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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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forecast, coming up. >> thank you. you can track the rain on-the-go this weekend with our free app. we'll send any weather alerts right to your cell phone. if you don't have our app, just search wisn in your app store. patrick: breaking news the , investigation into an officer-involved shooting that sparked days of unrest is now in the hands of prosecutors. the department of justice has completed its review into the death of sylville smith. >> reports to the milwaukee county district attorney. 12 news colleen henry is there live. >> district attorney john chisholm will review the doj's report and decide whether to file criminal charges against the officer in this case. police say the officer shot sylville smith august 13 because he refused to drop a gun while running from a traffic stop. violent protests soon erupted in that sherman park neighborhood and the attorney general said , the violence forced his officers to wear body armor to collect evidence at the scene. the doj says there are two body camera videos of the incident, including one from the officer who opened fire, but it won't release video or witness
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it will only release the video and reports if the d.a. does not issue criminal charges or when he determines they can be released. the d.a. tells 12 news "our office will begin the review of this matter, conduct any follow up investigation we deem appropriate and necessary, and consult with the family of mr. smith in order to make a decision as soon as practicable." so again this case is now in the , hands of the district attorney . you'll remember it took the d.a. more than four months to make a decision after it got the doj report in the dontre hamilton case. >> thank you. more breaking news. we're learning a bad break-up may have led to murder in oconomowoc. jessie lee is now charged with first degree intentional homicide in the shooting death of christina schuster on labor
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schuster's brother told police his sister planned to break up with lee and did not expect it to go well. during a police interview, lee asked to see a picture of the victim and told investigators "she forgives me." patrick: a pickup truck catches lot with a man in the driver's seat. witnesses rushed to help, but it was too late. wisn 12 news nick bohr reports from wheatland, where investigators are trying to figure out what happened. >> when they arrived, they found that pickup truck engulfed in flames and realized there was still somebody inside. >> the employees found the vehicle and saw the fire. >> the employees recognized the truck as that of a longtime co-worker here at best bargains foods who'd apparently just gotten in to work, too. they tried to help, but couldn't get past the flames.
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witnesses advised as there was a subject in the vehicle and they were trying to get him out. unfortunately, they were unable. >> by the time the deputies and firefighters arrived there was nothing they could do. >> when stuff burns, it is pretty toxic. it is unfortunate. >> investigators telling us they will be trying to gather any time before they know how the fire started. patrick: through a spokesperson, the owners of best bargains tell wisn 12 news they've lost a valuable employee and are too upset to talk about it. >> thieves target a milwaukee firehouse while firefighters answer a call for help. police say it happened at the station near 62nd and burleigh around yesterday morning. 3:30 a.m. after the firefighters left on a call, the suspects broke-in by cutting out a window screen. police say they stole a cell phone, a laptop and other personal items belonging to
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no one has been arrested. right now, milwaukee police are looking for this woman. she's accused in a string of robberies on the northwest side. police say she helped burglarize a home near 87th and mill last friday afternoon. investigators say she acted as a lookout while a man kicked in the door and stole electronics. they took off in a dark-colored ford fusion. police say the pair is linked to two other burglaries that same day. patrick: new at readers at gas pumps. could they help? especially after skimmers were recently found at local gas pumps. wisn 12 news kent wainscott is getting answers tonight on why many retailers haven't made the switch. >> they were supposed to replace the credit card swipe by now but not everyone is using an emv or chip card yet. >> i already had my card stolen from me, so i'd rather have the chip card.
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chip in it, i've had lots of problems and they were supposed , to upgrade by now and haven't. >> the target date for retailers to start using chip cards was last october, and while most have the machines in place, many still aren't using the technology. >> we do have plenty of people who tried the chips. however our chip readers , currently do not work. >> there are a number of reasons for the delay high-costs for retailers and long waits to switch systems or process accounts. >> industry experts say chip cards would protect consumers against the kif skimming instances we've seen lately, but not all consumers like using them. >> a lot of customers want to be in and out as soon as possible. that extra few seconds can seem like an eternity. >> i know consumers are frustrated because it takes longer for these emv cards. >> jeff lenard of the national association of convenience stores says consumers may have to be patient while the industry continues to make the switch to chip cards. >> three out of four customers pay with plastic at the gas pumps, so coming up at 6:00
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this. patrick: there are 124,000 convenience stores across the country with more than 1.5 million gas pumps. 40 million people fill their tanks every day. 30 million of them pay with a credit or debit card. if you want to check out this story again head to and , our free app. >> a warning tonight about whooping cough. the jefferson county health department says they've had 15 confirmed cases and several up until this week. whooping cough is a contagious bacterial illness. the irritating cough can interrupt breathing, eating, sleeping, and may be followed by vomiting and exhaustion. we've also gotten reports of scattered cases of whooping cough in milwaukee. however, the city health department tells 12 news the number of cases is not above normal. they encourage parents to keep sick children home and to check their vaccination status. patrick: now to the race for the white house. donald trump with an about-face on an issue that put him in the political spotlight.
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>> donald trump finally stating this as fact. >> president obama was born in the united states period. ,>> it was billed by his campaign as a major announcement , and it was classic trunk. he took no questions from the press but he did get in a plug for his new hotel. >> nice hotel. unequivocal about obama's birthplace he threw out two , other falsehoods. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> there's no evidence that clinton or her team eight years ago were behind the birther movement. today in washington she blasted
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office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are. >> president obama weighing in from the oval office this morning. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. >> for years, trump has refused to acknowledge the fact that the president was born in the united states. for many today, his statement today amounts to admitting the sky is blue. for others, it is a cynical attempt to broaden his appeal. >> it is a coded language for people who have hated obama from the start, questioned his legitimacy. it has veins of racism through it. >> in a week and a half, it will be hillary clinton and donald trump on stage at that first presidential debate. the commission announced today that no other candidates hit the polling threshold to qualify. patrick: world news has continuing coverage from the campaign trail. watch their reports tonight at
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of the city of milwaukee's common council water quality task force. >> making sure your drinking water is safe. a task force held its first meeting. their job? to look at ways to keep lead and containments out of your water. wisn 12 news ben wagner explains their mission. >> to make good food, you need good water, especially when your pastries are this popular. >> i have one apple turnover left. is more than 100-years-old so to make sure the water coming from the service lines is safe and food tastes good, owner david boucher installed this filter system. >> confident in the water system. there's always going to be quirks and idiosyncrasies. >> the city's water quality task force is starting work to find solutions to lead problems. there is a clear message that the water is safe, but lead pipes, paint or even old faucets , could allow the toxic chemical to seep in. >> i think a lot of folks are a
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obvious, and the obvious is leaded service lines. there is more to the story when we talk about the leeching of lead. >> alderman bohl says the long-term fix could be replacing all lead lateral pipes, but that could take years. boucher says he's not counting on that plan and will keep fixing what he already has. >> i'd much rather see people maintain what they have rather than just respond to the latest every lead lateral because i , don't know how you do that. >> the cost is estimated to be upwards of $500 million to replace every lead lateral. >> public works says if you live in a house built before 1951, get a water filter. aldermen are looking at ways to help low-income residents with
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list of approved filters. we have a link on our website, patrick: rain coming down on some of you right now. >> mark, it's not a weekend washout. mark: and there is a lot happening this weekend. it will not look like this the entire time. when you'll want to get outside and enjoy some sunshine next. >> then, pokemon go is everywhere but could it be , putting you at risk? the new research linking players to some very dangerous behavior. patrick: and, iphone frenzy. waited to get their hands on the new model. and why others might be out of luck if they stop by the store. >> hey everybody. i'm ben wagner. saving lives one sandwich at a time. monday on wisn 12 news this morning the restaurants you can , stop by during your lunch break to help fight cancer in southeast wisconsin. class we will be on weather watch as you get the kids ready for school. we will see you from 4:30 to
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you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> welcome back. after months of anticipation, the i-phone seven is released. patrick: there were long lines all over. people wanted to be the first to get their hands on it. this was the scene outside the
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supply because many were snatched up by pre-orders. one man tells wisn 12 news he got in line at 8:30 last night. the new iphone is water resistant and has a better camera. it also has wireless headphone capability. prices start at about $650. >> my brother saw some people out here, so we had to be one of the first people in line. patrick: now to the growing recall involving samsung. the federal government is issuing its own recall of the galazy note 7 smartphone. the consumer product safety commission says the batteries in at least 92 phones have overheated and caught fire. at least 26 people have been burned and 55 homes and cars have been damaged. if you have one of the phones, you can return it for a replacement. samsung promises to have the new devices in stores by next wednesday. >> new research tonight on pokemon go. it's players might be putting
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that referenced the game over a 10-day period. 33% indicated that a driver, passenger or pedestrian was , involved with a car in some way shape or form while distracted by the game. some tweets even referenced accidents or near misses because they were so focused on the game. researchers also reviewed news reports over the same 10-day period. 14 car crashes were linked to pokemon play. tonight on "20/20," a well-known college professor in florida gunned down in his own driveway. abc news digs deeper into the suspected murder-for-hire plot. police think it was sparked by a family fued. >> i have something i want to tell you, but i'm concerned about my safety with what i'm
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danny markel just got [beep] killed and i don't want to be next. patrick: it's all coming up tonight on "20/20" starting at 9:00, followed by wisn 12 news at 10:00. tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00 12 news investigates. 12 news investigates. the local agency police say he , targeted. then, remembering laylah petersen. five-year-old girl caught in the crossfire of violence in milwaukee. that's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. >> the milwaukee bucks are teaming up with rideshare service uber. there will be designated uber pickup and dropoff locations at the bmo harris bradley center. they're on state street near the miller lite gate. all you have to do is enter bmo harris bradley center as your destination in the uber mobile app. the partnership also includes special in-arena perks for fans
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hit and miss weather out there right now. mark, some places have been dry all day. >> this bodes well if you're headed out tonight. the heaviest rain rolled through west bend. one inch of rain in sheboygan. that has moved out into lake michigan. there are still pockets of heavy rain. one over mequon, northern sections of bayside and river hills. inin the southern sections of mequon, some heavy rain pockets there. this will be moving back into menomonee falls. everything is heading to the northeast at 30-35 miles per hour. or not talking about severe weather, but there are heavy downpours. -- we are not talking about severe weather, but there are heavy downpours.
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little out of this as well. interesting looking clouds, the sun breaking through in milwaukee, and we have stay dry through dry here in downtown so far. in mequon, rain, still some fog along the lakeshore. some pockets getting heavy rain this we speak. we head to racine, that is where it is coming down right now. 82 degrees, cooling-off. 83 burlington. it rain-cooled air cooling things into the 70's, so be prepared for cooler air tonight. temperatures at football games around 70 degrees. we head back to the west. normally you would expect to see pockets of chilly air this time of year. that is not the case. an amazing weekend on the way. let's talk about that weekend.
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that will be hit and miss. better chances in our southern counties. as the day goes on, sunshine breaking through. there is a slight chance for an isolated shower in the afternoon. most of saturday looks great. the best they will be sunday, wall-to-wall sunshine, absolutely gorgeous, not much humidity, and pretty much spectacular. 70 on saturday. 77 green bay. door county, a-ok. up north, looking good as well. in milwaukee, 80 on saturday, 76 on sunday, wall-to-wall sunshine on sunday. what about fall color? you know, bits of colored starting to peek through. it is still early. hang around for a couple love more weeks, then things will start to change. here is the seven day forecast. if you like warm weather, this
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76 sunday. nice on monday, 80 two, shower late in the day. high temperatures hitting 82 degrees. 70 tuesday, partly sunny. thunderstorm chances on wednesday, 75. 72 thursday, and we were met back up to 78 degrees on friday. the average high temperature is going back into the 60's. we have 70's and 80's next week. patrick: summer is not giving longer. patrick: feels good. tonight at 10:00, and only on wisn 12, local students get a pizza party. what they did to earn a thank you from a local business, and an air force airman hundreds of miles away. and the pope visits some of the world's tiniest catholics. how the visit fits the pontiff's message for the year, tonight at 10:00. >> ready for football? the packers are taking on the minnesota vikings on sunday night. patrick: but football won't be the only focus. there's another special moment
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the tribute to prince that's in the works at halftime. >> then, an emotional moment captured in these photographs is
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family in georgia on their daughter's special day. >> their photos are being shared by thousands on facebook. the couple moved their wedding venue to a hospital room after finding out the father of the bride only had a few days to live. candice hammonds and thomas burkett planned to marry in october. last month, the bride's father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. they moved the wedding up, and to her father's bedside. although hammond's father passed away just days after the ceremony, she says she is happy her dad could share such an important moment in their lives. patrick: there will be a special tribute to prince during halftime of sunday's packers-vikings game. this will be the first regular season football game at the new u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. an orchestra will play eight minutes of the music legend's classics. a sold-out crowd is expected. the primetime emmy awards are sunday night right here on wisn 12. >> so exciting. jimmy kimmel will host the show live from the microsoft theater in los angeles. wisn 12 news ben wagner talked
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will have the best night. >> first off, i wanna get your prediction on some of the big winners this weekend. >> well, game of thrones is probably still the very hot one. but if you have checked out mr. robot with rami malek, i think you will agree with me that that one is going to take home the outstanding drama series. i also think rami malek will take home the outstanding actor in a drama series. >> i haven't seen any. we have some catching up to do. before that you can watch the , emmys live on sunday night right here on wisn 12. red carpet coverage starts at 6:00. the show starts at 7:00.
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mark: the radar not too active, but still pockets of heavy rain in kenosha county moving back into racine over mount pleasant right now. a few more areas in waukesha county, moving into northern
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ozaukee county.
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tonight, the breaking news. the fallout. donald trump's about face on whether president obama was born in the u.s. now, 53 days before the election, trump suddenly changes his mind. tonight, the angry reaction from members of congress. from hillary clinton. from first lady michelle obama, who late today took aim. the officer tonight, indicted. opening fire on a car full of teenagers as the car pulls away. there is breaking news coming in now. the air scare. the smoke on the plane. the passenger's battery. and it comes amid the massive smartphone recall already. the meat cleaver attack here in new york city. tonight, new images. and what we've learned about the vicious attack. and the 3-year-old adopted, who left behind her best friend


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