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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> she always had a smile on her face. >> a young girl gunned down by a stray bullet. tonight, her classmates plant a permanent reminder. >> only on wisn 12, police wives get ready to join others thanking milwaukee officers. what they're making to show their love and support. >> and, hours after trying to put one controversy to rest, a new controversy surrounding donald trump, guns and what he patrick: first, remembering a five-year-old girl killed by gunfire. tonight, the community dedicated a peace garden for laylah petersen at her former school. >> that's right. i was at the emotional ceremony. ? >> dozens of people gathered at northwest catholic school to remember five-year-old laylah petersen with a peace garden. >> my hope is they bloom and
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, faith, and vibrancy she had. >> nearly two years ago the , little girl was sitting on her grandfather's lap when gunfire broke through the home, hitting and killing her. police say the shooters meant to fire at another house. milwaukee police chief edward flynn tells us laylah's story is too familiar. >> having a permanent reminder is a way to keep focused on the fact that for too many children, their young lives are punctuated by be part of any normal childhood. >> students placed peace pinwheels in the garden a , reminder of a precious little girl. >> she always had a smile on her face and would run up and give you a great, big hug. >> investigators tell us carl barrett and arlis gordon fired the shots that killed laylah. paul farr is charged with being the getaway driver. each have hearings coming up in
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earlier this month, the community built a garden to remember nine-year-old za'layia jenkins. someone shot and killed the girl near 15th and meinecke back in may. police are still searching for the shooter. there's a $65,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. patrick: new tonight, milwaukee's police chief says his department will prepare appropriately for when a decision comes down from the district attorney on a fatal police shooting. the state department of justice has ended its part of the investigation into the shooting of sylville smith last month. it's now in the hands of the d.a., who must now decide whether to charge the officer. the shooting sparked two nights of violent unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. >> we'll prepare, but work with neighborhood to see the response we have is community based and tactical. patrick: police said smith had a gun in his hand when he was shot. the officer has been placed on administrative duty. this is the eve of national thank a police officer day. tomorrow, more than milwaukee 1000 police officers will
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wisn 12 news terry sater is live at district one downtown. terry, several police wives are assembling donations tonight. >> that's right. this was mostly organized through social media. tomorrow, they will be delivering hundreds of water bottles and thank you notes written by school children here to district one, as well as every other district across the city. worked into friday night, putting back the blue wrist bands on donated water bottles and tying on more than thank you 2000 notes written by school kids from around southeast wisconsin. >> we cannot thank the community enough for helping us out with this. >> they say being a police officer and an officer's spouse is tougher than ever before and that's why michelle says national thank a police officer date is so important. >> we obviously have a bigger
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the end of the day. >> amanda and darylann say they are fairly new to the stress. >> my husband and her husband they went to the academy together. and they got into this at a pretty tough time for police officers. so it's actually great seeing the kids write the letters to them. and i know it means a lot to the guys, that people still support them. it does take a lot, and it's a lot more than we anticipated it being. it does take a toll on the things that they see. so the support is great. >> some school cld wrote thank yous to firefighters , so they'll also be part of tomorrow's day of thanks. the delivery start at 8:00 tomorrow morning. patrick: we're following breaking news, two police officers are shot in fort worth, texas. the police department says one officer was hospitalized and one was on their way to the hospital. their conditions were unknown. right now, police are looking
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of murdering two nuns, including one from slinger. police say rodney sanders confessed to killing sisters margaret held and paula merrill in mississippi. in court today, an investigator said he waived his miranda rights before telling them he entered the nuns' home through a garage door. according to police, the nuns confronted him, so sanders grabbed a knife and stabbed them. a knife was found in a shed where sanders lived. developing right now a body , found inside a burned out truck. it happened in the town of police found the car engulfed in flames around 8:00 this morning in the best bargains grocery store parking lot. witnesses who recognized the truck say it belonged to a longtime employee of the store. we still don't know what caused the fire. patrick: two men from miami are now charged with stealing credit card information by installing skimming devices at local gas pumps. josue garcia moret and richard rivera appeared in waukesha county court today. elm grove police say the two removed a skimming device from a
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on wednesday, 13 days after placing it there. they were stopped at the brookfield open pantry and taken into custody. these are new pictures released tonight of their arrest. police say investigators discovered more than 200 names and account numbers stored on the skimming device. milwaukee city leaders take another step toward keeping lead and contaminants out of water in some homes. the city's new water quality task force met for the first time today. many pipes connecting homes to the water main are made of lead. replacing them all with take years and it estimated $500 million. in the meantime, aldermen are looking at ways to help low-income residents buy water filters. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. period. >> you heard it. after five years of questioning where president obama was born donald trump changes his stance. , trump offered no apology and
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and tonight, another headline coming from the trump campaign. while speaking in florida about the second amendment, trump sarcastically called on hillary clinton's secret service agents to lose their weapons. >> take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take their, let's see what happens to her. >> clinton's campaign manager called the remarks out of bounds. adding in a statement, "whether this is done to provoke protesters at a rally or is an unacceptable quality in anyone seeking the job of commander in chief." patrick: it was one of legendary stuntman evel kneivel's biggest failures. >> now another stuntman tries to pull off the jump over the snake river. how he did, coming up. >> thank you for all that you do. patrick: local students write letters of support to a service member they don't even know. only on wisn 12, how that airman
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mark: and i'm watching the rain to our south. i'll let you know what impact that is having, coming up.
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patrick: a hollywood stuntman
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that evel knievel failed to do more than four decades ago. eddie braun crossed idaho's snake river canyon in a steam-powered rocket cycle. knievel attempted it back in 1974, but his craft's parachute deployed too soon. braun worked on the stunt for three years. a bad break-up may have led to murder in oconomowoc. >> jessie lee is now charged with first degree intentional homicide in the shooting death of christina schuster on labor day. schuster's brother told police his sister planned to break up with lee and did not expect it to go well. during a police interv asked to see a picture of the victim and told investigators "she forgives me." a jury finds michael morgan guilty of setting a house fire that killed two children last october. it happened near 36th and silver spring in milwaukee. morgan's stepson, 10-year-old kevin little, and little's cousin, two-year-old taenajah morgan, died.
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he'll be sentenced next month. patrick: talk about a bold burglary. someone broke into a milwaukee firehouse as firefighters were out on a call. police say it happened at the station near 62nd and burleigh around 3:30 yesterday morning. after the firefighters left on a call, which ended up being a false alarm, the suspects broke in by cutting out a window screen. police say they stole a cell phone, a laptop, and other personal items belonging to firefighters. no one has been arrested. police want you to take a good look at this picture. the woman who you see is accused in a string of burglaries on milwaukee's northwest side. police say she acted as a lookout wha the door and stole electronics from a home at 87th and mill, last friday afternoon. they took off in a dark ford fusion. if you recognize her, police want you to give them a call. >> delta airlines believes a cell phone battery sparked a mid-air fire today. it happened aboard a flight from norfolk, virginia to atlanta. the fire was put out. delta is working with the feds to figure out what kind of battery it was and why it suddenly started smoldering.
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the government and samsung issued a recall of its galaxy note 7s because of batteries overheating and causing fires. people waited in line for hours for apple's newest i-phone today. did you get one? this is the at&t store in glendale. the i-phone 7 is water resistant and has a better camera. no audio jack though. instead, wireless headphones. it will cost you about $650. patrick: tonight, a story of paying it forward. the country is giving back to students here in southeast wisconsin. a thank you for something the kids gave her. >> so i wrote, "dear hero." >> the letters come from the heart, sharing words about themselves. >> i have two sisters and a mom and a dad. >> i have one brother and three step sisters. >> and words of comfort for the person on the other end.
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i'm praying for you. >> i am praying for you. >> they wrote those words last fall. both are students at our redeemer lutheran church with school in delavan, fulfilling an assignment to write a letter, thanking a service member. kali and hannah's letters made their way to olivia laface. >> it made me feel like a hero. i didn't do anything really yet to feel that way, but the letters made me feel bigger than what i was. >> they came at the right time. she receivhe with the air force. >> whenever i came across these letters again recently, i was actually very emotional. my aunt recently passed away, so i was like very emotional. i came across the letters and they brought a huge smile on my face. >> touched by what the kids did and said she and her mom came up , with a plan to send the students, who she doesn't know, pizza as a thank you. from pennsylvania, her mother dialed up dominos in delavan.
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and the manager said her brother served in iraq and she said it was an amazing thing that we were doing, so she offered to go ahead and pay it. >> another thank you. that manager amanda spranger, , paid it forward. the pizza place picked up the tab. >> i just wanted to help her out and she makes the sacrifice for us and that's the least i could do make pizzas. ,>> the pizzas arrived this week. the slices didn't last long. but the words -- >> that makes me feel good that it. >> the words will last a life time. patrick: airman first class laface is currently stationed in california. she tells me she's planning to send letters to the students, telling them about her. she's also holding on to the letters from kali and hannah. >> that was a great story. thanks for that. it's nice to see people paying it forward. patrick: it made her day. music and sustainability come together tomorrow in milwaukee. >> crews are setting up for the rock the green festival at reed street yards in walker's point. its mission is to promote
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there will be three concert stages powered by generators, the sun, and cycling teams pedaling. >> i think it really makes it exciting and rock the green can by inspirational by pairing music and eco-education together. it's just a great experience. >> lord huron and robert delong are among the performers. it starts at 1:00. tickets are $40. children 10 and under are free. tomorrow, thousands of r will take over downtown milwaukee for the annual briggs and al's run and walk. the event raises money for children's hospital. let's take a look at the route. it begins at 12th and wisconsin and ends at the summerfest grounds. the big question, outdoor activities. patrick: the pressure is on, mark. mark: it is. i think they will get to use that solar power.
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there are other things happening this weekend. we have a lot happening, so the weather is really important. let's not forget about the badgers. that is tomorrow at camp randall , a 11:00 a.m. kickoff. no problem at all. partly sunny, 67. kickoff, 71 degrees against georgia state. whoever they are. the best day will be the cooler of the two days, more sunshine, maybe a shower two. that would be saturday morning. the rest of the day, we clear, warm, 80 degrees. 76 on sunday, but we will be dealing with some from beginning to end -- with sun from
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the moon is beautiful out there. take a peek. it is nice and bright, and there is a little bit of haze and clouds blocking it from time to time. 72 milwaukee. dew point up there, but should get better as the night goes on. 72 here appeared 64 west bend. temperatures will not drop a lot for the rest of the night, so another comfortably warm night tonight. it was a warm day . 85 degrees. we had a lot of sunshine boosting our temperatures. september temperatures, almost five degrees above average. let's go back in time. i love math and statistics. this is one of those. the start of june, 108 days, only 28 days have been below
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74%, high temperatures above average. almost three out of four days is the beginning of summer since june 1, warmer than average, so yes, it has been a warm stretch around here, and that will not end. you can see some of the rain to the south of us trying to get closer, but struggling. some of this, best chance that it makes it into our southern counties, walworth, racine, kenosha. let's go 6:00 a.m., a chance we will see a light shower or two, but it does not last long and we clear out for the rest of the day and it looks great. if you have any plans, a-ok. sunday is pretty much sunshine. i would say it is a pretty good-looking forecast. we clear it out, 80 degrees. 76 sunday, beautiful weekend. the could be an isolated shower
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temperatures above average. 75 with a chance of storms on wednesday. thursday 72. we may get one more warm weekend as we head into next weekend as well, but let's focus on this one first and enjoy the sunshine on saturday and sunday. patrick: home run weather, mark. don't forget the emmy awards are this sunday night right here on wisn 12. jimmy kimmel is the host. the red carpet coverage begins at 6:00. coming up, dwyane wade has a unique goodbye. >> with stealing money that's supposed to help the poor. wisn 12 digs into his past. patrick: and one city unveils it's own beer pipeline. how some residents earned the right to free beer every year. >> hey, everybody. i'm ben wagner. saving lives one sandwich at a time. monday on wisn 12 news this morning, the restaurants you can stop by during your lunch break to help fight cancer in southeast wisconsin. plus, we'll be on weather watch as you get the kids ready for school. see you monday morning from 4:30
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stephanie: for the second straight week, packers are on the road this in minneapolis, where they will try and spoil the vikings home opener sunday night in their brand new billion dollar stadium. now before the season started, quarterback aaron rodgers declared that he was in the best shape of his career. he showed off his superior mobility and conditioning in the opener in jacksonville. and even though rodgers hasn't rushed for more than two touchdowns since 2011, he said he's feeling pretty quick. >> i felt fast. season. -trying to get them to put -- i have been trying to get them to put some read option stuff in, but not yet. i'm just glad he pulled up a little bit on me. stephanie: i will be covering the game sunday night in minnesota. as for the badgers, they are getting ready to host georgia state tomorrow at camp randall stadium. they are a five touchdown favorites over the panthers. kickoff is at 11:00 a.m. since wisconsin is expected to
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get a chance to check out some of the younger players, such as receivers a.j. taylor and quintez cephus. the true freshman wideouts are both on the official depth chart this week and hope to add some spark to the receiver position. >> i'm actually a lot more comfortable because starting, you have to learn the playbook. you have to learn the details. you have to learn how many steps you need to take when you're running a route, but now that's starting to come a little more i can just go out there and run, have fun. it's more getting to know the guys like rob and them. it helps you to relax and get more comfortable with it. it makes it a lot easier. stephanie: to wrigly field, brewers looking for their second straight win over the cubs. off to a good start. early on, home runs by both orlando arcia and ryan braun. they were up 2-0. a scary moment for the crew in the bottom of the third inning. keon broxton in the outfield chasing down a ball runs into
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catch. but in the process, he fractures his right wrist and had to leave the game. most are saying he's out for the rest of the season fast forward to the seventh inning, scooter gennett also joins the home run derby with a two run shot to make it 4-2 milwaukee, but today belonged to the cubbies. they eventually tie the game and send it to extra innings. and in the bottom of the tenth in dramatic fashion, miguel montero hits a walkoff solo shot to win the game. the brewers lose 5-4 and the winning the central division title. coming up in our second half hour, it's week five of operation football. we'll have games from around our area including our game of the , week between waukesha west and waukesha north. the north stars trying to keep their perfect season alive. that is in about 20 minutes. you don't want to miss it. patrick: thanks. money meant to help the poor funneled elsewhere. >> how police say one man
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finally cracked the case. patrick: plus, your credit card may have a chip, but it doesn't work everywhere. 12 news is getting answers.
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>> a manhunt tonight for a this guy. he's charged with embezzling money that was supposed to help the poor pay for legal services. patrick: prosecutors say he used his i.t. skills to steal donations to legal aid. colleen henry is digging into his past. >> for 100 years, the legal aid society has represented the poor in housing, employment, and family legal cases. this is is former i.t. guy , jack corbin, at an atm. police say the former it guy rigged legal aid's account so he could use a debit card to steal more than $25,000 in donations . now they can't find him to arrest him. >> he was a nut is the best way i can describe it. >> corbin last lived in this bay view home till chris lindbloom bought it in january. he says corbin had rigged the house with spy-like equipment. >> supergoofy technological stuff. he was like will smith and gene


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