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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. >> only on wisn 12, an expecting mom robbed in the middle of the day as she ate at a restaurant outdoors. >> what happens next has her in tears. that's coming up next. kathy: a popular milwaukee restaurant may have to temporarily close. the owner's strong words for one city alderman. joyce: a technical college suddenly closes its campuses in wisconsin and around the country. the options a lurch. joyce: but heavy rain and strong first, wind sweeping through the area right now. and mother nature is putting on a dazzling display of lightning. kathy: let's get right to chief meteorologist mark tracking storms from the weather center. mark, the biggest worry tonight is flooding. mark: it is. the severe thunderstorm watch is canceled, but we are not out of the woods. flood watch through wednesday night.
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counties, you have not had any rain at all. but if you are in our northern counties, you have had 1-2 inches of rain, and you are not done. notice how it is all in the same area. this extends back to the west as well. in this area, maybe three inches of rain throughout the night. the bottom line is we will be flash flooding as the night goes on. more storms on the way tomorrow. i will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. joyce: mark, we know you will stay on top of it. in the meantime, you can track the storms right on your phone or tablet using the free wisn 12 news app. kathy: now to a story you'll see only on wisn 12 news. a woman enjoying lunch outside at a popular east-side restaurant has her purse snatched from underneath her seat. joyce: christina palladino is live.
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, less than an hour later. >> her car was stolen just a few blocks from here at thai-namite on brady street. she is eight months pregnant and was having lunch with a friend outside last monday with a friend when a man came running up behind her. >> some guy pulled up and another guy hopped out and grabbed my purse. i didn't realize exactly what was happening. >> we spoke with a soon to be first time mother from milwaukee who wanted her identity to be the skies, but was eager to get a message out to other women. >> my only warning to other women is to not carry everything in your purse. >> she's learned the suspects who took her purse were already in a stolen vehicle. they ditched that and took off in her new car that she just finished paying off. >> i just had both of my baby showers, so i had a lot of money in my purse, gift cards and a lot of belongings that i don't typically have. less than 48 hours later, her car was recovered in a hit and run accident near 16th and
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it was trashed. her baby gifts were either used or gone. >> they actually must have had a baby in the car at some point because there was two of the bottles that i had in the car. one was empty and used and the other one was half full. >> now she's out thousands of dollars and her sense of security is gone, all before she welcomes her first child next month. >> >> it's been very stressful, something i did not need at eight months pregnant. >> thewn tell us the same group of guys came back recently looking to do the same thing here but were not , successful. other restaurants have also had similar incidents. so far police have not yet made , any arrests. joyce: thank you. a showdown in milwaukee county between the sheriff and the county executive over a park. patrick, the dispute is hours away from going back to court. patrick: tomorrow is the day. a judge will look at the issue of sherman park returning to its
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park neighborhood last month sheriff david clarke imposed , shorter hours at the park. a fence also went up around the park. county executive chris abele wanted to go back to regular hours. the sheriff wanted to continue closing it early. on sunday, a judge issued a temporary restraining order stopping the sheriff from closing the park early and ordered the fence down as soon as possible. the dispute goes back to court tomorrow. the judge will hold a hearing about a permanent restraining order to keep the fence down. joyce: restaurant might be forced to close for two weeks because of a licensing issue. back in june, a man fired a gun in the doorway of sobelman's marquette. the city requires owners of any business with a police report to make an appearance at a license renewal hearing. but the owners didn't show up, not knowing they needed to. they believe their alderman, bob bauman, who they say they have a bad history with, didn't warn them. >> because you are so hateful
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want to stick it to a local businessman. joyce: alderman bauman tells 12 news the issue is between the license division and the restaurant. the sobelmans will have to wait for the common council to grant the new license at its next scheduled meeting, september 20. kathy: a woman is found dead in her apartment in oconomowoc, and police say she was murdered. the brother of the 34-year-old victim found her body last night in the apartment they shared on wisconsin avenue. police aren't releasing the victim's name, nor any other information, because they say the suspect is someone close to her and they don't want to jeopardize their investigation. they do say this is an isolated incident and that the public is not in any danger. a college shuts down leaving thousands of students across the country searching for answers. patrick, itt technical institute has a location in this area. patrick: right. the college has a location in greenfield. itt tech is a for-profit school. some of the students who showed up on campus today are just months away from getting their diploma.
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based in indiana with more than 130 campuses in 38 states. the company which runs the school has been the subject of investigations. the company says it took action after the u.s. department of education issued sanctions, including a ban on enrolling new students who rely on federal financial aid. kathy: new tonight, cudahy high school plans to reopen tomorrow. students were sent home early today because the air conditioner malfunctioned. the superintendent tells us tonight that classes are expected to resume tomorrow. joyce: years, the mystery of what happened to a missing minnesota boy is over. >> i want to say, jacob, i am so sorry. it is incredibly painful to know his last days, last minutes. joyce: that's the mother of jacob wetterling, talking after a plea deal was reached with her son's killer. in court today, 53-year-old danny heinrich admitted he abducted the 11-year-old in 1989, assaulted and shot him, then buried his remains.
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, the boy asked, what did i do wrong? heinrich's admission came in federal court in minneapolis as he pleaded guilty to a child pornography charge. the plea deal calls for no charges in jacob's death. comedian bill cosby will stand trial next june on charges he drugged and assaulted a woman at his pennsylvania home in 2004. cosby was in court today. 13 women are willing to testify. the judge says cosby is blind and might need special accommodations at his trial. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson has settled her sexual harassment lawsuit against former ceo roger ailes. she will receive $20 million. ailes denied the allegations but was forced out at the network after other women made similar claims. kathy: the history of milwaukee's most iconic brand comes to the small screen. >> wow, a dramatization on the beginnings of our great company. kathy: only on wisn 12, bill davidson tells me how close the
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bringing i-43 to a standstill. how it was part of a project that's supposed to make traffic move smoothly. mark: and check out the heavy rain. when this shifts south and when we'll get a break from the heat humidity next in weather watch , 12. kathy: and a college athlete , many say got off easy for sexual assault meets with sheriff's deputies.
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want be a doctor! you should be paid the same boys? you should girl 1: definitely.d girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agreed: wewith you -ed and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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joyce: an astronaut from wisconsin has returned to earth after a six-month mission in space. jeff williams safely landed tonight along with two russians. williams holds the u.s. record for time in orbit, logging 534 days in space over four missions. new on wisn 12, traffic's moving again after a fallen wire tied up the evening drive. kathy: it was a mess. it shut down both directions of the interstate at state route 32. sheldon dutes is in grafton, where construction is blamed. sheldon: people driving through ozaukee county on i-43 this evening ran into a bit of a delay getting to their final destinations. news chopper 12 over traffic slowing to a crawl in both directions near highway 32 in grafton. >> we saw the traffic probably for at least for a half an hour was slowing, slowing, almost stopped, most of the trucks and things. sheldon: this was the reason for the traffic backup.
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connected to the highway 32 overpass and came undone. they closed the interstate so crews could get it off the road. susan schlaak watched from her saukville home as drivers waited in the southbound lanes. >> we eat dinner and look out the window the whole time, and we cap saying gee, oh, they're , moving a little bit then it , was stopped again. sheldon: you are taking a live look at that traffic flowing again, the road hour and a half after they closed. there are some construction projects and traffic lights going up not far from here. the sheriff's office thinks the downed wire might be connected to that work. it is unclear how it came down. joyce: the milwaukee county medical examiner is investigating another probable heroin overdose death. that brings the total number to 13 since thursday. final causes of death are pending toxicology. heroin laced with an elephant tranquilizer is being blamed for a rash of overdoses in several
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it's called carfentanil. it's 100 to 1000 times stronger than fentanyl, which is responsible for a spike in deaths around here. the milwaukee county me's office tells 12 news they've had no death investigations involving carfentanil. a change in travel advice when it comes to zika virus. the world health organization says all travelers who return from areas with an outbreak should practice safe sex or abstinence for six months. the organization's previous protect themselves for eight weeks. a billion dollar bill to combat the zika virus is blocked in the u.s. senate. democrats opposed the bill because it contained restrictions on planned parenthood funding. it was eight votes short of passing. senator tammy baldwin voted against the bill, while senator ron johnson voted for it. kathy: to commitment 2016 election coverage and the race for president. the election is 63 days away and donald trump leads hillary clinton in a new national poll.
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among likely voters. libertarian gary johnson stands at 7%, while green party candidate jill stein has 2%. patrick, a candidate needs to hit 15% to participate in the debates. patrick: the first presidential debate is 20 days away. abc's david muir sat down exclusively with both candidates. one of the things he asked them about was donald trump's recent visit to mexico to meet with the president of mexico. >> donald trump said they did not discuss who would pay r that wall. the mexican president afterward said they did discuss it and that mexico would not pay for it. your campaign said, "it turns out trump didn't just choke, he got beat in the room and lied about it." is that what you believe? >> well, that's what it sounded like, because what happened is what we call a diplomatic incident, because he came out saying one thing and the mexican president contradicted him almost immediately.
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pay for the wall. it was discussed that it wouldn't be discussed, but they know my stance and i know their stance. >> did the mexican president break his word in talking about it? >> we had ground rules, and that's ok. see who wins in the end. we'll win. 100% they're going to pay for the wall. patrick: you can see more of the interviews with the candidates on joyce: hundreds of teachers across the state woke up to a big surprise this morning. herb kohl philanthropies funded the classroom requests every wisconsin ter crowdfunding site the requests ranged from classroom school supplies to books to electronics. the total cost, about half-a million dollars. milwaukee public schools tweeted, wow and thank you, saying 13,000 mps students will be impacted. governor scott walker is proposing a back-to-school sales tax holiday. it'll be for the next biennial budget. you would pay no, or reduced, sales tax for that day on certain school-related items. we'll learn more when he formally announces the proposal
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dangerous. nobody will want to buy it. kathy: harley-davidson, the movie edition has made it to the small screen. how close did they get to the real story? did they take some poetic license? only on wisn 12 we went to a , reliable source, named davidson. ? kathy: shot in romania starring actors from game of thrones fame it is titled, harley and the davidsons. >> i thought, wow, a dramatization on the beginnings of our great company. kathy: bill davidson is thrilled the discovery channel is putting the spotlight on the company built by his great grandfather, two of his brothers and their buddy william harley. starting out in a shed built by davidson's great-great grandfather.
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have here at the harley davidson museum that my relatives and bill harley were there in their early 20's when they roll that first bike out of the shed in 1903 in milwaukee. they were extremely excited, driven, passionate. kathy: a relative was so proud he painted a sign on the shed giving harley top billing. >> it was a relative of the davidson family. >> >> yes. kathy: making a movie and separating fact from folklore is a challenge. the head of hd archives, bill jackson says the movie crew , scoured documents copied the drawings for serial number one which stands on hallowed ground , at the museum. the bike built by the movie makers was spot on. they threw in romance and fisticuffs for drama's sake, and
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of that team, we call them the four founders. kathy: great grandson bill davidson is taking that in stride knowing that the , motorcycle as always is the absolute star of the show. >> the neat thing we all is how great it is that there is this amount of interest in the history of harley davidson. and that people all over the world from all walks of life have an intrigue with thre brand. and that we can come to the harley davidson museum here in milwaukee and see that real story, the real facts. kathy: harley and the davidsons is a three part six hour docu-drama. bill davidson will have to wait until he gets back in the country to watch, as he is on the job overseas.
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it doesn't sound the same, davidson harley. kathy: they mentioned that in the movie. probably not a good idea to take the harley to work tomorrow. joyce: mark, there is a pretty good chance of rain for all of us. mark: it will be slow going and on the slippery side. we are going to get rain at some point tomorrow. i think it rains everywhere and southeastern wisconsin. it is dry in milwaukee and really warm. for september at 10:00 at night, to have a temperatur dew point of 72, and it feels like 88 degrees, that is pretty remarkable. the southwesterly wind at eight miles per hour. sheboygan, rain coming down right now, 70 degrees, dew point 69. there has been plenty of rain, and it comes with wave after wave after wave, and you can see it here in our northern counties and back out to the west.
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some spots sitting at two inches already. we have saturated soil and we don't want any more rain throughout the night, but more is coming. that is why i have some concern that we will be dealing with flooding, maybe some flash flooding, throughout the night. flood watches are out for much of southeastern wisconsin. you will still see some rain, probably not quite as heavy as what we have seen to the north so far. the heaviest rain is let's move ahead and show you as this makes its way to the east of 25-35 miles per hour, another round of rain and fond du lac at 10:30 p.m. you really don't need the rain. you see some pockets where we have rain, and where it is not too bad. same story of across northern washington county into dodge county. heavier rain moving back into
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some heavy rain waupun through -- some heavy rain through waupun. there is additional rent to the west of us. milwaukee, this will move into our northern counties throughout the night. it should die down a little bit as the night goes on. that would be good news because we don't want that to continue. here's 11:00 tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms coue thunderstorms. that will be the case often on throughout the day tomorrow. our best chance of rain will be in the morning, then again later on in the day with additional scattered showers and thunderstorms into tomorrow evening. finally clearing out, less humid air rolling in and closes off thursday later in the day. how much rain? most areas are talking about at least half an inch to one inch, maybe some places with another two inches of rain on top of what we already have.
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one more day where we have to do with that, then it feels like 88 degrees right now in milwaukee and racine. 90 tomorrow if we can get some sun. if we don't, 85. it's going to be warm. 82, then we cleared it out. temperatures will start cooling down. 77 with the chance of storms on friday. then we will cool things down, 70 on saturday, should be quite nice. for those of you waiting for break from the heat, gorgeous on sunday. more thunderstorm chances on tuesday. kathy: good information. you may have had a run-in with your neighbor, but not quite like this. joyce: coming up, the feud between two neighbors in tennessee that led to very bad tennessee that led to very bad outcomes for both of them. plus -- >> i get a bunch of texts from
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brad nortman dreamed of punting for the packers. this sunday, he will punt against the packers in jacksonville. only on wisn 12 news, stephanie sutton caught up with the former brookfield central standout on his old stomping grounds. stephanie: he has mastered the art of punting. >> i always said i had a strong leg. stephanie: he is back home in wisconsin. >> and camp randall have a special place in my heart. stephanie: practicing on the field where it all began. his first football coach, his dad, bill. >> i come back home and get work in. it is going after work. he is one of the better snappers in the area, if you can believe that. stephanie: he punted for the badgers and was drafted by the panthers in 2012.
10:27 pm
god made my body and such a way that i am good at punting a football. it is so unless out of reach that you are sure you are not ever get there, so the experience was incredible. stephanie: soon after, his, modern received -- his high school received a commemorative ball. >> it is a great way to represent everyone who has helped me along the way. stephanie: his former las >> you have a great source of pride when kids come from here, the kids can relate to. stephanie: this off-season, he signed a free-agent contract with the jaguars. >> and 48 hours, you have everything hammered out. stephanie: yes, the same team green bay is playing against in their season opener. stephen: there is always something playing the packers
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them. i get tons of tax saying, hey, i hope you do well today, but go pack go. stephanie: since he knows that nfl careers don't last forever, he has a backup plan. >> i have been getting a masters in finance from indiana. i love learning. stephanie: he loves learning and winning, even if it is against his childhood team. >> i will go out there and do the best i can to beat the packers, sorry. dan: thank you steph. , brad nortman says his parents and the rest of his family from wisconsin will be in jacksonville for the season opener sunday wearing teal and black. in our next half hour, stephanie continues to do all of the work. she has our exclusive one-on-one with jordy nelson. kathy: way one nelson's team to beat norman. joyce: summer break isn't just over for students. congress is now back in session. kathy: after several weeks off,
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probably won't get done before the election. joyce: then, itt technical college closing down. a look at the other for profit schools that are facing big
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