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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> a milwaukee student grazed by a bullet. why some parents are upset. >> a tool medics have used to save hundreds of lives. >> families of drug abusers are turning it to save lives. >> also, the music director for the milwaukee symphony is ready s >> you set the tempo. >> the similarities between music and football. kathy: we start with a milwaukee public school student grazed by a bullet. joyce: terry sater is there live. >> the school was never on lock down after the gunfire to around
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he was a little shaken when he came home. >> natasha says she will probably keep her son home tomorrow after another student was grazed by a milwaukee police officers bullet. >> he is only in the second grade. he had a code red and wanted to come home. >> milwaukee police described this as an accidental firing of a 13-year-old girl became combative when questioned about a prior incident. >> officers were engaged with a student here at school. the firearm while still in the holster was discharge. >> it happened in the schools 's basement as officers were trying to get the girl under
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the school district referred us to police for comment. the student was rushed to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. joyce: a milwaukee man dies while in county jail, and now ruled a homicide. the medical examiner said he was severely dehydrated when he was found dead after nine days in the jail. the 38 year old man i opened fire inside the pottawatomie casino. his father says his son was in a mental health crisis. >> he should never have been there in the first place. he showed been in a mental complex somewhere getting treatment. joyce: >> the homicide ruling says that death was not natural. the da will determine if criminal charges are appropriate.
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than 20 people died from overdoses in milwaukee county this month. here you see firefighters in west allis using a tool to reverse the effects of drugs to save a couple passed out in their running car with a two-year-old inside. we have a story only on wisn 12. narcan is becoming much more popular. adrienne: here is what it looks like. this is how you administer it. this was only accessible to medical professionals before, but now families are using it to give their loved ones a second chance. >> i wish i would have had narcan. adrienne: she did not know much about narcan before her son died of an overdose.
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adrienne: tear you see firefighters giving it -- here you see firefighters giving it to someone. it blocks the effects of opioids. 164 people were given narcan in august alone. >> this is one of our opiate overdose prevention kids. adrienne: they are training mor the tool and giving narcan for free. >> we don't condone drug use. we are giving that person the time they need to get a second chance. >> there is hope. not candace deathly something that everybody should have. -- narcan is definitely something everybody should have.
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the supply of narcan will not change regardless of the cause. there are several other programs where you can get the free narcan and training. we put that on our website, kathy: thank you. the epidemic is hitting the medical examiner's office especially hard. patrick: his son was found dead monday. paramedics it used to narcan to revive him, but couldn't. police found prescription drugs and a bag, but no official cause of death has been determined. he is one of 71 probable overdose deaths in the last
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the medical society of milwaukee and leads an initiative to cut down on prescription narcotic abuse. he is asking for privacy and not commenting at this time. joyce: you will be seeing orange construction barrels around the zoo interchange longer than expected. governor walker's plan cuts money from state highway programs, delaying the final leg of the exchange. the plan wil million more for local governments to spend on their own roads. there will be no increase to the gas tax or vehicle registration fees. governor walker is responding to the league of documents related to the john doe investigation. he refused to acknowledge that he solicited large corporate donations. democrats are raising questions whether the governor and republicans passed laws as a favor to those donors.
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those laws because they are related to issues he has supported for years. >> i fulfilled the things i said i would do on this. joyce: the attorney general's office are currently reviewing options to address the serious legal questions raised by the leak and the publication of the sealed documents. kathy: students were evacuated and h after asus business message was found in a classroom. -- after a suspicious message was found in a classroom. the u.s. government is now stepping in, ordering unofficial recall of galaxy note sevens. patrick: the issue lies with batteries overheating and causing fires. one million phones in the u.s. are affected. samsung has agreed to offer refunds to customers.
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can also exchange it. samsung is shipping new phones available next wednesday. samsung says it is only the note seven with the affected battery, but reports of other galaxy phones overheating will now be investigated as well. kathy: a crazy scene in midtown manhattan. joyce: police shoot a man attacking them with a meat cleaver. ? kathy: the music director of the milwaukee symphony begins his swan song this weekend. the maestro tells me how fate brought things together. mark: when you need to be ready for those here, next and weatherwatch 12. joyce: a fortune to the library
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joyce: police officers and a suspect hurt after officers tried to arrest a man with a meat cleaver. officers chased the suspect, trying to stop him with a taser. the man slashed one officer and was immediately shot by police. people are being told to be vigilant in wisconsin after two people were found dead inside
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morning. someone called police asking for a welfare check because they had not seen them in a few days. investigators are not saying how they died or if they have identified suspects. neighbors say police have in searching through nearby woods. >> people have seen the officers go through the cars and stuff. looking all over the place are searching for proper evidence. kathy: the sheriff department is helping in the investigation. joyce: two men robbed at gunpoint and an iphone feature leads police to the suspects. two suspects took off with the victim's belongings, including iphone. using find my iphone,
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they arrested four people, three men and a woman. police are looking for a driver who slammed into a squad car in mount pleasant. the officer was getting out of the squad when he saw a car coming towards him. he jumped back inside. the car hit the driver side door and the driver sped off. the officer was not hurt. kathy: cases of the west nile virus in the city of waukes tested positive. there have been no human cases so far this year. health is a central issue in the race for president. patrick: hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail after taking a few days off for pneumonia. >> it turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift.
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really encourage reflection. patrick: clinton called trump a showman, pointing to his appearance today. trump released the results of his latest physical. on the heavy side, six-foot-two. he told dr. oz that the only exercise he gets his while campaigning. >> it is a lot of work when i'm speaking in front of 15,000 to 20,000 people. a lot of times these rooms are hot. i guess that is a form of exercise. patrick: the trump campaign now says they believe that president obama was born in the u.s.. joyce: visitors to the guggenheim museum art usually told not to touch. not with the latest work of art. you are invited to use this fully functional, gold-plated toilet.
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it is located in the fourth floor restroom. the artist says it is up to the audience to determine the meaning. jordy nelson has his own the cereal, farm fresh flakes. kathy: i had the pleasure of spending ? kathy: the maestro is going out with gusto. mozart's marriage of figaro is a favorite. where do you think you pull your style -- >> i am dutch. we are serious. the truth matters to us. truth and how we play, what we say. ?
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why he is giving up the time-consuming post as music director. eight years ago, a move from hong kong to get closer to his wife's family brought him to madison. at the same time, the milwaukee symphony needed a music director. it was meant to be. >> from the first downbeat to the end of the concert, it was clear to me that this would be a really good thing. ? has adopted another. >> i am an avid fan of the green bay packers. ? kathy: music, as in sports, there is passion and teamwork. >> use of the play -- you set the pace. you set the tempo. you let them use what they have.
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on the green bay packers? >> aaron rodgers. kathy: seriously, he stresses -- >> it's not about me. it is about mozart, beethoven. without them, i would be waving my hands in the air to nothing. and it is about the orchestra. ? kathy: after not give up milwaukee altogether. he will work in guest appearances, as he has done all over the world as music director. he wants to take his son to a packer game. joyce: wouldn't that be something? kathy: absolutely. still live in madison and everything. the rain is going to make a comeback. joyce: you are timing the storms right now. mark: they could impact the
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the night. you can see the rain to the west. nothing severe. i'm not expecting severe thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow morning, but there is heavy rain out of this. we will see how much of this holds together. originally i thought we would hold off, but it does have a good potential to move in time for the morning commute. you see the lightning strikes there? of course, we have heavy rain. to cross over the mississippi river and work its way into wisconsin. it will hold a decent amount of this together. i don't think it will stay this intense into southeastern wisconsin, but i do think we will have rain. future cass, watch what happens. here is tonight. we take you through the overnight hours. we can see rain filling in. if you have an early commute, be ready.
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amount of rain rolling through the metro area. after that, we take a break from the rain. things calm down, a decent afternoon, maybe into the evening, but late afternoon and evening, around two, and that could impact high school football games. the storm threat index, a scale of one to 12. it is too. it is not high. the chance of severe weather low. heavier downpours possible, maybe minor street flooding. 35 mile-per-hour wind. a little bit of lightning, but again, not a great chance. mowing the grass tomorrow, not so good. saturday and sunday, a-ok. the weekend forecast is shaping up nicely. again, midday break, another round later in the day. if you have not seen it already, you probably noticed that it is
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because the moon is almost full. we are one night away from the full harvest moon. you can see the moon reflecting on lake michigan. it looks a little dark. i know. you can see the reflection. it is there. 67 degrees right now, dew point 59, southeasterly wind at seven. fall begins officially and seven days. it will not feel like it in this forecast. this is the depressing stats. sunset for a long time. it does not happen until march 16, 2017. 27 degree water temperature, that's nice. it is quite warm around the upper midwest. temperatures are mild. the trend continues with warmer than average air. average high tomorrow is 71. hit in ms. storms morning, late in the day, 80 degrees on saturday.
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and better. 76 sunday, chance for storms late on monday, not a great chance, 75 on tuesday, and wednesday warm. all next week, this warm weather continues. joyce: as you plan your weekend, don't forget the in the indy awards are sunday night right here. jimmy kimmel is the host. the local patients are using to make it through their treatment. kathy: a stranger posted a extra of a woman's t-shirt. the meaning and why it is going viral. >> i am been where it in her. counting down to prime time. tomorrow, hollywood insider breaks down which of your favorite shows might have a good night.
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? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: for the second straight day, sam shields did not practice in green bay after
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jacksonville. if he doesn't play this weekend against the vikings then second , year corners damarious randall and quinten rollins will likey be the starters. in sunday's game against the jaguars, rollins had a rough start giving up a deep ball and , a touchdown and also had a tough time tackling. but that was early. late in the game he saved a , potential touchdown basically , quinten knows his job well. >> you have to have a next play mentality. i was looking for the opportunity in the second half, got it, made a play. >> he had a pretty rough first half, but if you went in at half time, you would never have known. he's just quiet and up to his business and went out they are in the second half and made some plays for us. stephanie: i will be covering the game sunday in minneapolis. onto baseball the brewers hoping , to avoid a cubs celebration tonight at wrigley field. a chicago win means the cubs clinch the central division crown. to wrigley we go where the cubs
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first second inning he kranks out a home run to left field, brewers trailing they 2-0. answer back in the third inning , scoring three runs. scooter gennett rips one to the corner in left field, a two r.b.i. double and milwaukee takes a 5-3 lead. this game ended moments ago. the brewers win at wrigley and spoil the party. the final tonight, 5-4. coming up in our second half-hour what randall cobb has , to say about nfl players protesting during the national anthem. plus, the battle of brookfield between central and east both , the lancers and spartans undefeated heading into tonight's game. joyce: a lot of interest in that one. thank you. a health warning for parents. kathy: a highly contagious illness is hitting local kids hard.
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then later in this newscast actor bill murray picking up a , new job. why he's scheduled to bartend this weekend in new york. kathy: a reminder, watch rachael ray tomorrow at 2:00 for the p.m. grand prize word. you then enter it on or the 12 news app for a chance to win a travel voucher.
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kathy: 12 news investigates the death of an inmate at the milwaukee county jail. the medical examiner has now ruled the death of terrill thomas a homicide. whether it was the result of criminal conduct is under investigation. joyce: wisn 12 news' colleen henry investigates. last april after he opened fire inside potawatomi casino. at the time, his family told us they'd asked police to arrest him because of his violent and erratic behavior. >> i asked them at seventh district, please take him today. i said he's having this nervous breakdown again. >> before shooting up the casino, he shot his best friend. police took him to jail. nine days later, guards found thomas dead in his jail cell. >> we had the funeral that


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