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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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may have been shot. milwaukee police describe this as an accidental firing of a supervisor's firearm after a 13-year-old female student became combative. this happened in the school's basement after officers came to the school to investigate a prior incident. the student was grazed by a bullet while officers were trying to get her under control. >> yeah, that's crazy. it just feels like there was a lot that went on today. and the safety of my child is in question as well. >> we are back live. police say parents, students, and neighbors should know that no one else was in any danger. no one else was injured. the school district referred us to police for comment. joyce: now to our big story tonight, the drug overdose epidemic hits home with someone who sees the toll of drug abuse every day, the chief medical examiner of milwaukee county. dr. brian peterson's own son,
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found dead monday of an apparent overdose. 12 news nick bohr is live at the m.e.'s office, where this news must be hitting particularly hard. >> it is, even for people surrounded by death. the news hits hard. the son of the chief medical examiner and someone known to the staff here brought in for an autopsy one of more than 170 , suspected drug deaths this year. milwaukee police were called to this apartment building monday at 27th and clybourn and found a man dead of an apparent drug overdose. but this young man in particular, 29-year-old adam peterson, is one more example that what's been called an epidemic of opioid drug abuse cuts across societal lines. adam, seen here in his facebook selfies, is the son of milwaukee county's chief medical examiner , dr. brian peterson dr. peterson is a frequent voice on the soaring death rates from
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of milwaukee heads-up an initiative to cut-down on prescription narcotic abuse. according to the report on adam peterson's death, paramedics used narcan, a drug used to reverse the effects of opioids, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. the report indicates adam was known to abuse drugs, and it's suspected he died of an overdose. adam recently wrote on facebook, "i am sick of substance, people and places dictating who i am, , and who i am to be." the medical examiner's office sent out a press release this afternoon, reading "dr. peterson is asking for privacy and will not be commenting." police found prescription drugs in adam peterson's bag, but so far no official cause of death has been determined. joyce: peterson is one of 71 probable overdose deaths the medical examiner's office has seen in the last seven weeks in milwaukee county.
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been more than 170 suspected drug deaths in the county so far this year. wisn 12 news has been taking a hard look at the effects of the overdose epidemic. earlier this week, we showed you this exclusive video of a west allis couple passed out from an apparent overdose in their running car with a two-year-old inside. the toddler was rescued by neighbors. the man died over the labor day weekend. if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there are places to get help. you contact the local 866-211-3380. you'll also find a link on kathy: the death of an inmate at the milwaukee county jail last april is now classified as a homicide. 12 news investigative reporter colleen henry joins us from the jail. the medical examiner says terrill thomas died of dehydration. >> the 38-year-old was in custody here after his arrest for shooting up potawatomi casino. nine days later, jailers found him dead in his cell.
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saying biochemistry testing , revealed profound dehydration. thomas' dad tells 12 news his son was in a mental health crisis, had been clogging up the toilet in his cell, so jailers restricted his water. >> i'm saying he shouldn't have ever been there in the first place. he should have been out at the mental complex and were getting treatment. >> the sheriff will not comment and tell all investigations and potential lawsuits are completed, according to his office. the homicide ruling doesn't mean a crime was committed. milwaukee police are investigating the case and they will ask the district attorney whether anyone should face charges. joyce: possible delays in the construction of the zoo interchange project. the state is proposing cutting $447 million from the transportation budget as part of
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that means delaying some of the state's biggest road projects, including the zoo interchange. kent wainscott is live in wauwatosa with the specifics. >> this is the meinecke avenue bridge set to be replace. below is the north avenue exit and entrance ramps. all of this was set to go as the final piece of the zoo interchange project but the , governor's plan puts the brakes on the work here. the o , the work going on there, would be completed on schedule but the , remainder of the work may have to wait, at least until the next two year budget cycle. the same is true for the the i-94 corridor through racine county. and republican state senator van wanggaard from racine told me today he was blind-sided by news that project could be put on hold again. >> after the third time of being promised that this is going to
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completed, so that it finishes the piece of the puzzle we need to get people into milwaukee so they can grow businesses there, and they can come live and play there. this is a total non-starter to not have these lane miles done. >> he is one of several lawmakers who say they will fight to keep these projects on track while they search for new funding solutions transportation in the state. a gas tax or fee hike, or even toll roads, they say, are all on the table. kathy: thanks. new tonight, republican legislators are asking wisconsin's attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate who leaked secret john doe documents related to the governor's recall campaign. hundreds of pages from the investigation were leaked to the guardian, a british newspaper. the documents show governor walker solicited business executives to donate to the outside group wisconsin club for
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the governor addressed the leak publicly for the first time today. >> they've consistently ruled that this was a baseless investigation. this is old news. this has been cleared up multiple times. the facts are clear. you want to argue about something that's already been discussed in the courts because people didn't win in the courts . they want to have a discussion and give out bits and pieces of information. kathy: office says it's currently reviewing its options. joyce: commitment 2016 coverage, the health of the presidential candidates was the focus on the campaign trail. during a show you saw only right here on wisn 12, republican donald trump gave tv host dr. oz a summary of his recent physical. when asked about his weight, trump who weighs 236 pounds, told dr. oz he gets exercise on the campaign trail. >> i started this journey for
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then, i have taken off no days. i have been going from state to state from city to city, and so in a certain way i get a lot of exercise, more exercise than people think. >> besides golf, is that your major exercise? >> i don't play a lot of golf lately. joyce: democrat hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail today. she had been sidelined since falling ill sunday during a 9/11 ceremony at ground zero. it was later revealed she had pneumonia. clinton's first stop was in greensboro, north carolina, where she talked about her break fram >> i certainly feel lucky. when i'm under the weather i can afford to take a few days off. millions of americans can't. joyce: there are now just 53 days until the election. voters will go to the polls tuesday, november 8. kathy: happening now, waukesha county sees its first confirmed cases of the west nile virus this season. three crows in the city of waukesha and one crow in new berlin have tested positive for west nile. there have been no human cases
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health officials are reminding people even though summer may be nearly over, you still need to protect yourself from mosquitoes which carry the virus. , new tonight from our partners at biztimes milwaukee, northwestern mutual buys a new aircraft hanger at mitchell international airport to house its corporate jet. the company paid $3.3 million for the property on the southwest side of the airport off of college avenue. northwestern mutual says it needs the new hanger so it can service and repair its plane more efficiently. -- plan to buy any more aircraft. joyce: new tonight at 10:00, friends and family of drug addicts flocking to a local resource center. the tools they're asking for to try to save their loved ones. then, the swan song season for the milwaukee symphony's musical director begins this weekend. only on wisn 12, kathy sits down with maestro edo de waart. that's tonight at 10:00. kathy: that is a great story. new tonight, inspiring young kids to read. bess the book bus made a stop at
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books to students there. the book bus was the idea of a florida woman who named it bess after her grandmother who she says inspired her to read. >> i was actually just looking for somewhere to volunteer, but could not find a good fit. this idea cant bess the book bus will visit six mps schools during its three day stop in milwaukee, giving out 2800 books. joyce: showers and storms are back in the forecast. kathy: mark, it's not a washout. mark: i'll time when these storms arrive here. and if the storms stick around
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joyce: then the new therapy , local cancer patients are using to make it through their treatments. kathy: plus how you can have , breakfast with packers wide receiver jordy nelson. and a reminder, watch rachael ray tomorrow at 2:00 for the p.m. grand prize word. you then enter it on or
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 6:00 with kathy mykleby, and joyce garbaciak, weatherwatch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. joyce: new tonight, a bucks star at starbucks. bucks guard michael carter-williams paying it forward today at the starbucks on the marquette campus. mcw tweeting the first 25 people behind him in line get their drinks for free. >> i got a few responses people saying they're going to meet me down here. like i said before its nice to react to folks and interact with
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them and what they're doing. joyce: and interact with fans he did, carter-williams posed for pictures with fans like this one the team later posted on its twitter page. new tonight, crocheting, painting and coloring their way , out of cancer. kathy: wisn 12 news thema ponton shows us how art therapy is helping some cancer patients heal while creating a colorful, warm network of support. >> i know aces in the middl how cancer patients described the clinic in grafton. -- an oasis in the middle of their health care chaos, that is how cancer patients described the clinic in grafton. patients like pat morrisey. she says she needed something to do while waiting for cancer treatment so she returned to , crocheting. >> 35 years ago i started an afghan. >> morrisey found the crocheting relaxing.
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of many things you can't make sense of, and all of a sudden a beautiful thing comes together. >> so morrisey helped start an art therapy group called companioning hearts. volunteers crochet blankets, paint and write poems as a way , to comfort each other and share their stories through art. >> it is very peaceful. you don't have to concentrate on very heavy things. >> judith coppinger was one of os weight of a cancer diagnosis. she got one of the blankets to help keep her warm during her treatments. >> every time miami in here, i am in this position wrapped around with faith, hope, and love. >> coppinger says the blanket started a connection she and morrisey will share forever. and not just because of the knowledge of the similar cancer journey but the connection of , these 36 squares, colorful flowers, and buttons and the border of a blanket that binds
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12 news. kathy: if you would like to volunteer for the art therapy program at aurora cancer care in grafton, the next meeting is one week from tonight. joyce: such special meaning in every piece of art. a beautiful evening, but storms on the way. mark: we have to be ready. it will not rain all day. it is a good idea to have the umbrella. just be because there will be some rain around the area. this is what we should all be doing right now. lakeshore state park, love that bridge. beautiful. it is a gorgeous evening, 70 degrees, east, southeasterly wind up 13, not much moisture. we are still talking heat index even though we are in september.
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saturday and monday as temperatures warm up again, getting up to 80 degrees. monday, a good chance of the low 80's. the average high tomorrow is 71 degrees. we are going down quickly on average, but we have been defeating the average for much of this month as temperatures have been above average. let's talk of dew points, up, then down. the real sticky one will be for the dew point. 70 milwaukee. the water temperature is still 71 degrees in lake michigan. that is pretty warm for this time of year. 74 madison. eventually we will cool off. in the meantime, enjoy this nice and comfortable air that we have in place over the next seven days. no real cool downs anywhere around here. 65 in minneapolis, that's not
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because we have been really on the warmer than average side, most spores are still way up there, we'd pollen is still an issue, you need to have a big freeze to take care of those numbers. the mosquitoes are still out tonight, friday, saturday, and sunday. we need a hard freeze to get rid of those guys as well. 80 saturday, great day, clearing out. 76 sunday with less humidity around. of us. flash flooding in northwestern iowa. these are slowly coming in our direction. no problems this evening. overnight, we are ok. 8:00, and i slid shower or two rolling in. midday, more scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms. severe weather threat tomorrow is very low.
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the evening tomorrow night, which could affect high school football. saturday, we clear out nicely. the storm threat index is a one, may be a little wind and the possibility of lightning as we head throughout the day tomorrow, especially midday on. 75 the high on friday. 80 saturday. 76 sunday. this is a nice forecast for this time of year. 82 monday. 75 tuesday. we may be starting the second half of september, but you would not know it i these temperatures. we stay warm to the next seven days. most people are still pretty happy with that. kathy: new tonight, breakfast with jordy nelson. the packers wide receiver now has his very own cereal. jordy's farm fresh flakes will be available at wisconsin grocery stores and online. jordy nelson grew up on a farm in kansas and still works on that farm in the offseason.
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right? badgers are home against this saturday. stephanie: yes, they are. they are against georgia state . how the badgers hope to avoid a letdown at camp randall. plus, the packers try to play the spoiler sunday at the vikings new billion dollar stadium. sports is next. >> hey everyone. i'm ben wagner. counting down to the primetime emmys. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, a hollywood insider breaks down which of your favorite shows might have the best night. plus, we'll be on weather watch as you make your weekend plans. hope you'll join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00. russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want be a doctor! russ feingold: you think girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. you should be paid the same boys? yogirl 1:d definitely.d girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised
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stephanie: could not be more different for the packers. from a 100-degree heat on the on field in florida to a controlled atmosphere in minnesota. from an uncommon afc opponent not seen in four years to a division foe green bay has faced nine times in the last four seasons. but sunday will be unique and special with the packers trying to play the role of spoiler as the vikings open their brand new billion-dollar stadium.
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every away game, we want to get in there, start fast and take the air out of the building. i'm pretty sure they will come out with a lot of energy. >> we are at a new stadium. first time they are playing there, but one thing we do know is that the atmosphere will be electric obviously. with a divisional game in the heated rivalry that it is, and with them opening up, it should be an awesome atmosphere especially for a primetime game. ,stephanie: look after the badgers 54-10 blowout over akron last week, wisconsin wraps up its non-conference schedule with georgia state this weekend at camp randall stadium. once again, the favorites the badgers are hoping to avoiding a let down. the panthers are win-less on the season, getting crushed by their opponents. in contrast, the badgers are a perfect 2-0 off a 44-point route of akron, but there are still plenty of areas to improve on, and saturday's game is just another chance for wisconsin to correct their mistakes.
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looking over -- overlooking georgia state, absolutely not. we've done a great job in akron. we got athletes. they got athletes. it's upsets every week and you see it so we don't take no team , lightly because we know if you take a team lightly that can be , your downfall. stephanie: the brewers began a four-game series tonight against the cubs at wrigley field. if they wrapup the central league championship. -- the cubs wrap up the central league championship. perhaps they can win four straight? joyce: we're just days away from television's biggest night. kathy: host jimmy kimmel helped roll out the red carpet ahead of sunday's emmy awards in los angeles. emmy organizers say the carpet will be the longest in history
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only right here on wisn 12. only right here on wisn 12. , joyce: we are preparing for some showers tomorrow. mark: in the meantime, a-ok this evening.
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?? ?? his 6-year-old sister was murdered so why is he smiling? tonight, dr. phil tells us what's the deal with jonbenet's brother. >> he's not autistic. he's not weird. >> america's fascination with the killing hitting a pitch. >> hi, e.t. >> our exclusive on the set of the new jonbenet movie. what's taking on the tragic role too much for this child actress? plus, ashton kutcher's sexy modeling past. revealing his secrets to becoming big-time famous from smalltown roots. >> we're doing well right off the bat. one of the coolest emmy nominees makes us sweaa. we work out with tracee ellis ross. >> you want to see a little pop.


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