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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  September 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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>> >> right now, students are getting ready to head back to school. it's the first day for thousands of kids in the milwaukee area. the school that's giving them a red carpet welcome. >> some kids may be forced to skip the first day of school. the bus problems that are putting parents in a tough position before the school year even starts. >> but first, weather watch 12. our stretch of beautiful weather continues. how long this cool down will last and when rain returns to the forecast. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >>and i'm melinda da it's 5:30 on this thursday, september first. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal. >> we are looking at beautiful weather over the next few days a few clouds passing by from time to time, especially today. we are staying dry throughout the holiday weekend. highs near 70 degrees today. northeast winds are keeping the temperatures a little cooler
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for now the winds are calm. the sunrise 6:17. high pressure is influencing the weather and with the breezes a few passing clouds from time to time. we welcome september with a party sunny and highs near 70. 74 for tomorrow. near 80 for the holiday weekend. now let's join on the way to news chopper 12. system. the volume is light. the pavement is dry. the travel times are no sweat. no crashes reported on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all right, matt. >> happening now, kids across southeast wisconsin are getting ready to head back to school, but parents in the west allis-west milwaukee school district may have to keep their kids at home today.
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buses won't be able to reach certain families. it's not clear yet how many students this affects. parents told wisn 12 news that the school promises to excuse absences for kids who can't make it to school without the bus. >> you might notice some changes with milwaukee's school buses this year. instead of just using flashing yellow lights when dropping kids off, drivers are now required to use yellow and red lights and to extend the stop arm. it's c keep kids safe when they're getting off the bus. >> students in glendale are getting a warm welcome as they head back to class. mike anderson is live at glendale and the students are getting the star treat. the red carpet is out! >> it is outside, melinda, they have rolled it out. the crew came out. they are up bright and early and
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the kids are headed back to school today and there will be a band playing here and reporters like me and others and asking the questions and stuff as they walk down the red carpet here. they do it like they are in hollywood. it is a tradition going back to 2008. it is a warm and festive way to welcome the kids back to a fresh and new start to the school year. we are here pageantry here. >> thank you, mike, i love it. >> we are getting in the back to school spirit here. here is one of my back to school pictures. this is 1991. i don't know how adopted that princess pose.
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as you get the kids ready, we want to see your back to school pictures. email them to u-local at or tweet them using the hashtag wisn 12. >> working for justice after a family member was killed by police. that's the mission of sylville smith's brother more than two weeks after the shooting. tim, what is sedan smith asking for? >> he wants to see the body camera footage from the shooting, and he's not the only one. a group of peaceful protesters park where there's a memorial set up for sylville smith. smith's brother says they'll continue to gather until the video is released. the state department of justice has not let the family or the public see it. >> if we don't get that video there's, going to be a lot more of this to come and i'm not saying it in a violent way, i'm saying i will schedule more peaceful protests. i will. i will be everywhere with a peaceful protests. >> neighbors told wisn 12 news
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are protesting, but they want their neighborhood to return to normal. >> tuesday night police made 11 arrests at 44th and auer where that police shooting took place. one of the people taken into custody is a state representative. jonathan brostoff says he wasn't arrested but police handcuffed him and put him in the back of a police van. brostoff says police threw him to the ground but let him go when they found out who he was. >> a battle going on between county oic close sherman park. county workers tried to take down the fence yesterday but sheriff's deputies stopped them. since the unrest, the milwaukee county sheriff's office has kept the park closed from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. people in the neighborhood say it's time to go back to normal. county executive chris abele agrees, he and other county officials want the sheriff to take down the fence and let the park stay open until 10:00 p.m.
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that park back open to bring closure to everything that happened two weeks ago in sherman park. it would be a benefit for the community because it would say the healing is really beginning. >> a spokeswoman from the sheriff's office sent a statement to wisn 12 news saying the sheriff gets to choose his own way and means of carrying out his duty. >> we'll continue to follow the unrest in milwaukee and the healing going on in sherman park. stay with wisn 12 news on the air online at and on our mobile app. >> when high tide comes in, two men in new york get stuck. >> the rough water that put them in danger. and the rescue mission that brought them back to dry land. >> and a police officer notices something unusual while driving his daughter to school. the rescue he made along the way. but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. it is 64 degrees in milwaukee.
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>> sal says it is. >> sally severson -- >> i saw a jacket on one of the photographers today. >> fall is on the way.
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>> and while it is true that many of the kids are already back in school, mps starts today and plenty of people are up and getting ready. the sunrise at few clouds around. if you are up early, out and about, well the temperatures are showing up the low to mid 60s. as far as the temperatures, we warm up to 70 and everyone is looking at a mix of sun and clouds. for the bus stop, a long sleeved t. the temperatures going up to near 70 degrees. >> sal, thank you. >> new on wisn 12, two men
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operation. take a look. high tide rushed in while they were on the jetty in new york city. the jetty kept getting smaller as the tide came in and the water was so rough that the nypd couldn't get a boat to them. so a chopper flew in with an officer dangling underneath it. he got the men into harnesses and got them to safety. >> new on wisn 12, a police officer in oklahoma steps in when he sees a cat in need of help. >> the officer was driving h he spotted the cat with a can stuck on its head. so her dad stopped the car, walked over and pulled the can off. there it goes. he gave the cat a quick head-scratch then it ran off. 5:41. >> let's get right to tim in the newsroom. >> he's following some of today's top stories. tim?
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islands are seeing there as how they are getting ready for the impact there. donald trump meets the president of mexico. as we head to break, this is me back to school i believe first grade. i had the short sleeves and a nice tie there. we want to see your back to schooltu to us or tweet them to us.
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>> good morning. 5:45. thank you for joining us. if you are getting ready for taking the kids to school, nothing on the roads to hold you back. the pavement is dry. if you are headed out right now, the travel times are looking great...
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that is good news. weather is looking phenomenal too. yes, over the upper midwest a good amount of sunshine. a couple of clouds from here and there as we look at the temperatures today 66 in sheboygan. 70 at the airport, inland temperatures in the low 70s. we have a pleasant warm up for the weekend and talking about sunshine. but our weekend looking great. but that is not the case in lots of places, including hawaii. >> people in hawaii are being told to shelter in place as madeline now downgraded to a tropical storm is passing just south of the big island. the storm has brought heavy rain and huge waves. there's the potential for flooding and wind damage. people in hawaii are boarding up windows to protect from the storms.
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that storm is still east of hawaii. lester's eye is expected bring more dangerous weather as it passes just north. >> tim, thank you. >> new on wisn 12, a military chopper pilot is forced to make an emergency landing. now there's another problem. the helicopter is stuck in mud. the apache helicopter had mechanical problems, so the pilot set it down in a muddy field. right now, the national guard is trying to figure out how to get the chopper out. >> turning now to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. donald trump has been outspoken about building a wall along the mexican border. yesterday, he met with mexico's talked about it. but now, there's some disagreement over what was said. trump said that he and president enrique pena nieto did not talk about who would pay for the wall. >> we discussed the wall, we didn't discuss the payment of the wall.
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>> pena nieto tweeted that they did discuss it and that mexico will not foot the bill. that goes against trump's plan. pena nieto said it was a constructive meeting. >> hillary clinton is responding to trump's meeting in mexico. she tweeted this message saying that trump failed his first test on diplomacy. while trump was in mexico, clinton was in cincinnati, ohio campaigning at a national convention of militaryeterans. >> president obama visited lake tahoe yesterday and talked about preventing environmental issues it was part of the lake tahoe summit which has been going on since 1997. obama linked climate change and conservation. >> that's why we're here, to protect this special, pristine place, to keep these waters crystal clear. to keep the air as pure as the heavens, to keep alive tahoe's spirit and to keep faith with this truth that the challenges
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they're linked. >> since 1997, the federal government has spent more than $1.8 billion on projects to protect lake tahoe. >> later today, you're invited to milwaukee's largest bike night of the year. it's the kickoff for the milwaukee rally at the harley davidson museum. our cameras were there as workers got the stage ready. 80's cover band hairball headlines tonight. rock on. >> a hair ba? that is a good band name. on sunday, it's the museum's custom bike show with more than 100 bikes you won't see anywhere else in the world, but the museum says this party is more than just bikes. >> that's all what a rally is about having that fun with riders and with non-riders. milwaukee really rolls out the
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>> tonight you'll also get the chance to see the very first new harley engines off the line before they take their permanent spot in the museum. bike night starts at 5:00. the party runs through labor day. what a party that is. >> apparently hair ball is a wild, wild show. costumes. they play journey and they have the big hair. >> oh, missed. >> yes, it is tonight. >> and it is gorgeous. a long sleeved t will do it. school day, well a fair amount of sunshine around for us today. our early morning temperatures are in the low to mid 60s. this afternoon right around 70 degrees. a couple of clouds are showing up. overall we are looking at high pressure. winds are rotating clockwise aarped the high pressure and
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northeast wind for us throughout the day today. and with it, a few clouds. and the region, temperatures are 50s and 60s. it is refreshingly cooler. 61 waukesha. 66 at the airport. fond du lac 64. nower we are going to look at the lighter winds today. 8-16 miles per hour or so. with it, a couple of extra clouds around and passing by. moisture, we are not going to get wet, but cool air aloft. overnight the skies are fair and lows in the mid 50s. sunshine as we pull into friday and edge into the long holiday weekend. today we call for the temperatures up to 70 degrees. touch cooler along the lake a.
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74 tomorrow. a good amount of sunshine saturday and sunday 80. tuesday wednesday is looking wetter to me and the temperatures in the 80s. >> thank you, sal. >> hundreds of patients evacuated from a hospital in florida. i'm in the newsroom where the latest information has been coming in overnight. >> officials say an electrical fire is responsible. the fire broke out last night at the tampa hospital. it started in a generator room and knocked out 290 patients were evacuated overnight, the most critical ones left first. it's a painstaking process to evacuate. the patients have to be carried down stairs because elevators may be dangerous. investigators are trying to find out what caused the fire. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> a heartbreaking story out of colorado. police say a man has confessed to purposely crashing his car. they say he was trying to hurt
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the toddler was not in a car seat or even wearing a seatbelt. police say the driver told them he wanted to hurt his son because raising a child was too much responsibility. he was high on cocaine at the time. people who saw the crash happen say he never hit the brakes. >> there was no screech marks. there was no putting of the brakes on. just a horrible sound. >> amazingly the toddler survived the wreck a broken leg, concussion and stitches. the mother is grateful he's alive and hope he can walk once the broken leg heals. >> former atlanta police officer is facing murder charges. the protestor have been calling for the charges. prosecutors say that the officer shot into the car without seeing the person inside. the driver was killed.
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video told a different story. the protestor celebrated with the indictment. >> now we are pushing for a swift conviction in the case. >> the mother is saying that the next step is scombrus justice in the courtroom. new development in the afterluenza the attorney wants the teen out of jail. he went to mexico to avoid jail time. the attorney is saying that he should never have been sent to jail because of being under 18 at the time. the lawyer wants the case sent back to juvenile court. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:54. still ahead, a teacher getting recognition for going above and beyond.
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student and the school is recognizing her. >> the last chance to catch jazz in the park. everything you need to know. we'll be right back. we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore.
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be one on the busiest on the roads. >> thousands of people are travelling to the beach or a big city for labor day. among the top destinations, las vegas and new york and chicago. >> milwaukee may be 4th. >> sure, you are right. most people are travelling by car. there is good news, drivers are paying less on gas than labor day weekend last year. >> delta is end the problem of lost and delayed luggage. the airline which has one of the best luggage handelling records. if the system works other airlines could follow suit. >> recall, little bite snacks are being recalled. plastic bits were found inside of the snacks.
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brownies and chocolate chip muffins. wisn 12 news time now is 5:59. the news continues right now. oh, you have one more story. >> we are talking about the american girl dolls, you can buy them at toys-r-us or some of them available they are opening dedicated american girl shops in a hundred locations, those stores will sell the welly wisher line and the signature true me me dolls. >> now, it is 6:00, the news continues right now!
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parents are happy that the kids are going back to school. >> thanks for waking with us up. >> i'm melinda davenport, it is september 1st. some kids may not have a way to get to the first day of school, the buses that are not running this morning. >> catholic community is continuing to mourn the death of two nuns murdered in their home, how milwaukee is sister margaret held. >> first to a check on the morning commute and the forecast. >> matt is on stand by, first we are going to sally. >> a mix of sun and clouds. the sun is up in 17 minutes and we are getting a beautiful sky this thursday morning where the temperature 65 at the airport. we are talking about a fair amount of sunshine over the next few days.


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