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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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>> he's earned it. >> dapper. >> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning." rushing to cleanup after flash flooding in southeast wisconsin. roads, homes, businesses, and schools all impacted by heavy downpours. we're breaking down the areas hit hardest by last night's rain and storms. the good news, most of that is long gone. here's a live look at doppler 12 radar. a much quieter scene this morning but showers are still possible as you head out the door. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda has the day off. it's 4:30 on this thursday, september 8th. i'm in the weather center with meteorologist jeremy nelson. jeremy, quite a day yesterday. this morning we are looking for a chance of showers? >> yes, keep the umbrella on
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here is a look at the dopplar 12 radar network, just scooting across southern wisconsin a hand full of showers and fairly light. some good news this morning not a lot of rain out there. a lot of the roads have dried off. 74 degrees in milwaukee curren it is feeling tropical out there. wake up forecast may include spotty showers this morning and in the afternoon sunshine and warm and sticky and mid 80s. ten degrees above average. we have a cool down in the forecast. >> this morning, cleanup is underway after flooding in southeast wisconsin. you can see here yesterday's downpours caused serious issues
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streets flooded near 43 and the kk parkway and stranded some drivers who tried to drive through the water. others tried to steer toward higher ground. a few hours later, nearly all of that water had receded. in west allis and new berlin neighborhoods, flooding forced streets to close. the water overwhelmed neighborhoods turning the streets into rivers. in mayville, students had to go home early after one of their schools flooded. officials say a natural spring overflowed nearby. firefighters and volunteers set up sandbags and spent hours trying to remove the water from parkview elementary. >> that's what a small community is all about when something like this happens we all come together and help each other. >> classes at the school will be in session today. >> the greenfield fire department tweeted out pictures of flooding last night. the root river parkway near 96th
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flooding but is now back open. the greenfield fire department sending out a picture of a tree doing damage to a home. >> you can track rain, storms, and weather conditions anywhere you go. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> happening now, local families worried about lead in their water supply. this morning, there's a new suggestion to keep families safe. let's get to tim with the latest. tim? >> ben, i'm in the wisn 12 breakroom. we are talking about the tap water. some people are worried about tap water that comes out of faucets like this. this morning, milwaukee mayor tom barrett says he has a temporary solution, water filters. around 70,000 homes in milwaukee still use lead pipes, most were built before 1951. at a water summit yesterday, the
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best bet until the city can replace all the city's lead pipes. >> filters are very effective, even for infants. if you use an acceptable filter, you can get the lead out of your water. >> barrett says it's a serious issue and it can't be solved overnight. barrett says it could take decades to replace each lead pipe. city leaders say they're focused you depend on every day is safe. ben, back to you. >> 4:34. >> if you have a high school student, they should get a new laptop. that's according to some state lawmakers. it's a goal that republicans in the state assembly have for next year. more than 40 percent of public schools in wisconsin already have computers for students, but the proposal would boost that to 100 percent of schools,
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>> will have access to the technology that they know is so important to get that good paying job, to be able to get their homework done and do it in a way that provides a family supporting job for themselves once they graduate from high school or continue on with their training in a tech school or a university. >> it's still not clear who would pay for the plan. democrats say the cost of the laptops shouldn't come out of other school funding. >> starting later today, you can pick up tickets for the milwaukee film festival. the online box office opens today along with a location at the film festival runs september 22nd through october 6th. on those days, you can also buy tickets at other local theaters, but festival organizers say the showings often sell out so your best bet is to buy tickets ahead of time. wisn 12 news time now is 4:35. >> some serious storms hit arizona. the weather phenomenon that was caught on camera in phoenix. and the system that's fueling
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plus. a massive gator -- spotted outside a crowded school. who stepped in to catch the animal to keep kids safe. but first we have a live look outside and we are tracking the potential showers for later on this morning. stick with us, you are watching "12 news t (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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now it's your turn to make the switch. dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard.
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russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. z23eqz zvpz
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>> good morning. 4:39. a look outside right now. mainly dry in the milwaukee metro area and the pavement has dried off. all that is left on the radar network are some gentle rain i-43 walworth county and the rain showers in lake geneva and white water and pushing to the east and northeast. we are starting off warm and muggy this morning. 70s in most of the yards.
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and warm and steamy. topping out in the mid 80s. we have a weekend forecast and yet another chance of rain coming up. >> new on wisn 12, people spot a funnel cloud in the middle of a storm in arizona. check it out here behind me. it's not considered a tornado because it never touched down. the funnel formed in the middle of a thunderstorm caused by former hurricane newton which made landfall in mexico. it's sending storms north including to arizona. >> new on wisn 12, florida police wrestled with this massive alligator after it wandered dangerously close to a school. the gator is eleven feet long and 450 pounds. the reptile put up a fight but police and wildlife officials eventually got it under control. not the best job i can think of. police say they've gotten several calls about the gator but they weren't able to track it down until now. look at that thing, it is huge.
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he's following some of today's big stories. tim? >> police in phoenix searching for a shooter this morning. one woman died after someone opened fire on a highway overnight. we'll tell you what police know about the suspects. and a fierce battle over funding for the zika virus. why congress can't seem to agree or pass a bill. and how the gridlock is affecting people in florida where zika is a serious threat.
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>> thank you for thursday, september 8th. hazy and feeling the humidity this morning and yesterday's storms, boy, some folks getting hammered. >> yes, the northern and western parts and the metro area with the flash floods with two to three and a half inches of rain in some at the spots. the heaviest rain in dodge union. we had a severe thunderstorm warning for waukesha and
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down trees and power outages. this morning we have a hand full of showers in the area. we are continuing to watch these. you can do the same on the app. >> new on wisn 12, a deadly shooting on an arizona shooting on an arizona highway and now police are looking for the suspected killers. tim, what are you learning this morning? >> one woman is dead and police are ch the shooting happened on a state highway around 8:00 last night. according to the phoenix fire department, the woman was on the phone with 911 when shots rang out. she called because she noticed a truck following her. police say the woman was shot crashed her car and later died at the hospital. police are searching for that truck. roads in the area were closed down overnight as police search for three men who may be responsible. ben, back to you. >> new on wisn 12, nine people
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heavy rains triggered the mudslide yesterday. local firefighters say nine people were killed. dozens of people lost their homes in the mudslide. one child is still missing. rescue workers say the child may have been swept away by the mud. >> new on wisn 12, in the middle of a drought, water starting shooting into the air in los angeles. check out this geyser. a water main burst causing the huge leak and damaging the street. we see this in the winter here in wisconsin. part of the road is shut down as crews work to repair the water main and the damaged road >> new on wisn 12, ten kids are in the hospital after their school bus crashed. it happened near rockford, illinois just across the state border. investigators say a car pulled
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the bus driver drove over the car then the bus rolled onto its side. ten middle school students and both drivers are still in the hospital this morning. >> a bus ends up on -- a boat ends up on the beach after the captain crashed on the beach. the owner of the yacht is now facing charges. >> well, looking show is ut ping green bay in spot light, cops was filmed there earlier in the summer. how long has this show been going on now?
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are airing on september 24th. there will be meth busts, a neighborhood fight and more. the show airs on spike tv. >> right after "12 news this morning" the new bachelor sits down on "good morning america." he's from waukesha and has been on two seasons of the botch larette and bachelor in paradise. fourth restaurant is opening in oak creek. this new restaurant is the company's biggest of them all. this is also one of the first businesses to open there in the new town square development. i asked why here and why now? >> why pick this spot? >> intuition, i guess.
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and with it being a brand new gopment and new to the community, it feels like a good fit. >> the grand open something tonight. expect more restaurants in the area. very cool new development over there. a lot of people are excited about a little part of oak creek there. tack still have a few showers. let's recap the rain from yesterday. three and a half inches in west bend. here's a run down on the rain
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mayville a stream overflowing there, six inches of rain. new berlin pushing four inches. west allis close to three and a half. west side of milwaukee three inches of rain. bay view 2.76. glendale areas there topped two inches of rain. elm grove two inches. i saw kenosha near or below an inch. just a handful of showers this morning. not severe. the downpours are staying down to south overnight. not looking at anything too heavy this morning. a passing shower and behind sunshine is working in for the afternoon. something not going away is the humidity, tropical feel out there. dew point is 71. the air temp is 74.
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be needed for a spotty shower. sprinkles later in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. hazy, very warm and sticky in the afternoon with the high mid 80s. 84 this afternoon. lower 80s and a chance of showers and storms on friday. that is especially later in the day and friday night. sunday is the pick day of the weekend suntastic and high of >> sounds great. >> while florida and other states are fighting to keep zika away, there is a battle in congress. this battle on capitol hill is a fight on how to pay for a fight against the zika virus. this week the democrats voted down the funding bill because of the other provisions in.
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on why the bill failed. >> the house did the job and the senate is political with the zika funding. we'll figure out how to get this done. we have done our job over and over again. >> house republicans have a meeting planned for tomorrow to iron out the details in this and believing they can get the dollars approved by the end of the h. morning", a michigan woman finds a car seat in a parking lot with a baby still sitting in it. susan says that first she thought that the baby carrier was empty and she thought a frantic parent would return, but no parent showed up and she called the police. >> yeah, i kept thinking they are coming back any minute. nobody came back.
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>> this is a first for us. thank god the baby is fine. it was just sitting in the car seat in the middle of the parking lot. >> thanfully the woman stuck around and was reunited with the parents after being checked out and now the child protective services are investigating. >> a kansas man is accused of robbing a bank to get away from his wife. he would to live with his wife. he robbed the bank and waited in the lobby until police arrived. there must be a better solution. >> turning to a more bizarre story, a scam in california, a woman spotted her picture on jars asking for money to pay for a funeral.
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the facebook page and a note asking for donations. >> supposedly i'm dead, but i'm not and i'm here. a lot of people thought hey she died. >> that is strange. she's spreading the word about the scam and tracking down who stole her photo. she's planning to donate >> a jurassic discovery on the beech in australia. a woman stumbled upon a dinosaur footprint. it is a 130 million years old and probably been covered up by the sand and water for decades and now the tides revealed the print. >> still ahead, what's next for
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the punishment he's facing and why the teammates are not getting the same. >> a frantic search after a woman disappears from a cruise
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>> new this morning, the daily workout could be cancelling out the negative impacts of drinking. that is according to a new study. those that exercise regularly have a lower risk of dying from cancer brought about by drinking. some of the reasons could be exercise reduces stress, controlling the blood pressure and of course reduces new research suggests that pollution found in brain pollution could be contributing to alzheimer's. studies have focussed on the dirty affecting the lungs and heart and now tiny particles from pollution can find its way into the brain.
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asthma attacks in half. it helps to form the tissues and white blood yells. asthma affects 300 million people worldwide. >> a new study finds that people that exercise spend less money on medical bills. those who exercise spend 20% less than healthcare. that afternoons out to be $2,500 a year. thws >> good morning. great to have you with us on "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. it is 5:00 on thursday, september 8th. addressing crime in milwaukee, the plan that some of the
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proposing. >> plus, drying out after flooding in parts of southeast wisconsin. the impact the heavy rain had on the roads, schools and neighborhoods. thanfully most of that rain has moved out. traffic watch matt salemme is on deck, first to jeremy nelson. jeremy? >> good morning, most of the rain is gone across the area. just lighter showers remaining on the radar network. the threat transitioning down to the south. we are looking at a little damp pavement out there. some of the showers right now down in parts of walworth and kenosha. may need the umbrella here shortly as we see a little light rain. we have cloudy skies and we could catch a light rain shower


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