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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  September 8, 2016 6:00am-6:59am CDT

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>> plus, drying out after flooding in parts of southeast wisconsin. the impact the heavy rain had on roads, schools, and entire neighborhoods. we are going to check in with jeremy in a moment on the weather. first to the problems on the roads, matt? >> we have a couple of crashes. this is southbound miller parkway. a rollover and the left lane is blocked and squads on the right side. use the caution. this is the pedestrian bridge on the east side there. the other crash is on the other side of the stadium interchange. 175 and state street an incident reported. delays bypass northbound. those two incidents may slow you down. we have slow downs on the
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jeremy, back to you. >> we are looking at just a couple of showers on the dopplar 12 network. the downpours from yesterday shifted well to the south. so the pavement did start to dry out, but caught a couple of sprinkles and rain shower in southeast wisconsin. well, look around wind point and caledonia area. may need the umbrella this morning as couple of spotty showers possible. 74 in racine. the dew point there. 72 is the dew point. it is a sticky day ahead. we have the clouds hanging around. any showers should be before midday. into the afternoon a little more sunshine. heating up to the mid 80s. we have the 7-day forecast
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>> thank you, jeremy. >> cleanup is underway this morning after flooding across parts of southeast wisconsin. on the screen you can see streets, homes, businesses and even schools were hit hard when heavy rain started falling yesterday. a dangerous scene played out in neighborhoods across the area. you can see cars driving through flooded streets. never a good idea. some stalled and had to be abandoned in the middle of the water. flooding also impacted some local schools. for more on that, i'm joined anderson in west allis. mike. >> ben, crews here at nathan hale high school have been here all night and morning getting ready for class to start today. it was a big mess overnight after rain started to leak through the roof of the school. wisn 12 news saw janitors working to mop up the hallways
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meanwhile, flooding cancelled a jv volleyball game inside west allis central high school last night. this picture shows crews trying to clean up the mess. central and sussex hamilton were three points into the match when the water came in from the street stopping the game. west allis and new berlin were two of the communities hit hardest by yesterday's downpours. residential streets in both cities closed because of serious flooding, but it appears everything is back open this morning. water is gone, there are certainly a lot of people cleaning up the mess left behind. live in west allis, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. >> thanks, mike. flooding also impacted some schools in dodge county. the hardest hit area in the area yesterday. tim is here with more on the cleanup underway this morning. >> it was a huge mess. i went for a run and the
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a lot of people are dealing with the aftermath of yesterday's storms. the police chief says an overflowing natural spring caused flooding at parkview elementary in mayville. water rushed over to st. john's lutheran school less than half a mile away. volunteers and firefighters from several departments spent hours trying to move the water and keep it out of the school. students had to be picked up and taken home early, but we're told both schools will be back open today. a big mess in a lot of communities. i was w when some of that heavy rain came down. two people were in the parking lot here trying to get their vehicles out of the parking lot. one the cars was floating at one point. no one was hurt. ben? >> a lot of you have pictures of yesterday's flooding. we appreciate all of the photos. this was sent in to us showing a flooded main street in cedar grove.
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and video using u-local on the wisn 12 news app. >> the fence surrounding milwaukee's sherman park will stay down for now. a judge extended a temporary restraining order barring sheriff david clarke from closing the park early. >> the sheriff cut park hours short after last month's unrest, closing the park at 6:00 p.m. instead of 10:00. county executive chris abele asked for the fence to come down on sunday which the judge initially granted. a hearing to keep the fence down rm later this month. right now police are looking for whoever shot two people in milwaukee. officers were called to 27th and hadley around 5-45 yesterday. a 34-year old man died on the way to the hospital. a 24-year old man is being treated for serious injuries. whoever pulled the trigger is still on the run. >> republican lawmakers in madison have plans to keep
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with sentencing reform and more prosecutors, but the plan is not putting more money to officers on the street. the republicans want a funding solution for the transportation projects and extend the uw tuition free and laptops to every high school freshman. >> governor walker is proposing a tax break on back to school supplies. the taxes on certain supplies, computers and clothing. the sales tax holiday would be the first weekend in august next year and again in 2018. >> mayor of green bay plans to plead guilty to charges he violated the state election laws. he's accused of illegally
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of campaign donations. >> the green and gold gearing up for the first regular season game on sunday. starting tomorrow though the team is looking to give the fans freebies. wear a packers gear to the certain stores, citco gas stations giving out free drinks, it is part of green and gold friday at >> to traffic watch 12, matt, problems on the roads this morning? is>> yeah, we have a couple of problems around the stadium interchange. we have a rollover southbound parkway. 2 left lanes are blocked before the canal street exit. we have one on the other side of the stadium southbound 175 at state street. two crashes there.
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bypass busiest areas at this point. travel times... jeremy has the morning forecast. >> thank dou iea wisconsin, lots o cuds aite drizzle. not much left on the ork. th to the south. here is a pocket of the light rain through racine and kenosha county. the gray are the clouds. it is mild, it is muggy outside. dew points are tropical. thean or the ac is coming in handy tday and if the kids don't have air conditioning at the school, maybe sure they have the summer gear on, this afternoon highs topping out in
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at the bus stop, a ltle pavement. we have dryer weather and cle . ye?v nvold?y a pedestrian. i. tim? a autop is plannedoda for t person hit and kild atrain in pewaukee. this happened. the medical examiner ha not releasedhe?ydentit of the the tracks at the time now, this is railafety weekceo [ toing the state t now aduay onsing ono the?olf 40 on
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problems on the roads miller parkway, southbound on miller parkway we have an accident.
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but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. >> good morning: 6:13. we have trouble on the roadways, miller parkway shths they have uprighted the rollover vehicle. so right now just one lane open
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side of the stadium interchange at state street. delays building into the construction zone along i-94 from the hale up to the zoo. the chopper is grounded this morning because of the clouds. >> a couple of sprinkles out there. maybe a light passing shower. we started dry out from the downpours we saw late yesterday, a mainly dry day ahead. we talk about the rain chances for friday and the start of the weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. ben: in commitment 2016, the presidential candidates are back on the trail this morning. that's after a commander-in-chief forum on the military and national security. wisn 12 news' nikole killion is in washington with some of the big moments. good morning. >> good morning, ben, and today
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ohio and hillary clinton is returning to north carolina after a discussion about the readiness the serve. in the first ever commander in chief forum on nbc news they never took the stage together but appearing back to back. >> what is the important characteristic? >> steadiness. absolute rock steadiness. >> clinton lead off facing a of the private email serve when secretary of state. >> i communicated about class fied material on a wholly separate system and i took it seriously. >> taking aim at the republican rival about iraq. >> my opponent was for the war in iraq. he supported it. >> i happened to hear hillary
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the war in iraq. i was against the war in iraq. >> trump criticized them for the handling of the war. if elected he pledged better relations with the foreign leaders, like putin. president obama responding a short time ago, including the remarks saying he is think that donald trump is fit to serve as the president. and blasting the remarks about a military and putin. in the meantime, donald trump campaign is defending. >> 6:16. families of 9/11 victims may be able to saudi arabia if a
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families of the victims the ability to sue the country for the role in the 9/11 attacks. president obama is likely to veto the bill. >> u.s. coast guard is looking for a woman that fell overboard from a carnal cruise ship. they saw the 32-year-old new yorker fall from the deck yesterday morning. the ship was 27 miles from the the ship is cleared to continue back to south carolina while the coast guard is searching. this morning, ryan lochte is suspended from swimming. tim is in the news room with the latest. >> ryan lochte is getting the boot from the pool, he's suspended for ten months. now the decision comes after
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brazil for the olympic games. they vandalized a gas station restroom after a night of partying and no robbery that actually happened. lochte admitted he embellished what happened that night. the other swimmers are suspended but lochte is getting the longest suspension and facing charges in reporting a crime. he will miss the 2017 world championships because of the suspension. >> more controversy surrounding two athletes that refused to sfand for the national anthem. the team prevented her from kneeling by playing the national anthem while still in the locker room. the washington spirit altered the pregame ceremonies rather
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feel the act represents. on sunday she kneeled during the national anthem. >> time now is 6:19. just a couple of showers in the area. >> no heavy downpours today. bring the umbrella with for a brief moment. bring it with, generally you won't need it. if you want to get outside, dryer in the afternoonit but something not going away, the sticky and humid feel. it is with us through at least tomorrow. sunday is the pick day. looking suntastic. how about the rain yesterday. it came in a couple of rounds in the metro. mainly late afternoon and the evening when i came out.
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west allis three and a half inches. glendale two and a third. north shore two to two and a half inches of rain. what is left of the rain, noft much on the dopplar 12 radar network. you won't need to run the wipers much. northern counties have been dry for most of the night. we keep the clouds around this morning. maybe 'little sy more sun back to the west trying to arrive here this afternoon. i mentioned not going away, the tropical feel, it is locked in for today and tomorrow. dryer air is coming down for the weekend. saturday and sunday refreshing. lots of clouds this morn. maybe a shower or sprinkle early. the sunshine will be working in
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today with the highs mid 80s across southeast wisconsin. one more day in the 80s on friday and cooler for the weekend. any rain chances early on saturday. sunday is filled with sunshine. looks like we'll see the temperatures into the 60s for highs on wednesday. now to the roads. >> we have a couple of problems, around the stadium this is a rollover and car in the ditch. southbound miller parkway. we have delays coming southbound down to the crash as the crews are continueing to clean up. on the other side, a crash southbound at state street. they are doing the construction. two lanes there. you can see only one of the two lanes available and delays pushing into the scenes. be ready for that.
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times coming up. ben,, back to you. >> thank you, matt. a husband and wife's anniversary celebration is going viral. the story behind the photo shoot inspired from a famous movie. >> plus a mexican restaurant south of the milwaukee board, a
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>> have a great day, thank you. great thursday out. wisn 12 is stopping by the classes across southeast wisconsin throughout the school year, if you are interested in a visit, go to and click on the logo. >> new this morning, a couple together for nearly 60 years now has been using this photo to show their love.
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photo shoot. the photographer was inspired by the movie notebook. the photos are going viral this morning. a boat washes up on a beach. coming up how the search for the owner of the yacht ends in a confession. >> a town is asking for donations for but she's not dead. >> two crashes around the citied yum interchange. this is by canal street. the other one on the department of transportation cameras that is southbound 175. one lane open state street. we have a complete check on the morning commute and the traffic and weather coming up. stay with us on "12 news this
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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments from the middle of anywhere. >> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning." good morning, we are starting with trouble on the roads. a rollover and vehicle in the
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parkway. they have right now you can see the vehicle up in the ditch, they are in the the process of clearing that out. on the other side, we have a crash, this the being towed away. the vehicle on the side here. two rollovers, one on either side of the citied yum interchange. be prepared for delays in the areas as well as on the bypass. nort zone. that is a look at the morning commute. >> thank you, matt. rushing to cleanup after flash flooding in southeast wisconsin. you can see here on the screen roads, homes, businesses, and schools all impacted by heavy downpours. we're breaking down the areas hit hardest by last night's rain and storms. the good news, most of that is long gone. here's a live look at doppler 12
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we are tracking the conditions for you as you are planning your day. we are here in the weather center this morning, and jeremy, we saw the radar and not much happening this morning. >> the heavy rain is now down to the south, maybe a leftover shower this morning. most areas are starting with cloudy skies. so the radar, good news down in racine. 74 degrees there. check out the dew point, uncomfortable, the humidity is locked in place. now the forecast looks like this, yeah the humidity is sticking around and breaking more sunshine by this afternoon. 84 degrees for the forecasted high. once we get to the weekend, free air conditioning, nice and
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>> this morning, cleanup is underway after flooding in southeast wisconsin. you can see here yesterday's downpours caused serious issues across parts of the area. streets flooded near 43 and the kk parkway and stranded some drivers who tried to drive through the water. others tried to steer toward higher ground. a few hours later, nearly all of that water had receded. in west allis and new berlin neighborhoods, flooding forced streets to close. the water overwhelmed streets into rivers. in mayville, students had to go home early after one of their schools flooded. officials say a natural spring overflowed nearby. firefighters and volunteers set up sandbags and spent hours trying to remove the water from parkview elementary. >> that's what a small community
6:33 am
this happens, we all come together and help each other. >> classes at the school will be in session today. at least two other schools impacteded by the flooding. the crews have been working to get the buildings ready for class. mike is live in west allis this morning with the latest. good morning, mike. >> good morning, ben. crews have readying the building for the students. the rain started to leak through the roof of the school. we saw janitors working to mop up the hallways and making sure that the building is ready for the students to return. flooding cancelled a jv volleyball game inside of west allis central high school last night. central and sussex three points
6:34 am
in and stopping that game. the water is now gone from both of the schools and students are headed back to class this morning. >> greenfield is tweeting out some of the flooding last night. this is near they also sent out a picture of a tree that fell on vehicles and caused damage to a home. nobody was hurt there. local families worried about lead in the water supply. this morning, there's a new suggestion to keep families safe. let's get to tim with the latest. >> ben, i'm in the wisn 12 breakroom. this is where ben likes to come and grab sun chips from the
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and maybe a tall cool glass of tap water as well. this morning, milwaukee mayor tom barrett says he has a temporary solution, water filters. around 70,000 homes in milwaukee still use lead pipes, most were built before 1951. at a water summit yesterday, the mayor said water filters are the best bet until the city can replace all the city's lead pipes. >> filters are very effective, even for infants. if you use an acceptable filter, you can get the lead out of your water. >> barrett says it's a serious issue and it can't be solved overnight. barrett says it could take decades to replace each lead pipe. city leaders say they're focused on making sure this water that you depend on every day is safe.
6:36 am
>> tim, thank you. 6:35. >> if you have a high school student, they should get a new laptop. that's according to some state lawmakers. it's a goal that republicans in the state assembly have for next year. more than 40 percent of public schools in wisconsin already have computers for students, but the proposal would boost that to 100 percent of schools, including private high schools. >> will have access to the technology that they know is so important to get that good paying job, to be able to get their homework done and do it in a way that provides a family supporting job for themselves once they graduate from high school or continue on with their training in a tech school or a university. >> it's still not clear who would pay for the plan. democrats say the cost of the laptops shouldn't come out of other school funding. wisn 12 news time now is 6:36. serious storms hitting arizona. a weather phenomenon caught on
6:37 am
a massive gator outside of a crowded school and what stepped up to catch the animal to keep the kids safe. >> we are watching crash clean up on two crashes, both around the stadium interchange. you can see delays through the con stluks -- construction area. stay with us on "12 news this
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>> good morning. 6:40. thank you forni we have watching two accidents being cleared up. one is at canal street exit. three vehicles involved in that crash. the other on the other side of the stadium interchange. state street because of the construction and the crash. the travel times on the rest of the system, delays along the
6:41 am
through the construction zone on i-94. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> new on wisn 12, people spot a funnel cloud in the middle of a storm in arizona. check it out here behind me. it's not considered a tornado because it never touched down. the funnel formed in the middle of a thunderstorm caused by former hurricane newton which made landfall in mexico. including to arizona. >> new on wisn 12, florida police wrestled with this massive alligator after it wandered dangerously close to a school. the gator is eleven feet long and 450 pounds. the reptile put up a fight but police and wildlife officials eventually got it under control. police say they've gotten
6:42 am
it down until now. >> let's get right to tim elliott in the newsroom. he's following some of today's big stories. tim. >> police in phoenix searching for a shooter this morning. one woman died after someone opened fire on a highway overnight. we'll tell you what police know about the suspects. and a fierce battle over funding for the zika virus. why congress can't seem to agree or pass a bill. and how the gridlock is affecting people in florida where zika is a serious threat.
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z23eqz zvpz
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>> good morning, thanks for joining us. this accident is cleared just moments ago. the one at miller parkway is clearing also.
6:46 am
that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. ben? >> all right, matt. thank you. how about the weather, good news too? >> well the showers are transitioned down to the south. a couple of peeks of sunshine trying to make it in. the humidity is gripping the aefr. the air temp 74 in milwaukee. there is the rain, shifted down to the south. a chance of a little shower slipping by. for the afternoon, sunshine across the area. certainly good news there. we look ahead to the weekend forecast and big changes ahead coming up. >> thank you. 6:46. >> new on wisn 12, a deadly shooting on an arizona highway
6:47 am
tim, what are you learning this morning? >> one woman is dead and police are searching for three suspects. the shooting happened on a state highway around 8:00 last night. according to the phoenix fire department, the woman was on the phone with 911 when shots rang out. she called because she noticed a truck following her. police say the woman was shot crashed her car and later died at the hospital. police are searching for that roads in the area were closed down overnight as police search for three men who may be responsible. >> new on wisn 12, are dead after a mudslide in guatemala. heavy rains triggered the mudslide yesterday. local firefighters say nine people were killed. dozens of people lost their homes in the mudslide. one child is still missing. rescue workers say the child may
6:48 am
>> ten kids are in the hospital after a school bus crashes in rockford, illinois. a car pulled out in front of the bus, the bus driver drove over the car and then the bus you can see rolled on its side. ten students and both drivers are in the hospital this morning. >> a drunk boater crashed a yacht and walked away. the man was trying to navigate into an inlet and missed. the owner is now facing charges. >> later today, the new bachelor
6:49 am
been two seasons. you can find out more about him after the show on wisn 12 on "good morning america." >> belair is opening a new location. it is the largest of them all. businesses to open in the new drexel town square development. why there and why now? why pick this spot? >> intuition, i guess, the ownership has a very good feel for what's coming and what the next and being a brand new development, it feels like a
6:50 am
>> the grand opening is tonight. more restaurants will be coming to the area as well. it is a very neat little area. you feel like you are in oak creek, but in that development, it is feels like you are downtown. >> yes, a rot of great choices for the southern part of milwaukee county. if in that area yesterday, the downpours. now to the other totals. dodge county hit the hardest. mayville six inches. in the metro area, it was two to three and a half inches of rain in spots. new ber lain close to four.
6:51 am
so what is left of the rain really nothing at the moment. we had a couple of light showers drifting by this morning. clouds out there now. we saw the peeks of sunshine above downtown milwaukee. this morning, mainly mostly cloudy. the heavy rains down to the south. we could squeeze out a sprinkle or a shower this morning. but the focus is on what is ahead for today. humid. it is low to mid 70s right now. 74 milwaukee. the numbers are close to the average high for this time. in september jumping ten degrees. again, if we see any showers it is mainly before midday. the sun breaks out in the afternoon and sticky feel is hanging with us. i want to jump ahead a week. how about cool and refreshing on
6:52 am
the 7-day forecast. we have ups and downs, and down for the weekend with the low to mid 70s. we lose the humidity for saturday. we wrap up the rain showers in the morning. sunday is the pick day of the weekend. lots of sunshine. 74. 80 and monday. cooler and refreshing, highs in the 60s by next wednesday. matt is busy. >> the crashes are 43, rock freeway, disabled vehicle learning into the hale interchange. a disabled vehicle around holly road 94 westbound. there are delays westbound 94. bigger than normal.
6:53 am
that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. while florida and other states fight to keep zika away, there is a battle in congress. tim? >> republicans and democrats can't see eye to eye on this t battle on capitol hill is fighting to pay for the fight against zika. the democrats voted down the funding bill because of the other provisions in it. now there is congress on whose fault it is that the bill failed. >> the house did its job and the senate is political with zika funding. we'll figure out how to get this done, but we have done our job and they somehowed develop the partisan issues. >> they are meeting tomorrow to iron out the details and believing they can get the $1.1 billion approved by the end
6:54 am
over a pesticide used to controlling mosquitos and fight zika. officials in miami beach started to spray the chemical on tuesday. there are concerns it could harm people. but the mayor is saying it is not toxic and will not harm people. >> new, a kansas man accused of robbing a bank he says to get away from his wife. continuing to live with his wife. he robbed the bank and waited in the lobby until the police arrived. >> a scam in california a woman spots her photo on jars and asking for donations to pay for a funeral. there is a picture taken from facebook and a handwritten note
6:55 am
>> supposedly i'm dead but i'm alive and here. people thought hey she died, no, i'm here. >> she's right there. now she's trying to spread the word about the scam and track down whoever stole the photo. there was $15 in the jars and she's planning to donate the money to her church. >> a jurassic discovery found on a beach i a stumbles on a dinosaur footprint. it is about 130 million years old and it had been covered up by the sand and water. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:55. "g.m.a." is up next with the national and international headlines. first a live look at the roads. we had problems out there
6:56 am
commute and the morning forecast
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you will see we have a typical delays from moreland road coming into the county. heavy because of a disabled vehicle around holly road. travel times... the clouds going from 600 to 800 and continuing to get better. >> so more sunshine in store f the afternoon. the roads were dried out over night. the rain is transsituation down to south. we are looking at mainly cloudy skies right now. 74 degrees. the humidity is still way up there with dew point of 71. >> our good friend is back.
7:00 am
go. >> criticism coming in ong amer good morning, america. national security showdown. hillary clinton and donald trump going at it overnight. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> clashing over the military, isis and experience. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> now questions classified intelligence briefings. did trump reveal too much? and hillary clinton defends herself over her e-mails. flash floods and funnel cloud, a massive storm hovers over arizona as remnants from hurricane newton floods wisconsin. the east braces for a heat wave. temperatures that feel like 100 degrees. a stunning shoot-out caught on surveillance camera. a 71-year-old man shot while


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