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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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conviction for helping his uncle steven avery rape and murder 25-year-old photographer teresa halbach. the state has appealed. his attorneys filed this motion asking the judge to release dassey during the legal wrangling. >> we went in there. we tied her up, and he stabbed her, and he told me to cut her throat. >> 16-year-old brendan dassey based heavily on the videotaped confessions made famous in the netflix series "making a murderer." last month, a judge ruled the confession unconstitutional citing the detectives' repeated , false promises, dassey's age, and his intellectual deficits. >> well, i have a project due in sixth hour. >> ok, we'll worry about that later, ok? >> now dassey's attorneys have asked a judge to approve a
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26. in northern wisconsin with his mom barb janda for a few months then transition to an apartment , in brown county where he'd get , educational, vocational, and therapeutic services. the department of justice hasn't responded to our request for comment and the judge declined to say if he'll hold a hearing or decide this motion for bail based on written briefs. kathy: thanks. dassey's uncle, steven avery, is conviction. avery's lawyer filed a motion last month asking for the testing and retesting of hundreds of pieces of evidence. she expects test results to come in about three months. joyce: we're also following breaking news from milwaukee's north side. two police officers are being treated at a hospital after being injured at benjamin franklin school. police were called to the school at 23rd and nash for a report of a 13 your boy with a plastic b.b. gun. the student fought with the officers and was taken into custody.
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now a story you'll see only on 12. exclusive video of a couple passed out from an apparent overdose in their running car with a two-year-old inside. that video was from march. we've since learned the man, 41-year-old matthew huber, died over labor day weekend of another apparent overdose. wisn 12 news' nick bohr is live at the medical examiner's office on what we're learning about the other woman as well. >> we learned from relatives last night after our story aed suspected opioid deaths investigated here over the labor day weekend tied to opioids six , months after he nearly died in that video from an overdose. the startling sight that greeted a west side milwaukee woman in march. a young woman and man barely breathing a toddler walking , around in the back of the running car. she was able to get all of them help. but six months later, no one was
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he died of another apparent overdose at his west allis apartment. >> i knew what was going on, but he would not admit it. >> family friend frank wilcox has known huber since he was a child and says today this image of him clashes with what most people knew him to be. >> it is hard for a lot of people. actually, he was a heck of a nice guy. you would never suspect that he was into this routine. >> good, solid family more evidence , the opioid problem crosses all societal lines. >> when people do that sort of thing, you know they are going down the wrong road. so, i'm not surprised, but shocked. why? why? . >> we've also learned more about the woman in the car 27-year-old victoria warzyniakowski the mother of the child. convicted of child neglect she was sentenced to probation but
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that probation and is back behind bars. i talked with huber's brother, who said his addiction started while he was being treated for back pain and bringing his story , to light helps in the fight against what he calls a national epidemic. also since our story first aired , i spoke with the father of the , toddler in that car. he said the boy doing fine. story. 12 news also talked with a long term recovering heroin addict about the video. he now runs a transitional living house and directs other programs to help addicts move back into a routine without drugs. >> with that video really does is that it brings more awareness about the disease, and for people that have not used yet, it may stop them from using in the first place, but what it
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stuck in the addiction cycle. most of those people don't want to be heroin addicts and they just want help. help is difficult to find now. >> new tonight, the four-year-old ohio boy seen in this picture in a car while his grandmother and her boyfriend are passed out after overdosing is getting a new home. a judge granted a motion to allow the boy to move in with his great uncle and great aunt in south carolina. the boy's grandmother is in jail on child endangerment charges. we received the video of the couple after a viewer reached out to us on our 12 news facebook page. if you have a story to share, we want to hear from you. just like us on facebook and send us your news tip. kathy: a local woman is accused of stealing almost $100,000 from an oak creek church. kelly fischer worked as the acting director of the daycare program at grace lutheran church, handling the finances. police say over the course of three years, she used the church's debit card to buy $3,000 worth of gas, furnitiure for her home, trips to the nail salon, and garth brooks tickets. >> on our treasurer brought it
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were not being deposited as we thought they were. that started us doing the investigation on our own, and we found what we found. kathy: fischer resigned from her job in march. happening now, the search for the gunman who opened fire on a milwaukee freeway, hitting a two -month-old girl. ava schowalter was hit a bullet during a road rage incident on i-43 and capitol sunday. the bullet pierced her carseat grazing her back. , the sheriff's office would not tell 12 news whether they've releasing pictures of a vehicle similar to the one they are looking for in the case. witnesses say the gunman was in a maroon, or possibly darker red, lincoln mks or mkz four-door sedan with tinted windows. joyce: our big political story tonight leaked documents show , governor scott walker solicited millions of dollars for a third-party group during his 2012 recall race.
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british newspaper the guardian. wisn 12 news kent wainscott is in the newsroom with the fallout. >> the guardian report shows governor walker soliciting large donations not for his own , campaign, but for an outside group supporting him. there is a check from donald trump to wisconsin club for growth after a meeting with walker. big checks from wisconsin's biggest corporate ceos, including menards, schneider trucking, and uline packaging. ane on the check that it was -quote "becaus scott walker asked."e individual candidates can't accept corporate donations, but third party groups can and a marquette law professor, who has been critical of walker, says this raises serious legal questions. >> so when you have governor walker personally soliciting corporate donations and saying give it to club for growth, it's the same thing as giving it to me, obviously that circumvents
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donated by a lead paint manufacturer right around the time the governor and legislature passed laws easing restrictions on the lead paint industry. mayor tom barrett, walker's opponent in that recall race, called that shocking. the governor has never been charged with any wrongdoing. his campaign issued a statement today calling the john doe investigation baseless, that several courts have shut it down, and there's been no evidence of any wrongdoing. joyce: thank you. so here's what's next, prosecutors have asked the u.s. supreme court to let them restart the john doe investigation. justices will consider that ret to the guardian remains a mystery. the milwaukee county d.a. this afternoon called the leak a crime. we are waiting to hear from the governor himself about the documents. kathy: commitment 2016 coverage, republican presidential candidate donald trump opens up about his health to tv host doctor oz. >> if your health is as strong as it seems, why not share your medical records? >> i really have no problem in
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should i do it? i don't care. it is to bank letters, the report and the other from a hospital. >> may i see them? >> sure. those were all the test done last week. kathy: trump shared the results of his latest physical with oz during a show taping today. you can see that episode tomorrow morning at 11:00 only right here on wisn 12. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is expected to return to the campaign tra t clinton has spent the last several days at her home in upstate new york recovering from pneumonia. her campaign reported late this afternoon that the rest of her physical was normal and she is in excellent mental condition. joyce: tonight, remembering milwaukee radio icon eric von. >> for some people, when you lose them, you lose not only them, you lose a part of us. and you lose a part of us
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joyce: that's doctor howard fuller addressing the hundreds of people who attended a memorial service that's happening right now at the alumni memorial union at marquette university. von was remembered as a journalist, a political commentator, and a community advocate by various speakers. i, too, had the honor of speaking about him. he most recently hosted a morning talk show on wnov radio. he also worked here at wisn 12 during the early 2000's. von died thursday of an apparent heart attack. he kathy: new tonight, putting people to work and helping milwaukee neighborhoods at the same time. almost two dozen workers from the northcott neighborhood house job training program are taking down vacant and condemned homes in the sherman park neighborhood. the home on 40th and center is one of 200 owned by the city in that neighborhood. the workers are dismantling the homes piece by piece, salvaging what they can.
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i am so happy to see something being done with this eyes sore on the block. i am overjoyed to see improvement in the community. kathy: deconstructing the homes cost $20,000, that's about $5,000 less than demolition. the city expects to get a two -- $2 million grant from the state. joyce: coming up new tonight at 10:00, a warning if talk on the phone while driving. the new wisconsin law that could have you facinse wreck. the incredible body camera video . how good samaritans helped pull off an incredible rescue. that's tonight at 10:00. kathy: still i had new at 6:00 the showers have moved out and , the temps are taking a tumble overnight. lindsey: that's right. who will need to grab a coat for tomorrow morning, i'll have that next in weatherwatch 12. kathy: then only on the medical 12, breakthrough happening right here in our area.
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spinal cord injuries. plus a local landmark is about
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way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 6:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, weatherwatch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. joyce: new at 6:00 from our partners at biztimes milwaukee, the mars cheese castle is doubling its size. the iconic store along i-94 in kenosha county plans to break ground monday on a 21,000 square foot expansion. the current cheese castle opened in 2011 after moving because of the cheese castle sells hundreds of types of cheeses, wines, sausages, a full bar and bakery. the expansion project is set to be done in april. you can never get enough cheese. this weekend marks the sixth year for doors open milwaukee. kathy: it's a chance to go behind the scenes to see hidden gems in our area. the event is this weekend at buildings in milwaukee and its surrounding suburbs. one stop on the tour the catholic financial life building. it's just off the marquette
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you have seen it. there is a chapel on the bottom floor of the 19-story building. and on the roof, the only rooftop pool in downtown milwaukee with sweeping views of the city. >> it's our first time opening our doors to the public, and we really wanted an opportunity to share with folks all the hidden gems that we have in our building and what we actually do here. kathy: you can go inside more than 165 buildings, many of them for free. joyce: only on wisn 12, a car crash leaves a local man a kind stem cell treatment at froedtert hospital is giving him new hope. we talked exclusively with the stem cell patient who has regained the use of his hands. >> to know that it did help can hopefully give other people that will be in a similar situation hope. >> there's more work to be done clearly but this is very
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joyce: tonight on 12 news at 10:00, terry sater will have a special report on the miraculous recoveries happening as part of a clinical trial on patients with spinal cord damage. you don't want to miss that. kathy: that is absolutely exceptional. joyce: gloomy today but we just , barely made it to 70 today. kathy: it will be a little warmer tomorrow. lindsey: warmer tomorrow, but rain returns for friday. sunshine, mid 70's or so. it will be cold in the morning. we will track some storms for friday. the weekend at this point is looking clear. you can make those plans. i know that this is not wisconsin, but tropical storm julia crashing on south carolina. it is just sitting there in the
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days, so that is why there are tropical storm warnings in effect for those areas. our next weather system it is the one i'm expecting for friday. as you can see, in the clear. nothing will bother us over the next 36 hours, just a few clouds, no showers to worry about. let's check out the latest future cast. overnight to night tonight and tomorrow morning, some hint we could see patchy fog. yo five minutes earlier. if it is not, you will be early for work and your boss will be happy. the rest of your thursday, nice sunshine, areas to the north, cloud cover, so we could see temperatures in the low 70's. areas near the border in the mid 70's tomorrow. a couple of clouds near beaver dam and johnson creek, but then watch this. this is that next weather
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is coming. some spotty showers popping up here 5:30 a.m. friday morning. this is our warm front. we have to wait for the cold front. a break in the action, one round in the morning, lunch hour, i would not recommend you going out for the lunch hour because these are some heavy downpours associated with this cold front. you can see a lot of that in madison. there is a little energy, so i don't want to rule out thunder, lightning, and gusty wind. some of this could be heavy downpours, so i will not rule out localized flooding. this is 2:00 p.m. on friday. by the evening commute, some of this is lingering along the lakefront. a heads up, friday nights commute a be dicey, but after that, it is gone. now, 68, sunshine, looks good.
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into the overnight hours. early in the morning, coat-worthy for the kids at the bus stop. unfortunately because of that reign, the mold is not going anywhere. allergy reports not looking good. you are eight days away from fall. some folks really excited about that. your week ahead, rain moves out before saturday, then the next chance of rain is not until tuesday, see you get that nice three days. flowers. kathy: new on wisn 12 news, it's lucky number 13 for the green bay packers. the team's ranked 13th on forbes annual list of most valuable teams for 2016. the packers are worth $2.35 billion according to the magazine. the dallas cowboys are number one on the list for the 10th straight year with a value of $4.2 billion.
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they can keep say they are america's team because they are number one? dan: and the packers are a nonprofit organization. joyce: the packers might be shorthanded for sunday's game at minnesota. dan: they might be. sam shields is still recovering from a concussion who is expected to take his place, despite a rough opener. and, the badgers top running back vows not to let a sore ankle keep him from playing saturday. how corey clement might be exposed to further injury.
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dan: the packers signed running back jhurrell pressley after he was cut by the vikings at the end of training camp. today, the packers cut pressley, four days before they play the could they have been using him for intel on minnesota's offense? maybe, but the packers reportedly could resign him next week. they needed another defensive player, possibly because of sam shields, who missed practice today because he is in the concussion protocol and might not play sunday. that would mean damarious randall and quinten rollins would start at cornerback. rollins struggled in the first half against the jaguars and was benched to start the second half . but rollins returned on the final drive and helped save the game with this pass breakup in the end zone.
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n, i like the way he battled back. you have a short memory and then you have to come right back and make your place. you can't let it affect you. i thought he battled through it. >> i expect him to take care of business like he always has. he's had a chance to watch the video and it's been corrected. he's a fine young player and i have all the confidence in the world in him. dan: with the badgers favored by 34 points saturday against or good time for running back corey clement to rest, but clement says he plans on playing. he rolled his ankle saturday against akron. he didn't return to the game and was limited in practice the past two days. however, not only will clement run the ball saturday, he might return kickoffs, something he hasn't done since high school. >> coach gilmore is with him every day during individual work and catching after practice.
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no, he's been working at it all camp. to this point, we haven't had a lot of kick off returns, but absolutely it would be viable. dan: and, there is a good chance snow will still be on the ground, again, for opening day 2017. the brewers released their schedule for next year. opening day will be at miller park on monday, april 3 at 1:00 p.m. against colorado. it will be the third time in five years that the rockies are the opening day opponent. the red sox, orioles, and blue jays will make interleague visits to milwaukee next season. the cubs clinched a playoff berth today. they can clinch the division if they beat the brewers once this weekend. joyce: we will see if that curse comes into play. you never know. police in new berlin are showing off their packers' spirit. officers will be handing out these packers trading cards over time to area kids this fall. the cards include aaron rodgers, jordy nelson, clay matthews and others.
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i bet if you ask nicely, you will be good to go. kathy: snow on the ground? lindsey: you never know. there is snow somewhere. good temperatures tomorrow, rain returns friday.
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want be a doctor! russ feingold: you think girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. you should be paid the same boys? yogirl 1:d definitely.d girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agreed: wewith you -ed and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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?? ?? is michael jackson's little girl secretly married? only "e.t." is with paris and her man inside their very grown-up photo shoot. >> they were kissing, biting, pulling, hugging. >> plus, new bombshells from jonbenet ramsey's brother. >> it felt talking about it. >> then the "dancing with the stars" security scramble after the ryan lochte ambush. what we just learned. >> it was insane. >> plus justin timberlake. the new project bringing him to tv and a "big bang theory" exclusive. we're behind the scenes for the wedding re-do ith new cast members. >> what? >> now for september 14, 2016,


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