeast winds overall. winds clockwise around the high pressure and that is to give us generally north, northeast wind and temperatures a little cooler than normal today. overall we are looking at beautiful weather. a few passing clouds. with a chilly air aloft, the model is grabbing the rain, no rain, but just a few clouds. this is this afternoon at 5:30, it is dry and quiet. tomorrow sunshine again. 74 for tomorrow.
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feast your eyes on this forecast. 70 today. plenty of sunshine. occasion clouds from time to time. low 80s for labor day monday and a few clouds and wet returning to the forecast by tuesday. ben? >> thank you, sal. on to traffic watch 12. this is a live look at 43, 94 plainfield avenue, just a few cars are rolling through. if you are leaving early this morning, drive times are all in the green. >> hundreds of patients evacuated from a hospital in florida. this later information is coming in over night. right now they are saying it is an electrical fire over night. 290 patients were evacuated over
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ones left first. this is a pain staking process to evacuate people because the patients had to be carried down the stairs. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. back to you. >> a heart breaking story out of colorado. police say that is man confessed to purposely crashing his car and hefts trying to hurt his seat. he wanted to hushz his son because raising a child is too much responsibility and he was high on cocaine at the time. the people that saw the crash happen say he never hit the brakes. >> there were no screech marks or putting the brakes on. >> amazing the toddler survived
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concussion and stitches. the mother is grateful he's alive. >> now this morning, a former atlanta police officer is facing murder charges. protestor have been calling for the charges. the officer shot into of the car without looking inside. the officer said that the car tried to run him the video shows a different story. the grand jury indicted the officer. >> now we are going to push for a swift conviction in the case. >> the victim's mother is getting justice in the courtroom. now she feels her son didn't die in vain. >> a development in the case of the so-called after lunz teen. his attorney wants him out of
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mexico. he went there with his mother to avoid a parole violation. the lawyer wants it sent back to juvenile court. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:54. a teacher is getting recognition for going above and beyond. >> a huge gift made to a student and how the school is recognizing her. >> see jazz in the park.
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>> welcome back. the c.d.c. is warn 245 the 23r58 funds to fight zika are almost gone. >> now they are asking for more money. much of the funds were spent in florida. congress went on recess without
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returns to session on tuesday where the republicans could vote on a billion dollar funding package. the money will go to developing the testing for the virus and a vaccine. >> wisconsin is on the list impacted by a hepatitis a outbreak linked to frozen strawberries and they were importeded from egypt and used at the tropical smoothy cafes. there is a case reported in several agencies are investigating. >> a new drug could be a break through in the fight against alzheimer's. they are testing the drug on patients with mild to moderate alzheimer's and it is slowing the development of plaque in the brain. this is the first alzheimer's drug in more than a decade but
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>> the little bite snacks are recalled because of plastic bits inside of the snacks. one injury has been reported. this recall affects the fudge brownies and the chocolate chip muffins and variety packs. wisn 12 news time now is 4:59. the news continues right now. good morning, thanks for waking up with us on "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it is september 1st. some kids may not have a way to get to the first day of school. >> the catholic community
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two nuns murdered in their home. first, we want to check on the morning commute and the thursday forecast. >> matt is on deck, but first to sally. >> early morning temperatures showing up in the low to mid 60 z and on the way to sunshine and the highs in the 70s. maybe a long sleeved t at the bus stop otherwise looking at sunshine for today and highs going up to 70 degrees. it is beautiful for park tonight, it is the last jazz in the park for the season. we are staying dry for the evening. think about a long sleeved t. high pressure is influencing the weather. a few clouds from time to time. overall party sunny and highs near 70. matt? >> off to a good start for the morning commute. no troubles for you. this is 45 and highway q.


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