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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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>> good morning to you. welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> i'm tim elliott. it is 5:00, september 5th. happy labor day. thank you for joining us. right now, families caught in the middle of sherman park. this is a live look at the park, inspite of a court order the fence remains up. we are live at the park this morning with the fight between the county and the exec executive. >> a motorcycle slams into a barrier in milwaukee county. >> first, though we are checking on the forecast. sally, it is hot again? >> sure is, the temperatures going up to 83 today.
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68 at mitchell. here we are with a live look at racine. the journal times 69 degrees. it is a south breeze for much of the day today. 68 at the airport now. the dews are launching into the 60s. warm and muggy. south breezes this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds. 83 degrees. a little at times along th tim? >> thank you, sally. for the first time in night three weeks families got to stay inside of sherman park until 10:00 p.m. the kids played in the park. the parents cooked out. at 10:00 p.m. the deputies packed up and left and right now there is the orange snow fencing around the park.
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order of a milwaukee county judge. thema is live outside of the park this morning with the very latest. good morning, thema. >> good morning, tim. people here are waiting for the judge's order to be carried out. during an emergency hearing last night the judge said that the fence is not serving any public good. this started yesterday morning when the ordered the crews to take the fence down and resuming normal hours. yesterday amp the sheriff's deputies came back to the park and put up for fencing under the order of the sheriff. abele filed a temporary restrained order and the judge ruled that the fence needs to come down. >> it is important that the
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property, public property, and so, you know, we are happy with the judge's decision. >> neighbors are frustrated and the situation is all about political posturing and not about the people living here. back live here, this park is set to open at 6:00 a.m. this morning. we have not seen signs of activity yet that the fence is mi we continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. >> thema. thank you. last night david clark ordered the park closed early at 6:00 p.m. and that followed two days of violence stemming from the fatal shooting of smith. that was on august 13th. after that, businesses were set
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stores and people were arrested in all of this. sherman park is now staying open until 10:00 p.m. >> a 54-year-old man is sent to the hospital after crashing his harley into a concrete area. this happened around 7:30. the man didn't follow the construction warning signs before the crash. he was not wearing a helmet. speed did play a role inhe crash. there were at least 3 other accidents over the weekend, this one on 31st and wisconsin. a man died and two others sent to the hospital. local police have been stepping up patrols. local departments and state patrols have teamed up for a task force across the state. officers are looking for suspected drunk drivers and
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390 people have died on the roads in wisconsin in 2016. >> to mark the holiday, local unions and labor groups are taking part in the milwaukee parade. it is winding downtown at the summerfest grounds. the parade starts at 11:00 this morning. the free nest value opens at noon. pairs of socks to denate to local charities. >> repairs of the breech is serving a picnic lunch for homeless families. the lunch runs from 1 is -- 11:30 to 1:30. >> some other things to keep in mind for the holiday, in trash
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today. the local libraries and public offices are closed. parking rules are not in effect and you don't have to pay a parking meter today. >> later today, family and friends are saying good-bye to a chef killed outside of a bar a week ago. his girlfriend says he was trying to rescue a friend vo the funeral is later this morning. police have arrested two suspects in the death. a 45-year-old man and 20-year-old man. >> we hope to learn more this week about mayor barrett's plan to put more police officers on the streets. he said that the department budget will be larger than this year's budget and will be
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officers. we have reached out to the mayor's office but haven't heard back. this is coming after the deadliest month in the city more more than 25 years. more officers need to be on the streets. in a statement before we learned of the mayor's plan donovan stated that the homicide rate per capita is higher than chic officers. if that isn't a call to add more officers i don't know what is. it is time to step up and prioritize the safety of our people. we are working to get more specifics in the coming days. >> tomorrow is the first day of classes at uw-milwaukee. instead of going to class tomorrow, the students from carroll university are kwom
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also, classes at carroll university start on thursday. 5:07. what a perfect day to go out and do a day of service. >> yes, wonderful to get outside overall. take a look at readings, 63 point. 70 lacrosse. 59 green travel to the north to take out the dock, but you don't want to do it this weekend with the temperatures so warm. through the morning we easily get up to the low 80s today. a mix of sun and clouds. temperature 83 today. 88 for back to school tomorrow. we time out the rain and storms coming in later tomorrow night. tim? >> sally, thank you. today is the last chance to view
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memorial that stands in the nation's capital. this is half the size and replica of the memorial and 58,000 names are on the wall and visit it 24 hours a day and it is touring the nation for 30 years now and giving the veterans a chance to reflect and remember. >> i am just here to honor these people. that is what this country is all about. the people that died for it. middle school athletic field. there is a closing ceremony at 1:00 this afternoon and that wall then moves on to utah. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:09. ballots are in the mail for some of the states. >> early voting preparations are underway and where the candidates are out shaking hands for votes today. >> later in the newscast, a
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zookeepers in atlanta.
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>> there we are, coming in at 5:13. it is labor day and wishing you a nice holiday weekend. temperatures a little later up to the low 80s. you will feel the humidity as well. pool weather today. some of the pools are open. the last day and that does include the pools. the highs in the upper 80s. now the wisconsin department of transportation stopping the major road projects until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the heavy traffic is 8:00 and noon today. green means go.
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minutes. coming in on 43, ten minutes as well. >> everyone is sleeping on their day off. in commitment 2016, labor day often seen as a turning point when the campaign and voters are paying attention to the general election. >> it is still two months away and more more americans election day is sooner than you think. >> sean is starting early the board of elections before headed to the polls in november. >> going to the polling place is more of a ritual. >> not any more. >> you just don't have to vote on election day. >> in maryland the preparations are underway for the early voting in october. it is encouraging more citizens to take part in the voting process because it is eliminating some of the excuses
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reason. >> 37 states and district of columbia offers early voting, starting in north carolina. the trend is growing with voters and four in five americans surveyed support early voting. >> i may do this year. >> i will vote on election day. >> the head of the election project the early voting would be reaching >> hillary clinton's campaign is breaking up the organization based on the calendar than geographic. >> republican party is reportedly focussed on early turnout for donald trump. >> it shortens the amount of time he has to make his case. >> battleground states like iowa
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early voting is now up to you. here in milwaukee, absentee voting starts on october 10th. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is stopping at two events today, one in ill and one in ohio. also tammy baldwin is campaigning for clinton in milwaukee. >> also, running mate mike pence at a morning round table with union members in cleveland. trump is expected to campaign in ohio and tomorrow two spots in virginia and south carolina. >> 5:16. happening now, world leaders are meeting in china for president obama's final g-20 summit.
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president. a senior administration official say they have agreed to keep up a negotiations over the cease fire over syria. china's leader says they oppose the deployment of a u.s. an missile in the south. north korea firing. president obama headed to laos tonight. >> after sweeping, the brewers are looking for luck. the final score of 10-0 in yesterday's game t first time that the brew crew swept the pirates since 2012.
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winning stream alive this afternoon. later today we expect to learn about more of the major changes to the packers lineup for the season after 53 man roster, 9 of the 10 # spots practice squad for named on sunday. one player not making the cut, josh sitton after the shocking departure that came down to the wire, he didn't waste time and signing the bears. he returns to lambeau on october when chicago makes the trip to green bay. he could have gone any where, well, not any where. >> three years and $22 million. >> we are going to miss him. >> he's made some brilliant moves.
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well, we are talking about the heat and the humidity. 80s for today, tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. we have a few storms going too. there we are with a live look at the milwaukee institute of art and design. 68 degrees. the winds out of the southwest at 4. breezy this afternoon. the temperatures everyone in the 60s this morning going up the low 80s. rain and storms across the dakotas and minnesota. we'll get in on the clouds associated with this. now, when i came in this morning, lots of star shine. we are going to see the mid and high level clouds. 68 over 58. oh, warm and muggy.
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temperatures at 11:30. pushing up to 80 degrees. some spots touching 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. so here today at noon. looking at a mix of sun and clouds. we stay humid today and warm. this is over night for tonight showers and storms. tomorrow much of the day is dry. the best chances tomorrow into the evening a wave of the warm air continuing to pop the showers and storms. rain chances alive for for wednesday as well. what falls on wednesday could be locally heavy with the downpours. today 83 a mix of sun and clouds. 88 tomorrow. the rain is holding off until tomorrow night. tim and melinda, wet for wednesday and thursday.
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5:20. a sidelined statement at a soccer match in chicago. >> details on the soccer star kneeling during the national anthem. >> families brace for impact, we are tracking the storm with rain and flooding for the beaches all along the east coast.
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> welcome back. we are looking at the stories trepding online. >> soccer star is the late ets athlete to join the conversationen the racial injustice in the u.s. she was kneeling during the national anthem. after wards, the tweeted it is the least i can do and keep the conversation going. this is following similar actions by the quarterback from the san francisco 49ers. they needed during the anthem and he continues to protest the treatment of minorities across the country.
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the birth of twins at the atlanta zoo. >> how cool is this. giving birth to the cubs on saturday and arrived less than an hour apart. they are the first giant pandas born in the united states this year. there. it is so tiny. wow. so giant panda cubs are born i love that. well, the zoo can now focus on giving them the best opportunity for success. so cute. i love that. >> it is a few months before going on display at the zoo. at that time they are rolly and pollee and rolling around. >> after that good news, you are
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one of the panda from the zoo in washington dc. they released a report classifying the giant panda as vulnerable instead of dangered, so progress there. the report shows that the wild panda population in southern china grew 17%. there are now estimated 1850 pandas in the wild >> i love those. >> 5:26. a close encounter with elk in a woman's backyard. check this out. >> this is very interesting. the creature was stuck in the family's tire swing. it is good luck he ended up in this yard and how long it took to free him. >> a quake rattles the midwest and wrecks homes across oklahoma and the mess they are facing
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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't.
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>> a battle playing out in sherman park this morning over
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the officials who want it to stay up and when it will come down for good. >> and across the city people are celebrating labor day and marking the end of summer. the events that you can take part in later today. >> but first, we're on weather watch. a beautiful holiday today but there's rain moving into the forecast. when you'll need to pull out the umbrella. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning! i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm tim elliott. ben wagner is off today. it's 5:30 on this monday, september 5th. s it is hot this labor day. it is steamy hot weather settling in and the temperatures this morning are well into the 60s. 63 west allis. 68 shorewood and brown deer 67. readings in the 60s going up to the 80s for today. i am going to keep an eye out


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