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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  ABC  September 4, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am CDT

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enjoy an outdoor movie at discovery world. "star wars: the force awakens" will play this friday, september 9. coming up next wednesday, the 4th and final newaukee night market. the market is held on wisconsin avenue between second and fourth streets once a month in the summer. it's open from 5:00-10:00 on wednesday, september 14. and another sure sign of the end of the season, the doggie dip at cool waters in greenfield. man's best friend gets to take a for the winter. it runs from 6:30 until 8:00 tomorrow night. sheldon: things are slowly getting back to normal after the big college football game inside lambeau field. adrienne: now it's time to clean up title town after an exciting showdown between the badgers and lsu. how one bar owner is using the boost in business to give back. sheldon: then, monuments around d.c. looking a little dirty. what's causing the grime, and why crews can't just clean it
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sheldon: more accidents involving carnival rides. this time, a spinning ride at a tennessee fair sent 8 people to hospital after an abrupt hault.
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has the latest in a string of carnival accidents this summer. marci: tonight, a dozen people, mostly children, recovering after terrifying fair accidents in two states. >> the harness came up and i had fallen onto the railing in the middle of the ride. marci: the moonraker ride at a memphis carnival malfunctioning saturday. teens left dangling, some falling from their seats. >> the ride operator panicked and hit a button that released the safety bars before the ride was actually in the cradle. marci: this within hours of another fair accident in chicago. six children hitting their heads when a rollercoaster came to an abrupt stop. >> one of the little girls
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reporter: in may, a little girl suffering this dramatic expense. >> there is risk in every amusement ride. a majority of the incidents that occur at amusement parks today are human error. reporter: of the more than one billion carnival rides year, just 13,000 people suffer injuries. sheldon: experts from around the world are working to solve a mystery in our nation's capital. an invasive microscopic organism is leaving its mark on washington's monuments and memorials. as sally kidd reports no one's sure how to stop it. sally: they tell our nation's story monuments honoring america's greatest leaders and fallen heroes. >> we noticed right away. sally: but look closer at the jefferson memorial -- >> the dome is so black. sally: the once gleaming white
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sally: it needs more than a good scrubbing. >> it's not necessarily horrible, right? sally: the grimy film and black splotches are actually caused by an invasive bacteria. >> makes it look old and dirty. sally: officially known as biofilm. >> a colony of microscopic organisms which band together and then attach themselves to a host location. sally: from the jefferson, to the lincoln, to the washington mo to congressional cemetery, the mysterious biofilm just keeps growing. >> there is not, at this point, a known permanent solution for dealing with biofilm. sally: the national park service has tapped experts worldwide to find the right cleaning concoction. >> we've been testing some chemical biocides, some that have proven very effective, some not so much. sally: but no one's giving up. the park service says eventually it'll find a way to make these
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shine once again. sheldon: the ugly biofilm is not just a problem in washington, it's hitting landmarks across the world, some as far away as cambodia. adrienne: yesterday was the fun, today is the clean up. tens of thousands of people were in green bay for the badgers and lsu game at lambeau. now, businesses like nearby bar stadium view say it's one of the busiest weekends they've seen in years. that includes almost double the business on packer game days. >> i think it's the greatest thing in the world. it's a shame we aren't going to have a game next year, but hopefully the year after. i mean it made all the motels a lot of money, it made everybody, the casinos, everybody makes money when green bay is busy. adrienne: thanks to an overflow of business, stadium view decided to give back. $1 for every brat sold is going to recovery efforts in louisiana. they ended up with a $1700
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that is a lot of rocks -- brats. a football sideline is getting national attention. not for a good reason. sheldon: this was thline someone drew for a high school football game in pickens, south carolina. a player tweeted a picture of the squiggly line, and it's been re-tweeted thousands of times and even ended up on espn. both coaches talked about the sideline before the game and agreed it was playable. the school district will fix the crooked line before the next home game. some -- someone has some explaining to do. adrienne: everybody is still talking about the badgers'big win at lambeau. sheldon: it was a particularly emotional win for one badger. here are two nights winning lottery numbers. -- tonight's winning lottery
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upset 5th ranked lsu at lambeau field. players celebrated with everything from tears to lambeau leaps. kicker rafael gaglianone celebrated with the best of them. he did so after honoring his close friend in the best way that he could. gaglianone made 3 field goals in the badgers 16-14 win over the tigers, including this game winning 47 yarder. this season, gaglianone switched his number from 10 to 27 to honor his late friend sam foltz, a punter from nebraska who was killed in a car accident in waukesha this summer. gaglianone was the hero on saturday, and he credits much of his success to his dear friend. >> you could not script that any better. it is a dream coming true. it is great to be able to help your teammates. as a kicker, you just have to relax.
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that ball for me. it was a blessing for sure. stephen: the badgers sealed the win over the tigers thanks to d'cota dixon's interception in the closing minute of the game, but a scary moment after the play as dixon was met with a cheap shot from tigers offensive lineman josh boutte. dixon remained on the ground for a few seconds before continuing to celebrate. boutte was ejected for the hit and lsu head coach les miles says he will review the play for further disciplinary action. dixon was not injured on the play, and safe to say he didn't see it coming. >> i didn't see him at all. i did not see that big boy. it is what it is. he was probably just upset. i would have been frustrated. i don't know if i would have handled it that way. obviously, he was frustrated. it was all right. stephen: while his brother t.j. was celebrating with the badgers, j.j. watt had plenty to
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the year was activated from the physically unable to perform list after undergoing surgery to repair a herniated disc. watt will practice in monday and should be available week one for houston. from one badger to another, less than 24 hours after he was waived by the vikings, former whitnall high star joel stave signed with minnesota's practice squad. stave started in the vikings' preseason finale, and is currently third on the depth chart after the acquisition of sam bradford at quarterback. on saturday, sam barrington was cut by the packers. home. the linebacker was claimed by the kansas city chiefs today. barrington was a 7th round selection with the packers in 2013, but was plagued with injuries in his 3 years in green bay. as we showed you in our last half hour, the brewers completed a sweep of the pirates this afternoon. milwaukee outscored pittsburgh 18-4 in three games. domingo santana hit his first and second homeruns since returning from the dl on august 19.
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>> it is so great to be back playing. i just feel humble. it is great to have the team win. >> it is a great game to have him back in the swing of things. he has done a great job against left-handed pitching all year. stephen: tennis anyone? a major upset at the u.s. open tonight. 4th seeded rafael nadal goes down in a fifth set tiebreaker to lucas pouille. nadal had given up just 20 games the pouille won his third straight five set match this open to advance to the quarterfinals. this marks the first year since 2004 that nadal has not reached the quarterfinal at a grand slam in a calendar yer. -- calendar year. earlier in the day at the open, watch this from gael monfils. in the middle of the point, he attempts to tie his shoe against marcos baghdatis. as i'm sure you could imagine, it didn't work out in his favor. he was able to have a laugh
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monfils won in straight sets. finally, rory mcilroy going five under. look at the shot for the potential double eagle. it would have been his first career albatross. shots like this one are why. the final round w adrienne: i want to go back to that guy trying to tie his shoe. do you think he was just not realizing? stephen: he's known as a bit of a jokester. he was able to laugh it off.
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lindsey: if you're worried about labor day, if you're in southeastern wisconsin, you are good to go. there will be storms to our north and west. by tuesday evening bleeding into wednesday, we will see an active pattern try to develop.
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weekend in the country. there are all these storms going on. adrienne: we are lucky. sheldon: thank you for staying
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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset.
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a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments from the middle of anywhere. libertarian candidate for president -- gary johnson. with two historically unpopular major party candidates, does johnson think he has a shot at this? my
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"upfront." plus, the iraq war veteran making his first run for congress. and, disturbing reports about care at the wisconsin home for veterans. what state officials are doing about it. covering the issues important to wisconsin. this is "upfront with mike gousha." mike: hello again, everyone, and welcome to "upfront." is this the year for a third party presidenti candidate? we begin today with the libertarian nominee, former new mexico governor gary johnson. johnson campaigned in milwaukee on thursday night, drawing more than 1000 people to serb hall. he's also running radio ads in the state. johnson is currently at 11% in the latest marquette law school poll. that is among registered voters. in an interview late last week, i asked him about his impact on the race for president. mr.
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think we might actually win the race. mike: you are serious about that. he said it's a crazy election year, crazy enough that i'm going to be elected president. you think that could happen. mr. johnson: i do. trump and clinton are so polarizing. as a third choice, two former republican governors that served two terms each and were fiscally conservative and socially liberal. it has great appeal. mike: you need 15% in the major national polls to get into the debate. are you running out of time? mr. johnson: the clock keeps ticking. the polls are ratcheting up. we just, one week ago, started spending money. wisconsin being one of the states where we are spending money to actually advertise. maybe, maybe not. it is close. mike: it is close. right
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johnson: the five poles of the presidential debates commission has a notified were right at 10%. mike: for people who are still thinking about where they want to land in this president election, for people who say i cannot vote for donald trump, but i still think i am a republican, what do you offer them? mr. johnson: honesty, telling the truth, keeping your word. i think the unforgivable in life is hypocrisy. saying one bill weld and myself are not hypocrites. we did make a difference interstates. we aligned philosophically with most americans. speaking broadly, that is being fiscally conservative, small government, lower taxes. that is being socially inclusive. always coming down on the side of you and i being able to make choices in our own lives, always, as long as
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think that the majority of americans are skeptical that when it comes to our military interventions, that the world is anymore safe as a result of those interventions. we are the only candidates that do believe in free trade. believing that it will result in more u.s. jobs, not less u.s. jobs. and that we do have some issues globally. but we need to join diplomatically, specifically with russia, to specifically, we need to join hands with china to deal with north korea. mike: i want to pick up on some of those points. let's talk about trade. you are in the state were there people in wisconsin the believe free trade has not been a good thing for wisconsin workers. at the wisconsin worker has suffered. the manufacturing jobs have moved out of this country. how do you sell what you are talking about to a fair number of people who are very skeptical of free-
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pointed out is most of america right now. that associates crony capitalism, which is bad, government interference, government picking winners and losers. and equating crony capitalism and free trade as one in the same. when in fact, their opposites. that's an education that needs to take place. free-trade, devoid of government influence, devoid of government picking really, the aversion that we have to these trade agreements is that they are laced with favoritism. that individuals, groups have paid for that favoritism, giving them more influence and more money, as opposed to equal opportunities. mike: immigration, think i saw you and governor weld a forum where you said we are about as pro-
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johnson: the wharton school of business three weeks ago came out with an analysis of immigration. restricting immigration will have a negative impact on the economy. allowing for high skilled workers to come into this country would have a small positive impact on our company. but increasing immigration would actually have a very positive impact on our economy. i thinkt country. we are a country of immigrants. we should make it as easy as possible for somebody who wants to come into this country and work to be able to get a work visa. and they work visa should entail a background check and assist security card that of legal taxes get paid. 11 million undocumented workers in this country, a great misunderstanding on why that exists in the first place. it exists because the government has made it impossible to
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u.s. citizens don't want, and because of that, if you or i were in the same situation, we would be doing the same thing to benefit our families. workers coming across the border from mexico, the cream of the crop when it comes to workers. hard-working individuals. undocumented workers go back 20, 30 years in this country. if we were to deport 11 million undocumented workers, it catastrophe. building a wall across the border is crazy. i'm speaking as a border governor. mike: you can see my entire interview with libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson on our web site. i'll ask him about his views on marijuana use and legalization. you'll find it in the "upfront" section of later in our program -- troubling allegations about care at the state veteran's home in
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race right here in wisconsin. 8th district republican candidate mike gallagher on fighting isis and securing the border. that's when "upfront" continues. mike: it's


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