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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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decision being made later today that could impact people living in the neighborhood. >> first to weather watch, the rain and storms moved through parts of wisconsin overnight. a team of meteorologist are tracking the conditions for you. we are going to jeremy nelson live in the field in a moment but first we are starting with sally severson. >> later in the afternoon yesterday we saw the firing up. sheboygan and fond du lac picking up the stronger storms yesterday afternoon. it is still wet in the north counties. we are anticipating another potentially one to two inches of rain today and creating a potential for the flooding. there's the rain showing up central and south central in wisconsin. most prevalent across sheboygan
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corners. there is a boundary, it is sagging to the south as a kwool front and focus for the rain and storms. 72 right now. i anticipate the highs up to the 80s. if we break the sun it is going to be warm and humid. rain and storms redevelop in the afternoon. jeremy? we are along the milwaukee river. the river levels are fine. no flooding here. we have a flood flash and that means potential and heavy rain. that is mainly to the north. today the thunderstorms that erupted last night. check out the awesome video. if you glanced up to the north,
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was embedded in the thunderstorms. that continued throughout the night and we have some of the thunderstorms up in that direction this morning. the pavement where we are at along the milwaukee river, damp and the rain moved through. i have noticed on our interactive radar, mini downpours in milwaukee county. live along the back to you. >> thank you, jeremy. >> some of the strongest storms moved through north of southeast wisconsin yesterday afternoon and evening. take a look here. this is a video of the flooding in appleton. we have more on some of the damage left behind here coming up in the next half hour. with that, we want to check on the morning commute with matt. >> thank you, ben.
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right now everything is doing pretty good. there was a closure on the bypass that is closed but today they are closing one lane northbound 41, 45. that is down to two lanes northbound 41 at watertown plank. >> debating the future of the sherman the county leaders are going to talk about the hours and the fence up around it. it is nearly two months since the unrest. and now the sheriff and the county executive don't agree on what to do next. mike anderson is live with a look ahead. mike? >> good morning, ben. parks in milwaukee county like this one are normally closed between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. but there is a debate brewing
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and specifically as you mentioned we are talking about the hours in sherman park. last month the sheriff david clark had the orange fencing put up around the park after the unrest in the neighborhood and started to close the park at 6:00 p.m. instead of 10:00 p.m. and that lasted until sunday when the county executive chris abele had the fencing removed. sherf fencing went back up and later the day the judge issued a restraining order stopping the sheriff from closing the park early and ordering the fencing down and that brings us to today to discuss the issue and we could learn the final decision today. reporting live, "12 news this morning." >> thank you, mike. we could learn more today about a murder.
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homicide in less than two years. we have more on the search for the killer. tim? >> the search is on for a murderer, after a man found his sister dead inside of their apartment. the investigators ruled it is a homicide. the name of the 34-year-old woman is not released at this time. they are not releasing information to harm the the suspect is someone close to the victim and may have a motive. they are looking at the victim's background aund and interviews witnesses to this. the public is not in danger. >> thank you. a popular milwaukee restaurant might be forced to close for two weeks because of a licensing issue. back in june a man fired a gun in the doorway.
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a business with a police report to make an appearance. the owners didn't show up not knowing they were needed to. they have to wait for a new license. >> city leaders are talking about the concerns about the pokemon go at the lake part. the representatives from the parks department will be there to answer the quess. are saying that the people playing the game are taking up the parking spots and leaving trash behind. >> tickets going on sale tomorrow for the film festival. you can buy the tickets online or on phone or in person. best bet, buy the tickets in at advance.
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september 22nd. checking in with sal, a good day to hit the movies.>> not a bad idea. this morning the bus stop weather dressing them for a little rain. south near the illinois border it is a little dryer. hit or mess storms this afternoon and evening and the temperatures mid 80s. the rain is lingering south central and central i wisconsin. keeping my eye on the southwest corner of the state with the rain and storms there as well. we have a ribbon of rain stretching from sheboygan county to dodge county this morning. that rain is going to diminish a bit throughout the morning and redevelop in the afternoon. we see the showers & this
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8 to noon. a little lull in the action. as we move to the afternoon rain and storms again. >> from the wet pavement here, this is the area they are closing the extra lane this morning. so only two instead of three. otherwise, things are nice and quiet across the system. 41 southbound highway q down to the zoo. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all right, matt, thank you. >> wisconsin native killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest. he was killed last month in afghanistan. thompson was from brookfield. the funeral is today in washington state. >> a stunning development in the
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11-year-old minnesota boy that vanished nearly 27 years ago. the killer is now confessing to the crime. tim is live in the news room and learning more about this case. tim? >> we have a picture here in the news room on this computer and he admitted to abducting and assaulting and shooting the boy back in 1989 and we are waiting to see how long he'll serve in federal prison. authorities to the body last week. hefts last seen back in 1989. that case went cold untiling recently when the man confessed to the murder. the plea deal means he will not face state murder charges in the death. he could be sentenced to up to
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back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> right now health officials are scrambling to find the resources to prevent the spread of zika in the u.s., what is holding the lawmakers from reaching a deal. >> plus, helping the families to get the medicine to kids in need. what a local company is doing this month to battle pediatric on ellen.
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you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. >> we are on weatherwatch 12 today. periods of rain and storms overnight and still early this morning, especially across sheboygan and washington and dodge and fond du lac counties. a flood watch in effect until this evening and covering most of southern wisconsin. a potential exists for another
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there is potential for flooding. now, earlier this morning i expect a rest in the action, probably mid-morning 9-11 and astormy again later. here is matt. >> right now, quiet across the freeway system. county t and smoothly. the travel times are showing we have light volume everywhere right now. it is a nice and easy trip. no crashes on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> right now the u.s. lawmakers are fighting for the zika funding. both of the houses return to
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tim is here with what is happening today. >> democrats and the republicans in the house and senate are fush pushing for the funding for zika. the democrats blocked the republican bill. now the bill would block the clinics from receiving new funding from treating the disease and preventing it from spreading. this is the third time that the democrats voted again t military construction. now the lawmakers are considering funding for a short term spending bill. seven more cases were reported yesterday in southern florida. if a funding bill passes, much of the money would be used to find a vaccine to fight the virus. >> thank you, tim.
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clinton and donald trump now focussing on national security at a forum tonight. we are live in washington with the latest. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are turning up the heat in which could be a preview of what lies ahead tonight. >> her conduct is disqualifying. >> his whole campaign has been one long insult. >> both candidates traded the attacks on tuesday. trump was in virginia. clinton pointed to the endorsements and accused of trump of insulting veterans. trump will be in philadelphia. >> trump leads hillary clinton in a new national poll.
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>> 5:16. folks, it is a big day for apple lovers. we are expecting to get a look at the new i pone later today. iphone 7 is remaining a history until later, it is predicted to have a better camera. they also think that the new iphone won't have a new version of the apple watch and mac book pro. >> new this morning, a local bank is helping people go gold in september. they are holding a fundraiser for pediatric cancer. g-9 was founded by an 11-year-old girl that lost a
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hoping that customers will donate to the cause. this year they are hoping to raise $4,500. >> it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a clinical trial and research and that stuff, so every little bit counts and if that means we help one more family getting the medicine that their child need z, it is a big deal for us. >> stop by one of the to donate. we have a button on here. >> it is a tied series between the brewers and the cubs. brewers are hoping that game three will be like last night. check this out. leadoff home own. it improved in the 6th inning here with a 3-run homer.
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they won 12-5. first pitch tonight at 7:10. >> later today, the bucks are kicking off a statewide tour. the first event is downtown milwaukee. it is outside, so it is weather permitting at noon. sal? >> i think they'll get it in. i anticipate this morning we have rain showing up, especially in the milwaukee, racine and kenosha south. the trend is continuing for a few hours before the rain and storps redevelop this afternoon and tonight. a flood watch is covering much of southern wisconsin. it is not including milwaukee, racine, kenosha or walworth counties. there is a potential of another inch or two of rain. we are looking at the showers
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right now. i have been watching this line filling in. this is a good area of rain showing up. just to the west of madison at this time. here is a look at the showers in the north counties. no lightning associated with it. all this action associated with this boundary. now this is going to come through as a cool front. the chance of rain and storms later. 72 at the airport. light winds for much of the day. the storm index 3. the heavy rain will be the biggest concerns and potential for the gusty winds. now, by mid-morning, this is 8:00, i think we get a little dry going, maybe a few peeks of the sun. shower and storms in the heat of the day.
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rain. they are scattered heavy rainfall will be associated. this is 8:00 tonight. we get to around mid night and the bulk of the action is turning off. this is thursday at noon. a little clearing in the afternoon tomorrow. i keep the temperatures today going for 87 based on the fact that we get the sun. if we keep the clouds around a little cooler than that. 70 tonight. periods of rain and storms this afternoon and tonight. and the trend then moving to the weekend, showers early saturday morning, taper off and most of the weekend is looking good. >> first day of school is exciting and for some students it is stressful. the teachers that are hoping that video comes across as welcoming. >> the unofficial end of summer is in the books and some people
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>> all right. good morning. thanks for the wednesday morning school shout out. wisn 12 news is stopping at classes across southeast wisconsin. if you are interested in getting a visit, head to and click on the school logo. all right, let's face it, not everybody is thrilled to give up summer vacation and head back to class so a staff at a texas school makes a party out of it.
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class with a jam session in front of the school. it is now viral with more than a million views. new this morning, pop star taylor swift and her boyfriend are calling it quits. they were dating for three months. before that, swift had a public break up with calvin harris. >> good person to flag down if you need help, well it backfires for one man. >> plus, connecting millions of people to modern convenience. the mix that one of the richest men in the world is bringing to his home country. stay with us, you are watching
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>> we are on weather watch this morning. rain and storms moved through wisconsin overnight. lightning, strong winds, and heavy rain were reported across parts of the state.
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wisconsin. this is a live look at the radar and we are tracking the conditions for you. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda has the day off. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, september 7th. i'm in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. sal, you have been watching some of the rain moving through overnight. >> we are looking at the wettest of the weather across sheboygan, dodge, fond du lac washington county. flood watch in place and covering most of southern wisconsin through about 11:00 tonight. now what is going to happen for us, a cool front is sagging to the south in the afternoon and the focus for the development of the rain and storms. now this isn't a widespread rainfall, but the scattered storms much like we saw


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