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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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news. >> and that's what's making news in >> right now, at least one person arrested overnight after a police chase. what we're learning this morning about that chase. >> and right now, families in sherman park are waking up and for the first time in weeks, there's not a fence surrounding the park. the fight over whether that fence should stay or go. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. another hot and humid day ahead. we're tracking when storms and cooler air will return to southeast wisconsin. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, september 6th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal. >> we made it to 87 degrees
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sunglasses and use the fans and the air conditioners, we are looking at warm and humid today. sunrise this morning 6:22. the heat is sticking around. 90 degrees for today. passing clouds are staying dry throughout the day and into the early evening hours and better chances of rain tonight and tomorrow morning. this morning 76 mid 70s racine and kenosha. a look at the temperatures holding to 90 degrees for today and upper 80s tomorrow. melinda? >> thank you. >> when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> new from overnight, at least one person is behind bars after an early morning police chase. it started in glendale and ended near hubbard and meinecke in milwaukee. our wisn 12 news crew saw one person being taken into custody
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glendale police have not yet released any information about what happened. >> stunning statistics from milwaukee county over the holiday weekend. at least a dozen people are dead after heroin overdoses, that's according to the medical examiner's office. at least four other people's lives were saved when first responders used the drug narcan, but authorities are issuing a warning this morning. although narcan can save lives during overdoses, it's not a miracle drug and sometimes saved. >> right now, the sherman park neighborhood is waking up without a fence around their park. it's the first time since unrest in the neighborhood nearly a month ago. tim, there's been a complicated battle over whether the fence should stay or go. >> that fight has been resolved for now. the fence came down and went back up on sunday then came down again yesterday. that came after a special session with a county judge who ordered that the fence come down. county executive chris abele is
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the sheriff david clarke not so much. there's a hearing scheduled for tomorrow to decide if the fence will stay down permanently. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> this all started last month when a police officer shot and killed sylville smith near 44th and auer. that shooting led to unrest and violence in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. as a response to the unrest, sheriff david clarke ordered that the fence go up around sherman park and that the park close early at 6:00 p.m. instead of 10:00 p.m. >> only on wisn 12 news, remembering a girl shot and killed earlier this year. za'layia jenkins' family has created a legacy garden to remember the nine-year-old girl. this garden is near 15th and meinecke across the street from the home where za'layia was shot. family members say this garden will keep zalayia's memory alive. >> if you don't have an outlet when you're grieving, sometimes
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i get to this instead of being sad and upset. >> they hope it may help solve her murder too by encouraging anyone with information to come forward. there's still a $65,000 reward for information. >> developing now, we're learning more about plans for an ikea store in southeast wisconsin. work is set to begin next spring on the furniture store near 27th and drexel in oak creek. according to our partners at biz-times milwaukee, ikea spent location with local officials. at one point, they considered buying state fair park but that deal fell through. the grand opening of the store is set for summer 2018. >> this morning, it's back to work and school, after the labor day holiday. yesterday people in milwaukee celebrated with a parade and labor fest. union members marched in the parade that ended at the summerfest grounds where the festival took place. and in west allis, the 12th annual doggie dip marked the
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look at this guys having fun. dogs had the chance to swim before cool waters is drained for the season. great day to get out and do it too. 4:35. >> hermine may not be a hurricane anymore but the storm is still causing problems. the fisherman and animal that had to be rescued along the east coast when the storm got them into trouble. >> plus, nearly two dozen people step in to help when a car goes up in flames. the strangers who saved the driver's life. >> and the wait is over, "ellen" is back today with all-new episodes. catch the season premiere today at 4:00 p.m. followed by 12 news at five.
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>> we are looking at the star shine early this morning and the temperatures are showing up 60s and 70s. this morning the airport was in at 77 degrees. this is a look at the station. we still have the boundary that
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meandering across minnesota. the showers and a few storms are firing up in the north. in the south, we anticipate dry for most of the day today. right now 76 at the airport. dew is upper 60s. warm and humid today. it is breezy. gusty winds this afternoon. that is getting up to 90. rain and storms tomorrow. we time that out coming up. showers early thursday and then cooling down. >> thank you, sal. going back to work today, sorry about that, lots more cars out this morning than yesterday. let's look at the drive times later on now. >> new on wisn 12, three fishermen run into hermine off the coast of virginia. >> a helicopter had to pull them to safety after their ship ran
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hermine caused rough seas so the coast guard couldn't reach them in a boat. the chopper was able to lift the fishermen out of the storm along with their dog. very cool. >> good samaritans step in when they see a burning car. >> there was a man trapped inside. he's alive thanks to those bystanders. this video was taken after they pulled the man out of the car. about 20 people jumped into action when they saw the crash. pulled him out of the car. tim? >> the east coast is bracing for her mine and the problems that the storm is causing move to the north.
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in california.
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>> 4:44 on this tuesday morning. skies are fair and it is warm. 76 degrees at mitchell international. we top out of the 70s into the 80s and touching 90 degrees. sunrise 6:22, sunset at 7:17. tonight and tomorrow on the deck for the rainfall. already on deck for the rainfall much of the eastern sea board and post tropical storm hermine is a hundred miles off the tip of long island. it is in no hurry to move. >> the trop calling storm is
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causing the rough surf. there are flooding concerns north of new jersey and new york and sand dunes are worn down by the wind and the rains and putting the people in a lot of danger leaving behind the dunes. >> at least three people are dead after a collapse at a construction site in tel aviv, israel. rescue teams worked through the night searching for survivors stuck in the wreckage. four people are l it happened at an underground parking garage which was under construction. the collapse left a crater-like hole in the ground. more than 20 people were hurt. >> later today, bill cosby's attorneys will be in court. they're expected to ask a judge to throw out key evidence in an assault case against cosby. the case dates back to 2004 when a woman claims cosby assaulted her. cosby has pleaded not guilty. >> now to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house.
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here's what the republican had to say about donald trump's latest shot at a gop senator. >> so donald, listen, don't be so sensitive. take the hit, let it roll off your back, and you know, look forward. take shots at hillary clinton and barack obama if you want, but don't take shots at your own party. you have to be bigger than a guy who responds to every little flick that someone gives you. it doesn't work for party unity. >> trump called a republican senator from arizona weak after he said he wouldn't vote for trump. >> hillary clinton spent labor day giving speeches and fighting off a coughing fit. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> she struggled through the speech but that wasn't the end of the coughing.
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the campaign plane as she spoke to reporters. >> and later today, congress returns. the house and senate will be back in session after a seven-week recess. their biggest job, to pass a budget before october first when funding runs out. other big topics are zika funding and military spending. it's unlikely that congress will pass gun control legislation. >> president obama will not be meeting with the president of the philippines after some insulting comments. president rodrigo duterte lashed meeting. duterte said he would swear at the president when they met and said he's not an american puppet. this comes after the white house announced that president obama would confront duterte about the philippines' violent war against drugs. >> new from overnight, president obama is in laos and he's pledged $90 million to help the country recover from the vietnam war. during that war, the u.s.
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putting people there in danger. the money will go toward cleaning up the bombs. >> conservative icon phyllis schlafly has died. schlafly was an outspoken anti-feminist and fought against the equal rights movement in the 1970s. she led the advocacy group eagle forum. recently, she supported donald trump's presidential campaign. schlafly was 92 years old. >> 4:48. i' shorts and white sandals. >> pearls around easter time too. be careful about that. don't put away the flip flops or the short sleeves. it is steamy for the kids back to school for today. heads up for highs near 90. breezy southwest winds as well. there is a chance that we get an
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the heavy rains are holding off until later tonight. here we are nice and dry. closer to the area of low pressure here. the boundary is hung up for the last few days. it is beginning to move in the next 48 hours or so. take a look at the temperatures 76 at the airport. 77 chicago. 70s across iowa and minnesota and south into the plains. place for us. 69 degrees watertown. 75 this morning in fond du lac. let's take a look at the showers for tomorrow. hazy sunshine in place for us. in the afternoon a few showers are sagging south and into the central part of the state.
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for a stray storm but much better chances at 10:00 tonight. mostly the northern counties early overnight hours. later overnight a chance for showers and storms. a little lull in the action tomorrow morning. 9:30 tomorrow and then at noon periods of rain and storms. a fair amount of wet tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. my outbreak but the downpours. it is hot today 90. 75 tonight. 88 tomorrow. we are a little warmer if we break out the sun, cooler if it is cloudy all day but the periods of rain and heavy likely for us. a few showers on thursday. a couple of showers on friday.
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headed back to work this morning, 41, 94 at college avenue a couple of squad cars there. everything is moving okay there. 43 southbound add good hope an accident. drive times are up on the screen... >> happening right now, another wildfire rages in california. tim is in the newsroom where new information has been coming in overnight. saddle fire and two homes in california have been destroyed by this fire. many more homes are in danger this morning. the fire grew from a few acres to 350 acres. hundreds have lost power and some residents have been asked to evacuate the homes here. there is a shelter set up for the people in the area.
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looking for people setting fires to playgrounds. the fire started on sunday afternoon while the children were playing at the park and older children were running from the scene. the damage adds up to $50,000. >> a boy scout in california reachs a milestone by reaching every merit badge. now, 17-year-old michael trainom is one o the final badge was for backpacking and took a ten day hike covering 30 miles to qualify. >> it is kind of a surreal moment. >> his parents helped him travel across the country to earn the badges. >> new this morning, a white baby whale off of the coast of
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his mother this is the only one white one they have found. researchers used a drone to record this video. the scientists are now researching whales' behavior. >> a variation on groundhog day predicting six more weeks of summer. this is very accurate stuff. >> i mean, very. forget sal and weatherwatch 12. >> he choose six more weeks of summer. the city started the event two years ago to attract visitors. >> why not have an antigroundhog and a lobster. >> the town started the
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up more tour itchismism at the end of summer. last year his prediction came true. >> 4:54. still ahead, a wisconsin landmark burned to the ground. >> a school building that was standing for nearly half a century. >> and it has been 350 years destroyed london and now the city is remembering the great
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>> 4:57. new on wisn 12, standing desks in classrooms could help kids maintain a healthy weight.
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third and fourth graders and the bmi fell by 5%. the researchers say that the desks help to maintain a healthy weight. >> exercise can help reduce anxiety and depression in people with chronic lung disease. higher amounts of people had 11% lower risk of anxiety. mental disorders are common with people among patients with copd. >> radiation does litter for the lung cancer that spread to the brain. scientists that brain radiation
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under 60. >> french researchers found that playing games on tablets works as well as sedatives to make kids less anxious before an operation. the kids were assigned to a sedative or playing with an ipad. researchers found that the tablets worked as well to reduce the stress as did and get this, the devices helped to soothe nervous parents. wisn 12 news time now is 4:59. the news continues right now. >> good morning.
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"12 news this morning." i'm ben wall wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. infants are dying in cribs, what is expected today to make sure every child makes it to their first birthday. >> the physical challenge that the firefighters are taking on to tribute the fallen heroes from 9/11. >> we are going to salary in the weather center. >> the morning temperatures are 72-76 degrees. 72 west allis. 76 at shorewood. 74 brown deer and glendale. a touch cooler in waukesha 68. put the kids in the shorts. temperatures this afternoon going up to 90 degrees. i think we are dry for the day


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