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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  September 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CDT

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?? ?? "e.t.'s" emmy countdown. >> i'm here in the middle of all the madness as "the people versus o.j." shoots for an emmy sweep, but will the juice be watching on sunday? new bombshells from jonbenet's ramsey's brother. dr. phil punches. >> lack thereof. >> plus -- the beatles come together again. how paul and ringo are reliving their glory days. then paul walker's brothers still fighting back tears nearly three years after his death. their new interview sharing personal family stories. >> and as "everybody loves raymond" turns 20, we flashback with ray romano.
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>> now for september 16, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". just two more days to of it's biggest night and kevin frazier is on location at the microsoft theater in downtown l.a. where the emmys are going to take place. >> nancy, final preparations are under way as everyone tries to make this place beautiful. on sunday all of the stars will hit this red carpet and they'll pull this white covering up and thhre will be focus on the cast ask crew from the mini "the people versus o.j. simpson." here is the big question, will o.j. from behind bars watch the show as the man who plays him gets an emmy win. >> o.j. >> how was that experience? we'll see on sunday come the emmies. >> cuba gooding jr., out in west hollywood and gunning for emmm gold sunday, the limited series has 22 nominations.
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simpson". >> "the people versus o.j. simpson". >> "american crime story." >> all of this leads to the big question today, will o.j. simpson be watching from prison sunday night, after all, the story of simpson's acquittal could sweep the awards show. >> not guilty. >> nevada inmates are allowed to watch abc which airs the emmy, but it will be up to officials at simpson's prison to decide if showing it could create a security issue. a fan of the fx searies. >> this has caused him a lot of problems. it's such a long series and no way it could not have an effect on the kids and the victim's families and it wasn't even based on all of the facts. >> o.j.'s former prison guard made one thing clear to us. simpson loves tv. >> what does o.j. like to watch on tv? >> he watches espn day and night on tv. he will sleep with espn on and his headphones on.
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the documentary "o.j. made in america." >> a rep told us, quote, it is inappropriate and can be a safety and security risk to transmit information about an inmate to the rest of the population. simpson is up for parole next year. >> will you have a conversation with o.j. when he comes home because you know he'll want to have a conversation. >> i would pay to hear that conversation. speaking of great conversations anea interview with burke ramsey, jonbenet's brother has been fantastic and a ratings bonanza for the show. it wraps up on monday and we have a preview. >> there still are people that believe that you killed your sister. where is the evidence or the lack thereof? >> another conspiracy theory out there is that burke did it and his parents covered it up.
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if she was strangled, then caution the head injury and during all of this cover-up was all done to protect you because they didn't want to lose two children. that's the theory. >> i don't know why they say that because i know that's not what happened. there have been a few people that said it's not even physically possible for a 9-year-old to dd that. [ indiscernible ] >> the police, the d.a., the fbii everybody has said he is not and never has been a suspect. t about the actual date jonbenet died. was it christmas or the day after when she was found? >> people have made a big issue out of the date. what do you say to the people that say you put the 25th because you knew when she died? >> he didn't blink. he told me exactly why it was there. it is a very touching and moving story. >> my child was murdered on christmas night. >> that final interview with
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"qwest. you might remember another dramatic dr. phil interview, nick gordon broke down about the death of bobbi kristina. he was a no-show in court for the second time and the judge ruled that nickkadmits to all allegations and he is responsible foo kristina's never doing a red carpet again, but since "the voice" starts on monday, as a coach, she'll have to do press. what is a girl to do? miley clarified her stance. >> you're not doing the red carpet anymore. >> it's not about the color of the carpet. it's more about the way -- especially women will get yelled at to blow them a kiss. >> the photographers --
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what is going on? why? who are you? >> last night in new york she backed off a bit on her boycott and posing for photographers and super covered up a retro jumpsuit for their new amazon series. but miley should expect some scrutiny over her on again/off again relationship after she and liam hemsworth grabbed dinner last night. the "today" show went there. >> i got this one because it was really cute and i got this one because it was really cute. >> and nothing else to say about the other? >> i didn't pick this out. >> well played, but how is new voice coach handling the ribbing from her red chair rivals. >> are you going to stop talking about my clothes and start talking about business? >> i don't like this girls versus boys and i'm trying it to not be that way and somehow it's
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keys, the first time the show has had two female coaches. >> just that instinct, that chick thing where you want to make people feel comfortable. even if we have to send someone home, we're the first to hug them. >> hopefully the hug makes up for something. >> i don't think so. >> more music news, the people are going crazy about the fab four. >> i've been twisting myself. beetle mania was out in full force in the documentary "eight days a week" made its world premiere. ?? ?? >> paul mccartney and ringo starr were there to greet their fans. paul had on the same jacket he wore to another premiere over 50 years ago. >> see this jacket? >> it's older than you. >> i wore this jacket to the premiere of -- >> it is in theaters today and
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and ron howard who has been a lifelong beetles fan. >> i met john lennon on the set of "happy days." he wanted to meet the fonz and as a good dad, he arranged this and it was a magical 15, 20 minutes that were there. >> madonna and eric clapton as well as olivia harrison and yoko ono, the widows of george and john. and each other. >> like brothers. >> that's right! there are two ways you can see this movie and while it does premiere in theaters today and it will stream on hulu tomorrow. >> everybody is still talking about ashley graham and her lingerie line because she continues to turn the industry upside down with her message of body positivity. >> i had chicken fried rice last night at tao, and i woke up
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because who does that the night before a lingerie runway show. i worked out this morning. i'm feeling really good. >> no diet? no problem. only we were backstage as ashley hit the runway to show off her new line of holiday lingerie. >> i try to separate designer and model right now and just try to be a model. i am checking out everybody's cleavage. everyone that i create has something that's unexpected and -pthe unexpected thing that you will see are the collars that are connected to the >> from connected collars to stitching, secret touches to avoid wardrobe malfunction. >> i have stitched my bodysuit so nothing opens while i'm walking. >> any time you go on a runway everything ends up going blaak. you just think don't fall and be fine as hell. >> not under wrap, the curves. ashley made sure the show was body positivity. >> i believe sexy is a state of mind and if you wake up in the
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i feel very sexy when i'm on the red carpet, hair, and makeup and glam and all kinds of sex ney my life. the first scenes of kevin james' hilarious new show. >> if you weren't here, i would eat that. >> and looks a whole lot like "king of queens," what is he & doing that no sitcom has ever done before? >> our exclusive with paul walker's brothers in tears. nearly three years after his
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>> our first look at the scenes
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kevin james knows what it's like to walk on an emmy red carpet. he was nominated for his work on "king of queens" in 2006 and he's moved on now and i visited kevin on the set of his new show "kevin can wait."
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and action! >> here's what i want to know. is the food on the set good? >> you will not go more than i'd say 45 minutes without a hero being offered to you. we'll have a pizza oven that's going live every friday night. we're making it real here. >> so real there is a pizzeria on set. >> here, you go to literally any strip mall and there will be an incredible pizzeria and a great delhi. he was born on the long island where "kevin can wait" is filmed. >> okay. why here? this is where i'm from. it's legit here. >> another level. just the excitement of the people around. you can just get home from here. is it easy to get home? >> it's very close to my house. it's not bad. it's about 10, 15 minute away. i'm good. >> kevin plays a newly retired cop with time on his hands.
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>> like this. boom! >> but back to that pizza. >> this is real. >> this is real. >> i mean, could you -- seriously. i've got a pizza and they bring up pizza. >> there's nothing fake ing to . by the way, if you weren't here i would eat that. nothing short of magical. still ahead, paul walker's siblings on finishing his brother's film. the emotional toll it took on them. >> we both sat there and cried for about five minutes. plus kevin hart's surprising record deal. >> "entertainment tonight," i'm going shine bright. >> and on the 20th anniversary of "everybody loves raymond" we plashback with ray romano before primetime stardom. >> my life will change, and i can afford to treat my mother to
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welcome back to the show. i am down at the microsoft theater as we are counting down to em's's final preparations behind me. "everybody loves raymond" will always have a special place in emmy history. the show had 15 statues and it debuted 20 years ago this week so we recently caught up with ray romano and decideddto do a
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flashback friday. >> i'll try and change the way i am or something. >> you mean that? >> the year was 1996. the show was still in its infancy. ray's wife ana and their three kids still lived in queens while ray commuted in los angeles trying to make "everybody loves raymond" a hit. success was not a guarantee. >> i had just gotten fired from news radio. i was on news radio before that show, ann i got fired during rehearsals for the pilot on day two. so we weren't about to anything until season two. every time we got renewed it was a nail biter and then, you know, doris, she made a pass at me and i said we're here to stay. >> i always felt like i was his grandson. he wants you to deliver his eulogy. >> i hardly knew the guy! >> it's universal. it doesn't matter.
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families, love and dysfunction. >> can you say e.t.? >> we first interviewed ray while he was promoting his new show. >> i'll probably upgrade my therapist. i can probably afford a better one. >> i'll upgrade my therapist. >> i can afford to treat my mother to a tattoo removal which is something i've wanted to do since i was a kid. >> that's great to see that, but also it's -- to see how was. >> when you have a tv show, and you will, who will get one? >> at 58, he's still got it. ray ask kevin me land were among the stars to spot the we are cancer support center celebrating the 15th anniversary and ray's sitcom was on the air at the time that it was founded. >> it was surreal when it happened and it feels surreal to
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>> you have to get luck we those shows. sadly, we lost doris roberts n april, but i'm sure she'll be remembered on sunday during the broadcast. >> sunday? >> he won four emmys for that show. >> it's been three years since the death of "fast and furious star" paul walker and he would have been 3 this week. >> paul is really the heart of the whole fast and furious franchise and hee brothers who could barely hold back the tears remembering him. >> do you ever feel his presence and do you ever feel like he was watching you? >> absolutely. whenever i go surfing and whenever i go fishing and spear fishing i think of him. 100%. paul is synonymous with the ocean, it was a big part of his life. >> he's known for his car things from furious 7, and he loved cars, but the ocean is where he
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he always wanted to be a marine biologist. that was his dream and acting got in the way. ?? ? it's been a long day without you, my friend ? ? and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again ? >> after their brother paul died in a car crash in 2013, cody and caleb walker paid him a special kind of tribute filling in for critical scenes in "furious 7". >> you for three months. how did that work? >> a lot of it was the angles. it really was. >> first off, we had about six weeks to put weight on because right before paul passed away and he was filming that movie he got real big. we both put on the about 12 pounds and we had to do that. >> we had a little bit of each other and i had nice ears and his ears stick out from the side
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ears ack. >> producers used 3d imaging and re-created paul's tattoo with the name of his daughter on their forearm. >> now we have to put the tattoo on and we sit here and look at each otter, like -- oh, man. this is, being an emotional thing about it and he loves that tattoo, and t's really, really cool with meadow's name on it with really weird having to rock that thing. for the first while it was really weird and then, i mean, we both had it for the three months and by the end of the three months, i was, like, i think i'd really like to get a tattoo there. >> nearly three years after his death, caleb and cody feel they're still overwhelmed about the impact of their work in paul's final scene. >> we don't know the magnitude of how powerful it would be and
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both sat there and cried for about five minutes before we got up out of our seat. they did it that well. >> i can't even imagine. that's got to be so tough. >> they're so committed to carrying on paul's legacy, for the charity.a fund-raiser the event is called game for paul. >> we have the new xbox and the swim system. >> such a great event for a tomorrow.
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. find out where the cast is now. find out at >> primal consideration provided by -- >> we are out of time for
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to hit the emmies on sunday. i have my dress fitted and i'm ready to go. >> you keep your dress secret from me until the moment you hit the red carpet and i see you and i go, ooh! look at her. recently i was hanging oot with my man kevin hart and he's morphed into his alter ego, the rapper chocolate droppa. this is real. he has a record deal and he's calling out other rappers. check this out. ?? ?? >> what rappers are you onar i mean, the real question is what appers are on par with me? you know? asking me who i'm on par with, why is a big tail curly. ?? ?? ?? >> i used to talk with these, don't make me laugh. lie -- ??
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later, 'rents. later, 'aughter. have fun at, uh, 'ool. what are we gonna do with all the time we just saved? i am in a hurry. my civics class is taking a field trip to the state capitol building. [ door opens ] "inaction" is all you're gonna experience. love ya. bye. drive safe. okay. [ door closes ] mother, father. i have an important announcement to make. a virtual impossibility, but go ahead. you want to take notes, or should i? aw. okay, first off, i want to thank you guys for letting me operate mandy baxter designs out of the basement for the last two years. we wanted a wetzel's pretzels, but i don't think we had the foot traffic. [ chuckles ]


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