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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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>> a battle playing out in sherman park this morning over the fence that surrounds the park. the officials who want it to stay up and when it will come down for good. >> and across the city people are celebrating labor day and marking the end of summer. the events that you can take >> but first, we're on weather watch. a beautiful holiday today but there's rain moving into the forecast. when you'll need to pull out the umbrella. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning! i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm tim elliott. ben wagner is off today. it's 4:30 on this monday, september 5th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal. >> good morning. we are starting the day already
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69 at this hour in racine. mid 60s for kenosha. 63 waukesha. 68 at mitchell. showers and storms are firing across minnesota and pushing into northern wisconsin and most of this is going to wash out. we are going to see some clouds associated with it. 83 for the high. lows tonight 71. for tuesday rain is holding off until tuesday night. rain is headed our way on wednesday. >> when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> a battle going on in sherman park over the fence that has been keeping the park closed for weeks. yesterday morning that fence came down only to go back up. people in sherman park say the fence needs to come down so the
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county executive chris abele ordered workers to take down the fence yesterday morning, but hours later, milwaukee county deputies were ordered to put it back up. last night, a judge sided with abele and ordered that the park resume its normal hours. the park closed at its normal time last night 10:00 p.m. our cameras were rolling as people left the park peacefully and on time. the park will reopen at 6:00 a.m. >> this is just th for sherman park as the neighborhood heals after unrest several weeks ago. it all began with a police shooting that killed sylville smith near 44th and auer. his death set off unrest and violence that led to buildings being burned and confrontations with police. >> new on wisn 12, 35th street was closed for hours overnight after a motorcycle crash. police say the crash happened on the 35th street viaduct. according to police the driver was speeding, ignored construction signs and crashed into a concrete barrier.
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the driver has serious injuries. >> people across the country are celebrating labor day. here in milwaukee, the holiday means it's time for labor fest. happening now, the city is getting ready for the parade that kicks off in zeidler square and ends at the summerfest grounds. the parade starts at 11:00 a.m. and the festival begins at noon at the summerfest grounds. there's free entertainment all day. >> later today, milwaukee county's cool waters is closing out the swimming season with a special event. the annual doggie dip invites o a swim in the pool. it runs from 4:30 until six and costs five dollars per dog. this is just one of the labor day events going on at milwaukee county's pools and water parks. >> there are all kinds of labor day events going on later today. in racine, the labor of love music festival kicks off at 11:30. country singer chris young will
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homeless shelter, is hosting a labor day picnic lunch. they're offering the free lunch to milwaukee's homeless population. >> later today, remembering a milwaukee legend with a showing of one of his most famous movies. amc mayfair will show willy wonka and the chocolate factory. gene wilder, who starred in the film, died last week at 83 years old. he grew up in milwaukee before making a name for himself in hollywood. the showing today is at 5:00 p.m. >> mother teresa is now saint teresa. the pope canonized her this weekend in a ceremony at the vatican. tens of thous gathered for the canonization. here in the milwaukee area, people have been honoring saint teresa. dozens of pilgrims from the local parish blessed teresa of calcutta traveled to rome to see the canonization and archbishop jerome listecki celebrated a special mass at the church yesterday. now, the north lake parish is changing its name to saint teresa of calcutta. >> a second chance for a struggling milwaukee school. st. catherine's on the northwest side has joined the new seton
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the school will now have access to more resources from the archdiocese. the archdiocese funds and governs the school system. eventually, they hope to have 26 schools within the system. >> still ahead, a high school football field going viral this morning. >> it's not because of an impressive play or anything else that happened during a game. it's because of the paint job. >> and a race in canada ends the second-place driver was not happy with the results. we'll show you his reaction next. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. are you up on labor day? you don't have to work? what is wrong with you. thank you for spending your morning with us. 66 degrees in milwaukee. thanks for waking up with us on this holiday.
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>> and live on the weatherwatch
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5:00 on this labor day morning. it feels more like the 4th of july. the temperatures already in the 60s and going up to the low 80s. 6 8 glendale. 63 west allis. we are looking at a waxing crescent moon on the way to a full moon in a couple of weeks. 63 waukesha. 69 at watertown. now, some clouds are going to roll in throughout the day, showers and storms are to the north and west. today it is pool weather. warm and humid. it is steamy for back to school. tomorrow the highs into the upper 80s. the storms are holding off until tomorrow night. periods of storms on wednesday as well.
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>> thank you, sal. traffic watch now, no one is going any where, it is a holiday weekend. everything is looking good. drive times are all in the green. >> new on wisn 12, a football field sideline out of line. >> this photo of a south carolina football field has gone viral. the jv coach noticed that the sideline was a little wobbly. a lot. the school district says they're not sure how this happened but they're working to get it fixed. my guess is someone started the weekend early. >> could be. you could right on that. >> a wild race yesterday at the nascar camping world truck series. >> the drivers battled it out in
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after the winner was declared, the second-place driver launched himself at the winner. oh, look at that. he tackled and hit the man. people quickly jumped in to pull them apart. he was mad. >> you see that happen at the nascar races a lot. you better take the helmet off before throwing the punch. >> coming up, remembering the young victim of an alligator attack. >> how family, friends and more on what would have been his birthday. >> plus, a generous gift from a librarian. the unexpected gift that a university received from a man who worked there for nearly 50
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>> welcome back to "12 news this
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not a cloud in sight. >> early this morning lots in the way of star shine. a new moon over the weekend and plenty of fair skies this morning and a couple of clouds will be rolling in from the north and the west. 68 at the airport. the highs that warm up to the low 80s. everyone in the 60s this morning and reaching from 60s to 69 at racine. it is a mix of sun and clouds breezy this amp with the highs into the low 80s and almost 90 tomorrow. everybody is watching what is happening with the tropical storm hermine. it is something yet to contend with. >> it is still moving up the east coast and causing some problems there. abc's maggie rulli has more.
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>> you can feel it in the house when the waves hit, the pilings shake. >> now a post tropical cyclone, the former hurricane is churning up dangerous waves and potentially life threatening rip currents. >> head lifeguards have been very careful at keeping people out of the water. >> governors along the eastern seaboard are taking emergency precautions. new york city beaches are shut down for the second day in a row and new jersey has declared a state of emergency in some coastal counties. crews have been working through the weekend building up sand dunes to kth hermine slammed into florida friday as a category one hurricane with 80 mile per hour winds tossing trees, exploding powerlines and causing death. >> i looked out my window and there is an ocean outside. >> hermine then turned towards georgia, the carolinas and virgina with torrential rain leaving some entire neighborhoods underwater and caving in giant this sinkhole
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that's expected to sit just off the coast of southern new england for days and officials are once again urging people use caution and stay out of the water even if the weather seems decent as the threat of potentially deadly rip currents remains extremely high. maggie rulli, abc news washington. >> an earthquake rattles oklahoma and felt in seven states. the 5.6 quake injured one damaged and six other buildings are inhabitable because of the quake. oklahoma governor is saying no structural problems with the bridges or highways in the area. >> it's been nearly three months since an alligator attacked a toddler at disney world. it dragged him into a lagoon at the grand floridian resort. now the family of that two-year-old boy is remembering him on what would have been his third birthday.
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his birthday along with people in the community. at the celebration, people gathered to remember lane and support his family. >> these are obviously all people who have your back and are supporting you and praying for you all the time. we can't touch their broken heart by this, but we can show that we're here and we're supporting them. >> the crowd released 5,000 birthday. >> family and friends gathered in saint louis to pay their respect for philando castile who was shot and killed during a traffic stop in minnesota. you may remember castile's girlfriend broadcast the shooting live on facebook. now, his family is speaking out and demanding justice. >> he didn't deserve to die. he was in a car with the doors
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the car, a woman in the car. he didn't do anything because i taught him well. that seatbelt was the cross. his hair was the thorn crown and the bullets were the nails. my son was crucified in his car. >> castile's mother says she's focusing on change so this doesn't happen to anyone else. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:49. >> an elk runs into trouble in arizona when it runs into a backyard tire swing. >> oh, no. tim: the swing got tangled in the elk's antlers. it happened in debra butler's backyard. she said she was shocked when she looked outside and saw the animal. luckily, butler knew how to help. she's a veterinarian and spent about 12 hours getting the elk free. i wonder how she did it. last week we had a cat caught in a can. >> yes.
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>> look at how majestic that animal is. >> they can be quite dangerous. how lucky for the elk that he happened into a yard with a veterinarian. >> yes. >> steamy, 83 today. 88 for tomorrow. mid 80s for wednesday. so summer not letting go and we are tracking thunder this week as well. the fans or the air conditioning. highs tomorrow upper 80s. a wet weather pattern is happening later tomorrow and looking at the rain off and on through friday. this morning it is mild air. in fact, 63 west allis. now, waukesha low 60s.
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today. now, there is some cloudiness. the thunderstorms are pivoting across minnesota and western and northern wisconsin right now. i do anticipate clouds associated with this. i am going to continue to watch it diminish it overall but there is an outside chance of a stray shower associated with afternoon. this is tonight at 6:00. closing in on getting back to school and worm tomorrow breezy and southwest winds and temperatures into upper 80s. a chance of rain tomorrow night and periods of rain on wednesday as well. now we have lots of dry hours on
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pattern. 88 tomorrow. showers and storms tomorrow night. periods of rain on wednesday. >> now to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. president obama is speaking out against intolerance. he talked with cnn about donald trump's appeal to some voters. >> i think if you look at the current polls, he's been able to appeal to a certain group of worried about the rapidity of demographic change, social change. who in some cases have very legitimate concerns around the economy and feeling left behind, but that's not the majority of america. >> obama went on to say that younger americans are rejecting trump because they do not fit into that category. >> arizona senator jeff flake has announced he will not
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vote for clinton or trump. trump fired back yesterday calling flake weak on twitter. trump wrote that the republican party needs strong and committed leaders if it's going to stop illegal immigration. >> libertarian candidate gary johnson has gotten an endorsement from a traditionally republican newspaper. the richmond times-dispatch in virginia announced the endorsement saturday night. it's the first time in 36 years that the paper has not endorsed the republican candidate. the paper praised johnson and said clinton and trump both lack the character traits necessary to be president. >> and starting today, hillary clinton is getting up close and personal with the reporters. they are using a bigger plane so the reporters can travel alongside the presidential candidate. they have been under pressure to allow more media access. >> more than a hundred students
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sent home because o mystery illness. the kansas department of agricultural visited the school visiting the kitchen. the school is using a bleach to wipe down everything from water fountains to restrooms. >> a man that worked as a libraryian in new hampshire left millions to the school. he worked there for nearly 50 years. the man knew how to save. >> good for him and the school. >> one last chance to see a piece of history. >> the memorial travelling around the country and where you can find it today. >> and great news for you panda lovers out there, more in the world. we tell you what that means for
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>> welcome back. new on "12 news this morning", some cancer surgeons are
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>> many doctors avoid discussing a cure. 45% of the surgeons say that the patients ask them about to offer them a cure. 30% of the doctors use a cure in the conversations. >> also new, smartphone apps are happening people get fit a. new report from the american heart association show that that use the online technology exercise more and lose weight and eat better and cutting back on smoking and drinking and 69% of smartphone and internet programs aimed at obesity appear to improve weight loss. i need one of those. >> consumer experts are raising the alarm about the cost of insulin. it is used by the patients
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now in 2001, a one month supply cost $45 wholesale last year it cost $1,400. that is a 3,000 percent increase for the same drug. health experts are urging lawmakers to look at waying to further regulate the prices on the drugs. >> soon you can drink on organic version of gaterade. g organic strawberry and lemon and bigsed berry. it has only 7 ingredients. >> are you going to try it? >> it sounds good. >> i like the low calorie one. >> it could be gross, we don't know. we'll find out.
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>> good morning to you. welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> i'm tim elliott. it is 5:00, september 5th. happy labor day. thank you for joining us. right now, families caught in the middle of sherman park. this is a live look at the park, inspite of a court order the fence remains up. we are live at the park this morning with the fight between the county and the exec executive. >> a motorcycle slams into a barrier in milwaukee county. >> first, though we are checking on the forecast. sally, it is hot again? >> sure is, the temperatures going up to 83 today.


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