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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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crime that shutdown the freeway. >> plus a makeover at the miller lite oasis. the changes you are going to see next year at summerfest. first, a live look outside. sally is tracking the conditions for you. good morning, sal. >> just a light jacket will do it this morning. highs going up to the upper 70s. we have a look from milwaukee ho downtown and the temperatures are 59 degrees. dry and warm. breezy south winds for today. a few showers tomorrow. cooler september weather for wednesday. for this morning, breezy sunshine. the highs reaching up to the upper 70s. south winds are going to pick up. this afternoon a lap around the block, it is gorgeous, upper 70s.
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later tonight and the lows 61 degrees. we look at a few showers tomorrow. matt? >> sally, we are over the zoo interchange. the head lights from northbound. no problems 894 through the construction zone. a little brake tapping no delays here. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> major changes are coming to festival park t home of summerfest. the leaders are over hauling the miller lite oasis and giving you a better view of the stage. check this out. there will be a new covered side stage called the miller lite brew house. every bar area too is going to
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there is a new viewing deck and video screens and store. everything should be done for the 2017 season which will be the summerfest's 50 anniversary. >> this morning a two month old is in the hospital after being shot while in a car along the freeway. ther and into a parking lot. the fire rescue rushed in and took the little girl to the hospital. her injuries are not life threatening. the freeway was shutdown for an hour for the investigation. the gunman is still out. we'll pass along new information.
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examiner is performing an autopsy on a woman found saturday night. the death is investigated as a murder. the name and age are not released. >> new in overnight, flight or life is called in when a motorcycle crashes in racine county. someone called 911 last night when they found the motorcyclists unconscious on the ground. deputies say thathe thrown from the bike and not wearing a helmet. they believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. >> should it stay or go. theesta brook dam has been the center of debate for years. >> today the common council is
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according to chris abele removing the damage was $1.7 million and repairing it could cost double that. the county board sided with the residents but abele vetoed the decision. the group filed the third lawsuit which challenges using taxpayer dollars if the county decides to repair rather than remove the dam. neighbors feel about the future, but the decision is up to the county. the meeting is at 6:00. >> happening now, more traffic patrols to keep you safe on the roads. the wisconsin state patrol is participating in brake safety week. they are checking the brakes on large trucks and large vehicles. this is to prevent the crashes on wisconsin highways.
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troopers found 2200 safety violations. >> 6:05. overnight, two beams of light shine in the lower manhattan skyline. the tribute of light honors the nearly 3,000 people that died in the 9/11 terror attacks. the beams represent the world trade center towers and staying lit until dawn this morning in new york. yesterday marked the anniversary of the attacks. the names of the men and women were read aloud and the moments of silence with the airplanes crashed and the moments that the towers fell. you can see a tribute outside of the greenfield fire department. there are nearly 3,000 flags in the grass. the flags represent each of the 2996 people that died in the
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this afternoon. >> all right, it is 6:06. checking in now with sally and one more really nice day of weather in store for us before the rain moves? >> yes a little rain on tuesday. it is looking good for us today. a couple of areas of rain will be pivoting in. there we go. there is a look at mitchell te looking at the light of day. sunrise 6:29. sunny and warm going up to 78 degrees. for the kids, think about a rain jacket tomorrow and fleece for wednesday. for today, we are talking sunshine. temperatures reach up to 78 degrees. it is a sunny monday and breezy afternoon. sound winds 12-22 miles per hour.
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now the matt salemme. we are over 894. head lights are westbound. both directions are looking good. we are delay free moving into the construction zone. if you are headed for 43 southbound ten minutes. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. develo korea could be preparing for another nuclear test. tim? >> yeah, that is right, ben, defense leaders in south korea are preparing for the worst case scenario. south korea media is reporting there have been test preparations inside of a previously unused tunnel inside of north korea.
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atomic bomb test and triggered a 5.3 earthquake. i will will monitoring from the defense leaders in the u.s. throughout the morning. >> tim, thank you. ryan lochte is promises to do everything he can to swim in the 2020 games. >> plus, health after seen stumbling at 9/11 event in new york. what caused the candidate to
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program,
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turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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>> good morning. thanks for waking up with us on "12 news this morning." hope you had a fantastic weekend. it is a gorgeous sunrise this morning. this is over sheboygan. we have a nice day in store. >> beach hazard statement is mosted. sheboygan county for today. today not being a holiday and not as warm, fewer people would
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seers want to take care for today. increasing south winds and high waves and strong currents. for today, sunglasses and a sweater early. going up to 78 degrees. matt? >> sally, we are over downtown, 43 northbound, southbound. we are passing over the area of state street and we have no delays. in fact, southbound just 9 minutes into downtown. no crashes reported on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. gun fire breaks out an a weekend party near a college campus in michigan. tim is learning new information
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updates from the campus sal saginaw valley state university in central michigan. classes are going on this morning as scheduled. five people were hurt when started shoot at a party yesterday morning and this happened at an apartment complex near the campus. not of the victims are students at the the university was on lock down for parts of yesterday. they are looking for two men a shooter and other man in their 20s. the victims are expected to be okay. back to you. >> commitment 2016, hillary clinton is cancelling events after being diagnosed with pneumonia. >> hillary clinton was supposed to travel to california today
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called off. this video putting hillary clinton's health in the spotlight after stumbling to get into the van. after wards, the candidate waved it off and posing for photos. later the doctor writing she became overheated and and was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday, but clinton showed no signs as a meeting and a fundraiser on that day and riling up the opponent. >> they are not a basket of
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clinton's health. the doctor put her on antibiotics for the pneumonia. >> among the events cancelled two days of fundraisers and apeeshing on ellen. >> voters in wisconsin don't need a reason to vote absentee. today the m announcing the hours for for absentee voting. we'll share the hours once they are announced later today. >> today dozens of mps students are getting the backpacks filld with the school supplies thanks the you. last month we teamed up with the salvation arm for the class act school supply drive and stuff the bus events and it totalled
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money is being put to use today. thema is live fsh us at one of the schools where the students are getting the backpacks later today. good morning, thema. good morning, ben, we are inside of the auditorium here and this is where it is going to happen later today. a big ceremony here to hand out the backpacks and the school supplies that that cans to the generosity of the viewers to make it possible. good morning to you. >> this is a beautiful day. >> absolutely. tell us about the impact that these school supplies have. people think, oh getting a pencil is an easy thing. >> we want to restore the hopes and dreams. so the generosity that i witnessed it is tremendous. i can't wake to see the look on
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>> that is going to be an exciting moment. thank you so much. as we look at the backpacks, we have been loading up the backpacks and the kids will be getting the supplies. we have a look at what is possible here. look at this. crayons, colored pencils, notebooks, folders, everything, all these kids need in order to be next stage in life and thanks to the viewers we teamed up the salvation army and making this possible. the kids will be filling up the auditorium and all kinds of smiles faces when they take the backpacks home and get to work. we are live on the north side, "12 news this morning." >> thank you, thema. it is really an incredible thing
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and the money coming in and when you see it put into place, that is when we see it doing so much good. >> the dollars donated are increased because they buy more in bulk. so that's part of the magic behind that. we are going there this afternoon. >> we are. >> today is a day for the outdoor recess. temperatures are climbing into the 70 heads up sheboygan, beach hazard statement posted by the national weather service. we have increasing south winds and increasing the wave action. there will be strong currents developing.
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here is a look at sheboygan, right now things are quiet and it is very pretty. sunrise 6:29. winds are light and southwest. really a pleasant day overall. just sunny and warm. cool front tomorrow and a little energy and between the two, a chance for showers tomorrow. for today sunshine. here we are at 5:30. visors are down afternoon. now, over night and toward the morning, this is 4:00 in the morning. showers and a few showers in the north counties. in the afternoon that we stand a better chance for the showers and thundershowers. this is not a steady all day rain. but spotty showers later in the day tomorrow. 78 today. 76 tomorrow.
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decreasing clouds and 67 degrees. near 70 thursday. really pretty weather on thursday. friday a chance for showers later the day and into saturday. ben? >> thank you, sal. here she is, the new miss america. new video from overnight saying hello after receiving the crown, plus the message she's planning to share. >> later, a fish could fly. this happened. we hear from the woman that was nailed in the head
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>> thank you for the fantastic monday morning school shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast wisconsin throughout the school year. if you are interested in a visit, go to and we'll schedule a time for jeremy
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6:23. this morning, we are hearing for the first time from the miss america 2017 miss arkansas. >> i am now miss america. i am excited to see you all. thank you. >> congratulations. she tweeted out the video to her fans shortly after winning the crown and beat out 51 other young women and taking overfor the she won the talent performance earlier in the wednesday and her platform is eat better, feel better. she avoided the jelly beans.
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hopes to swim in the olympic games in 2020. he opens to ellen this afternoon. >> you know, i have been swimming my entire life and i have never taken a break and for someone telling me i can't do something that i have been doing my entire life, that is heart breaking and that stinks but you know there is so much more to accomplish and i will helicopte swimmer and a better person. >> he appears on the show with his dancing partner. you can watch the interview on ellen. see the first dance tonight, it is the season premier of season 23 of dancing with the stars. it is at 7:00 only here on wisn
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he's a familiar face during the holiday season, tinker the bell ringing horse. he isn't take a summer vacation and what he's up to now to help out families. >> later, he became an online sensation when the defense of steven avery. later today how to hear dean
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>> a plan that could cut down on flooding in milwaukee county is gaining more supporters. the movement to get rid of a dam along the milwaukee river. their first win of the season but it didn't come easy. aaron rogers weighs in on the challenge that mother nature gave them. >> but first, weather watch 12. it feels like september thanks to a cool down that's sticking around for a couple of days. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda is off today. it's 6:30 on this monday, september 12th. let's start with the forecast. i'm here in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson.
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>> south winds this afternoon. this morning fairly quiet. getting a look at our camera at concordia university in mequon. not much of a breeze in the trees right now. the first cut forecast for today, sun is up just a minute ago. we have a bite sized around. by noon, the south winds are kicking in. we reach the low 70s by noon and the clouds well to the west drawing closer to central wisconsin. we are dry for the day and going up to 78 degrees. we time out the showers for tomorrow in a moment. matt? >> sally, we are looking down at 94 east bound, westbound.
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coming on. getting busier into the construction zone and brake tapping on the northbound bypass. no crashes on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> looking ahead, a plan to protect glendale from flooding. city staff will ask the common council to support removing the estabrook dam. glendale has held listening sessions and panels with residents. members say ths supporters say closing the dam would save milwaukee county taxpayers millions of dollars and would help protect communities from flooding. >> happening now, police searching for the person who shot a two-month-old girl along i-43. she's recovering in the hospital right now. tim elliott is following the latest in the newsroom. tim? >> yeah, ben, a 2 month old shot, hard to believe. although some good news, the child's injuries aren't
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here's what we know, last night the child was in a car on i-43. details are vague, but at some point that child was shot while riding in the car. the driver pulled off the highway into this hotel parking lot. sheriff's deputies arrived, they shut down i-43 for about an hour during the investigation. the two-month-old was taken to a hospital. officials haven't released any information about the suspects in this case and it's still not clear what led up to the shooting. today. ben? >> tim, thank you. >> looking ahead, one of the "making a murderer" attorneys is making an appearance at marquette's law school. dean strang will be a guest at "on the issues with mike gousha" at marquette. since the netflix series became a huge hit, strang has spoken out about the criminal justice system. >> looking ahead, maria hamilton, the mother of dontre hamilton, will be on doctor oz today. hamilton's son was killed by
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dr. oz starts at 11:00 this morning here on wisn 12. >> new this morning, the packers pulled out a win yesterday, but it wasn't easy. they had to fight the heat as well as the jaguars. wisn 12 sports' stephanie sutton has more from jacksonville, florida. >> it was more than a hundred degrees on the field during the game but somehow the packers managed to handel the heat and the jaguars to get the first win of the regular season. >> we knew this would be a difficult challenge playing jacksonville an excellent team and playing here in the heat it is challenging for both of the teams. it is a game of blown drives. i am proud of the guys to continue to fight.
6:34 am
offensively. really embarrassing last drive there. but we won. it is tough to win in the league and on the road. it is tempting for the players to jum in the pools here and the players said it is one of the hottest nfl games they have played in and looking forward to playing in minnesota on sunday. >> that minnesota game kicks off this sunday at 7:30. wisn 12 news time now is 6:34. >> still ahead, a work of art slowly disappearing in seattle. the ice block that's sitting out in the heat and why they put it there in the first place. plus, an amazing catch at a baseball game. but it didn't happen on the field. we'll tell you who caught that home run. but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. we are keeping on eye on the morning commute and the morning forecast.
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>> it is 20 minutes before 7:00. increasing south winds in place for us. a beach hazard statement is posted and this is a look at sheboygan and the winds are pushing a little wave action up over the south pier. take it easy this morning if you are near lake michigan. it is a dangerousce other than that, dry and warm. the breezy south winds. bus stop weather just a little cool this morning and then we lous the jackets later for today as the highs go up to 78 degrees with the sun.
6:39 am
we are just north of beloit road. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> new on wisn 12, dozens of hu i that's melting right now. that is a ten ton sculpture. the designers made it as part of seattle's design festival. they wanted to make something that would change and as the sculpture slowly melts and disappears, it's clear they reached that goal. ice in the sun in september that happens. >> new this morning, an amazing catch during a baseball game yesterday. it didn't happen on the field, it was in the stands. when a mets player hit a home run in atlanta, a braves employee was in the right place
6:40 am
ball bare-handed. incredible. the vest is on. seeing that the whole way in. nice catch. the hand had to be hurting after that one. >> let's get right to tim elliott. he's in the newsroom following some of today's top stories. >> a devastating civil war in syria, we could see some peace the end of the day. the ceasefire that's going into effect later today and why some syrians are skeptical. at a temple in england. why they camped out inside and how that standoff ended. those stories and much more when
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want be a doctor! russ feingold: you think girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. you should be paid the same boys? yogirl 1:d definitely.d girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agreed: wewith you -ed and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care
6:42 am
what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." it is 6:43, monday, september 12th. hope you had a fantastic
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camera shots. >> it is. september sunshine is in place for the day. nice warm up readings up to 70s today. right now 59 at the airport. dew .51. we look at a breezy winds for the day. we go up to the upper 70s. look at the breezes, 15, 16 now to matt. >> sun glare is a bit of a problem for the folks here. making your way between the stadium and 35th street, the sun is hitting you in the eyes. be ready for that. delays 94 eastbound with the heavy traffic. tapping the brakes into the
6:45 am
street. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. 6:45. >> right now syria is preparing for a ceasefire. tim, when does that go into effect? >> it is going into effect later today at sun down. the u.s. and russia worked out the deal on friday to stop the syrian civil war. it has been a violent weekend in that country and people are not expecting much from the deal. yesterday air strikes on the capital. other cities saw more devastating attacks as well. dozens of people killed in all of these. people want to see this cease fire but saying that they are skeptical that this agreement will even last. ben? >> all right, tim. >> in commitment 2016 coverage, a health problem for hillary clinton. her doctor confirms she has pneumonia.
6:46 am
left new york's 9/11 ceremony abruptly. the campaign says she was overheated and dehydrated. soon after, clinton's doctor said she's being treated for pneumonia. you can see her stumbling there to get into the van. >> clearly, this type of pneumonia hasn't been serious enough to keep secretary clinton off the campaign trail. >> clinton appeared to have recovered from the overheating, she was seen on a new york street just two hours later. now, clinton has canceled a fundraising trip to california. it's not clear yet if her schedule will see other changes because of the illness. >> president obama is meeting with the top leaders in congress hoping to make a budget deal. if a budget doesn't pass by the end of the month, the federal government could shut down. the white house is also hoping for a deal on zika funding. the meeting will include house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as well as top democrats.
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crime in his neighborhood is making a change. he's hiring private security to keep an eye on the area. dee mudd is paying out of pocket for off-duty police officers to keep the neighborhood safe. he's paid about $5,000 since the middle of august. mudd says he's willing to spend up to $50,000, but he knows it's just a temporary fix. >> i have solved the problem for my neighborhood, but what i've done is i've just pushed the problem to another street corner in chicago and that's not the results that we, as citizens, should be looking for. >> mudd says the only way to really make the neighborhood safe is for police to tackle the root cause of crime. >> a small plane crash in nevada kills all three people on board. the plane crashed into a parking lot. all three people died.
6:48 am
the crash damaged a number of cars. faa investigators are saying there was a technical problem. >> new this morning, one person is under arrest after a security scare at a new mexico airport. officials there found a suspicious device. the albuquerque airport was evacuated yesterday because of that device. the all-clear was given about two hours later. airport officials say the suspect will face charges for bringing a hoax bomb into the airport. >> new this morning, a small animal bringing big smiles to people in southeast wisconsin. tinker the miniature horse is no stranger to wisn 12 news viewers. over the holidays, he rings bells for the salvation army's red kettle campaign. he's also busy over the summer. we caught up with tinker while he visited st. ann center for intergenerational care in milwaukee. kids and adults gathered to watch him perform all sorts of
6:49 am
>> there are certain elements of our program that best relates or puts together older people, people with disabilities and children and there's nothing better than animals to do that. so i mean they're enjoying something and clapping and screaming and being themselves together. >> st. ann center has a team of pet volunteers that offer comfort to clients with alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. doctors say that the animals are some of the best therapy for people with those diseases. >> that is right. good for the pet owners and parents that train specially their animals. they visit the nursing homes and all kinds of things. i don't know many people will be swimming today, but heads up,
6:50 am
posted for sheboygan and ozakee counties. it is not a holiday for today. still, increasing south winds bringing the higher waves and strong currents and dangerous lake conditions. you will recall at labor day they closed the south part of the shores. this is mounted at sheboygan, you are showing up. certainly use extreme care near lake michigan today. tomorrow we have a weather makeer to the north and west. it is a cool front. a shot of showers early in the morning and later in the day. cooler air is bottled up in canada. we have the 50s and 60s. 59 at the airport. 54 waukesha.
6:51 am
breezy south winds and highs into the upper 70s. the clouds tonight coming in. tomorrow morning pre-dawn a few showers especially in the north counties. partly cloudy skies and putting several dry hours together throughout the day. later the afternoon a few showers and thundershowers. certainly not an all day rain. i'm not anticipating severe weather. but cooler on wednesday. 78 today. 76 tomorrow. 67 on wednesday. 70 on thursday. here is matt. >> sun glare and brake tapping here 94 eastbound at 35th street. grab the shades before headed
6:52 am
that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. dozens of people under arrest after a standoff in a temple. >> this happened in england in a town called leamington spa. as you can see, it's about 100 miles away from london. 55 people were arrested there yesterday. police say they were occupying a sikh temple as a protest for inter-faith services that happen there. along with the 55 arrests, police seized some weapons but no one was hurt. police say it was not related to terrorism, it was part of a local dispute that got out of hand. ben, back to you. >> new this morning, a school bus crashed in colorado killing at least one person. it happened after a football game. the bus was carrying coaches and students. you can see what is left of it. the crash happened outside of denver international airport. the high school football team had just arrived home after a
6:53 am
off the side o the road and hit a concrete bridge support. that bus driver was killed and the coaches on board were seriously hurt. the bus was one of three that were traveling together. >> we evacuated all 3 of the busses that were here and brought all of the students into this room so that we could check them out, give them something to eat, give them water make sure they were good, call their parents. i think some kids are pretty just waiting to go home to the arms of their families. >> this morning we know two people are in critical condition after the crash. five people were taken to a children's hospital. they are all expected to be okay. >> happening now, a forest fire is burning out of control in greece. it's already damaged homes and forced people to evacuate a village. officials say the fire was sparked by four different lightning strikes during a storm on friday. this is happening on the greek
6:54 am
volunteers and soldiers are working to get the fire under control. >> and new this morning, a flying fish attack. this is a real story. a woman in philadelphia panicked when a catfish dropped from the sky. it hit lisa lobree right in the face. this happened in a park in philadelphia not close to any water. her theory is that a bird was carrying the fish... then dropped it from about 50 feet up. the catfish was 18 inches long and weighed five pounds. lobree says when it happened she was hysterical. >> i think of all things to happen, it was traumatic at the time, but now it's funny and there are so many worse things and so many bad things that happen. >> she has some bruises but otherwise she's okay. >> get ready for the ballroom. season 23 of "dancing with the stars" premieres tonight on wisn 12. more than a dozen celebrities are competing this season.
6:55 am
rapper vanilla ice, and former texas governor rick perry. new this morning, i talked to two of the other contestants via satellite actors jake t. austin and marilu henner. >> are you both excited? >> yes, oh my gosh. it is impossible to sleep. you are thinking about steps and everything else. >> i am nervous and excited. getting used to the routines, i think we got this. >> you can watch the season premiere of "dancing with the stars" tonight at 7:00, that's followed by the finale of "the 100 thousand dollar pyramid", then wisn 12 news at ten. >> coming up next "g.m.a." has the top national and international headlines. first to a live look outside. we are looking from news chopper 12. we have the traffic and weather
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>> good morning. 6:58. thank you for joining us.
6:59 am
that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> that is saying it all with the sun glare. eastbound commuters visors down. going up to 78. umbrellas for tomorrowment cooler air september autumn like hint midweek. ben: this is one of the best times of the year. sally: yes, it is gorgeous. we have the fall color reports coming up. >> take wisn 12 news everywhere you go.
7:00 am
surrounding hillary clinton this morning. stay tuned for that. >> good morning, america. breaking overnight -- hillary clinton cancels a campaign trip after her knees buckle at the 9/11 ceremony. hours later, waving and smiling. >> feeling great, feeling great. >> then, clinton reveals she has pneumonia. the latest on her health this morning. how will donald trump respond? also the morning, at least a dozen wildfires burning out west, forciing evacuations from california to washington. now more states facing fire watches and warnings. and winds up to 50 miles an hour threatening to spread the blaze. a ship with 150 people on board smashes into a pier. both engines consumed by fire. the captain rushes passengers off the deck, a police helicopter and firefighters on the scene.


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