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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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they're singing to him. >> beautiful moment. our thanks to >> breaking news this morning, police are involved in a possible standoff situation as they search for a shooting suspect. a busy road is closed down while they investigate. >> and pokemon go players take over a local park. why people in the area are not happy that their neighborhood is attracting more visitors. >> but first, a live look at doppler 12 radar. showers are moving in this morning. when they'll hit your area and when skies will clear up. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning. i'm ben wagner. melinda davenport is off today. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, september 13th. i'm in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. so sal, some of this rain is in
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>> yes, we are getting reports of small hail. we are getting a live look at the network and the showers and the thundershowers and heavy stuff north of sheboygan at this time. i have turned on the lightning up to the north and certainly the showers and thundershowers are coming through this morning with briefly heavy downpours. action not quite so significant in t bordering illinois. this is all associated with a cool front situated to the west. we have instability around this morning. then another chance for lighter rain showers this afternoon. the first round is coming through and second round this afternoon. we don't expect severe weather. for tonight, a couple of showers
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moving off. ben? >> when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> first, i'm following breaking news. police have blocked off several blocks of fond du lac avenue as they search for a shooting suspect. police say someone was shot in the arm near fond du the suspect reportedly fired out of a window. police say the suspect is still inside an apartment building near fond du lac and custer. i'll continue to bring you the latest information. >> tim, thank you. >> new from overnight, a man was shot and killed near a senior living center at 50th and bradley in brown deer. police say they have arrested a suspect who knew the victim. that suspect was still on the scene when police arrived.
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>> a police chase crosses through a golf course and a shopping mall. tim, how did this all start? >> this all began when police spotted a stolen car and started chasing it. according to police, marquis king was inside that car with a gun. take a look at the dash cam video. he jumped out and took off running and dropped the gun. elm grove police chased him through the westmoor country club and then into the brookfield mall. police say he rushed into the university book store and the clerk pointed them in the right direction. >> the sight of police running through the store with guns drawn was -- my heart was going beat, beat. >> with her help, police tracked king down and arrested him outside of the mall. police say king stole the car from his girlfriend. they found marijuana and cocaine
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ben, back to you. >> right now, we're learning more about a two-month-old baby who was hurt in a shooting. now police say it was a road rage incident. this morning, that child is recovering from surgery. you can see the bullet hole in the girl's carseat. family members tell wisn 12 news that the bullets narrowly missed her spinal column. the family was coming home from the milwaukee county zoo on sunday when someone shot at their car. police have not released any information about suspects in >> a pokemon go problem at a local park. the app is meant to get players active and outside, but residents say it's bringing too many people into lake park. looking ahead, milwaukee county is holding a meeting to talk about neighbors' concerns. they say the influx of pokemon go players is causing big problems, like trash left in the park and illegal parking in the neighborhood. today's meeting will look at possible solutions.
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>> another topic at that meeting, a proposal to add parking meters to milwaukee's lakefront. right now, it's free to park at county parks. the plan would charge by the hour or drivers can register their cars every year. officials say the county has a big budget gap this year and they hope this plan would help them stay on track. >> from now on, easier to vote early. the city made some changes to its early and absentee voting rules. there will be two new early voting locations at the midtown center and the forest home library. the zeidler municipal building downtown will have extended hours for early voting. thanks to the new rules, election officials expect early voting numbers to nearly double. wisn 12 news time now is 4:35. >> almost two dozen kids forced off of their school bus. the fire that broke out on board. the flames were caught on camera. plus, a strip mall in chicago burns to the ground. the damage that was done to
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affected drivers nearby. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. hey, folks, a little rain this morning. sally is talking about a one-two
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>> well the alarm clock early this morning courtesy of mother nature with the storms firing through southern wisconsin. we are keeping an eye on showers and storms that are pivoting through. most of all, the action is stronger to the north. especially even sheboygan. we are looking at periods of rain and a few storms. all of this developing ahead of the cool front. now to the south, the showers are garden variety, but a little small hail, lightning and rumbles of thunder. right now it is 68 at the
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through southwest breezes. the storms are going to pass by this morning. between 8:00 and 3:00, we could see a stray shower, but many will be dry. we get to 77. a stray shower this afternoon and tonight. overall mostly cloudy skies and the lows around 60. clearing skies for us tomorrow. >> thank you, sal. on to traffic watch moving just fine. drive times are up on the screen... >> new this morning, 20 kids had to be evacuated when their school bus caught on fire. a first responder captured this dash-cam footage. elementary school students were on board when the fire started near one of rear wheels. the driver was able to get all the students off.
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it's still not clear what caused the fire. >> right now, firefighters are working to put out hotspots at a chicago strip mall that was destroyed by fire overnight. a fire started last night and burned for hours. three businesses were burned. the fire brought traffic to a crawl on a nearby highway. you can see why. this morning, two firefighters are being treated for minor heat exhaustion. wisn 12 news time now is 4:41. >> let's get right to tim elliott in the newsroom. their weapons. what we're learning on the first day of the ceasefire and what comes next if the peace lasts. >> and a massive storm heading for taiwan right now. how people there are preparing for a super-typhoon. those stories and much more when
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>> welcome back, thanks for waking up with us on "12 news this morning." it is 4:44 on this tuesday, september 13th. this is dopplar radar and the stuff moving towards us. >> people are waking up early because of the storms. it is not so robust near the illinois border. a period of dryer hours with a pa shower or two day side and widely scattered showers this afternoon and tonight. we have the stronger storms to the north. here in the south, it is a lot lighter overall and we continue to look at this energy pivoting through this morning and a few dry hours before a stray shower once again later this afternoon and tonight. highs are going up to 77 degrees
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tomorrow. >> right now, syria is in its first day of ceasefire. tim, what's the situation there? >> the ceasefire began at sundown yesterday, that was around noon our time. syria has been locked in a civil war for five years. this was the scene sunday before the ceasefire. secretary of state john kerry, who helped negotiate the deal, says it's too early to say whether it's working. but he says there has been a reduction in violence. the deal will allow humanitarian aid to get into aleppo which has been under siege for months. if the ceasefire lasts for seven days, russia and the u.s. will work on more negotiations, this time, focusing on terror groups in syria. ben, back to you. >> thank you, time. 4:46. >> new this morning, rebels in colombia are apologizing for kidnapping thousands of people over the last 50 years. farc has been at war with the colombian government for decades.
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millions have lost their homes because of the conflict. now, the rebel commander has posted a video to youtube apologizing causing pain to colombian families. this comes a week after rebels and government officials signed a historic peace agreement. >> happening now, families of 9/11 victims are appealing to president obama. president obama asking him to sign legislation that would let them sue saudi arabia. it would allow the families to sue saudi arabia for allegedly carried out the attacks. the white house says the bill could have risky implications for the u.s. the house and senate passed the bill unanimously. >> have you ever heard of the expression 'it takes an act of congress'? well it took an act of congress and we did it and to now hear that all of hard work is going to be threatened by a potential veto is a kick in the stomach to 2,996 thousand victims of
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there is no excuse for a veto. ben: the president has promised to veto the bill. >> now in commitment 2016 coverage. hillary clinton facing more questions about her health. a doctor confirmed that she's being treated for pneumonia. now, clinton is talking about her illness. >> it is not that you move forward. clinton says she's feeling much better now... and should have taken a break from her campaign schedule sooner. >> a warning from a top member of congress russian hackers could interfere in the presidential election. the chairman of the house intelligence committee told cbs news that russians have the
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it. this comes after hacking attacks on the democratic national committee's computers law enforcement believes russia is behind that breach. experts say hacking could affect the votes that are cast on election day. >> remove 5 primary care of the democrats and the republicans from the rolls and they are going to show up and not be registered. >> russians could doubt over the elections. >> 4:49. a new luxury hotel is open down the the trump international hotel and it cost $220 million to build. that is looking nice. >> it certainly does. rain and storms ahead of a cool front.
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to the north. closer to green bay and the dorr pe innocence la this morning. weakening some as they move to some what dryer air and closer to the lake. now, as we move closer to the illinois border, the storms are not nearly as rebust. just to the north. cool front is well to the west. it is still going to pass through for us later on today. it is a slow mover overall. this morning the showers and thundershowers are going to taper off. midday several dry hours. the temperatures going up to 77. chances for showers and thundershowers once again late afternoon and early evening but
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keeping the storm threat index a 3. the early morning down hails and lightning will be tapering off. by 8:00, pretty much dry over the east. going into the late afternoon and spotty light rain showers coming through for us. mostly cloudy skies and the winds shift up out of the north. for today, i keep the two rounds of showers. clearing and cooler for tomorrow, 69 degrees. nice day on thursday. rain rolls in later on friday and saturday. >> people in taiwan are bracing for a storm that is headed their way. this is not just a regular typhoon. it is a super typhoon and headed
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landfall tomorrow morning and bringing the flooding and mud slides. the people are using the sandbags to limit the flooding and reenforce the defenses along the coastline. the storm is set to hit the area where not a lot of people live. >> looking ahead, the sign of a deadly police shooting will be demolished. the tomorrow. it is taken apart and stored and used in an art exhibit. >> we are learning more about a plane crash that killed three people in nevada. one of the passengers was a bail bondsman and the other was a suspect. it was a rented plane and crashed shortly after takeoff.
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crash. the faa is investigating. >> a woman finds a $175,000 worth of drugs in the garbage. the woman was taking out the trash and saw the drugs in the dumpster. there were 500 bricks of heroin. the dumpster was being used at a drop off point for the drugs. >> a six-year-old boy is recovering after a phone it was a samsung galaxy 7. that phone is being recalled because of the explosions. he was watching videos when it happened. he's recovering from second degree burns. >> the boy's grandfather is saying the boy is timid now.
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family. 35 phones have exploded and one lit a car on fire. all customers who have the phone have been asked to exchange it. >> astronewt that send a year on the national space year is writing a it is following the life of an astronaut. >> we continue to follow breaking fuse this morning, the standoff going on right now as police search for a shooting suspect, the streets that are blocked off this morning. >> plus, a chance to see inside some of the most well known spots in milwaukee, how you can get a tour.
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soccer is growing more kids are getting hurt now more than ever before. according to a report, the injury rate for the young soccer players jumped 111%. the kids 12-17 are the most injury proned. the national athletic trainers association remind the parents to keep an eye and the field and seasons. a report shows some parents could be giving their kids the wrong doze of medicine. they tested the dosing skills of 2100 parents and asked to measure in milliliters or teaspoons and one in five made a large error and off by 20%.
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could have lead to an overdose. >> researchers think that kids who get physical activity have better social skills, and including climbing and jumping and exploring alone. kwids that spend a lot of time on the playground will take risks and learn more about their limits. >> research is showing more babies that are predisposed to develop asthma are less likely if they are breast fed. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:59. the news continues right now.
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tracking down a suspect. >> milwaukee police that a shooter never came out of the apartment and they have been on the scene for three november hours. this is happening on the north side near custer. thema is live on the scene and thema, what are you seeing now? >> well, tim, right now we can tell presence here. here are the streets blocked here. we are at fond du lac and custer here and you are seeing a lot of the -- we are told this happened at 1:30 this morning. police are looking for a suspected shooter. the shooter has a mental illness


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