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tv   WISN 12 News at 530PM  ABC  September 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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>> wisn 12 news starts right now with breaking news. sheldon: that breaking news, a child shot on the freeway. you're taking a live look at the scene off i-43 on port washington road. the north shore fire department -- we want to get right to ben hutchinson, who was live at the scene. that news breaking right now. we have confirmed that the north shore fire department that a small child was shot in the car on i-43, and we are just off the highway, where there is a rant at hampton, where you can see the glendale police, milwaukee county sheriff's office. we don't know what led up to the shooting or the condition of the child, but we have seen a number of adults holding a small child,
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silver car, where they have been conducting a lot of the investigation. but right now we have only confirmed with the north shore fire department that a well child was shot while -- a small child was shot on i-43. we have messages from the sheriff's office and will bring you more details as we get them. ben hutchinson, wisn 12 news. adrian an emotional day across : the nation as we mark 15 years since september 11, 2001. sheldon: we all remember where we were that day. the images still fre americans stopped to remember the terror attacks and to honor the nearly 3000 people who were killed that day. in new york, there were moments of silence at the exact times al-qaeda hijackers flew planes into the world trade center towers and at the moments the towers fell. family members read out the names of the victims and a moment of silence at the pentagon, where president obama placed a wreath and spoke to the crowd. >> may god bless the memory of the loved ones here and across
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they remain in our hearts today. sheldon: a memorial was also held in shanksville, pennsylvania, where flight 93 crashed into a field. >> ? ["taps" plays] sheldon: it was a somber morning at the war memorial along the lakefront. city and county officials gathered to reflect and remember. adrienne: here's wisn 12 news' ben hutchison. >> 2,996 people died in the september 11 attacks. ben: nearly 900 miles from new york city, the memory of those victims top of mind for law enforcement, veterans and community leaders in milwaukee >> sometimes we need to paint the picture of just how big the pain is as the years go by. ben: as a way to never forget, at the war memorial sits a piece of the twin towers 72 officers and 343 firefighters among the
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>> none of a standalone. whether we are in milwaukee or new york, whether we are a small suburb, we all need to work together. >> the fact that they were willing to risk their lives and lose their lives trying to save people at the pentagon and world trade center is something that we should remember. ben: both chief rohlfing and chief flynn laying wreaths in honor of the victims >> we have to carry the message of strength. we have to carry the mes o what it is to be an american, to be strong, to be vigilant. >> andrea lyn haberman. adrienne: andrea haberman, a west bend native who died on 9/11. her name was among those read during a ceremony at ground zero. haberman was on the 92nd floor of the world trade center 15 years ago. the 25-year-old was engaged. she was on her first business trip to new york. her family is in new york for
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locally here in washington county, people remembered haberman. a memorial parade for the kewaskum high school grad featured a float carrying a 2200 pound steel beam from the north tower. the beam will soon be part of a remembrance site in kewaskum, inspired by haberman's death. >> the intent of the memorial park is to help educate, we wish for it to be an open and inclusive space for all to enjoy, to remember their loved one to reflect and to find a pl adrienne: construction on the permanent memorial is scheduled to begin in the next few months. sheldon: hundreds gathered at the capitol steps in madison to honor and remember the victims. 72 law enforcement personnel, 55 military members and more than 300 firefighters were on hand along with governor scott
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you can see more on how the anniversary was marked here and across the country on our website and the wisn 12 news mobile app. we've got several slideshows on our home page. adrienne: switching gears now to football, the packers back in action. we have our sports team breaking down green bay's season opening win in jacksonville, florida. let's start with sports director dan needles. dan: it was hot. temperatures rose to 110 degrees today. the finish was almost as hot, as the packers barely hang on for a 4-point victory. a vintage performance by aaron rodgers, who did not pile up impressive stats, but he accounted for three touchdowns running six yards for the first. it was 630 days since jordy nelson had last caught a touchdown pass from rodgers, but in the second quarter, those two hooked up for six, an incredible throw and catch. but this one was even better late in the first half, with a defender hanging all over him, rodgers delivered this 29-yard touchdown pass to davante adams,
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that offense managed just two field goals in the second half, but the defense held when it mattered the most. on fourth and one from the green bay 14 with 23 seconds left, damarious randall, micah hyde and joe thomas combined for the game-saving stop and the packers hold on for a 27-23 win over the jaguars. 12 sports stephanie sutton joins us live in jacksonville tonight. stephanie, a great escape by the packers. stephanie: yes, it was. it is muchle was over 100 degrees on the field during today's game, but somehow the packers managed the florida heat and the jaguars. they have a great play on defense to get their first win of the season. here's head coach and quarterback aaron rodgers after the game. >> i would classify it as a very good adversary. we knew this was going to be a difficult challenge, playing jacksonville.
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play down here. it was challenging with both games. our guys kept fighting, and they finished the defense. >> i don't think we played very well offensively. it was a really embarrassing last drive there. but we won. it was tough to win, and the one on the road. stephanie:' to jump in the pool. they also told me this was one of the hottest nfl games they has ever played in, and they are looking forward to going to minnesota next week. coming up next week in sports, what jordy nelson had to say after his much-anticipated return to game action. stephanie sutton, wisn 12 sports. dan, back to you. dan: thank you. the packers remain on the road next week, traveling to minneapolis for the vikings home opener in their new stadium next
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>> this is the best place to be for a packer party. adrienne: packers fans are pumped about the new season. you're looking at video of a tailgate party in downtown milwaukee. big crowds turned out to watch the game on a projector screen, hosted by camp bar in the third ward. we want to see your packer pride. share your pictures with us through u-local on our website, still ahead, a health scare for hillary clinton. sheldon: we'll have an update on her condition, after video shows her stumbling during a 9/11 memorial. adrienne: and "making a murderer" in milwaukee. when you can see one of the attorneys who represented one of wisconsin's most notorious convicted killers steven avery. lindsay go and what day you can expect rain for your work week. i'll have that next in
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sheldon: a child shot in the freeway. these are live pictures from the scene.
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breaking news -- a child shot on the freeway. sheldon: let's get right to the hutchinson, live at the scene. what have you learned? ben: we have been able to confirm with the north shore fire department that a small child was shot while on i-43. we are just off the highway here on port washington road. the driver, it appears, pulled over into this parking, and that milwaukee county sheriff's deputies are investigating. there is a toilet free as in the parking lot; they have been going through that. information we have is that we have heard the child was transported to children's hospital. it's unclear the extent of the injuries this time, but all we can tell you is that a child was shot while on i-43 traveling in a car. you will get more details as they come in. ben hutchinson, wisn 12 news.
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for continuous updates. switching gears, we have had some great weather today. sheldon: fall is certainly back in the air. lindsey: it's looking a little windy right now in sheboygan. i will talk about that and how you need to dress your kids for
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adrienne: a health scare for clinton after she left the 9/11 memorial. people go to grab her -- her campaign says she felt overheated and they escorted her out and took her to her daughter's apartment. she was diagnosed with pneumonia friday. sheldon: and we had a beautiful day today, but a lot of folks were probably cooped up inside watching the game. lindsey, if anybody is heading out this afternoon, what can we expect? lindsey: it is not looking too bad. a lot of folks were inside but maybe you have the windows open.
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if you are going to circle a day that your kids need rain boots, that would be tuesday. one round of rain in the morning and maybe another in the afternoon. some of it will be lingering through early wednesday morning and then it goes back down into thursday. it's one of the latest weather systems i am tracking. right now there's not a whole lot happening. there is a nice ridge of high pressure to the keeping us high and dry, but you can see the cold its way here, in the dakotas right now, but as we go each day we will watch this front to move along -- but before we get to that front we are talking some breezy conditions. i will show you the sheboygan camera coming up, but we will be pretty windy. if you happen to have tomorrow off or if you work along the lakefront it will be very hazardous, especially if you are
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is in mind. looking at the rest of this evening, no problems. at the bus stop the kids probably want to have a light jacket and temperatures are going to be in the low-to-mid 50's. i would recommend sitting outside for this one, beautiful. by 6:00 your evening commute, no problems. you may want to have -- this is probably one of the last nice days until the rain. then we get the clouds, 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, you are thinking, ok, i don't see anything yet -- do i need that umbrella? yes. 8:30, you may already be at work , but the cold front stalls and it sits right over 94, which means one little problem after
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before where you get pounded with rain and it could lead to a flooding threat. i'm not expecting flash flooding, not nearly that kind of scenario. we are still seeing some of the rain and into the overnight hours we will still do things drop. there is some energy but not a lot of dynamics. speaking of wins, look at sheboygan. that is scary. as that looks dangerous. those ways are crashing right over the show. i was thinking to myself, soon we will start to see some colors , starting to feel like fall as temperatures dip into the upper 50's, low 60's as you are hagan -- as you are waking up tomorrow morning. it will be breezy tomorrow and i don't expect rain until monday and tuesday.
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enbrel overview. adrienne: i'm glad you clarified about the rain because after last week -- [laughter] lindsey: people don't want to hear about that. we're keeping an eye on it. adrienne: in sports, the badgers move up again in the polls. sheldon: and after missing all of last season, jordy nelson makes a triumphant return.
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dan: lane taylor did ok jordy nelson looked just fine and after seven days of fretting won their season opener fior the second straight year. with temperatures hitting 110 degrees on the field, the defense provided the early spark for the packers the blake bortles pass was tipped, then intercepted by linebacker joe thomas who fumbled, but micah hyde recovered for the packers. that set up the first score of the game aaron rodgers, buying time takes off, and in for a six-yard touchdown. clay matthews and his teammates were in the jaguars backfield
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rodgers didn't even attempt a pass to jordy nelson in the first quarter, but made up for it after that, jordy finished with six receptions, including his first touchdown since 2014. bortles would finish with 320 yards through the air for the jaguars this 22-yard td pass to julius thomas gave jacksonville the lead. the packers got the ball back with 69 seconds left in the first half, plenty of time for rodgers shaking off a defender, then dropping a dime to davante adams for a 29-yard touchdown green bay would never trail again. but it certainly got dicey in the 4th quarter jaguars down 4, bortles picked off by ha ha clinton-dix but wait, morgan burnett was flagged for holding. then with 23 seconds left, fourth and oneom the green bay 14, bortles to allan hurns,who was gang-tackled short of the first down, and the packers win,27-23. 12 sports stephanie sutton joins us now live from jacksonville with more.
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stephanie: dan, all eyes are on jordy nelson, who returned to game action today. while it took a while for him to get into the flow of things that she had no catches in the fourth quarter, but that impressive touchdown in the second -- he told me after the game is so good to be back out on the field. >> there was good. it was good to be back out there, helping the team running the game, especially to get that first one of the way. sometimes it is hard to get that road. a big win. it's a good start. >> feels great. he came back just like he always does. we're excited to have him back. stephanie: that's randall cobb, who at one point went off the field, but did return to action during the game. you told me afterward that he hit a nerve in his foot, that he
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stephanie sutton, wisn 12 sports. dan, back to you. dan: thanks, steph. former badger melvin gordon did not score a touchdown for the chargers last season. today, the former kenosha bradford star scored two touchdowns in his first seven carries in kansas city. however, the chiefs rallied from 21 points down to force overtime, and they win 33-27 on alex smith's touchdown plunge. the badgers have risen one spot in the ap college football poll, up to ninth, and behind two other big 10 teams, number thr michigan. wisconsin is ranked 12th in the coaches poll. and the brewers closed out their series with a pitchers duel in st. louis this afternoon zach davies pitched into the 8th, allowing just one run, and survived that liner to the gut. game tied one-all in the ninth, when here's something we haven't seen much this year. ryan braun with a tie-breaking, 429-foot home run, his 27th of the season and the brewers beat
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they are causing problems for some of the players. sheldon: we continue to follow that breaking news of a child shot on the freeway. this is a live look at the scene. we'll bring you more information on our website, and on our mobile app. lindsey: the rest of the night looks good but umbrellas for tuesday. sheldon: thanks for joining us. we will see you tonight at 10:00.
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