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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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anchor: hermine is packing a punch. beach closures and a tropical storm warning. anchor: there has been an impact on the jersey shore. reporter: wind from packing a punch. david bienick was in cape cod. >> there is a no swimming ban in effect. a surprising number of people are actually out here. reporter: royal caribbean's anthem of the seas got out of it safely. on the shore, dangerous surf. it can be deadly.
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the beach faster than i can run. reporter: all the businesses along the east coast are saying they lost millions. look at these empty beach chairs on the jersey shore. the beach itself, even more barren. the gables hotel took a hit worth tens of thousands. >> the phones were ringing like crazy. there was a mass exodus. reporter: are, left with these open tables that would have otherwise been filled. >> i know. and people missed the holiday. reporter: in the next few days, expect rip currents and rough waves to tear down massive dunes. they will need repair before nor'easters in the fall and winter. anchor: around here, much calmer, but we are expecting some rain.
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it will not go anywhere for the next four or five days. for us, we are just talking about warm air for the next couple of days. a live look from the top of the u.s. bank building, lights are on. mature what is going on there. 78 degrees and feels like 80. f -- dew point 67 degrees. tomorrow at the bus stop, high temperature of 90 degrees. good chance of rain rolling in on wednesday into thursday. just be ready the next couple of days. anchor: a heroin epidemic in milwaukee county. 12 deaths in just three days blamed on overdoses. anchor: nick bohr has the growing trend with no end in sight.
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the problem grows, so do the overdose deaths. >> it is similar to what we see with a flu epidemic. reporter: north shore lieutenant dan tyke was moved by the totals. the medical examiner tweeted eight probable overdose deaths in the county since friday. four more in 72 hours. without narcan. >> it is not going to save your life. often, we are finding people that are too far gone. no matter how much narcan we give them, they are not going to come back. reporter: we talked with the me's office about the growing epidemic, made worse by additives like fentanyl.
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causing their death. >> you were literally minutes from going to a funeral home. unfortunately, we see some of those same users days, hours, weeks later. the message is not getting through. anchor: the deaths are listed as suspected overdoses until the autopsies are completed this week. anchor: family and friends of the man killed outside a brady street bar gather to say goodbye. 32 popular chef at the pfister hotel. he was killed after trying to help a friend who was involved in an argument last month. ostrom's funeral was held today in monroe, wisconsin, southwest of madison. two men are charged in connection with ostrom's death -- 20-year-old hussain sami, with first degree reckless homicide, and 45-year-old imed chabbouh with aggravated battery. according to the criminal complaint, ostrom was beaten and stabbed six times. both suspects are due in court september 12.
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it is a time to recognize the contributions of workers to the nation's success. hank strunk takes us to a parade to show us why some say it is an important event. >> it is a day when we recognize all the good things workers have done for our state. when you look at everything a union is connected with, o there are different union people that provide a lot of services and are very important to our society. >> people are coming out, supporting their unions, supporting workers' rights to organize on the job. >> our group gets together, local 18. we have been doing ok.
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it has been shrinking over the years as far as not many union shops as there once was. >> it is to celebrate but also to say we have to move forward and strengthen rights in the workplace. anchor: we want to see how you marked the labor day holiday. share your pictures and videos with us on the u local section of our website, anchor: this weekend people had the chance to see a replica of the vietnam wall memorial. the traveling wall was in germantown and is now headed to as adrienne pederson reports, the moving wall was the only chance for some to see the thousands of names up close. >> captain joseph whelan. reporter: 58,000 names. this replica of the washington d.c. vietnam veterans memorial stands in germantown as a reminder of loved ones lost. >> he was killed two days before i got wounded.
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>> i am here to honor these people. >> i remember the choppers sending us into combat in the jungles of vietnam. i will never forget that sound. reporter: different experiences, one thing in common. >> it is 58,800 guys. they died. >> about, the people that died for it. anchor: the wall will be in tomah, wisconsin later this month. you're saving money at the gas pump. prices are at their lowest level in 12 years. the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.21. that's 20 cents cheaper than this time last year. aaa says the average u.s. household is expected to save an extra $320 on gas this year. aaa says drivers here in the milwaukee area are paying about $2.20 a gallon.
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week ago. anchor: a hail mary is more than something packers fans come to see. now it's something they can eat. looking ahead, lambeau field is unveiling its new concessions menu tomorrow. some items added to the list are the hail mary, a foot-long brat with bloody mary seasoning and toppings, the pig skin, a bacon-wrapped baked potato, and for dessert, cheesecake cones. also happening, nearly 700 first-year students at carroll university will help the community, volunteering at 30 different nonprofits and milwaukee area. it's the single largest volunteer effort of the school year, totaling more than 2,000 hours' worth of work in just one day. and finally, tomorrow, uw whitewater students can enjoy a free t-pain concert at the williams center. it starts at 7:00. students' hawk cards will work as their tickets to the event. it is not open to the public. anchor: next spring, work begins on wisconsin's first ikea store. the company is opening up a store near 27th and drexel in
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but before penning the deal, the company considered several other locations, including state fair park. according to our partners at biztimes milwaukee, ikea spent more than a year in talks with the state fair board and state officials about buying the 26 acres of land along i-94. the discussions ultimately fizzled because of concerns over restrictions with the land and with state fair's budget. construction on the 295,000-square-foot development in oak creek will begin next the store's grand opening is scheduled for the summer of 2018. a new link between technology and your child's health. anchor: the benefits of ipads before surgery. anchor: a librarian leaves behind a big legacy no one was expecting. the multimillion dollar gift he left behind. >> on nightline, diane sawyer gets unprecedented access to one
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a rare view inside a purgatory, where officers and inmates often collide.
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anchor: troubling news for people who like amusement park rides. anchor: a dozen people hurt in separate incidents. elizabeth hur on what may be behind the incidents.
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children, recovering from two fair accidents in two states over the holiday weekend. >> i really thought i was going to die. >> everybody was screaming, crying. reporter: this ride at a memphis carnival malfunctioning, leaving teens dangling, holding on for their lives, and some falling from their seats. >> my youngest daughter is hurt bad. reporter: shaun owen's daughter, with a broken wrist and neck injury, is one of six children rushed to the hospital. this within just hours of another carnival accident in chicago. >> plan one for multiple injuries. reporter: six children were hurt, hitting their heads when a roller coaster came to a sudden stop. in all, that's six scares at amusement parks and carnivals in the last month alone, including the tragic death of a 10-year-old on the world's largest water slide in kansas. >> i have 30 kids that fell from the ferris wheel. reporter: and three more children hospitalized when these buckets on this ferris wheel in greenville, tennessee somehow
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>> the majority of the incidents that occur at amusement parks today are human error. reporter: for now, that appears to be the case in this most recent accident in memphis. >> the operator panicked and hit a button that released the safety bars before it was in the cradle. reporter: elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. anchor: a recent study by nationwide children's hospital in ohio found nearly 93,000 children under 18 were treated in emergency roon for amusement ride-related injuries from 1990 to 2010. that's an average of more than 4400 each year. anchor: a librarian with a multimillion-dollar secret. as cecilia vega reports, he left it all to the place he loved most. reporter: bob morin spent nearly half a century cataloguing books here inside the university of new hampshire library. >> he would come to work
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have his breakfast, which consisted of a coke and maybe fritos. reporter: and he had a secret. he saved and invested nearly every dollar he earned and it paid off big time. >> he ended up with a little over $$4 million. reporter: he left every cent of it to the university. >> i suspect everybody was shocked. certainly by his lifestyle, would not have expected that he was able to leave those kinds of funds. reporter: this janitor from vet >> never had an idea of it at all. reporter: he played the stock market, leaving behind a $6 million fortune to a hospital and library. as for bob morin, his legacy is the kind of stuff you might read about in a novel, and it's now etched in stone at the very library where he made his fortune and made dreams come true. anchor: parents may try to limit the amount of time kids use electronic devices, but they can
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french researchers found ipads can keep children calm before medical procedures. the study says playing games like angry birds worked just as well as sedatives at making kids less anxious right before an operation. researchers worked with 100 kids between four and 10 years old. some were given a sedative while others were playing with an ipad 20 minutes before receiving anesthesia. researchers found the tablets worked just as well to reduce stress. seeing their kids less anxious helped parents relax as well. anchor: amazing. love a distraction. anchor: in sports, some positive news for the packers, but negative news for the badgers. anchor: how long an lsu player will be suspended for this cheap shot on a badger player saturday. anchor: a frustrating afternoon for the brewers, as their four-game winning streak screeches to a halt at miller park.
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>> big 12 sports, presented by menards. >> i expect him to line up and be full bore in jacksonville. anchor: that's the good news for the packers offense, although nobody knows how effective jordy nelson will be in his first regular season game since january of 2015 sunday in jacksonville. the badgers announced this morning that inside linebacker chris orr will be out for the remainder of the season after tearing the acl in his right knee on the first defensive play saturday. orr should be able to receive a medical hardship waiver and not
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he was feeling pretty good. for a while, thought he might be able to go back in the game. yesterday, had the mri and got the news. he came in the office. an interesting young man. he said, just want to make sure you saw me smiling today. i will be back. i believe him. anor saturday. wisconsin is expected to jump into the top 25 when the college football polls are released tomorrow. lsu tackle josh boutte was ejected from saturday's game after this cheap shot on wisconsin's d'cota dixon, after dixon's game-clinching interception. lsu has suspended boutte for one game against lowly jacksonville state. the operation football game of the week for this friday will be new berlin west at pewaukee, which received 63% of your
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now you can go to to vote for next week's featured game. your choices are oak creek at franklin, waukesha west at waukesha north, or west allis central at west allis hale. the winner will be announced next monday. afternoon baseball at miller park, as the brewers opened a three-game series with the cubs in front of a very pro-cubs crowd. those fans were silenced early by chris carter's 33rd home run of the season. but that was all the brewers got hendricks, who frustrated jonathan villar and the brewers hitters so much that villar depleted the gum inventory. chris coghlan pinch hit for kendricks and delivered the go-ahead single. the cubs went on to beat the brewers 7-to-2. in golf, rory mcilroy roared back from a six-shot defecit in the final round of the deutsche bank championship thanks to sand shots like these.
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failed to advance in the fed-ex cup playoffs. the winner of the fedex cup? anchor: free delivery for life. anchor: they get $10 million. that is a good payday. anchor: you can pay for delivery with that payday. a final look at your forecast met. anchor: coming up next, jimmy kimmel live. his guests include zooey deschanel, ben stein, and music
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anchor: the gardening store getting ready for the fall planting. meteorologist: the temperature is almost a 90 degrees. anchor: take advantage of the deals. meteorologist: probably smart. i will have the last of it. slim pickings. temperatures, 90 for tomorrow. 88 for today. it will be steamy tuesday and wednesday. a couple showers and
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scattered thunderstorms thursday. anchor: dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard.
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russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. ben stein. and music from glass animals. and now, don't move -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i appreciate it. i hope i don't disappoint anybody. i'm a little bit off my game tonight.


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