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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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years ago, to alabama last year. vindication in the opener this year. >> steve: they are rewarded by continually playing the big boys to start the season. >> brian: give them credit. think how far this win is going to go not only for wisconsin this season but how far it's going to go for paul chryst and recruiting in this region. >> steve: nationally this marks two teams that have lost in the first week, back to nebraska was top ranked and arkansas at number four. this is going to be an interview you want to hear. here's todd. >> todd: coach, you grew up in wisconsin, coached in wisconsin, went to wisconsin, you come back as the head coach. you told me you were on the field four other times, once for a concert and three times to watch friends play. how was this for you? >> obviously i'm happy but i'm really proud of this team.
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i feel best for them. obviously i'm happy but really because what they did and they put it out there against a really good team. i'm proud of this group and i'm really happy for them. >> todd: it's hard to know what you're going to get from a quarterback who hasn't really played and started a game since 2011 i think it was and first collegiate start to come out in this environment. what did you see in bart houston? >> he was bart. he's going to compete and there's going to be a couple learn from but he competed and kept his poise throughout it and i was just proud of the way everyone played together. we had that spurt where we gave them some momentum. the fumble and the pick six. guys just stayed with it and hats off to the team. they came through in a big way. this was fun because it took everyone. >> todd: i know you have a whole season to play and this is one game but watching your players and how excited and emotional they were yesterday to walk
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this win against an lsu team that a lot of people thought could be a national champion, how much does this mean for all these young men who grew up packer fans watching brett favre and the other greats? >> two things. one, we want to enjoy the moment. they put themselves out here and they can't take that away. then i think there's another part. we as a team this year, how we choose to take this and go forward, that's on us. that's right now i want them to enjoy it. it's a great opportunity. it was a challenge but a great opportunity and they took advantage of it. >> todd: great job, coach. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> todd: we have bart over here. hey bart. how are you doing, man? how are you doing?
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that was a solid victory. lsu is a great team. best of luck to them, but we drove, we fought. the defense made plays. we made some plays. i'm going to have to get a lot better next week too. >> todd: you're named after bart starr, first start of your college career is here on lambeau field. what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot, i think it means more to my dad. that's his favorite player. i don't know, you couldn't have made up a better story, i es it's an awesome experience. i love playing out here. i'm so happy. it's a great time. >> todd: there were some ups and downs. things weren't going well. how were you able to overcome that? >> keep confidence, keep driving and keep going. i think we might have gotten a little satisfied after the first
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that's why we kind of didn't do as well after. i was telling our guys, we got to keep the confidence up, keep driving, keep striving for victories. >> todd: heck of an effort today, man. congratulations. >> thanks. >> steve: this is a disney movie, brother, right? this is real close. this is a movie script. wow. a special afternoon in place. >> brian: that's the difference between college and nfl. >> steve: no question. you didn't see this one coming. bart houston hadn't started since 2011 in high school. starts and wins at lambeau field. be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern for saturday night football presented by wells fargo, usc/alabama. in the end, they did the leap. there's no flag on the play.
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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. adrienne: on wisconsin, showdown at lambeau field. the badgers beat the lsu tigers in thrilling fashion. sheldon: very exciting game. 12 sports' stephanie sutton is here with the highlights. adrienne: stephanie, the game certainly had fans on the edge of their seats. stephanie: the much anticipated showdown between the badgers and the fifth ranked lsu tigers at lambeau field living up to the hype. the game coming down to the fourth quarter. first college game at lambeau field since 1983. wisconsin leading at the half, and finally finds the endzone in the third quarter. corey clement with a five-yard touchdown run, just reaches across the goal line. no lambeau leap, but that's ok. badgers will take the score and are now up 13-0, but later the third quarter, the momentum shifted. badgers turn the ball over twice and the tigers capitalize twice,
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a pick six. all of a sudden badgers are trailing by one. with under four minutes to play, wisconsin drives down the field. badgers kicker raphael gaglianone hits a 47 yard field goal his third one of the game. ,that puts the badgers back on top 16-14. he seals the victory in thrilling fashion. wisconsin upsets for more on today's exciting win for the badgers entitled today'n for the badgers entitled town 12 , sports director dan needles joins us live from lambeau field . dan. dan: going on behind me on the field, they just had a trophy celebration. the players are thanking the fans, a lot of them doing
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is the biggest upset win and an opener since 1981 when they knocked out michigan. the badgers come from behind to win 16-14. one of the heroes is the badgers kicker, wearing number 27 in honor of a punter who died in a car crash earlier this summer. he ends up game-winning field goal. a huge win for paul chryst in a season when many thought they would finish at 500. who knows what this means for the badgers as they move on with one of the toughest schedules in the entire country. we are waiting to hear from paul chryst and the players. we will have that later. for the first time in its history, espn's college game day
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and stephen watson had a chance to go behind the scenes. >> let's go badgers. stephen: a sea of red and purple in full force. >> it was a great way to start the season. stephen: a chance to see history made in a city that practically wrote the football history books. >> we dug up an old nfl film where lombardi says it is a great town for football, and all these people proved it. stephen: espn's college game day made their way to lambeau field. >> it's a great way to kick off the season. stephen: we saw signs, cheese carvings, to a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors. this is one of 15 stops the bus will make during the season. the combination made lambeau field one of the best stops today.
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by the middle of the show, it was like being in the middle of baton rouge or madison. it was amazing. stephen: the loudest cheer came outside the stadium in the finale of the show when aaron rodgers was a guest. >> tremendous, funny, took a dig at people. it was great. he was terrific. better quarterback still, pretty high bar there. stephen: outcome on the field, there was plenty to celebrate on this historic day in football's historic city. ? dan: thank you, stephen. the badgers fifth quarter has started at lambeau field, the first-ever major college football game at the stadium, more than 77,000 fans, a huge hit.
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the badgers were able to steal the thunder from the packers, who waved josh sitton. more on that one big 12 sports saturday season debut. adrienne: looks like an exciting atmosphere. thank you. our coverage of that big win continues at 6:30 p.m. it's the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with more on the badgers post game. sheldon: lot of the lsu fans are dealing with devastating floods. the american red cross is trying to help them. volunteers spread out around the stadium. they collected donations and spread the word about a special fundraising effort. for today only, every time someone texts la-floods to 9-0-9-9-9 and makes a $10 dollar donation, american family insurance will match the donations up to $50. you have until 8:00 tonight to help out. coast-to-coast it has been an , incredibly busy summer for the
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volunteers are in louisiana. but new on wisn 12, thema ponton shows us how they're also helping in hawaii, california and here at home. ,>> we are at the red cross headquarters in milwaukee. this is an emergency response vehicle. three of these are in louisiana helping people affected by the flooding. we are joined by paddy flowers of the american red cross. it has been a busy time for your volunteers. >> time since july, because not only have we had things across the country happening, but we have had things happen here in wisconsin, a large flood where we had a shelter open for quite a while, a large multi family fire with the children sheboygan. >> the volunteers are helping to provide food, water, cleaning supplies and mental health resources. >> we will go out in teams to visit shelters, support the staff working there.
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working 14 hour days helping people who lost everything. >> i wanted to do more. and so a shoulder and comfort sometimes is inadequate, that important. >> a small but important gesture making a big difference. in milwaukee, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. sheldon: virtual deployment is something new for the red cross. starting tomorrow, the head of the milwaukee chapter will use her phone and computer to remotely help people affected by the flooding. adrienne: ok. thanks, sheldon. the dot hopes they take him with them, coming up. >> from the mississippi river, she was very wet and hungry. adrienne: an unexpected visitor
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force this weekend. the milwaukee harley-davidson rally is here just in time for labor day. adrienne: that's right. the five local dealerships host the annual event. i was at one yesterday. you can do everything from check out live bands to buy merchandise and browse the museum. the party continues through monday. sheldon: sounds like a good time. the state department of transportation is putting out an important message about motorcycle safety. they set up a 40-foot long learning trailer at the harley davidson in oconomowoc. riders of every skill level got to use the traffic simulators and other tools to help them learn how to safely get to their destinations. organizers say it's important to train all year >> it's a cycle motor skill. if you don't use it, you lose it, and nobody is as good as in the spring as they are in the fall. sheldon: you can you can take ae
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new on wisn 12, a wisconsin couple celebrating their anniversary get an unexpected visitor. adrienne: they were camping along the mississippi river, in iowa, when they spotted a beagle struggling in the water. they brought the dog to safety and say she was very hungry, but not hurt. now, they just want to find her owners. >> i wish we knew more about her. she's a house dog and someone has taken good care of her. >> just adorable, she's so good. adrienne: the couple decided to call her annie, at least for now, since they found her on the anniversary. it was gorgeous outside. tough to stay inside and watch football. sheldon: it was, but you got pictures from people watching football at lambeau field. lindsey: i love that. we won. great. i need to show you what is happening right now. this is a live picture at
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everybody and joining a great win. 72 degrees, dew point at 58. there is a lot happening with the weather. we have hermine along the east coast. it is no longer a tropical storm. we have an earthquake in oklahoma earlier this morning. we have the high pressure system versus the cold front. that will timeout when we rain. there is a lot happening. here's a look at our doppler 12 radar network. there is hermine. it is basically going to sit here. if you have labor day plans, a lot of rain, flooding, bad rain on the east coast. this storm is going to be right here by wednesday. it's not moving very much, which is why it will final in all that rain peered there was a 5.6
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it here. you never know. maybe they fell out of bed. that is the cold front over michigan right now. this will determine how the rest of your weekend will go. it is just sitting there. then, some showers and thunderstorms by sunday afternoon in minnesota. slowly the cold front is going to start moving. here's morning, getting into minneapolis, then as it gets closer to oz, 7:30 a.m. monday morning, still not here, but in true wisconsin fashion, by the time it gets here, it will fizzle out. this is one way of pushing through. then that next wave happens on tuesday. that right there is when you can expect some of that rain. as far as what you can expect leading into the week ahead, we are good to go all the way through to labor day.
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far. lindsey: the storms will not start until overnight monday into tuesday, then we are on the storm train. we continue to see chances of that leading into next weekend, but we are good right now.
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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now, this is big 12 sports saturday, brought to by hyundai. >> on first and 15, of that trouble and puts himself into some more, picked off by dixon. ? dan: with that, the badgers pull off an upset victory over lsu, the fifth-ranked team in the country, in the season opener. good evening. welcome to the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday.


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