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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. >> homicides in milwaukee reach an alarming number. tonight for the first time, the mayor announces a plan for more officers on the streets. >> plus, two teens killed in a crash. why one of the victims families is holding this community event and their message for milwaukee. and connecting milwaukee and , wauwatosa with a new rapid bus line. why some say they don't like the changes that will come to the neighborhood. kathy: major changes are coming to the milwaukee police department. the news comes after the city's deadliest month in more than 25 years. patrick: wisn 12 news adrienne pedersen is tracking updates from the police department. adrienne. adrienne: good evening. we're still trying to get in touch with mayor tom barrett tonight. he's telling the milwaukee journal sentinel he's putting more officers on our streets.
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a century a lot of residents are left wondering what's being done? milwaukee mayor tom barrett telling the milwaukee journal sentinel the city will hire more officers and police will get more funds. in the article, barrett wouldn't give specifics but said the police department budget will be significantly larger than this year's budget, and we'll be funding multiple classes of new officers. alderman bob donovan agrees with upping the police force. in a statement he emailed wisn 12 news this morning hours before we learned of the mayor's plan, he mentioned milwaukee's homicide rate per capita is higher than chicago's, and chicago is adding officers. donovan writes, "if that isn't a call for us to boost our own police staffing here in milwaukee, i don't know what is. it's our turn to step up and prioritize that safety of our people. mayor barrett, what in the world are you waiting for?" the alderman wasn't available to go on camera today.
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, mayor's office but this is , definitely a story we'll be following in the next few days. live in milwaukee, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. kathy: according to milwaukee police chief ed flynn milwaukee had 24 homicides in bringing the august, total number of homicides in the city to 93 so far this year. last year at this time, there were 103 homicides. as we continue to have conversations about what's next for our city thousands of people , are in town for harley davidson's milwaukee rally. we wanted to know if the recent national headlines about unrest kept any riders away, especially those who aren't from milwaukee. >> a friend said let's go to milwaukee. about a week later, i said, is it safe?
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spokesperson for the rally. she tells us more people are attending the events this year than last year. two men are now charged with stabbing a man on milwaukee's east side. 32-year-old shawn ostrom was killed outside a brady street bar on monday. according to the criminal complaint he was stabbed six , times in the chest, hip, back and had a cut on his throat. one of the suspects says he attacked ostrom after he saw him punch the other suspect. according to ostrom's girlfriend, he was trying to rescue a female friend involved in an argument. patrick: the driver of a stolen car causes a multi-vehicle wreck that's according to police. this is the view of 55th and villard from news chopper 12. milwaukee police tell wisn 12 news that five people had to go to a hospital this afternoon. everyone is expected to survive. the driver of the stolen car ran away and is still on the loose. >> get out of the car. patrick: only on 12, a dramatic
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in greenfield. police say a stolen car was going the wrong way on 27th street and then went nearly 100 miles an hour on the freeway. the officer used a technique called a pit maneuver to end the chase. >> if the officer can employ this technique safely, he will do so. we look for factors such as time of day, other vehicles around, pedestrian traffic, what have you. it was the perfect opportunity to employ this. patrick: four suspects were arrested. >> even though this is such a tragic incident, i wanted to bring some positivity to it. kathy: only on wisn 12 news, coming together to spread a message of hope. it's been almost a week since cousins trey hale and demetrius batchelor junior died in a car crash near 35th and keefe. we're hearing from one of the victim's parents for the first time. as 12 news ben hutchison reports , they're grieving with the
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he was my best friend. we did everything together. he was a funny dude. any time i needed to laugh, he was there for me. >> friends of demetrius batchelor junior or lil-d as he was known are processing his loss. >> he was just too young. he shouldn't have passed away this early. >> batchelor junior and his cousin trey hale tree near 35th and keefe. investigators say speed was a factor. because of the happened of the crash, they say they want positivity to come out of tragedy. >> we are having hotdogs, mingling with the kids, letting them know we are there, because they are hurting too. >> a cookout at the parklawn ymca where demetrius played basketball. in a city plagued with crime, his parents wanting people to know he was a good kid, the
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kids on the north side are terrible when that is not the case. they aren't all terrible. we do have awesome kids. >> i hate that we lost him and love the support we have here today. it is beautiful. >> in milwaukee, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. kathy: hale and batchelor junior will have a joint funeral tomorrow. the dr i he is being charged in the crash. patrick: a wisconsin nun murdered in mississippi is being remembered for putting others first. a funeral was held today in milwaukee for sister margaret held. she began her life of service at the school sisters of saint francis in milwaukee. those close to her say it's important to feel compassion,
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even toward the person who committed the crime. >> one has to be concerned about what was going on in that person's life. i think we look with mercy upon that person, and margaret would have. patrick: sister margaret and her friend sister paula merrill were found murdered last week in their mississippi home. a 46-year-old man is charged with capital murder in the case. a security breach involving thousands of patients at the medical college of wisconsin. they say an employee's email was accessed by a third party in early july. the email account contained full names, dates of birth, home addresses, medical record numbers, and codes or notes related to diagnosis or treatment. no health insurance, credit card, banking or other financial information was accessed. the medical college says about 3200 patients in all might be at risk. they've sent letters to all those involved. a fire inside a milwaukee school wi another day. the fire started at messmer catholic school on fratney and burleigh in the riverwest neighborhood. no students were in the building this morning when it happened. classes were cancelled today and will be cancelled on tuesday. kathy: the east coast is getting hit by tropical storm hermine. winds of about 50 miles per hour are hitting myrtle beach south , south carolina. this is video from early today in south carolina. you can see the strong winds bending trees. east coast residents have been warned about dangerous storm surge.
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morning. hermine was hurricane as it hit florida last night and into the morning. this is a look at some some of the flooding left behind in crystal river florida. , and that's just what the streets look like a river. meteorologist lindsey slater is tracking the storm. right now, it is hitting the east coast. lindsey: be a storm that continues to swirl off the coast. it has slowed down in intensity. it will be consistently battering the same area. that rain is one of the biggest threats right now. the rainfall amounts could easily reach a 6-10 inches, and
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between 6-8 inches of rain along the coast. it may strengthen into a hurricane. the latest models are showing it maintaining that tropical storm status, but it pauses, doesn't s-curve. it just sits there. that is unfortunate, because it is expected to last throughout the entire labor day weekend. that last area of low pressure over massachusetts anticipated track into wednesday of next week. we have not heard the last of this one yet. patrick: thank you. you may use antibacterial soap. kathy: now the fda is stepping in and taking out more than a dozen chemicals. why they are making the changes coming up. ,>> it is something that is absolutely not needed in this community. patrick: controversy over a new rapid transit line. the changes that don't sit well with one homeowner. kathy: then, monuments around d.c. looking a little dirty. what's causing the grime and why
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>> stay tuned for operation football. patrick: that's right. it's friday night operation football. don' woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that.
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even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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patrick: it doesn't happen often college football at lambeau
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tomorrow. the wisconsin badgers are playing the lsu tigers in green bay. while the city has been preparing for all the people, espn has been working to set up for the broadcast. it's a 90-person operation with six production trucks. lambeau holds about 80,000 people. the game is sold out. you can watch the wisconsin-lsu game only right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. then, stay tuned for the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers post game. creating jobon communities, and helping the environment. kathy: that's the idea behind a new rapid bus line that connects downtown milwaukee to the medical complex in wauwatosa. patrick: the project started in january and was approved by the common council in july. kathy: however, as wisn 12 new'' ben wagner found, some want to put the brakes on the project. >> on a transit line billed as rapid, the buses better be fast.
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project to connect milwaukee and tosa could be moving too fast. >> i don't think the public has fully absorbed the potential trade-offs that a bus rapid transit system would entail. >> alderman bob bauman says those trade-offs could be more traffic or fewer parking spots. a brt line would likely take up a lane on wisconsin ave hawley avenue, hawley and bluemound from downtown to the medical complex. bauman supports it, but says it's been pushed through too fast. >> my gut tells me, knowing milwaukee cins >> it's just something that is absolutely not needed in this neighborhood. >> richard greene is the start of that pushback. he lives in the neighborhood at the corner of hawley and bluemound. like many who voiced opposition to the project, he's worried about traffic congestion and the affect on local businesses. he calls the rapid bus line a waste of money, and says this is a case of putting the cart before the bus. >> i think it's mainly the city creating a problem where there
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buses won't take up parking lanes east of 35th street or between hawley road and 60th street so businesses can keep their street parking spots. that leaves just one of the two traffic lanes to become a bus-only lane. milwaukee county transit system says this project has not been fast-tracked, and this is just step one. >> and if in the end, whether it's the aldermen, the county board supervisors they say they , don't driving lane or give up a parking lane, we wouldn't go forward. >> the project has widespread support from the milwaukee common council and groups like the aclu of wisconsin, employ milwaukee, and transit group metro-go. the next step is securing the funding. it's expected to cost around 46 money greene says could be spent $46 million, somewhere else. >> so you totally oppose it?
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creating a problem where there is none. >> if the funding goes through, then city and county groups will have to decide how the transit line will ultimately run. in milwaukee, ben wagner, wisn 12 news. kathy: aldermen hope the brt line would take up to 6700 vehicles off the roads each day. if funding passes, planning studies on how and where to build the bus stations would start next year. construction could start in 2018. patrick: a change is coming to antibacterial soap. the food and drug admist announced today it is banning the use of more than a dozen chemicals used in antibacterial soaps. it also said such products were no more effective than conventional soap and water in preventing illnesses. an industry spokesman says most companies have already reformulated their products. today's decision does not impact hand sanitizers, wipes or anti-bacterial products in hospitals. the scaffolding will soon come down at the u.s. capitol. the capitol restoration project
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the dome has been covered in 52 the dome has been covered in 52 miles of scaffolding pipe for nearly two years. house speaker paul ryan says it will be gone before the presidential inauguration in january. during the $60 million project, thousands of cracks in the cast-iron dome were fixed and the dome was repainted. the current restoration is expected to preserve the dome for the next 50 years. meanwhile, some of the monuments in d.c. need some attention. an invasive microscopic organism is leaving its mark. a grimy black film is covering parts of the jefferson memorial, lincoln memorial washington , washington monument, arlington national cemetery and the , congressional cemetery. the national park service has tapped experts worldwide to find the right cleaning solution to take care of the black film without destroying the marble. kathy: it is the unofficial end to summer. patrick: labor day weekend is looking good. lindsey: there is always one day where we have some kind of rain
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the end of my seven day forecast, but this time we are in the clear. things are looking fantastic for us. this is looking at travel cast. if you're going to green bay, the surf might be a bit of an issue, so keep that in mind. as far as the milwaukee area, 80 ee 70's. the only kicker i can think of is that there will be some showers right over here leading into monday afternoon, but otherwise everything is looking fantastic for labor day. let me zoom the map out. this is a particular scenario. there are three weather systems making our weather fantastic for
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at the moment. you can see right here, an area of low pressure with its own boundaries, it's on bubble. we have that system. we have this cold front right here. this is our next weather system. we will see this monday night meeting into tuesday. that is weather system number two with its own bubble. the one thing trapped pressure. those systems are all battling it out for space. we are caught right in the middle. as long as hermine does her thing on the east coast, we stay in this high pressure bubble. that is why we are looking at beautiful conditions this weekend. saturday is good, upper 70's. sunday, clear skies all around. there is nothing here whatsoever.
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more perfect labor day weekend forecast. by sunday afternoon, we are seeing some rumblings of something happening here, then rain building in. that will stay to the north and west. this fizzles out and nothing is happening because that cold front is having a hard time getting here because of the high-pressure system stock over michigan because of hermine tropical storm hermine, so it is like a domino effect. once hermine leaves, the high pressures goods over and we get that cold front. that will not happen until monday night into tuesday. it will start to get muggy on monday. by 5:00, a mix of sun and clouds, 81. beautiful now, 65. the best part is the humidity is going to stay low. usually this time of year we get humidity kicking in. that will not be the case
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the 50's, then showers and thunderstorms monday night into tuesday. enjoy the weekend. you can worry about the storms as we head into the work week. at that point, you are back at work anyway, right? patrick: a million phones putting customers in danger. kathy: the big problem that has one company pulling it's newest model. and when replacements will be available. plus this -- >> hold him tight. hold him tight. >> patrick: a news anchor struggles
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presented by menards. stephanie: we are just over 14 hours away from the much anticipated college football showdown between wisconsin and lsu at lambeau field. the badgers arrived in titletown earlier today and got the chance to walk on to the not-so-frozen tundra. wisconsin will face the tigers tomorrow at 2:30, a game you can see right here on wisn 12. one thing you won't see tomorrow are lambeau leaps. the ncaa has made it clear they will penalize any player that attempts a lambeau leap.
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analyst demond howard, who helped the packers win super bowl 31, that's a big bummer. >> it is such a great tradition, you know what i mean? it's not like you are showing off for you are disrespecting your opponent. it is nothing like that. it is like a fun tradition. you give guys the opportunity to come in here and play in such would at least allow them to do that, you know? stephanie: former badger jared abbrederis had a solid performance in the packers final preseason game in kansas city. abby trying to make the final 53-man roster. we will find out tomorrow. last night against the chiefs, he had two catches for 49 yards, plus five punt returns, for 71 yards combined. afterwards he says he likes his , chances of making the team. >> it feels good. it is a lot better than going
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i will take a day like today. there was one past the got away. i would like to get that one back, but it felt good. >> does this give you the confidence to watch that badgers-lsu game? >> i am confident in the plan and whatever happens, so i'm excited to watch the game. go badgers. stephanie: brewers beginning a series tonight in pittsburgh. no score until the top of the an r.b.i. double. that is the only score of the game. junior guerra returning to the mound, doing a nice job tonight in three and a third innings. milwaukee wins 1-0. on another brewers note, the twitter world heating up tonight regarding talks between the brewers trading ryan braun to the dodgers for yasiel puig, but nothing has been confirmed by either team. coming up in our second half hour, week three of operation football, including our game of the week between hartford and
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stay tuned for that in about 20 minutes. you don't want to miss it. patrick: thank you. this holiday weekend is a washout along part of the east coast. kathy: we'll show you where we'e tropical storm hermine is heading next and some of the damage it has already caused. patrick: and a happy discovery
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>> it looks like a big mower just came through and mowed down the trees. kathy: damage in savannah, georgia tonight, just one community in the path of tropical storm hermine. and here is another example of the storm's power a road torn up in northern florida. patrick: hermine is no longer a hurricane. but as abc's lana zak shows, it's still causing problems. >> with wind gusts of 50-80 miles per hour, and torrential rains tropical storm hermine has , been wreaking havoc through florida, georgia, and the carolinas. >> we got to move it. >> hundreds of thousands are without power.


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