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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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long gone. here's a live look at doppler 12 radar. a much quieter scene this morning but showers are still possible as you head out the door. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda has the day off. it's 5:30 on this thursday, september 8th. i'm in the weather center with meteorologist jeremy nelson. jeremy, so nothing like we saw yesterday, maybe just a little bit of a chance for rain today? morning and light. no downpours are expected today. no severe weather. we are drying out especially by this afternoon with the sunshine. here is a live look at the radar. the rain is down to south. we are left with the cloudy skies and lighter showers this morning. the first thing you are going to feel is the muggy and humid air.
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74 in racine. that is close to average temp. bring the umbrella with. we clear out around midday. a sticky afternoon. a high of 84 for today. look at the weekend forecast, because it is a split decision. we have that coming up. >> this morning, cleanup is underway after flooding in southeast wisconsin. you can see here yesterday's downpours caused serious issues across parts of the area. streets flooded near 43 and the kk parkway and stranded some drivers who tried to drive through the water. others tried to steer toward higher ground. a few hours later, nearly all of that water had receded. in west allis and new berlin neighborhoods, flooding forced streets to close. the water overwhelmed neighborhoods turning the streets into rivers.
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home early after one of their schools flooded. officials say a natural spring overflowed nearby. firefighters and volunteers set up sandbags and spent hours trying to remove the water from parkview elementary. >> that's what a small community is all about when something like this happens we all come together and help each other. >> classes at the school will be in session today. the flooding. the crews worked overnight to get the biddings ready for class. mike anderson is live in west allis with the latest. >> the high school is open for business despite having the flooding issues yesterday. the crews have been here and working on the building. it was a big mess overnight after rain started to leak through the roof of the school.
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the hallways and making sure that the building is ready for the students to return. the flooding cancelled a jv volleyball game last night. the crews trying to clean up that mess. central and sussex hamilton in the match when the rain started to come in and stopped the game. the water is gone now from the building and the students will be headed to usual. >> thank you, mike. >> the greenfield fire department tweeted out pictures of flooding last night. the root river parkway near 96th and layton was closed because of flooding but is now back open. they also sent out a picture of a tree that fell on vehicles and caused damage to a home.
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before you head out the door. >> right now, better conditions than yesterday. it is dry here. you can see the volume is light. we are seeing things at full freeway speeds. things are looking pretty good. the travel times are all in the green right now... that's a look at the morning commute, back to. worried about lead in their water supply. this morning, there's a new suggestion to keep families safe. let's get to tim with the latest. tim? >> ben, i'm in the wisn 12 breakroom. this is where we come to relax and refresh and get a glass of water from the tap. this morning, milwaukee mayor tom barrett says he has a temporary solution, water
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around 70,000 homes in milwaukee still use lead pipes, most were built before 1951. at a water summit yesterday, the mayor said water filters are the best bet until the city can replace all the city's lead pipes. >> filters are very effective, even for infants. if you use an acceptable filter, you can get the lead out of your water. >> barrett says it's a serious issue and it can't be solved overnight. barrett says it could take decades to replace each lead pipe. city leaders say they're focused on making sure this water that you depend on every day is safe. ben, back to you. >> if you have a high school student, they should get a new laptop. that's according to some state lawmakers. it's a goal that republicans in the state assembly have for next year. more than 40 percent of public schools in wisconsin already
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the proposal would boost that to 100 percent of schools, including private high schools. >> will have access to the technology that they know is so important to get that good paying job, to be able to get their homework done and do it in a way that provides a family supporting job for themselves once they graduate from high school or continue on with their training in a tech school or a university. >> it's still not clear who would pay for the plan. democrats say co laptops shouldn't come out of other school funding. wisn 12 news time now is 5:36. serious storms hitting arizona. look at this, the weather phenomenon caught on camera in fee phoenix. and a massive gator outside of a
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first, alive look outside here this morning. the clouds are rolling through, potentially showers. jeremy nelson is on weatherwatch 12.
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they say a lot of things about rain. (engine revs) like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars.
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>> good morning. welcome back to "12 news this morning." 5:40. we have a look down at the kk river in milwaukee shths that is rushing quickly. it saw a rise yesterday. now what is leftover for the rain this much on the radar. we have a handful of light showers. no heavy rains out there, they are well to the south. they have a couple of little steady batches of rain. just light rain. milwaukee, what are we looking at, 74 degrees. it is an a sticky day ahead. the dew point is 71.
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shorts and t-shirts. fans or air conditioning recommended with a high of 84. sticky conditions this afternoon. this morning a spotty shower around. we talk about the weekend forecast coming up. >> jeremy, thank you. >> a tornado funnel cloud here in arizona. that is sending the storms to the north and up to arizona. >> new here, florida police wrestleing with a massive gator of getting close to a school. the gator is eleven feet long and 450 pounds. the reptile put up a fight but police and wildlife officials eventually got it under control.
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but they weren't able to track it down until now. wisn 12 news time now is 5:41. >> let's get right to tim elliott in the newsroom. he's following some of today's big stories. tim? >> good morning, ben. police in phoenix are searching for a shooter this morning. one woman died after someone opened fire on a highway overnight. we'll tell you what police know about the suspects. and a fierce battle over funding for the zika virus. why congress can't seem to agree or pass a bill. and how the gridlock is
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>> good morning. welcome back to "12 news this morning." look at this, the kk river has a lot of extra rain. >> the rain was welcomed, but the down side coming way too
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rain in the metro area. we saw the flooding raining, not just here and up to the north. mayville flooding and the flash flooding. a little wind with a thunderstorms, downed trees and power lines across the area and what is left this morning, well, we saw the river on the high side from the rains yesterday, but not adding much to it, just lighter showers out they are scooting to the east. in the afternoon dry time and sunshine. mild, muggy, a couple of showers this morning. now to the commute with matt. >> we had a report of crash on miller parkway. 43 and hampton is looking good. on the computer, a little rain still out there. so a little wet pavement. especially i-94 south of mitchell.
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westbound on the ramp to the mitchell interchange. the bypass starting to see delays... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> new on wisn 12, a deadly shooting on an arizona highway and now police are looking for the suspected killers. tim, what are you learning this morning? >> one woman is dead and police are searching for three the shooting happened on a state highway around 8:00 last night. according to the phoenix fire department, the woman was on the phone with 911 when shots rang out. she called because she noticed a truck following her. police say the woman was shot crashed her car and later died at the hospital. police are searching for that truck. roads in the area were closed down overnight as police search for three men who may be
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>> thank you, tim. 5:47. >> new on wisn 12, ten kids are dead after a bus crashed. it happened near rockford, illinois just across the state border. investigators say a car pulled out in car then the bus rolled onto its side. ten middle school students and both drivers are in the hospital this morning. >> new on wisn 12. ten kids are in the hospital -- >> a boat crashes and the captain walks away and he was trying to navigate the inlet and missed and crashed into the beach instead. the opener is now facing charges. >> right after "12 news this morning", the new bachelor is
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nick viall is from waukesha. he's already been on two seasons of the bachelorette and on bachelor in paradise. you can find out more about him and the show starting at 7:00 a.m. here on wisn 12. >> >> taco fans get ready, bell air is opening a new location today in oak creek. but this new restaurant is the biggest of them all including the patio area. this is one of the first businesses to open in the new town square development. i asked why ben: why pick this spot? >> intuition, i guess. our ownership has a very good feel for what's coming and what is next and with it being a brand new development and new to the community it is a good fit. >> a lot of people are excited about this one.
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we are hearing maybe a dentist. a lot more development is happening in the area. very cool. >> great to see in the area. if you want to eat outside midday or grilling this evening, the rain will be turning off. still watching a couple of showers on the radar. we had two rounds of rain yesterday. the area in the morning. now to totals across the area. we were tweeted so many know -- photos. three and a half inches of rain in that direction. some areas topping six inches. closer to home, new berlin close to four inches.
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inches. mitchell an inch and a half. north shore one to two inches there. a wet go late yesterday afternoon into the evening. now this morning, gentle rain showers out there. no severe weather to speak off. just lighter rain showers slipping to the east. once we get the daytime heating going, we may trigger an isolated shower across the area. chicago and showers and thundershowers. we are starting to clear out into this afternoon. the comfortable air is still out there. it is 74 right now and add ten degrees on to that. into the afternoon, notice how we are clearing out. the sunglasses with you today. we are seeing the hazy sunshine
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the fan and ac needed. we drive in cooler air. look at this 72 on saturday. good-bye to the rain showers in the morning. sunday is the pick day. next week's forecast, a day with the highs in the 60s. >> thank you, jeremy. florida and other states are fighting to keep zika away, there is a battle in congress. tim is following the latest developments for us. tim? >> ben, hill is how to pay for the fight against zika virus. the democrats and republicans can't agree on a funding bill. the democrats voted down the bill because of the provisions in it. now there is disagreement in congress over whose fault it is that the bill failed. >> the house did the job and the senate political with zika funding, we'll figure out how to
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they have to drop the partisan phil busters. >> there is a meeting planned for tomorrow. they believe they can get the $1.1 billion approved by the end of the month. in florida, protests over a pesticide that is used to control the mosquitos and fight zika. officials in miami beach are spraying the chemical on tuesday. there are concerns it could harm the people the mayor is saying it is not toxic and it will not harm people. >> new here on wisn 12, a kansas man is accused of robbing a bank he says to get away from his wife. the man said he would rather be in jail than continue to live with his wife. he robbed the bank here and
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bizarre scam in california too, a woman spotted her photo on jars and asking for donations to help pay for her funeral. a picture taken from the facebook page is on that and a note asking for donations. >> supposedly i'm dead. but i'm not. i'm alive. >> very alive? >> yes, very alive. i'm here. a lot died. no, i'm here. >> she's now trying to spread the word about the scam. when she found the jars there was $15 in inside and she's donating it to her church. >> matt? >> right now we have a crash on the system. this is miller parkway southbound. you can see we have squads in
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it is a rollover here. this is before the canal street exit. we had a crash 43 and state. delays building into the construction zone northbound along 94. >> matt, thank you. still ahead, what's next nor olympic swimmer ryan >> a frantic search for a woman after disappearing from a cruise ship. what happened to her and why that cruise is going ahead any
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>> super mario is coming out. a new game called super mario run is available in december on the iphone. that needs to come sooner than december. >> tomorrow you can order the new iphone. it is water resistant and stereo speakers and a battery that lasts longer, and no head phone
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it is available in the stores next friday. >> disney world is tightening up on the ticket fraud. older guests have been scanning the fingers. parents who don't want the fingers scanned can skr their fingers instead. >> the news >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. it is 6:00 on this thursday, september 8th. >> addressing crime in milwaukee. the plan some wisconsin lawmakers are proposing to keep
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>> plus, drying out after flooding in parts of southeast wisconsin. the impact the heavy rain had on roads, schools, and entire neighborhoods. we are going to check in with jeremy in a moment on the weather. first to the problems on the roads, matt? >> we have a couple of crashes. this is southbound miller parkway. a rollover and the left lane is blocked and squads on the right side. use the caution. this is the pedestrian bridge on the east side there. the other crash is on the other side of the stadium interchange. 175 and state street an incident reported. delays bypass northbound. those two incidents may slow you down. we have slow downs on the


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