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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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two nuns murdered in their home. first, we want to check on the morning commute and the thursday forecast. >> matt is on deck, but first to sally. >> early morning temperatures showing up in the low to mid 60 z and on the way to sunshine and the highs in the 70s. maybe a long sleeved t at the bus stop otherwise looking at sunshine for today and highs going up to 70 degrees. it is beautiful for park tonight, it is the last jazz in the park for the season. we are staying dry for the evening. think about a long sleeved t. high pressure is influencing the weather. a few clouds from time to time. overall party sunny and highs near 70. matt? >> off to a good start for the morning commute. no troubles for you. this is 45 and highway q.
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good. system wide travel times are looking great across the freeways right now... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all right, matt. today is the first day of school for many of the districts across southeast wisconsin, including the milwaukee public schools. 77,000 students attend school in the district. the superintendent is atten multiculture arts school. in west allis they have problems with the school buses, some paints need to find another way to get their kids to school. tim? >> good morning, ben chl right now there is nothing posted on the west allis facebook page but parents received a phone call yesterday letting them know that the buses are not able to reach
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it is unclear how many students are affected by this. the families that got the calls say they won't have the buses until next week, and since it is the first day of school, the school is excusing the absences. this is only for certain routes and parents should have received a phone call if they are affected by the issue. now wisn 12 news is not able to talk to anyone from the school district on w not able to reach the students. stay tuned to and on the air for more information. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tim. >> this morning, students are headed back to school and treated like movie stars. we are live where the red carpet is laid out. >> like movie stars and royalty
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carpet in a little bit here. and if you want to know what it is going to look like, we have the video from last year to show you the star studded event. the principal and the teachers giving the returning students a warm welcome back as they walk down the red carpet. a band playing. this is a school tradition for almost ten years now. they are kicking off at 6:15 this rn doing the interviews and this kind of stuff they do in hollywood. reporting live mike anderson "12 news this morning." >> what a cool idea. thank you, mike. >> she made a huge impact on the students and later today getting a thank you. a special assembly in fond du
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kidney to a student and cher going to rally this afternoon at 2:15. >> many are snapping the photos of the kids today and we want to see the pictures. here is a gem back to school. i think kindergarten, maybe pre-school. this is pushing it. i still have the same hair style. we want to see your pictures. l you can tweet to melinda, sally or i. >> you were cheesing. >> some of the people in sherman park neighborhood are meeting and the neighbor association is saying that the early closure of the park is one of the things they are going to talk about. the sheriff ordered the park closed at 6:00 p.m. since the unrest and lined the park with an orange fence.
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wants the park workers to remove the fence. abele's office is seeing what he can do. clark's office is saying that the sheriffs are carrying out their duties. >> it is two and a half weeks since the shooting of smith and the state department of justice is investigating the shooting and once that gays is completed, the case will be turned out to milwaukee county attorney. he'll decide if criminal charges will be filed against the officer that shot smith. >> you are planning to hit the road over the weekend, expect to see more law enforcement. they are setting out of of the available resources. state patrol is focussing on the areas with the high crash rates and making sure that the drivers
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driving sober without distractions. >> replica of the veteran's memorial is arriving to germantown. it is a travelling memorial. the wall has 58,000 names on it and displayed at kennedy middle school. >> we are in for a gorgeous weekend. >> oh, it is the weather is nice and the sunshine too? >> yes, that is right. a few passing clouds but big high pressure is influencing the weather and movingly slowly to the east. we pulled the potential for rain from monday and moved it to tuesday. for today and early this morning, temperatures, as i look
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64 racine. airport in at 66. take a look at this. again a few clouds, especially along the lake. we have a north, northeast wind. the temperatures along the lake likely 67, 68. 70 or just a touch better inland on the northeast breezes. here is matt. >> the pavement is dry, things are looking good. freeway systems. on the traffic watch 12 computer great travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all right, matt. the driver in a crash that killed two cousins is now charged. 17-year-old barns is facing two
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driving. he was speeding when lost control and hit a tree last friday night. 15-year-old cousins trail and demetris were killed. >> later today, remembering the life of one of the two nuns murdered in mississippi. tim is here with what is planned for later today. >> it is a week since the were murdered in their home. later today there is a service planned for sister held. earlier in the week, hundreds attended a memorial mass down in mississippi where the nuns worked for more than 20 years. they were found stabbed to death in their home last thursday. now the police say that rodney earl sanders confessed to the
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held at resurrection church and she grew up in slinger before becoming a member of the school sisters of st. francis in milwaukee. the funeral will be led by the archbishop. >> it is donald trump's promise, bidding a wall along the mexican border. >> now stepping up the stance for and how hillary clinton is responding. >> how winds and rip currents is slamming florida's gulf coast and when a hurricane could make land fall.
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nice weather. now the warm spot is the airport 66 degrees. other locations are coming in with the temperatures 60 or a little better. north breezes and a couple of clouds around. overall we are keeping the temperatures around 70. 67 or so along the lake. probably 72, 73 degrees in waukesha for today. but just a few clouds around. we look at the holiday weekend forecast in matt? >> traffic is moving nicely here. we jump up to keefe. things are rolling smoothly. light volume across the freeways. the tral times are looking great... no crashes reported on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all right, matt. this morning we have been tracking potentially severe
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the country. it is nice here but other places they are tracking the tropical storms. >> the tropical storms are kicking up a notch and we are watching what is happening in the gulf of mexico. 60-mile-per-hour winds but the models are indicating it is going to become a hurricane. it is looking as if it is crossing florida and going up the coastal carolinas and myrtle beach and to the north big rain associated with this storm. we'll keep you up to date on what is happening with the hurricane. >> sally, it is going to affect a lot of vacationers as well. this is video from the gulf coast of florida where the heavy rain and flooding of the rivers is causing the families to evacuate.
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rip countries are forcing the swimmer rs out of the water. it is peak vacation season before the labor day weekend. there could be tornado risks as well. strong winds and tornados are possible for parts of florida later today. this is just a tropical storm but the state is preparing in case it does become a hurricane. florida governor declared a state of emergency for 42 counties there. it would be the first time in 11 years. parts of georgia and south carolina also being affected by this storm system. >> tim, thank you. >> in commitment 2016, donald trump is campaigning in a battleground state this morning and following a speech on immigration and a surprise meeting with the mexican president.
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anyone that entered the u.s. illegally are subjected to deportation. >> anyone that illegally crosses the border will be detained. >> he discussed the immigration in phoenix yesterday. criminalalians will be gone. >> i will have a task force for identifying q the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america. >> trump is saying no path to legal status or citizenship and will build a wall and having mexico pay for it. the mexican president tweeted he told trump mexico won't pay for the wall. hillary clinton's campaign calls
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deviciveness and campaign of hate. clinton criticized the visit to mexico. >> dropping in and flying home, that is not how it works. >> in washington, wisn 12 news. >> thank you. the presidential race is becoming tiekter in wisi hillary clinton in the latest marquette law school trump. it is within the margin of error. clinton was up 15 points just three weeks ago. the race for president had results closer to the marquette poll.
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lambeau field is getting ready for the game. the fans of the purple and gold have been arriving ahead of saturday's big matchup. see the wisconsin lsu game on wisn 12, kickoff is 2:30. college football is back. stay tuned for big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. they are live at lambeau with the post >> go wisconsin. >> is it a sign of summer winding down, the last chance to enjoy jazz in the park in cathedral square. happy hour starts at 5:00. and the music starts at 6:00. the final one of the season. >> i was there last week and the
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crowd was about as large as i have seen in the park. it was packed in. >> just another beautiful night for jazz in the park. you know, maybe on the way home after the sunset, you may want a jacket, but, you can swing to the sunshine. i think about 70 degrees, 6:00, maybe upper 60s.we should see a fair amount of sunshine. there are a few clouds, especially near the lake. you can morning. we have the overall north, northeast wind. big high pressure is influencing the weather and continuing to call the tunes for the weather for us in the next several days. we keep our eye on the low pressure approaching later on monday. we have 59 degrees at superior. there is some cool air but not cold. we look at a pleasant night
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northeast wind and keeping the clouds around. there is cool air aloft. the model is showing the showers, i don't think that is going to happen. here we are tonight at 10:00. all is quiet. the lows in the mid 50s. tomorrow warmer. southeast wind tomorrow and pushing the temperatures up just a few degrees. 70 today. 74 tomorrow. closer to 80 for saturday and sunday. the nice weather persists into monday. a couple of extra clouds later on monday night and some of the wet heads our way into tuesday. so many kids are going back to school. we have been sharing the back to school pictures. i am shocked there is one of me. in this picture, i was 5, my
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and the twins were 2 and a half and little brother was one. and it was the start of my affair with cardigan sweaters. tweet your pictures in. we would love to see them. >> that is adorable, sal. >> the only black and w in the whole bunch. >> college student on an athletic scholarship is showing a softer side. >> the picture that has been shared thousands of times. >> sticky situation for a
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black.
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>> hey, brookfield. i can't believe this is back. i have been missing it. good morning, everyone. we are bringing you a brand new season of school shout outs starting next week. every school year wisn 12 news visits the classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> jeremy visited thousands of if you are interested in having a shout out visit, go to and we'll schedule a time for jeremy nelson to stop by and say hello this year. >> students are headed back to school in oregon and they have a unique crossing guard. >> look at him. look at that. is that scary. well, he's smiling. he's a big foot.
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transportation department. wow. look at his face. this is to remind the drivers that back to school is in session and look out for the kids in the crosswalks. >> the turtles are nice, but this guy will keep the people from driving too fast. >> look at the kid's nervous smile. >> a fla tla state university football player is doing good things off the field. and joined him at the table and his mother said she found out about it on facebook and her son has autism and now considers travis a here hero. >> still ahead, protecting the environment and fighting climate change. >> the steps that president obama is taking. >> it is the only place in the
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>> >> right now, students are getting ready to head back to school. it's the first day for thousands of kids in the milwaukee area. the school that's giving them a red carpet welcome. >> some kids may be forced to skip the first day of school. the bus problems that are putting parents in a tough position before the school year even starts. >> but first, weather watch 12. our stretch of beautiful weather continues. how long this cool down will last and when rain returns to the forecast. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >>and i'm melinda da it's 5:30 on this thursday, september first. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal. >> we are looking at beautiful weather over the next few days a few clouds passing by from time to time, especially today. we are staying dry throughout the holiday weekend. highs near 70 degrees today. northeast winds are keeping the temperatures a little cooler


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