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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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the holster was discharged. , it appears to be some type of accident. we're still working on, a freak occurrence. and we're still actively investigating what actually occurred. >> we are back live. police tell us the student suffered a graze wound and was taken to the hospital with a non-life threatening injury. no one else was hurt. coming up on 12 news at 6:00, you'll hear what a parent has to say about all this. patrick: j milwaukee officers were hurt trying to arrest a 13-year-old boy with a b.b. gun at benjamin franklin school near 23rd and nash. investigators say the student started to fight with officers while they tried to talk to him. the officers had to go to a hospital for treatment. 12 news investigates the death of an inmate at the milwaukee county jail. the medical examiner has now ruled the death of terrill thomas a homicide. joyce: wisn 12 news' colleen henry has been trying to get
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>> he died in april. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. whether it was the result of criminal conduct is under investigation. terrill thomas made headlines last april after he opened fire inside pottawatomie casino. at the time, his family told us they'd asked police to arrest him because of his violent and erratic behavior. >> i asked them pe him to jail. i said he's having this nervous breakdown again. >> before shooting up the casino , he shut his best friend. police took him to jail nine . nine days later guards found , thomas dead in his jail cell. >> we had the funeral that saturday. >> thomas' dad didn't want his
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explanation the family has gotten came via inmates. >> those inmates down there said he was acting erratically. >> he was flooding the toilet and throwing paper in there. >> police tell 12 news that prompted jailers restrict thomas' access to water. the me says there were no injuries to his body, but biochemistry testing revealed profound dehydration. his dad is devastated. >> i'm saying he shouldn't have ever been there in the first pl mental complex getting treatment. >> the family is talking to a lawyer and milwaukee police are , conducting the investigation to avoid a conflict of interest. the jail is run by the sheriff's office. he won't comment till all investigations and potential lawsuits are completed. the medical examiner ruled the but that doesn't necessarily death of homicide but that doesn't necessarily mean a crime
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an accident police will investigate and the district attorney will determine if anyone should face criminal charges. the sheriff's office released a statement within the hour. it basically says they are not commenting until the completion of all investigative and review processes and any resultant civil litigation. if you want to follow this story, head to or download our free app. we will post any new information as it becomes available. patrick: a school is evacuated in racine. police tell wisn 12 news they were called to st. catherine's high school just before two this was found on a desk. police searched the school and no credible threat was found. students were sent home. classes will resume tomorrow. now to our other big story. those orange barrels in the zoo interchange might be sticking around longer than expected. governor scott walker has unveiled his transportation budget. the bottom line, a number of major projects might be delayed. the plan cuts $447 million from state highway programs. the final leg of the zoo that will impact -- that will impact the final leg of the zoo interchange and the i-94 expansion south of milwaukee. while there are some cuts, the governor says his plan will
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their local roads and there will , be no increase to the gas tax or vehicle registration fees. >> the people of this state is they want to make sure we maintain or infrastructure. they want make sure that our roads and bridges are not only safe that we're fixing potholes , helping loca governments with those issues. that allows us to do this. patrick: wisn 12 news kent wainscott is live above interstate 41 in wauwatosa. kent, some within the governor's own party are critical of the this meinecke avenue bridge is set to be replaced as part of the zoo project. the same is true of the north avenue interchange which you can , see below us. work was set to start over the next two years, but if the governor has his way, that work will have to wait a little longer. >> yeah, it's terrible. i mean if you're going to start something, go ahead and finish it. >> that's the view of a lot drivers after hearing that completion of two of the state's biggest road projects may be
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because the work will slow down in the area unfortunately. >> while work in the core of zoo interchange would go on as planned the north leg, including , the north avenue and mayfair interchange, would be pushed back two years. and the same is true for the i-94 corridor through racine county. >> i was a little bit angry that, here we go again. >> republican state senator van wanggaard bristles at thought of delays for a project he says has already been pushed back more than once. >> now all of a sudden, to say that we're going to put it off for another two years, 10 years, how do i know now? >> but for many, the construction delays are outweighed by more funds for local roads and no increase in the gas tax or any fees. >> it could be a good move, because we have to watch how much money we spend. >> but the plan will likely face opposition from republicans, like speaker robin vos, who are open to new revenue sources to keep projects on track. >> i am for tolling. i am open to the gas tax. i'm open to the registration fee
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road work completed. might as well get it done. get it done and that way you have this stretch of road done and it will be done for years to come. >> so the work that has started will continue. the orange barrels you see as you drive through the zoo interchange will remain through at least 2018. but if this plan passes, those barrels would go away for at least two years before the work on this section starts up again. who did it? state republicans are now asking the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to find out who leaked documents in the john doe investigation involving governor scott walker's campaign. yesterday, a british newspaper posted 1500 pages of documents relating to the secret investigation. those documents were supposed to remain sealed until the u.s. supreme court decides whether to allow the investigation to continue. lower courts threw out the case. today, the governor insisted there was nothing illegal about campaign donations from corporate leaders that went to a
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recalls. the attorney general says he is very concerned about the apparent violation of the secrecy orders. joyce: health continues to be a hot topic on the campaign trail . today donald trump appearing on , daytime t.v. the republican presidential nominee shared a one-page summary of his physical with doctor oz. this was in response to criticism of how hillary clinton's campaign dealt with revealing her pneumonia diagnosis. >> i do feel that the question is often asked, should you be showing that? ' it's all very private stuff. should you be showing it. i think when you're running for president of the united states or maybe any other country in all fairness, but when you're running for president you have , an obligation to be healthy. i just dont' think you can do the work if you're not healthy. joyce: clinton returned to the campaign trail today after spending the last three days recovering from pneumonia at her home in new york. clinton campaigned in north carolina.
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of things. nobody ever accuses me of quitting. i will never give up. i will never walk away, no matter how tough the going gets. patrick: a heads up for parents tonight. doctors tell us that hand, foot, and mouth disease is hitting kids in our area pretty hard. we know there have been alerts from schools and daycares in germantown, whitefish bay and wauwatosa. wisn 12 news melinda davenport shows us ways you can prevent your children from getting sick. >> especially since school has started again. >> it tends to comes in batches. and then occasionally we'll see it in the winter time. >> hand foot and mouth disease is showing up in kids across our area. its symptoms can be painful. >> mouth pain or refusal to eat. often then, they'll find the rash in the mouth. it usually looks like little red bumps that turn into ulcers.
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>> physicians say the disease is also highly contagious, but can be prevented. experts say protecting yourself from the disease is as simple as washing your hands. >> keeping your hands washed. keeping their hands washed as best as possible especially , after diaper changes, contact with saliva, kids not sharing nooks. >> at grandma's house daycare in says they try to practice hand washing every chance they get -- they get. >> we're constantly washing the children's hands, when we notice fevers and things like that, we send them home because you never know if they are contagious or not. >> helping to curb the problem before it gets out of hand. in wauwatosa, melinda davenport, wisn 12 news. patrick: again, those symptoms include fatigue and irritability a sore throat and a , fever of around 101. also, blisters might appear on the hands and feet and inside the mouth.
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to 10 days. infants and children up to five years old are most at risk but it can strike older children , and adults. there's no specific treatment, but doctors can provide over-the-counter meds to help relieve pain and fever. joyce: police are looking for a driver who slammed into a squad car in mount pleasant. officers say an officer packed this van near 16th and oakdale early this morning while responding to a call. the officer was getting out of the squad when he w he jumped back inside just moments before the car hit the driver's side door. the driver sped off. the officer was not hurt. patrick:". it's been a beautiful day, but there is more rain building to our west. joyce: market, welcome back. you're tracking a rainy friday. mark: thank you. appreciate that. pretty good chance for rain, but not one to cancel all plans. i'll let you know when you can still get outside tomorrow next in weather watch 12. patrick: then, millions of dollars in jewels gone in just 40 seconds. the smash and grab jewelry store heist carried out in the middle
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milwaukee and competing on project runway. the local designer turning heads and how she hopes to , inspire other women. >> hey everybody. i'm ben wagner. counting down to the primetime emmys. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning a hollywood insider , breaks down which of your favorite shows might have the best night. plus, we will be on weather watch as you make your weekend plans. hope you'll join us tomorrow
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patrick: a bold and brazen jewelry heist in houston. this is surveillance video of four men wearing masks and dressed in black, storming the store in the middle of the day. they smashed the glass displays and stole diamonds. police say in only 40 seconds, they stole millions of dollars in jewels. the suspects are on the run tonight. officials think they're part of a gang of thieves that's pulled off heists across the country. >> a suspected serial killer is arrested in ohio. this, after a woman he's accused of abducting calls for help. >> does he have a weapon?
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>> are you tied up now? >> yeah, but i kind of freed myself. joyce: she made this 911 call after her accused captor, 40-year-old shawn grate, fell asleep. he was just feet away. fearing for her safety if he woke up, the woman stays on the phone until police arrive. >> if you think you can get out, you need to get out. >> he would hear me, catch me, and he's strong. >> where is he? >> that's him sleeping. >> joyce: police discovered three other bodies inside the home and nearby. grate confessed to one of the murders. happening now, a new government recall of samsung's galaxy note 7 phones. patrick: the u.s. consumer product safety commission says anyone with that phone should stop using it and bring it in for a refund or replacement. the official recall follows days of warnings that the phone batteries can explode or catch fire. about 2.5 million phones were sold worldwide. joyce: right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00.
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kathy: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, he's the man who sees milwaukee county's drug overdose epidemic up close every day. tonight, it's in his own home. >> another suspected death of drug abuse, this time for his own son. >> every time i am here, i am in this position. kathy: then, the new therapy local cancer patients are using to make it through their treatments. join us for all new stories tonight at 6:00. joyce: a milwaukee woman in the national spotlight. designer linda marcus is on the new season of project runway. marcus creates and sells custom handmade handbags and clothing. her company is called linda marcus design. you may remember her from her years as a local t.v. news anchor. she says her goal is to inspire other women. >> i wanted to show women who are over the age of 52 put themselves out there and to go
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because it just might come true. joyce: of course, marcus can't reveal if she won. she is the fourth project runway contestant from milwaukee. the new season starts tonight on lifetime. patrick: the emmy awards will be handed out this sunday. today, reporters got a chance to hear from the show's host, jimmy kimmel, and check out the red carpet. kimmel says you can expect to hear a few o.j. simpson jokes during the telecast since the people versus o.j. simpson t.v. movie is up for so many awards. you can watch the emmy awards sunday night at 7:00 here on wisn 12. joyce: around my head the fact that fall is only a week away. patrick: mark, you do not have a fall-like forecast. mark: there are a few trees starting to change a little bit, but we are a ways away from seeing the deeper colors around here. it's going to get a lot that her. -- a lot better.
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later sunset until march 16. better news now. as patrick said, it is still nice, 80 degrees on saturday, beautiful. we start off with cloud cover. 76 on sunday. there is a lot going on around wisconsin. oktoberfest all over the place. this is going to be great for that. make sure u can get outside with shorts on. temperatures in racine, 71. dew point not bad. southwesterly wind at 13. lambeau field, cumulus clouds here and there, beautiful shot, temperatures comfortable. jefferson county, 73, again, on the breezy side. southeasterly wind at 15. dew point numbers are pretty low. there is not much moisture in
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that sticky. 68 shorewood. like water running warm, still in the 70's across most of lake michigan. usually this time of year is when we cool things down, but we have not had any cooler weather yet of any substance, and for the most part, that will stay through this forecast, something stay mild. 77 madison. warmer in linda thanks to that strong southeasterly wind. temperatures cooler nicolet. if you're headed out, no trouble a near the lake. if you're headed out, no trouble at all. in the meantime, temperatures will be generally in the 60's after the sun sets tonight there is thunderstorms wes, and actually a plethora of severe weather going on in nebraska and western iowa. that will be gradually making its way here, but our threat of severe weather is very low. i think a better chance of rain will hold off until the
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we take you into future cast. no problems throughout the majority of the night. 8:00 in the morning, maybe an isolated shower or two. i'm not expecting any big problems for the morning commute to admit day, scattered showers, thunderstorm or two. it will not be raining all day. you will have dry hours to get out and do what you need to do. saturday, skies clear out, i nice day, shower or two or additional cloudiness, so the timing is now between 5:00 a.m., we are dry. 10:00 a.m., a shower two. not raining continuously, hit and miss. tomorrow night, friday night, high school football again. rain gear just in case. temperatures not bad at all. this time of year, we can start turning the corner and have cold friday nights. that has not happen yet.
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miss showers and thunderstorms. the week and looks really nice. 76 sunday. monday, 80 two degrees, so we are seeing a couple of days where we get back in the 80's and then most of next week looks good, partly sunny skies on tuesday, slight chance for thunderstorm on wednesday, 77 as we head into thursday, so overall the forecast is well above average. the average high is 72. most of the days of summer have been warmer than that. joyce: september weather so beautiful. patrick: looks nice out there. new tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00, milwaukee police get unexpected help solving crimes. the app designed to find one thing that's leading them to something bigger. and the swan song season for the milwaukee symphony's musical director begins this weekend. only on wisn 12, kathy mykleby sits down with maestro edo de waart. that's tonight at 10:00.
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days after being buried. patrick: his nine lives don't end there. the new chapter in this feline saga. joyce: then, it looks like a scene from a horror movie. but this is real life. what this thing is that caused chaos in the streets. patrick: and a reminder, watch rachael ray tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. for the grand prize word. you then enter it on or the 12 news app for a chance to win a travel voucher.
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patrick: this is definitely a bizarre side. th it? this is a giant balloon designed to look like the moon. it was part of a festival display and rolled away during typhoon meranti. the balloon rolled down streets and over vehicles. authorities eventually caught the balloon. imagine being one of the vehicles. a cat nicknamed zombie cat after climbing out of his own grave is going viral, once again. joyce: bart has a new fur-ever home in florida. last year, bart was hit by a car and presumed dead. five days later, he clawed out
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seven weeks, even lost an eye. news now that his foster family has adopted him. >> he has a little feline sister and a feline brother and they , get along amazingly. joyce: the humane society spent nearly $11,000 to keep him alive. donations poured in from around the world. patrick: the will to live. if you're in the market for a new hairdryer, you have to hear about the one going on sale tomorrow. joyce: it costs $400 dollars. the dyson supersonic hairdryer stores across the country tomorrow. so why is it so expensive? it's lighter, faster, and more efficient. the airflow is supposed to more -- to be more powerful meaning , it dries your hair faster. it's also a bit quieter than the run of the mill product. i'm sorry. for $400, my hair better come out on.
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mark: beautiful evening. you don't have to worry about any kind of rain around our area
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tonight, breaking news. the scare here in new york city a short time ago involving police officers. the suspect with a meat cleaver. police rush to the scene. officers injured. gunshots fired. and we are on the scene. also breaking, the massive recall just in tonight. the smartphones now officially recalled because of fires. and the concern over those phones on planes and subways. hillary clinton, back on the trail, and what she says tonight about her absence. and taking aim at donald trump, after that moment at a flint church, when the pastor stops him. meanwhile, trump tonight, and the full interview with dr. oz. what trump now reveals. police investigating a possible serial killer, and tonight here, the 911 call.


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