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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:26pm CDT

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areas. that is until 1:00 a.m. i nominate its seen in sheboygan. this is one of those -- an ominous seen in sheboygan. i want you to focus on that storm where there is a warning. we will watch the direction that that may make it into fond du lac county. the biggest threat would be damaging wind. this is just round one of numerous rounds to go. the possibility of flooding, coming up in weatherwatch 12. joyce: certainly not a good day to have the air conditioning go on the fritz. students at cudahy high school were sent home early because the a.c. malfunctioned. no word if it'll be back up and running tomorrow, or when classes will resume. we have calls in to school officials. track the rain and storms when
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you can find it on our 12 news app. it's free to download on your smart phone or tablet. a milwaukee staple, sobelman's marquette, might be forced to close for two weeks. kathy: wisn 12 news' ben hutchison joins us live new tonight. ben, there's a licensing issue. >> sobelman's remains open right right now. the owner says that in 18 years and the last five at this location there haven major issues and the pending closure could come at any time. business is good for dave and melanie sobelman. the couple and co-owners love serving up burgers and greeting the new marquette students on campus but now they might have , to shut down temporarily. >> it is unfortunate for employees and some of the fundraisers we have planned. >> their food, liquor and entertainment license expired on august 31. the sobelmans say it wasn't immediately renewed because of a technicality they were unaware
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>> back in june, a man discharged a gun in the doorway of the restaurant. the city requires the owners of any business with a police report to make an appearance at a license renewal hearing. the sobelmans didn't show up in july. >> i wish my older man -- alderman would have called me and asked me where i was at. >> instead they'll have to wait for the common council to grant the new license at their next scheduled meeting, september 20. >> he had the chance keep us open today, and it was a simple no. >> sobelman says this is personal between him and alderman bauman. the two haven't seen eye to eye in the past. i did talk with alderman bauman today. each only that this is between the license division and the restaurant. >> i'm trying to be a productive citizen, but stuff like this is just too much.
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i'm sorry. kathy: distraught students are searching for answers after their school suddenly shuts its doors. the for-profit itt technical institute abruptly closed all of its schools all across the country including the one in , greenfield, where kent wainscott is standing by with our big story coverage. >> this is a copy of the link the e-mail that students here received today, letting them know the school would be shutting down. searching for answers, only to find the doors locked. many of these students have paid tens of thousands of dollars in tuition much of that in the form , of student loans, which the u.s. department of education says may be forgiven now that the school has gone out of business. no one from the school would talk to us when we knocked on the door today, but several students told us there biggest concern right now is what happens next for them. >> i had one quarter left. i was about to graduate, and
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this to get those loans forgiven, but like i said, that's not my goal. i just want to go to school and get my degree. >> but that's not going to happen here. the company that ran this school has been the subject of several state and federal investigations in various states around the country. just last week, the u.s. department of education cut-off students to receive financial aid and federal loans. the school has been the subject of controversy for some time, and now it has come to a head. there is a lot of frustration building among students here. kathy: itt has campuses in 38 states, including wisconsin. its other wisconsin location is in madison. itt was offering various degrees in electronics, technology, drafting and design, business, criminal justice, and nursing.
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itt's 130 campuses. joyce: we need to cut in with breaking news on the roads. north and southbound lanes of highway 43 are close right now. the department of transportation tells us they are dealing with the utility issue, but would not elaborate. the ozaukee county sheriff's office are anticipating the closure to take up to two hours. we are working to get cruise to the scene could when we know more, we will pass it along. oconomowoc police are looking for a murder suspect tonight. he shares with his sister on wisconsin avenue last night to find her dead. investigators quickly determined it was a homicide. the name of the 34-year-old woman isn't being released, but police say the suspect is someone close to her and they don't want to release information that could harm their investigation. >> it is just in the preliminary stages and trying to locate witnesses, get information, background the individual as well as friends and relatives
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and also talk to people that our di woredwith sckth centhlayce:'t 06z4 a'arac btrd ain foe. but earlier this spring, jors in fond du lac couldn't agree on a verdict, so the judgdecled a mistrial. brantner was supposed to be in ur learn if he' face a new trial. that hearing has been pushed ba next week. kathy: new tonight burglars hit , the tobin's pharmacy in oconomowoc. poli released the surveillance photos of two men wanted for the crime. investigators say the two men broke the pharmacy's glass doors shortly before 3:30 sunday morning and got away with an undisclosed amount of medication. police describe the first suspect a white man wearing a
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sweatshirt and jeans with a black bandana covering his face. the description of the second suspect, a black man wearing black hooded sweatshirt, black pants, and red shoes. both were wearing gloves. joyce:ew at 6:00, the popularz mitchell park domes will close next week. the entire domcilityill shut down beginning sunday for an electrical update. the facility is scheduled to reopen on wednesday. you may recall that the tropical dome and desert dome have been closed since spring because of falling concrete. the show dome has been open to visitors. the future of sherman park goes a judge stepped in over the weekend, restoring the park's 10:00 nightly closing time. milwaue unty execuve chris abele and sheriff david clarke are fighting over whether the park should close earlier. the sheriff had been closing the park at 6:00 in the evening following the unrest after a deadly officer-involved shooting. thy: from our partners at
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biztimes milwaukee harley-davidson is suing a , california company for copyright infringement. according to the lawsuit, gear launch and six of its associated businesses sold almost 16,000 pieces of clothing with harley logos without harley's permission. harley is asking for millions of dollars in damages. johnson controls officially completes its cost and tax saving merger with tyco. under the $14 billion deal, johnson controls keeps its company name. the company will based in ireland, tyco's current home, but will keep its north american headquarters in milwaukee. current johnson controls arolil 6% stake in this afternoon. 12 sports director dan needles is here. hopes are high. dan: everybody expects a super bowl in the year in green bay. this will be the first time green bay opens the season against jacksonville. it is expected to be a hot afternoon in florida. the packers got a taste of what it will feel like today when rain forced them to practice inside.
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a lot?1< of guys were sweating a l, myself included, so we have?o?e?2 replesh our fluidsow. will ly bobaba good test for thgame it wotbend humidbu will be rey to play. dan: the packers are expected be a super bowl contender this rdnelsming up in just a feminuse of?u the season eiwith t onsehead. touhat happens with the badgers. that's this saturday night at 6:30 only right here on wisn 12. kathy: thanks. tonight 10:00 a new warning , for those traveling to zika-infested areas. what the world health organization says you need to avoid for months after your visit. plus, police say a man got so mad at his neighbor that he
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rk: i'llt th rounds of storms and when to watch out r potel ngher watc , >>ou know, when you're drowning, we'll accept a lot of pele alabamfan might not have been so fortunate. joyce: then the lsu fans who , saved the life of a local man who slipped into thewaukee river. plus combining football and , baco the new bacon-themed menyou' find thiseason at lambeau field. wsr isn
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joyce: new tonight, a new look for milwaukee's mitchell international airport. the airport is launching a new rebranding campaign with the theme wherever your heart desires. the campaign is aimed at milwaukee travelers and travelers from northern illinois. it highlights the 37 nonstop cities served by the airport. some louisiana state university fans who stopped in milwaukee after saturday's big game, ended up saving the life of local man. kathy: as wisn 12 news' mike anderson found out new tonight,
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>> badgers fans rubbed it in after their big win over the lsu tigers, but for one man here in milwaukee he's lucky the tigers were not sore losers. >> he fell in right there next to the deck. >> louisiana national guard colonel john dunlap, his wife jill, and buddy ron were having one at rock bottom brewery when a wisconsin man trying to tie his boat slipped into the river. >> he was pretty out of stunned -- out of breath and stunned. he was bleeding, a big man, and the current was sucking him under the dock, so between the size and his current, we were having difficulty muscling him out of the water. >> ron fashioned a rope to use as a stirrup to pull him out. >> you know, when you're drowning, alabama fans may not have been so fortunate.
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to everybody. you never know who may save your life. kathy: what about the guy? the lsu fans left town today without ever getting the name of the man they rescued. feel free to call a spirit we would love to know who you are. joyce: wow. kathy: new tonight, it's not summerfest. joyce: but it is your chance to enjoy a free concert and a free big thief with special guest haley bonar will perform at the south pavilion on the summerfest grounds thursday, september 22. the concert is part of indie rock night. the show starts at 7:00. anyone 21-years-old and over will get a free beer between 6:30 and 7:30. kathy: tickets go on sale thursday for this year's milwaukee film festival. members of the general public can buy tickets to individual films online by phone or in person at the landmark oriential theatre box office. you're encouraged to buy tickets in advance. 77 screenings sold out last
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joyce: the movie theater would be a good place to be this evening. mark: somewhere that is air is probably a good idea. it is hot and sticky and will stay that way throughout this evening unless you're lucky enough to get one of the scattered thunderstorms, but then you only get a temporary relief from the heat. it is still warm tomorrow, but wait into you see the seven day forecast. in the meantime, a lot going thunderstorms popping up around here, a nasty line of thunderstorms here, and a whole lot of rain. these storms are bringing down pours of rain. flood watch over much of the state includes a big section of southeastern wisconsin. it is not a flash flood watch. this is one step behind that, although flash flooding could he possible. it will be all the way through wednesday night that we will
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thunderstorms moving in. severe thunderstorm watch until 1:00 a.m.. i don't think it will last until 1:00 a.m.. it will likely be canceled before that. we have thunderstorms popping in southeastern wisconsin as well. some of those in dodge county, everything moving to the east, northeast at 25 miles per hour. another one right over sheboygan, heading into sheboygan falls. then, out to theor elkhart lake. we have a few pockets of heavier showers and thunderstorms, one moving towards mayville. then one right over highway 151, heading into juneau and beaver dam in the next few minutes. this is the biggest game in town. see this appendage here? you never like to see this because a lot of times i can be the beginning of a hook echo.
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this. if is still located in here. there are no tornado reports, and that is good news, but something i am watching. here is fond du lac county. everything is moving due east. this may stay north of fond du lac county, but i'm not going to let my guard down. most of the rain this evening is focused in our northern counties. it does not mean we can't get an isolated shower thunderstorm anywhere else. then we go into tomorrow showers and thunderstorms rolling in, round after round after round. here is 2:00. timing will not be perfect, but be ready. when it comes down, it's going to come down in buckets. then we get into thursday afternoon and it clears out and there is less humidity moving in. rain will be a big deal, one-two inches across most of southeastern wisconsin, some pockets may get as much as three inches of rain, so be prepared for that.
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the bigger threat would be our northern counties, and that matches up with that thunderstorm warning. it is quite in milwaukee right now. a beautiful shot from sheboygan with these warm temperatures. a pretty shot from mequon. temperatures are still really mild, and that trend will continue. racine, hot, 89 degrees. temperatures feel like well into the 90's, almost 100 in milwaukee, but cooler air is not far away, and that will move in for the weekend. 90 degrees 82 as we clear it out on thursday. it should be a nice afternoon. 77 and a chance for storms on friday. great weekend if you like a cooler. 70 saturday, 74 sunday, but delightful. another chance for storms on tuesday, 70 five. i will keep an i on though storms tonight. the biggest threat would be our northern counties. kathy: thank you, mark. new tonight, bacon is the theme at lambeau field this season. the stadium where they play with
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a bacon wrapped potato with bacon, cheese, sour cream, chilly, and chives. the ultimate bacon burger, bacon crusted cheese curds, and pulled pork loaded fries. >> nothing is too crazy is what we tell our chefs here as well as patrick at hate people who made a melting pot of different ideas about bacon, so we came up well the pigskin potato comes , with a side of bacon-ranch dressing. it sells for $12. joyce: meantime packers , defensive tackle mike daniels graces the cover of this week's sports illustrated. he's one of four rising stars featured on regional covers. the cover story centers on those stars who have taken advantage of the changes in the game to become one of the best at their positions. let's hope that sports illustrated curse does not apply
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hopefully that takes the curse away. joyce: one starter is gone, another returns for the packers. dan: that's right. aaron rodgers talks about the departure of josh sitton, while jordy nelson talks about his return to the starting lineup. plus, the badgers made a little history with their upset of lsu saturday. how high wisconsin climbed in the polls.
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dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, realistic plan to protect america.
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announcer: sports director dan needles, honored with best sports broadcast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. >> that is the business. it is a young man's game. they are always looking to replace you. when that day comes, i will be surprised either. dan: aaron rodgers, talking about guard josh sitton, who was cut by the packers saturday, then signed by the bears on sunday. however, rodgers will have one offensive starter back on sunday in jacksonville. 12 sports stephanie sutton has our exclusive one on one with jordy nelson. stephanie: art their jitters, nerves, is there different feeling going into this game because you have been off so
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>> no, there will be some nerves coming back for the first game of the year and getting back in the flow of things, but they will be gone after that first play. i have dealt with them before. it brings a little bit more energy, to be honest with you. i am not worried about it and look forward to being back out there. stephanie: are you concerned you did not play any preseason games? >> i'm not. a few years ago, i did the same g. so through nine years now, it's good for me to get a camp off. >> there is always something playing the packers. at some point, you get so into the business that you sort of take a neutral stance on everything. it is different. it is special. it is special to play that kind
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from everyone back here. dan: former badger brad nortman would have been an ideal candidate to be the packers punter this season. instead, he will punt against the packers this sunday. tonight at 10:00, 12 sports stephanie sutton talks to the former brookfield central star on his home turf. saturday's win over lsu not only vaulted the badgers into the top 25 in the college football polls, they landed at 10 in the ap poll. that is the best season debut for an unranked team in poll history. poll. they host akron saturday. and, the brewers continue their series with the cubs tonight at miller park. after yesterday's 7-2 win, the cubs magic number for clinching a playoff berth is down to 10. the brewers called up three players from the minors today, including pitcher taylor jungmann. joyce: thank you, dan. kathy: breaking news on the roads. joyce: let's go to matt in news chopper 12.
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some wires down. they have not told us whether these are power lines, but it is across both lanes of 43. they are sending everybody up and over the on ramp, so delays
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your scenic route begins at tonight, taylor and tom's sudden split. what we know about the report. taylor swift just called it quits. is oprah finally getting married? the new report said we have a message today. >> i'm excited announce -- >> then inside beyonce's birthday bash. why did she just cancel her concert. >> max's first dancing rehearsal with the bat girl. what trouble are they planning on the dance floor? >> this is crazy. >> only we are with kevin hard. how he gave one fan the surprise


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